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was my little sister Shiratama-san’s BIRTHDAY so
On the day we couldn’t celebrate so
we celebrated with the familyドキドキ




A report from that time, I’ll be doing it again but…

The make-up from that day




I wore a brown one piece so
to match with that





I had it done with a mature feelブラシ付けまつげ


light BROWN style eyeshadow
putting it on my eyeball area
double range, putting on dark BROWN

On top of that
Misha’s KiraKira Cushion Eyeshadow
put on top

For eyeliner with a pencil
I fill in the eyelash area,
with Rigitto, I drawit long in the corner of my eye!


[tl note: video thumbnail, please watch video on her blog]


For the mascara for this day the eyeshadow is
BROWN and so,
with black mascara it did it to make
my eyes look big!



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