Date with Shiratama-san

2018-01-02 18:05:51


Recently we haven’t
been able to go out together much…

It’s been lonely but

At last the two of us got to go otu






Long ago we’d often start the year
together going to buy lucky bags you know
and while talking about it

we shopped for clothes





Talking about whether this matched or didn’t match
shopping, it’s fun you knowお願い




After walking around



I had beer

went with…




Amazing huh. Shiratama-san.

It was a fun night




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2017-12-31 15:28:48




2017 is ending huh

This year has been a very deep year too.

For me


is what the year feels like.

Not trying anything,
you won’t get it you know.

Making use of this learning

next year too

As an actress

I’ll firmly walk forward.

To you who are always warmly close to my heart, giving support
to all of you I’m grateful.

Today’s last thing is the countdown live!

I feel like I’m gonna burst through it firmly!

There wasn’t much rehearsal so I’m all anxious though ya know💦( ̄▽ ̄;)

In any case I’ll do my bestー!




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2017-12-31 11:08:12





Sheesh really
At night and morning packs are vital,
For me I use this but



Justー, 「Aa, I already don’t have any I need to buy some」

just thinking that

I got from fans at the play the other day



set with all kinds insideー!!

It’s surprisingーー

It’s the first time I’ve seen itー!

And this morning I tried using it!



It’s got a lavender fragrance…

It’s a really good fragrance, it was comforting in the morningー!

I didn’t know there were things like this!

It was very good!

I’m moisturizedーーー



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URASUJI~Chinmoku~ Fin

2017-12-30 10:38:57







have all finished without problem!

Everyday there were lots of guests…
I’m grateful…

Thank you so much.

※My thoughts from here, will be long m(*_ _)m

This time
The story
Getting it from director Matsumura-san

I was looking forward to this play the whole time.

it’s more fun than I imagined
they were fulfilling days.

appearing together with lots of my senpai.

Acting is like that too but,
even as a person
I studied a lot.

Everyone really is fantastic people.



You can’t ever resist laughing in the girl’s dressing room
It was a good feeling atmosphere

KamuKamu Anna♡




White face painted Anna is cute♡
For me who was delayed joining in on practice this time
I was filled with anxiety but,
Anna was my substitute the whole time

After I joined in I got lots of support from Anna too

Always doing her best,
So pure beyond pure

Like a cute little sister





Anna thanks yah



That quick and nimble ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ neko stage fighting too
Anna had done thatポーンキラキラ






Playing Ayuki, Yukko-san



Yukko-san… so cool,
Yukko-san just going into the dressing room,
Paーーー the atmosphere brightens
That kind of person like the sun.



Oshiva’s actor Ogawa Natsumi-san






getting to be together this time
I’ve come to loooove you (///_///)

Freshing, and cool.
But very warm and kind…

In any case, sheesh…
I love youuuu (///_///)

I’m indebted to you a lot m(*_ _)m


Everyone’s beloved

An actor Anzu-san








became a fan.

Anzu-san’s songs, countless times probably gave me goosebumps…

Every time
I listened to the song while holding back my tears

But you know…

Even being that kind of COOL…

In the dressing room

Suddenly, she’s cute…

In Anzu-san, there has to be nothing but love packed inside her…
that’s how warm she is…

thinking of others more than thinking of herself

「I want to be this kind of person too」

That’s right I felt that from my heart.








With their long history
I became 1 with them.

It was a joy!!!

Thank you so much笑い泣きキラキラ





To be continued…

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From Waking Up KonakiJiji. It’s The Last URASUJI. It’s Sad Huh

2017-12-29 09:53:33





Having my hair short
my first mornign

waking up

「It’s like KonakiJiji」

I made a joke to myself alone yah. lol

I had really bad bedhair笑い泣きキラキラ



After that you know,
I fixed my bed head

And well!!







With today

It’s the last…


It’s very very…

lonely sad…



It finishing is not goodーーーーーぐすん




But it’s ending huh.

And so
for today’s live

I’m really really gonna enjoy it!!

Everyone look forward to it kay!

This year’s last play!

Oh my!


It’s quite exciting huhちゅー



Cyalumes are OK so you know

Shaking it,

the sparkling KiKirakkiraキラキラ


do itドキドキ


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