Seeing BonbiーGirl…Well!!

2017-11-08 11:25:57



Every week I’m recording





W…watching it!!!!!


This time the guest said


「I admired Morning Musume。’s
Takahashi Ai-san and Niigaki Risa-san
so I applied for the 6ki 7ki auditions…」


I…I heard that
And pictures from when I was young showed up
I was surprised!!!



I was so happyyyyえーんハート


That Bonbiー guest-san was…




Darenogare Akemi-chan!!


That makes me happyーーーーくちびるキラキラ



Thank you so much (*^^*)




I really like BonbiーGirl
I’m watching it every week but


Right now our home renovations finishing
from now it’s WakuWaku excitingピンク音符




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Using Disney Goods Taking Cute Pictures♡

2017-11-07 23:29:19


This time Kazun GOT this
Sunglasses I used
for cute picturesカメラ宝石赤宝石ブルー





With my Gelatoni coin case
I put the sunglasses on and took a snapshotカメラキラキラ







With Stella・Lou-chan too宝石赤宝石ブルー宝石紫







this tumblr I bought from Starbucks







This, since it’s being taken in this style
It’s very cuteサングラスクリスマスツリー



For me I’m always putting this in my canteen when I go out







At Disney, there’s lots to eat so
Tea that helps with reducing body fat!


I’ts just for momentary peace of mind though you know ^^;



A preview for next timeee拍手






【Snapshots at TDS’s Beloved Scenery 📸💕】




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Disneysea’s Snack That Go With Alcohol Introduction✩

2017-11-07 18:01:50




Eating at Disneysea
Wagon Food

Shop Food


it’s all just yummy
I’m always unsure of what to eatttEmoji




Among those,
I took cute pictures too
they have yummy Foods so
I’ll introduce you to themEmoji




This one!


It’s in the Lost River Delta


Miguel’s・El Dorado・Cantina











That’s not a hat…?


you think but…




It’s the shape of the hat that Donald wears!!!


キラキラTortilla Chipsキラキラ






With sauce拍手ハート


It’s cuteeee!!!






The avocado faintly sweet sauce and





The salsa stinging acidity spicy sauce








There was a barrel so without thinking
I got lots of pictures takenチョキ音符








※I was laughing but I was desperate not to spill (lol)



This kinda cute
They have cocktails too so I tried drinking oneロゼワイン





赤ワインTres Frutas Cocktailsロゼワイン






It’s got lot’s of fruits in it
The bittersweetness was very yummyyy宝石赤



When you go for sure you should try some kayキラキラ




A preview for next timeeee拍手





【Using Disney Goods, Doing a Cute Photo Shootカメラ


If you like please lookハート



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The Popcorn Bucket I Wanted♡ I Got to GET It, Disney Coordi Complete♡

2017-11-07 14:27:10


I wanted it


宝石赤A shell popcorn bucket宝石ブルー





I GOT ITtt!!!!!



Moreover, this Mermaid Lagoon is
one of my beloved areas宝石紫宝石赤宝石ブルー


Well that’s to say…


these hues









Surrounded by my beloved colors
it’s such a joyハート




The hidden Mickey too


It’s KyunKyun heart-skipping…ハート


By the way for this popcorn bucket


I put curry flavor insideハート







My personal グッ favored キラキラ


Disneysea Popcorn Flavorsくるくる!


The BEST3!!


拍手patipati ClapClap拍手



First offff!



3rd place → Caramel flavor


2nd place → Curry flavor




1st Place → Black Pepper




拍手patipati ClapClap拍手



That’s itt!!!!!


Of course I like the salty kind



They go with beer… (There?! )





Everyone, what flavors from sea do you like?




If you like please tell me音符



A preview for next timeee宝石赤





【Little Snacks To Go With Alcohol At Sea生ビール


If you like please look at it宝石赤





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Personally Cute Wall Finding Shoot ✩Disney✩

2017-11-06 20:28:24





Disney is really packed full
of cuteピンク音符



This time
going around the park
I felt like cute ahhーーーー
finding a wall I took picturesカメラハート


First off here下矢印





A Wall Across New York Deli音符


Here carrying my own favorite Food and
favorite goods
taking it I got to take cute photogenic









Across from American Waterfront’s
Popcorn counter wall音符


With my Stella・Lou-chan
coin case I tried taking shotsうさぎハート





This here too behind American Waterfront’s
hotdog selling wagon
an overseas style wallキラキラ








A wreath decorating in Xmas style
it has me a flutter サンタクリスマスツリープレゼントキラキラ


I did a shoot holding popcornカメラハート



By the way the flavor is
my beloved
black pepper flavor



I didn’t put it in the popcorn bucket
so thta I could have
the popcorn bucket after thisハート


(※Even though I should’ve held back buying the bucket, I’m the person who couldn’t hold back and bought black pepper flavor. lol)


It was yummyyy乙女のトキメキ



Everyone too, when you go to the park
find your favorite walls
and try talking photogenic pictures kay音符カメラ



A preview for next timeee拍手キラキラ





【Constantly Aiming At What I Want So Much
Finally GETting The Popcorn Bucketくちびる



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✩Happy Beauty Items✩ Extra Version


2017-11-06 13:26:01






The other day deliveries arrived!!!












✩Face Lotion✩
✩Beauty Gel Cream✩
✩Make-up Remover✩
✩Face Washing Foam✩


I got a set of these 4!!


These, I’ve used them countless time
They’re my beloved beauty items so
it makes me very very happyーーーーアイシャドウマニキュア






Thank you so muchくちびる宝石ブルー宝石赤



I get to use it preciouslyyyy!!!!!



By all means everyone please try to use it✩



Beauty items I
GOT lots of others too so
another time I’ll up them tooーーー!!





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Kaーmiーsaーーmaーーーーー✩Photogenic With DisneyFood ✩

2017-11-06 11:19:42




This time
with this Food
to take photogenic pictures
I came around to this spottt✩


[tl note: In Toy Story in Japanese, they apparently call “THE CLAW” Kami-sama/God]




The recommended photo spot I picked was…カメラ



Of courseーー


American Waterfront


Toy Story Mania Area




That’s it!!!!!





There’s lots of colorful walls so
I could take cute picturesーーー星カラフル






I like the little green men voicesssハート
It’s cuteー you knowー♡



And more than anything they taste yummyーーーマカロン


There’s 3 different flavors too






That’s itttピンクマカロン



I like the chocolate flavor the mostピンク音符





サングラスAnd I GOT these goods tooサングラス




This, I didn’t GET itー


Kazun GOT itサングラス


He lent it to me


I took some of Sunglasses Kazun


just scowling. lol



The weather was really good so
it was radiant
the sunglasses got great use!!


For Disney Sunglasses
when taking Food and goods, I just placed them horizontally
it looked very cute so
I thought! Lucky!




Taking very cute pictures
it was greatly satisfying!!!





When going by all means try to take shots kayカメラハート



A preview for next timeee拍手



【With Cute Walls Taking Just Photogenic Pictures】








If you like please lookハート




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✩Extra Edition✩ Today is Papa’s Birthday!!!

2017-11-05 22:40:36








11/5 is!!!!!

バースデーケーキPapa’s Birthdayバースデーケーキ





With the family it seems they celebrated
I got this sent by my Mama音符



I didn’t get to celebrateit together with them, it’s unfortunateえーん汗



I feel like I want to celebrate it on another day音符



Papa Congratulations.



Always kind
he treats mama
and family preciously



THe best of the strongest Papa.



Being born from Papa
really I’m thankful.


From here too please stay very very
healthy and energetic



From my heart







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Disneysea Picture Taking Taking Day!!!!

2017-11-05 12:08:19






That said!!!


To 浮き輪Disneysea浮き輪


I went thereee


Christmas Disney for me is a beloved time



And, in consecutive breaks too



It was quite packed!



And so, this time


Carefree Disney
Cute Pictures Just Taking Lots!!!



This time with fine
details I’ll be updating you kayー!


First off!


Entering the park,
The picture spot is of course here!!!








Herere is a place you just have to take you knowーーーハート


This time’s
Disney Coordi is


Me loving Duffy & Friends
so much


I got it for my birthday


Shellie May-chan
bag and
beloved Stella Lou-chan


Color matching
音符Picturesque Coordi音符


That’s what I went withhh





First off, without any hair accesories I went to
the park音符





For this day I bought this…
because I had my heart set on it!!!!!








Sheesh…great with Stella・Lou-chan
and Duffy & Friend’s
I like them so much, just wearing them
makes me heart dance ya know音符


For me I like Gelatoni
quite a bit too


I can’t get enough of pea green and pinkハート


when we got hungry
first off we headed toー!


This here




New York Deli


Here, I ordered


From the limited 11/1 to 12/25 exclusive menu!!!


キラキラSpecial Setキラキラ


✩Roast Beef Sandwich
✩French Fries
✩Soft Drink of Choice






But for us
of courseee 生ビール it’s beerチョキ
That we went withhhh


The afternoon was very warm so…
we ate on the terraceeeハンバーガー







It has volume too
it felt quite satisfying!!!!!



For Disney Food,
the paper they pack it in is cute too so拍手ハート





I found these cute walls to take a snapshotカメラ宝石赤



This color give sa very good flutterハート
It’s cuteeeeーーー



I’m updating with this kin dof feeling so


if you like please look音符



A preview for next timeeeおいで






【With This Food Going Around Cute Picture Spots】



By all means please watch!!!



I’m currently updating my redone Instagram too♡






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Uhyaaa✨Disney is My Dream of Dreams✨

2017-11-04 23:35:03








My always love










I got 2 of them toooo!





1 has 2 going in so


in total it’s 4バレエ



I weeped…

I can go 2 times toooo!





that said



This timeee


these tickets🎫







patipati Clap Clap
patipati ClapClap






well it’s cute tickets…



I’m saving it foreverrrキラキラ



Moving or whatever


I’d end up not having tickets



Once again


Disney Tickets



Disney Today


I got it!!!


I think I should collect itttグッ



With these tickets





I’ll full enjooy Disneyー



The goal this time…OK



1…Photogenic pictures
I want to take lotsカメラ



Taking it cutely
Photo spots and food
so I can introduce it to everyone!





Duffy & Friends

I like it so much so







Preparing this, I’ll use this!
and then I decided in my heart
there are goods so, GETting htem
I feel like I wnat to introduce it to everyone






クリスマスツリーNow is, Xmasサンタ


I think it’s getting to that feeling so



It’s WakuWaku excitingプレゼント







A preview for next timeeeおいで




【Dream Time With Disneysea】



I took quite a bit, quite a lot of picturesss!!!



I predict it’ll seem to be a long update
If you like please come along




I’m currently updating my redone Instagram too✩星カラフル










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