2018-01-25 20:47:01




Today, Mama and Shiratama
Since morning had gone out
On a date that’s why

When my practice finished
Papa and I went to eatー



















All of them were all so yummyーーーー

And, noー matter once
I wanted to eat tapioca











We came to a cafe tooーーー!!!








Weーーーll coming home,
I’m gonna take a half body bath and sleep!!!!

It was a fun day!



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Oh Goodness!

2018-01-25 17:38:03



usually I’ve been doing
straight plays…

for the first time in a while it’s a musical situationガーン

Starting with the atmosphere everything is different
it’s pretty….





These kind of feelings.

I sweatedー!

It was fun!

It feels hard though.

I’m gonna enjoy doing it!


I had sweat so much




My mic and hair were BoroBoro messy.

That’s me getting it

For sure

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Maintenance DAY

2018-01-24 18:11:10




Today was
maintenance dayドキドキ



First offー

at Garland!




Hair color & cut

Maki-san always, does fantastic
hair styling, thank you so much!





This time is one of my favorites toooo!!







Light pink and purple
cheek nails

I got small hearts set on them

Converation with Chieko-san is
really nonstop
For the always a time and
the fantastic nails, thank you so muchhh


From tomorrow I’ll do my best again zoi!

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was my little sister Shiratama-san’s BIRTHDAY so
On the day we couldn’t celebrate so
we celebrated with the familyドキドキ




A report from that time, I’ll be doing it again but…

The make-up from that day




I wore a brown one piece so
to match with that





I had it done with a mature feelブラシ付けまつげ


light BROWN style eyeshadow
putting it on my eyeball area
double range, putting on dark BROWN

On top of that
Misha’s KiraKira Cushion Eyeshadow
put on top

For eyeliner with a pencil
I fill in the eyelash area,
with Rigitto, I drawit long in the corner of my eye!


[tl note: video thumbnail, please watch video on her blog]


For the mascara for this day the eyeshadow is
BROWN and so,
with black mascara it did it to make
my eyes look big!



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Snow Holiday..

2018-01-23 09:00:25    Theme:Blog




It’s snowing huh *.❄*⛄

For me who has reached a finale
My body and throat are fatigued so

I went to a 【Yakiniku Lunch】






The meat was veーry yummy
the lunch set’s
kimchi was very yummy too!





The restaurant’s light felt reddish so
it’s kinda moody (lol)






Of course
for a fatigued throat it’s meat you knowww

And it’s snowingggg





Piling on my hair





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Mama’s Hair and Make-up! I Tried Doing It!

2018-01-22 15:15:52    Theme:Blog



I did Mama’s hair and make-up!!





This is made quite a bit flashier though (lol)

Actually it’s like this








After doing her make-up

Mama︰「I’m like Risa huh」

Risa︰「Risa is like Mama






Doing different make-up from usual
it gets fun huh照れ



For today,
I’ll make something at home!


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Make-up Request✩

2018-01-22 11:28:57    Theme:Blog


Eye make I used with lame
the adult make-up I used for red lips

These two
I’ll introduce you to them

First off for eye make-up
This cream eye color




Visee Reche
sparkling new answer GD-1

I ptu it on the eye ball area!



Then next
jewelery shadow veil 02
I put on two layers






Then next, on the edge of the eyelid and below



Quatro Eye Palette 05’s pink I put on
On top of that





Dazzle shadow
I out that in layers



Like this

With this, the eye make-up is complete!

And this time for matureish LIP!
For that




Matte05 〈Lip color〉

Putting htis on it’s perfect!



It turns out like thisー!

If you use it a s reference I’ll be happy


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Soko no Koto


Safely finished


My shoulder strength instantly dropped out.

Once again, getting to participate in a fantastic production
It was a joy.

Of course, Nakashima-san’s production
really it’s fantastic
There, those I’ve gotten to meet too
are very fantastic

I’m grateful for htis encounter.

Here with everyone
1 step..1 step
I walked but

From tomorrow, we’ll be on our respective paths again

A largely with each step
I’m focusing to advance forward.

Every day is warm
The guests.. really thank you so much.

the letters, and presents
thank you so much m(*_ _)m



Soko no Koto



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