Convenience Store Snacks…!!!

2017-11-17 12:55:50



At 7-Eleven…





My belovedいちご



Kacchi had some
I got all, that’s so nostalgic〜
and I learned that they have them at 7ー♡

Oh my I love these choco-gumi so much so
it really makes me happyクローバーいちごハート





Other things too





Pomegranate in chocoくちびる



It was very much caught my attention so I tried buying someいちご



Convenience store yummy snacks, if I find
more I’ll wriet about it kayお願い



Everyone please tell me what you know tooooピンクマカロン




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Accessory Storage✩

2017-11-16 12:26:12



Gooood Morning-fuzzz



It’s cold huhあせる


But today the weather is good huhクローバー

The other dayyy

From Yuuno as a birthday present
I got this照れ








Francfranc’s accessories in it宝石緑




Like this
from large things to small things
lots can go insideeeハート



It’s cute and very easy to use
Accessory storage BOXキラキラ



It makes me happy you knowラブ



Thank youuuピンク音符



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2017-11-15 22:40:03



The craving to want winter clothes is amazing


Recently you know
the ones I like quiーーーte a bit is




Sheesh you know… it’ so cute, all the time
I see them on Instagramお願いハート


Looking at them, there’s lots of cute winter clothes手袋


It’s KyunKyun heart-skipping huhくちびる



There’s lots of clothes I want宝石赤宝石紫




When I have time I want to go SHOPpingggg手袋ハート







I like it so muchお願い宝石赤









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Cold-non… For These Kind Of Days…

2017-11-15 19:33:12



It’s totally cold…*.

For these kind of days I wanted to eat onabe and stuff yahくちびる




But you know

For today it’s curryカレー





What kind of onabe do you like??

For me I like kimchi nabeーーー鍋



But now, what I want to make at home
キラキラCheese Dak-galbiキラキラ



I want to make that at homeee

Those of you who know how to make it yummyパー



Please tell ussハートお願い








Kacchi‘s sunglasses, I tried them onグラサンハート




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This Is Very Good!!!

2017-11-15 12:09:48



Among my every day make-up stuff
I haven’t run across
any pretty good make-up sponges but…


Th, this is good!!!






It’s FuwaFfuwa spongey
putting on foundation fully
it fits to my skin so
it’s the besttt!






It’s pink, it’s cuteハート



It’s really FuwaFuwa spongey so
it feels gentle on my skin


Washing, I can use it a little bit so
it’s great yah♡



I’ll use this repeatedly ya knowブラシハート


They have it in black tooooお願い









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Recent Chopitan

2017-11-14 12:11:36



Our pet dog




Chopi pretty soon it’s his
birthday too yahーーー




He’s gotten a little bigger♡





He’s always inseparable from us
right next to usハート




Fawned upon Chopitan♡





For his birthday we’ll celebrate it as a familyーyahーハート





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Things I GOT✩ At Disneysea♡

2017-11-13 11:27:48



Things I GOT at Disneyseaハート


First off hereee




Duffy Candyキラキラ




This candy is superrrr


Already it’s all gone ( ¯﹀¯ )


And then you know, I wanted this can-can so
I ended up buying itハート


Now I put medicine in thereキラキラ







Shellie May-chan pouch♡


This is cute tooooくちびる


This is FuwaFfuwa fluffy, it feels greatハート




And lastly




A three set of pouches宝石赤宝石ブルー宝石緑



This size it’s very easy to use



Disney Goodsピンク音符


Just carrying them makes me happy yahキラキラ





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After 6 Couple Link Up✩

2017-11-12 20:31:53



For the evening getting fantastical pictures taken




Places like this are really amazing!!!!!






Even though it’s night, Sunglasses (lol)





I very much like Mermaid Lagoon at night tooハートイルカ







After 6 we linked up with our couple friends✩





Of course




Sea’s bone in sausage is
so good that you’ll get addicted to it
everytime I come I end up eating it ハート



Afternoon’s at Disney
and Nights at Disney



I love itttttt!!!!!


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✩Extra Edition✩ What I Found At The End of The Treasure Hunt!!! And Shipping Off!

2017-11-12 15:01:55




I discovered a mysterious place👀







But the treasure wasn’t found






Maybe I should give up~?









And then!!! Shipping Off!!!!!







NoriNori in high spirits lol

I played around like thisキラキラ宝石ブルー宝石赤宝石紫



Everyone try treasure hunting too kayブルー音符



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✩Extra Edition✩ Photogenic Pictures✩ Considerably Unfound Treasure

2017-11-12 11:13:47


Treasure Hunt宝石赤宝石紫宝石ブルー





Where could it be~?





Here maybeー?






No reply…




I’ll try opening itー




Mm~… it won’t open huh




I give up.




Like that yah (lol)



There’s moreーーーー



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