What I Believe

2017-05-27 11:38:52



Honky Tonk!



Practice is going okayyyラブアップアップ





it’s just the senpai I respect
every day practice is fun!!



Next time I’ll write mroe details of that on my blog kay (*^^*)



Just I firmly believe in Suzuki-san’s words
we’re firmly advancing ahead




It’s just that.




For sure, we’ll show you a fantastic production!



I’m waiting for you!







Only for Aren-kun, it couldn’t do it huh (lol)






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Just a Little Practice Left Tooooーーー

2017-05-26 16:57:26


My cute little brothers


Aren-kun and Yakuya-kun





The 2 of them are both very honest
hard workers✩



In Honky Tonk they bring out a very good flavor





Aren-kun is from Okinawa!


My grandpa-chan is in Okinawa
from long ago Okinawa was like a second home so
hearing Okinawa dialect
it has me warm and fluffy.






Just a little until the show!!



And for today from now it’s a run-through!!!




I gotta do my bestー!










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2017-05-26 10:25:16



Already, I love Monitoring so much…




For sure we’re seeing it as a couple but


Lately the thing that makes me laught the most is






Sheesh you know… I like Miyazon-san soo much it’s so good you know





hit the spot so much I’m watching while cackling with laughter but,



Monitoring’s Miyazon-san was so good!!



It gave me energy笑い泣きアップ




For Monitoring, laughing and crying
giving you various emotions, it’s a fantastic program



I love it so much








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My Personality

2017-05-26 08:17:23


It’s like this.


My personality


[tl note: top to bottom, left to right: Slightly Delicate, Careless, Likes New Things, Obstinate To The Point Of Annoyance, Risa Composed From 8 Personalities, Rationalist, Reserved-ish, Prone to Worrying, Straight Talker]


What about that



Am I like thatーー




My husband tried it too and



Plenty of 「Ahー that’s youーー!!」



happened a lotビックリマーク




This kind of stuff is funー huh(*^^*)



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Honky Tonk First Run-through

2017-05-24 12:00:30


Today we went through it






There’s still more to do,



that’s no good huh



More and more, just more,



it’s like that you know.






Mizuki-san’s words, they’re really warm





「It’s okay」


Those words are really power.


It’s from a direction of love so,
it has confidence,
everyone would go with Mizuki-san!





I’ll be a really fantastic production so,



In general when opening day opens up,
Waー! It’s funny so lets go see it againー!




it’ll be like that you know


That would be very very appreciated but…



Before that, I want you to get tickets.


and so for the funny things







today I’ll do my best with practice too!!!




Honky Tonk恋の矢









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Honky Tonk

2017-05-23 07:36:09











Everyone straight up
are fantastic.





Today you know, we’re doing bit run-throughs.




We still haven’t gon through it once so,
it’s DokiDoki heart-pounding you knowおねがいドキドキ




I gotta do my besttt!!!




And, with the days of practice
we’re building up thing with really good feel so,
this will be an amazing production!!



By all means!



Please come see itお願いビックリマーク



Honky Tonk恋の矢



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An Announcement From The Staff

2017-05-22 12:03:43


Niigaki Risa Live 〜Popcorn and Beer〜


2017/7/9(Sun) duo MUSIC EXCHANGE
10 minutes from the Shibuya Station Hachikou entrance


OPEN 14:00 / START 14:30
OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00


Blog priority reservations applications are going on now!爆笑


Application Schedule: Deadline is 5/25(Thr)23:59 締め切り








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Becoming Solo

2017-05-19 08:03:10



Becoming solo


It’s already been 5 yearsー



Five years ago around now



I still


wasn’t sure if it were a dream or reality



I was filled with a sense of accomplisment and some kind of strange emotions
I feel like it was the morning





But, not stopping
getting to do the plays I love all the time
and even today
I’m going to play practice.




I’m still


not satisfied with how I am.


There’s probably always going to be something I don’t agree with.


Aiming higher


day by day



I’m making strenuous efforts


just that.




All the time



any time



being warm



and watching over me, really thank you so much





With acting, I’ll repay the kindness



I’m working to do so.



















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Earnest Struggle

2017-05-19 02:25:23


Honky Tonk






Every day is progressing



it’s an earnest struggle



I’m fighting








Everyone are thinking just that



they love this work



and will deliver it to the customers in its best form




It is interesting



very much so.



Each person is firmly
living accordingly
carryign the burden of various feelings
coming to do Honky Tonk.




I want you to see it



lots of you.




It’s not jut the host’s story.





It’s starting 6/2.



Please come see it



Nemurenu Yoru no Honky Tonk Blues✩










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