Year Pass

2017-09-23 19:03:17


Yesterday I went to Disney,


once again…


I want a year passsssssss!



I felt it in my heartEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji




Once・Upon・A・Time too, still
I haven’t gotten to see it at good seats really so…
for this day
for just the show and the parade, I’ll spend the day for that!!
and deciding on that
I went trying it♡




And, it’s already over huh EmojiEmoji




A new show is starting I think.
It’s WakuWaku exciting huh.




Since becoming an adult, I love Disneysea without end, and this Gelatoni pass case,
it’s one of my favorites♡


They have duffy too but
right now, my aim is
The Stella Lou
pass caseEmojiEmoji


Stella Lou is so cute♡




Yesterday, it was this Gelatoni pass case♡



Next time, I want to go to Disneysea you knowEmojiEmoji


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Disney Food ✩¨̮

2017-09-23 14:10:45


This, Mama and Shiratama said they wanted to eat it!
They got excited♡


I also got a bit tooEmojiEmoji






It was yummy♡


♥️Queen・Of・Heart’s Banquet Hall♥️




Mama got the chicken🍗
Me and Shiratama got the marlin🐟


It was yummy♡


This isー,
a pork rice roll!




Mickey shaped hamburger♡




MoguMoguMogu NomNom. lol





Innocently eating. (lol)




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2017-09-22 02:22:28


With Mama, at beloved 🍦 ♡31Ice✩ [tl aka: Baskin Robbins]




The two of us tried ot do expressions with ice cream lol
I without wavering always
goes with Jamoca almond ( ¯﹀¯ ) and so
today I went and tried a new flavor!


Black tea flavor ice✩


It was yummyー!!


For everyone in the family we got ice cream as a souvenir and went
back home✩





Coming home with Shiratama-tenteー
getting exciting with Pokemon


Shiratama-tenteー went


「I’ll give you the doubles I got from the gachaー」












T,th,this is…





Oh myーーーーーラブアップ



Thank you Shiratamaaーn¨̮



Gacha you know…


Even being an adult well…


it won’t stop.



my love of it won’t stop.





G’Night lol





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Today My Meal Isー!

2017-09-22 01:44:49



At my parent’s house…♡



For today, I made a mealドキドキ






at our house’s terrace


Mama, she loves eggplant 🍆 so
I prepared a mille-feuille of cooked eggplant♡
I tried making it✩




Cooked eggplant🍆 tomato 🍅 and dry-cured ham
alternatingly put together, on top with potherb mustard and paprika,
with carpaccio sauce, and it’s done〜♪



handy onions and mozzarella dry-cured ham rolls♡





With olive oil…✩




And, tomato and cheese caprisse♡




After that, Shiratama came home too so


I made another meat dish 🍖🍗 and
basil pastaaa✩





It was funnn you knowww♡





That early halloween feel♡






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Traveling To My Parent’s House

2017-09-21 12:19:21



From today, my husband has Osaka performances and so



I went to my parent’s house for a bit, I did it with the feeling like it’s a trip✩







From Shiratama-san (my little sis), Mama, said she asked to go
to this place…




that is…





A Pokemon CenterEmojiEmoji



I’m also from the Pokemon generation so
well I ended up WakuWaku excitedEmojiEmoji





And, I didn’t really have a good pouch but…













I found itEmoji


It’s so cute…








Kanahei collabo



Mama, I, and Shiratama, got matching styles✩






















Wellー at my parent’s
with a day off


I’m gonna enjoyyy itお願いドキドキ




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Outer Feathering

2017-09-19 20:58:24


Hair arragement


for today I had the outside feathered✩




my make-up point,
I placed lame on the center of my tear sack area!



Doing that, my eyes sparkly, it’s one of my favorite things♡





I took a Risanchu [tl approx: Risa House] movie too so,
tomorrow I’ll put it out kay ✩








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happy Birthday!!!!

2017-09-19 06:13:26




9/19 is!!


This person’s birthday🎉🎂🎁🎉🎈







Kijyoo no Kuuron✩


Ao no Kyouki Ao no Bouryoku Te to Te Kono Saki.


Nakajima Yoーsuke-san!!



It’s his Birthdayyyyyお願い



Really realyl loved by everyone
Nakajima-san is, as a person of course too but,
as a director too
is a kind of person that rarely exists!!!!


He’s so totally fantastic that you feel that way.


This person for sure
makes great works!
If you don’t get anything
that sense that becomes one among everyone.



It’s amazing.






Getting to meet him, I’m really glad.







Happy Birthday!!!



Welcoming your Birthday
this year
I hope you have an even more fantastic year too…(*^^*)






happy timesss!


Ao no Kyouki’s LINE, from 0:00 on the dot
it felt like it came alone with a “DOBAーー”.



Really, it’s nothing but people with a bunch of loveドキドキ



I love them you know.









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At My Husband’s Parent’s Place✩⚾️

2017-09-17 16:30:32




Yesterday playing catch for the first time in my life⚾️




My husband’s step-father took the pictures for me ( ¯﹀¯ )
Kazu-san Papa♡ Thank youuuu so much💞





And, my husband’s sister’s kid
baseball game, we watched it!




The sight of everyone giving their all shouting,
I teared up.
me geting all messed up crying there


What’s up with youー?? (lol)


I got like that!


I thought it would happen
so I kept it in (lol)




And, playing I got tired and slept


My husband took a snapshot (lol)




Chopi got to play a lot too
it was a joy you knowー☺️


I’m glad I’m glad✩





In the evening at my sister-in-law’s house
we got dinnerrr



With three kids too, it’s really bustling
big sister’s husband is also ery very
what an ideal family♡



Of course kids are comforting yah♡


Thank you so much for the fun timeー!!!




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2017-09-17 12:22:10




Yesterday going out
I met up with my husband’s family✩





We took Chopi too, and running aorund in the large natural setting
he seemed so joyfulキラキラDASH!DASH!DASH!ドキドキラブ




Taiga-kun was playing baseball too✩







It’s comforting yah
Kazu-kun’s big sis’s baby-chans♡





The first time in my life playing catch with my husband⚾️


I got praised by Kazu-san Papa for being good at it ( ¯﹀¯ )waーi



It was fun!!!!




I played a lot, today
just the right side of my body has muscle pains (lol)



It’s a happy muscle pain✩




Aー it was fun



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