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Good Morning



For today’s breakfast




✩Garlic chive chicken hamburger patty
✩Sunny-side-up egg


Lettaace and bean sprouts under, I arranged it on top♡


I’m fullー



Well! Today I’m heading out so I’m getting ready!




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For today…




Chilled chinese style noodles





chilled shabu♡


Under there’s a pile of lettace
with pork on it
ham, cucumbers, egg, tomato, okra✩


I ate it with a refreshing ponzu and sesame sauceー!




For my husband,
it was this plus, natto, and rice♡



Gochisousama Deshita!





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Today I’m going to yoga so
for breakfast I firmly ate with my eyes





✩Spinach side
✩Boiled eggs
✩Cherry tomato
✩Chicken breast meat


✩Brown rice


I’m fullーーー



Wellー today too let’s do our best all dayー!!






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Morning Musume。17 live!!!

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Together with my husband


I went to see a Morning Musume。17 liveーーー!



Oh myー!!


It was great!!



The MCs and stuff were funny
I really ended up laughing



And the performances were the best too!



Of course Morning Musume。 is the best!!















Ikuta (lol)


We meet and prompty, she came close,
then stuck to me and couldn’t leave
and, my husband too, Ikuta comes to my houes often so
he knows and so


it’s a 3 shot (lol)



With everyone tooー!







There were members I was meeting for the first time but, reallly
everyone was cute and coolll♡


Lately, with my own plays, I couldn’t really go to see them so
I’m really glad I could gooo!!!




I want to go again you knowww✩





Leader Fukuchann




Fukuchan, she’s very very much grown,
She was cool, the besttt
Fukuchan’s performance while she’s sweating


I love it you knowー!!






Everyone a Job Well Doneee!!


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W✩Omotesandou!! LashExt!

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At Omotesandou’s W-san!!



For the first time in a reallーーーーy long time



I got lash extensionsーーー





The same as always
all the staff is always kind☺️❤️
Getting to see them for the first time in a while made me happy you knowww




And this time, it’s for a live so 😝💗💓







I asked for plenty of volume!!




I very much like it!



Thank you so much alwaysおねがいドキドキドキドキ




This is an offshot (lol)









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Pretty, I Want To Be There

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For today’s afternoon
it might have been a little late






green bar


this cafe





I drank thisー!


Mizuna, apples… various things inside
it was reallly rich
they say there are anti-aging effects!!



It’s full of vitamins
just drinking 1 of these
it’s like I ate a lot of salad
seems it’s highly nourishing✩



With just that it certainly made my stomach full!



Gochisousama Deshita!


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Solo Live Real Soon!!

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In my head



it’s filled with solo live things!




Well you know, it was like that last time too but…


this time too really from the beginning even the small parts
I had ideas coming out for them so,



Organization, production… they took quite a bit of my opinions so,



Thaーt way aーnd thiーs wayー


If we do this, could it be fun I wonderー things like that


I have fun thinking about it




And, the goods you know✩



This time there’s summery things ( ̄▽ ̄)
That I wante everyone to have and shake around you know✩


Moreover and besides… for me it’s pretty much the first time, I’m connected to that…( ̄▽ ̄)”



The Tshirt and towel designs turned out cute too so look forward to it kay✩




Yesterday too, I was thinking about the medley configuration
the WakuWaku excitement won’t stop


It’s gonna be quite interesting.



There’s no doubt to that



And so, invite your friends to come hand out too kay ( ̄▽ ̄)



Have a hot summerー!



at Shibuya duo
Niigaki Risa Solo live
with live band members!!!


14:30 & 18:00



By all means!



アップGet Tickets From Here!アップ







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Fun Sweat!!

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Today once again, with work finished


At 27cosme Ginza-san
the ab machine✩


And at pml✩ gym, I went to move for my healthーー


First off, at 27cosme Ginza!




In this way, it’s not just my abs,
I can forge my arms for this life too



It’s still just a couple of times but, it’s clear
I can tell it’s changing so that makes me happyyy





Machiko-chan’s hand massage
It GoriGori scrapes away the swelling so it’s the best!



She’s kind and the point she has with the way she talks is cute too, it’s comforting ( ̄▽ ̄)



Thank you so much always!!!






And, pml✩



my whole body was PuruPuru soft but
while learning about forging like this
I can do this so, while being firmly
conscious of it, I’ll do it✩




Haーー! I was sweating!



today, from the morning I was BataBata clamouring,


So this was all I could take inあせるあせる




When I finished




I drank a banana flavored protein shake!!







Heading home it’s food preparation!!!







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2017-06-22 07:40:05











Making obentou
I just saw off my husband who had an early morning for work,
and my morning startedー!



For today
✩Chicken thigh and basil
✩Natto fried eggs
✩Kinpira gobou


That’s it





The rain has ceased huh(*^^*)




Thank goodness♡




Today let’s have a fun day too kay(*^^*)



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