Shoots Finishedーー

2017-07-16 21:22:23




Coming home in the rain the thunder was GoroGoro rumbling



JimeJime damp and humid and hotーーー




Of course for all the staff it was hard huh…


I fully felt that


It was that kind of shoot location!




But the shoots were fun!





Tomorrow it’ll be from the morning so I want to do my best













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Couple’s Coordi✩

2017-07-15 16:11:06


I ordered them at an exhibit




clothes, they arrivedーーー✩





Mine is white
my husband’s is black



We tried matching coordi✩




glamb is really cute, I love ittt




It clinches it huh ( ¯﹀¯ )




I went with a white Tshirt so,
for the skirt I went with reddd♡




This heart stitch is what I was taken with at first sight










With our couple’s coordi, we’re heading ouーttt♡


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Oh Gosh!

2017-07-15 14:52:59


Yesterday just sleeping on the sofa, my husband
I got a snapshot (*ˊᵕˋ*)





Kazukun 「Chopi is in the same position sleepingー」





he said ( ¯﹀¯ )









And, waking up at a weird time





Chopi is sleeping still (*^^*)







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✩27cosme Ginza✩

2017-07-13 19:53:15


To the place I’m always indebted to!


✩27cosme Ginza✩-san



I went there♡






These 2 people I love♡


Shop manager Miku-chan and Machiko-chan♡゜:。* ゜.


today was soothing too♡




And, after all is said and done!
The other day shop manager Miku-chan came to the live,
after the live, today is the first time I got a body massage but…



「You really seem refreshed, and gotten thinner yahー」


getting told that made me happy (*^^*)




Without overdoing it for a loーng time, I got advice
on what to be careful of,
and even more, with the effects of the hand massages and
the ab machine,
really I’ve changed before my eyes, that is also
fun for me too♡



Instantly without seeking results… slowy for a long time



I thought about it like that but,



I got this kind of fast results!!



I’m shocked too ( ¯﹀¯ )♡








For always giving me clear support, thank you so muchーーーラブお願いドキドキドキドキ






And, after I finished




Warming my health you know♡ Fueー♡









I’m really refreshedー!



Thank you so muchhh♡


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Ogawa Makoto-chan✩ Genmate✩~Eyelash Extensions~

2017-07-13 16:19:49


I got to see my genmate Makochii for the first time in a while照れドキドキ






A really calming person.


Basically just basically being there.


Talks just doesn’t… end you know (lol)





It’s so fun it went by in a flash✩




We had lunch✩




Makochi’s personality
I can feel it when we’re talking together
the parts I respect as a genmate are very many.


And, after graduating we can still get together like this
get to go and have a meal and stuff, having this connection makes me happy you know(*^^*)





And, after lunch, eyelash extensions
at 【W】-san










I went together with Makochi✩






This time for a shoot I have soon, my ext.
I got them fixed up 👀キラキラ



With this, I can face the shoot!



Thank you so much always m(*_ _)m



It was a full afternoon Time✩




Makochii thank youuu✩(*ˊᵕˋ*)



Seeーee you later yah♡





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DaraDara Laze Time

2017-07-13 11:16:50


Coming home,
first we had a meal, then,
watching the variety shows we recorded, that’s our daily routine✩


Yesterday we watched the Sanma Goten 3 Hour Special.


Of course Sanma-san is amazing.



Already Chopi is sleeping yah 😪💓




Going over there sleeping


Coming over here sleeping



Cute Chopi.



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2017-07-12 16:43:24



After we had our meal



Going to REN-san’s shop…




Congratulations on your wedding anniversaryーーーー!



we got to celebrate it with champagne 😭🍸💞






Always kind REN-san, thank you so much 😭💓🍸💞🍸


We as a married couple are very fortunate people♡


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Wedding Anniversary ~One year anniversary~

2017-07-12 13:08:18


Yesterday 7/11 was our wedding anniversary 💏🎂💕




My husband made reservations at a restaurant♡







The food very yummy too♡













I ended up eating them tongue out (*^^*)



Thank you♡





Being married for 1 year
there were all kinds of things though


fun things, happy things
sad things, regrettable things
getting through it all together, doing it for the 1 year



From here too,
so we can spend every day happily with smiles
I feel like I want to my effort to it every day照れ












A meal at this fantastic shop♡ Thank youuu♡







For our 2nd year as a married couple together, please continue to support us (*^^*)/ドキドキ




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WakuWaku Excitement✩

2017-07-11 20:31:49



My husband’s mother-in-law
Kazu-san Mama gave me these piercings I’m wearing♡






They’re cool and cute♡


Thank you so much♡ Kazu-san Mama♡




Putting these piercings on…



Today is our wedding anniversary♡



Our one year anniversary♡




With work finished my husband said let’s go out to eat so, from here we’re going out♡



Where we’re going though, I still don’t know but…


It’s WakuWaku exciting♡








From various people, I got mail saying happy one year
it’s just, a warm and fluffy day☺️💗


Thank you so much♡



Well then, I’m offffドキドキ




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