Oh My

2017-09-07 04:13:10



Making up TsumTsum are funny


Aoi TsumTsum


I took this kind of time to make them up \( ö )/







going with the roles





Divided up




















Can you tell who is who I wonder( ¯﹀¯ )


Everyone’s got personality so making it was easy✩




Well now I’m gonna sleep.


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Birthday Event

2017-09-06 23:29:02



This year on 10/20 I’ll be welcoming my birthday but



this year I can’t do a birthday event あせるあせるあせる



But, there’ll be a play on that day (*^^*)


By all means please come



Not being able to do an event makes me sad but,


getting to stand on a stage i love is a joy✩




I’ll be waiting for you照れドキドキ








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Such A Kind Close Friend

2017-09-05 23:53:14



A little



for some reason… when I feel that way, right away



to my constantly overseas for work



close friend



Hyogi, I’ll by chance talk with on LINE



He’ll say let’s go eat


even though it seems like he’s already gotten home



He’ll jump his way over to where I am.




Such a kind friend isn’t he.




I got good friends.



Hyogi, really thank you… 😢


아주 좋아해요!!!!
[tl google: aju joh-ahaeyo, I totally love you]









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2017-09-04 12:27:30





A dream


I saw.


A dream.


Good Morning


In today’s dream,
Kijyooo no Kuuron member’s were in it.



was smiling☺︎




The reason,





Without problem Kijyoo no Kuuron



Ao no Kyuuki Ao no Bouryoku Te to Te Kono Saki.



Finished safely.



Consecutive days with lots of customers



For the grand finale, the standing ovation…



It was quite a view.



With this original story the tears won’t stop



Tears came out so much they wouldn’t anymore, and even though my tears should’ve been used up



At the curtain call my tears were overflowing like this
it was the first time in my actor life.




Thank you so much.




Encountering this work



Getting to work with this troupe I,



「I want to live as an actor」


Once again I came to that decision with these feelings



I got to encounter these kind of productions.



There are places like this…



Filled with surprises and happiness.







They were the best
these members.







This time this person was here so
me like iron
my hard heart relentless flying at it
she smashed through the shell all at once




This person.


The best in the play too


More than anyone using their feeling, getting to meet this person talk with them.


I got to learn a lot.



Really thank you.








Candid and cool
but a really cute person.
being there with that was a kindness.
always warm… thank you so much


The mood maker
always smiling


Always at the training hall
watching the practice, with a towel wiping faces entirely
seeing tears being wipped


Play have loving people too.


My heart heated up.





As a partner role of the same sex
I’ve never really had one before.


In my partner role, Asupiー really
was great.
From the first day of practice
every day was motivating.


I’m grateful.





My older sis-chan. Role
the scenes with nana-chan
every time with my nose dripping and tears, I’d end up GushaGusha soggy.
The kindness of an older sis-chan
The kindness behind the strong words being said
it shook my heart.


And, Ryou-san
even though you’re my grand senpai…
even though you’re such a grand senpai
you’re kind like this?
that’s how kind
a person you are.


Matching my anxious lines every day
every time going through it with me
always smiling watching over everyone warmly


when it’s not your turn too


for certain in the wings, you’re watching everyone.


I felt like I want to be like this kind of person.







Always during performances you’re always at the monitor watching the play yah
a person who seriously loves the play.


It made me happy. That we got to do this together.








You were cute
Nothing but cute.
A friendly person
but really with plays you faced it directly
your smile was always comforting.


you’re shy huh〜
I get that.
I also felt like that that’s why (lol)
your heart directly
absolutely really loves the play.
that realyl comes across.
Next time we get to do somethign together
I wonder if we can talk more than this time (lol)
No, we will talk (lol)




I’ll be Kamoi. (lol)


Being like Kamoi
I’ll learn it (lol)


Midzuki thank you yah ( ¯﹀¯ )







we acted in Fujiko and since then
this time.
you’ve really grown
you’ve matured
but, your base is the same as always
you’re a strange one, a bright one. (lol)
You dislike separating from people,
people heading out, when going home, Madoka cried.
Such a cute one. Thank you, we’ll see each other again kay ( ¯﹀¯ )


And, Ori-san.


This person is a perosn who loves plays too. (lol)


What? This time it is nothing but people who love plays so much you know (lol)


It’s the best-yan( ¯﹀¯ )


Ori-san too, when I was always doing my lines alone


you’d appear, huraー
you’d match up with me.


As if maybe you did it to bring out our own voices…



So kind.


Thank you so much.








Doing it awkward and aloof
just saying that
you were in it, you faced it purely
it was fantastic. Thank you.



I love Yukarin’s voice.
Actually, when first beginning the practice
「Yukarin do you have a slight cold?」
I thought
but that voice was pleasant
don’t get over your cold!
it had me thinking that
That said, the natural Yukarin voice…
I really like it.
it has that feel like Suー to it.


n the play we didn’t interact but
always watching, I felt you were fantasticー ( ¯﹀¯ )








quietly… quietly…
watching everyone.
always, calling out, watching everyone
with love
a kind person.


Our interactions were fun too yah (*^^*)



And Yuki-san


Already I really love you.
you’re like a kotatsu


The way you are presented (lol)


no no, really.


You’re so warm, you wrapped everyone in your love.


being that kind of person
voicing it in the play


Still warm.


「Hey what’s up with being so bothered by this〜
No doubt you’d fall no matter what you know
basically some day it’ll go and clear out so you know」




it’s that there’s no reason to worry?




It’s not that there’s no meaning, it’s tied together



I love it.








Having a director like this.


I was surprised.


Well you know,
during practice and the actual shows


during break time


you reaーlly


played around. (lol)


Primarily with Kamoi. lol


Like this.




Even then
you cleanly locked it in.
when it was time to do it you did it. Everyone did.


Nakajima-san’s personality
everyone comes together as one.
For sure, everyone headi n the same
direction! that said
even though there were lots of actors and lots of bodies
there’s no mistaking it, our hearts could only be one.





And, you loved each and everyone of us


in any case you are a kind person.



At the first show when I got nervous


I went to Nakajima-san


Then he said


「It’s fine」




just saying that



I really felt relieved.






It was fine.



It’s magic works you know






Aー this has gotten long!(lol)

















Taking hand in hand…





From today once again



I’ll be going forward.







Thank you.














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2017-09-03 16:30:53





Kijyooo no Kuuron



Ao no Kyuuki Ao no Bouryoku Te to Te Kono Saki.


The finale









Getting to participate in this production



really it was joyous days.





I’ll write a blog restfully later.




Really thank you so much.


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2017-09-01 10:19:52




A lot of the staff came too ☺︎


Saki-chan and Maasa♡


Thank you alwaysss¨̮♡


It makes me happy you know



And she starred in Risako, Marika-chan ☺︎




An always proper and very frank girl.
You getting to come it makes me happy you know (*^^*)
Thank you








Team RomaSaGa✩
Toーma-san and Hina-chan♡


Hina-chan, she got her hair cut it’s gotten boy-ish✩
You getting to come and see it makes me happy♡



Toーma-san was the same as always like a mother. lol
「Keep your heart healthy kay」 she said.
A kind person. Really. A mama (lol)


Thank you so much





And, hair make-up artist Ooike-sann♡


It feels like it’s been a little bit of a while ( ö )/♡
Beautiful at any time.


She gave me this fantastic scented body cream♡


I’ll use it from today (*^^*)
Thank you so much✩




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Thank You

2017-09-01 10:11:21





Lots of flowers🌸


Truly thank you so much.










The pretty flowers.



They’ll become my power.





And the presents in letters


Thank you so much.



Today is two shows






A picture getting snapped of me. (*^^*)


Lot of pictures are taken at the venue this time.
Everyone is taking them,
before I knew it I got taken (lol)


It’s kinda great huh (*^^*)



Today I hope to reach lots of you too.









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