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With Mama
A relaxed laid-back Day




For lunch
thai cooking buffetドキドキ





It was very yummy

Especially thiーs!





SakuSaku crispy Piri spicy
Sweet and salty!! like that
It was veeーry yummy





There was a cute photo area tooー!

To be continued


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Every Day Make-up

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Today’s make-up





Today I went with pink color make-up

Mascara is basically every day





It looks reddish but
it’s brown

I like make-up with glossy feel so
the last make-up
hanataka powder

T zone
under eyes
putting it there, it’s done





This is always in stock

it’s like that for me it’s very very much
one of my favorite cosmetics





pearl white and pearl pink
there’s two types but
for me I’m using pearl pinkドキドキ


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One In Body And Soul

2018-01-11 22:50:47



This time
at the practice hall




Playing Kutsu, Moriwaki-san
we’re always,

What kind of expression is it?
What kind of feeling are does he have now maybe?

I’m still studying.


Moriwaki-san’s acting

As 【Kutsu】

is very much fantastic.

even when there aren’t any words

Wanting to Run
Wanting to Go

You can see all kinds of feelings.

there to get firmly close to that..


I feel like I want to be there.






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