My Target

2017-08-16 23:25:38



Today too


was practice.



my person to target





Their name too











A cute one.







Target. lol





I like itー.





Today too was practice for my body.




Tomorrow is more and more!!!!!


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2017-08-16 23:23:22






I went pasta✩







Putting pasta on the plate



You boil some pasta on top
on the plate put butter on it and mix it all together



On top of that


you mix lots of nattou and onions mixed together


lately you put an egg on it


Complete 🍳👍




Gochisousama Deshita


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2017-08-16 02:07:09



From this morning, he had Messiah practice



and from that


BASARA Performance


My busy husband





He worked hard into the late night✩


For today



✩Cucumber Tsukemono
✩Pasta Salad




We went with that!











It’s times like this



Tomorrow too, let’s do our best all day✩




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First Participating Practice

2017-08-15 19:53:43



Kijyooo no Kuuron


Ao no Kyouki [tl approx: Blue Dangerous Weapon]
Ao no Bouryoku [tl approx: Blue Mayhem]
Te to Te. Kono saki [tl approx: Hand and Hand. Going Forward]


My first time participating.





We did scene practice and, script reading.



Well I should say


Very much so the practice hall atmosphere was great.


It’s a warm location.




This too
It’s the sense of atmosphere being made by producer Nakajima-san.



Today we did scene practice too


very much so, please look forward to it.







it’ll be a fantastic play.




or I should say




we’ll make it that way so.




We’ll be waiting.












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Off Shot

2017-08-14 21:00:02


Off Shot



With Yuuki-chan, Kawa-chan








Cleverly looking at his face in the mirror
I took a snapshot






When we starred together before,
Yuusuke was the little chickie that didn’t know right from left but
this time he’s matured
sword fighting, even leading!!!







Fujiko, Cherry Boys, and Risako


Let’s support each other in October too!!









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Risako Behind The Scenes

2017-08-14 00:25:39



This time



From the audience seating



I start sitting there but



With Tama-chan
and Arisu-chan
are conversations



are mostly,


all the shows



have different talks, it’s exciting.




It’s hard to hold in the laughter, there are shows like that too…




From the various things in those, I’ll show you some things.


「The case that from the theater entrance the height difference is so much that it’s likely Tama-chan will trip」


「The case that even though Tama-chan takes out the tickets to go in, for some reason just Risako will likely get stopped is high」


「The case that Arisu will strike the chair in front with her elbow with all her might, it really hurts!」



「The case that we thoroughly inspect whether the pillar in front of Risako is really stone or not」



「The case towards Tama-chan saying they should get rid of that pillarー, Arisu saying things like, 「The should get rid of all public construction」」


「The case of Arisu immediately after sitting in the theater saying she’s hungry and stuff」



「The case of Arisu’s Clamshell Phoneー」

Still, you haven’t changed from a clam shell??
Isn’t the screen small? When we say that,
Arisu says, 「No no, this small screen, it’s condensed, and that’s greatー」



Eh… that doesn’t make sense. (lol)



「The cast thatArisu is so noisy when she makes noise at the beginning the audience next to us get really surprised they jump out like 2cm」

The case where moreover that was co-star Marika-chan’s Mama (lol)
Mama-san, we’re sorry.





Sheesh you know, this time I’m Risako so, I don’t really
get to sharply plunge into things but still
my heart
quite a bit went into sharp Arisu.(lol)




Thsi time there’s no audience entering BGM so
the excess
talking is just us, that’s how quiet it seems so
it was DokiDoki heartpounding.









Thank you.



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2017-08-13 23:13:11




I’m finished.











At last my shoulder strength gave out.



It was like that.








every day




All the staff
all my fellow actors






And more than anything.




Those of you who made your way to the theater
all of you





Lots and lots




you gave me support





Until today




I stood on stage.





My own time







For coming down to the theater




Really thank you so much





Once more.
















I’ll tread that ground





Living as an actor.





Constantly with me, Tama-chan, Arisu-chan









Really really thank you.
These two have come to love this play.
Tears flowing
when we talk about it too really it’s there.
I’m really glad the two of them have the roles as my friends.


I thank you from my heart










Shirako and Kikuko


as production assistant,
really I’m indebted in various ways but,


Since in the second half of the shows
「I also am becoming Risako」






I’m trying to copy your make-up.





With Shirako, Kikuko


I took some snapshots.




Kiku-chan, really thank you.





And, Kureha.






For encountering the Risako role, thank you.



Talking between the two of us a lot,


fighting about various things



we made Risako.



I dare to say, since we launched we haven’t talked much.



We probably totally understand.



I think so. (lol)


After it’s all




It’s just











We’ll do it again kay.







We’ll each grow more and more





Let’s meet again.





With the performances this time










we gave birth to these words



That is,



✩Uragiru, betrayal
✩Ikiru, live
✩Minagiru, rise up





Various feelings


crammed in






From here on too



Betrayal in a good way


Living as an actor.








This has gotten long but




Really thank you so much.









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2017-08-12 10:05:36


Risako no Gachikoi♡Haiyuunama


For days in succession
there really has been lots of guests.



Thank you so much.



Same-day tickets too,
really lots of you were lining up.



I’m grateful.



Since lately, the weather, it rains, then suddenly
getting hot



I feel like while lining up that must have been hard too.



Really thank you so much.





staff came to see it too.





Mizuki-san✩ Buri-chan
















The Totsuka couple✩






Really really thank you so much




Today too it’s Risako.






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2017-08-11 10:13:59


Yajima Maimi-chan
cane to see me✩




I didn’t know she was coming
going to the meeting space
Maimin was there,





I got like that



It made me really amazingly happy ( ⸝⸝⸝¯ ¯⸝⸝⸝)







Thank youuu✩



「I want to do a play together with Niigaki-san」



she said that


it made me happy( ⸝⸝⸝¯ ¯⸝⸝⸝)



I want to do one together too


I hope it comes true✩







I made a promise to go out
to eat with Maimin.



For sure we’ll go.



I look forward to it.









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