Flowers From Everyone!!

2012-09-22 08:41:47


Flowers from all the fans…T_T








































Everyone… truly, thank you.


I’ve gotten your Power!!
I’m full of it!!!!!
Truly thank you T_T yellowdia



Thanks to you all, I’ve gotten through the opening day of our return without problem! Tomorrow I’ll do my best toooo!





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2012-09-21 10:17:12


☻ Eat what you want and what you like then exercise! You’re often saying that but,
what kind of exercise are you always doing (´▽`)?



Walking and likeー, runningー



☻ Is there a little known spot to be when watching the Disney parade?(Whether there is or not is OK. It won’t be a little known spot if you say that’s why huh)
Do you line up and wait till it starts?



Everywhere’s popular, it’s hard to find a good special spot but, I do line up ?



☻ This season, it’s pretty unfortunate to get bitten by mosquitos. Gakisan save me><



It’s no good getting bitten, put on some Muhi!



☻ Gakisan who has octopus as on of her favorite foods!!
How do you like to eat it!?
As tempura!? Sashimi!? Or could it be live!? lol”



I like it as sashimi but, that uh,
I at it once in Korea, it was really yummy!



☻ In the mornings,
are you good with it!? Or not!?
What do you do to wake up early in the morning??
I’m not good with morning (>ε<)



I’m weak with mornings!!



What would I do to get up?…Uuum








☻ There’s people at the same age, who are really anxious about Gakisan’s philosophy of love? Can you please talk about it again somewhere?lol
Are youre friends from your hometown and like the people around you already married?(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I want to have an event where we can have girls talk with Gakisan while drinking alcohol chobichobi (・∀・)?lol




Wa! That sounds fun!!
I’ll try suggesting itー!






☻ What kind of guy do you feel attracted to?



Ah I see.
Someone who is reliable themselves, and thinks about other people’s feelings I think ^^









I’ll do my best with the Tumbling opening day!


Posted by Iface


2012-09-19 21:28:45


☻ Please give us a word about Ikuta’s first blog where she referred to Gakisan without honorifics (^^) lol



Idiot. lol



☻ Gakisan has graduated so in Musume I probably should follow IKUTA but
in Musume I’m already follow Duu, and yet IKUTA say, “Changing who you follow is banned!” so
I can’t change who I follow to IKUTA but, what should I do in this situation…



Trust in yourself!lol



☻ Are you going to grow your hair from here?



I’m heading in the direction of growing it out!



☻ If Gakisan were to sit next to a cool person on the train what would you do?



“Waao! Coolー yellowdia
I’d think that inside. Iface



☻ I joined the dance club but, what should I do to be good at dancing like Gakisan?(´・ω・`)




If you have fun with it, it’ll be a winnnn!



☻ I like Gakisan so much I can’t even sleep at night!



Oh my!
Go to sleep, and after you wake up you can like me againー? Smile
Thanks tehe



☻ Lately have you seen Takahashi Aichan?



I saw her when I went to see the theater



☻ At what point do you think I’m glad I’m in show business?



When I get to meet the wide range of age and all kidns of types of people I think.
There’s loーts of kids younger than me doing work, giving such motivation, and great seniors doign work, and I learn from them…It’s an environment I’m grateful for.



☻ Putting a letter in the concert hall present BOX, within a day does it get to Risa-chan??



There’s some that won’t be on that day too but, for sure they’ll get in my hands!!
Thanks blackspark



☻ What is one of your favorite fairy-tales? Is it Urashima Tarou?



Oo? Did you arbitrarily pick Urashima Tarou just now?



It’s Urashima Tarou. lol



☻ Risa-chaーn, have you been smiling latelyー? Having funー? Are you happyー?← So much questions
I want Risa-chan to always be happy (●´ω`●)




I’m laughingーhaving funーhappyーー


Thanks, for real!



☻ What gives Gakisan her driving force!



Everyone’s support! This fills me up with the most Power!!



☻ What do you think about Sayumi saying she’s “the cutest in the world!”?




I think so too!!
She’s cuteーthat’sーwhy, Sayusuke love dokidoki



☻ Niigaki-san, what is your favorite oden from 7-11?



Hmm well you knowー, it’s string konnyakuuu









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2012-09-18 19:14:22


? The other day at the life recording for Usachan Peace, Eripon had said she’s emailing Niigaki-san everyday, don’t you think it’s honestly annoying?




I don’t have reason to think so. Yay



☻ Gakisan I want to see you drink alcohol (that’s not possible though lol) if you went drinking what would it be likeー?


If I went drinkingー It’d be fun



☻ What is your type of girl? lol


A girl who hasn’t changed from before!
together with them, being around people
who I could quarrel with about anything
Thanks to them…Iface



☻ Gakisan I’m a 2nd year high school girl who really loves Gakisan but,
When Gakisan you do the police station chief parade,
with everyone, is it okay for you to respond to everyone?



Of courseー! Thanks!
I’ll be waiting for everyone *:d



☻ Often when you take pictures, you’ve been doing the hand on your cheek pose, are you really into that?



It’s habit? I think ^^;



☻ Well thennnn, Questionnnn!!
If you got to appear in a live action version of a Disney movie, what kind of part would you want to do for it!?


Wah! My dreams are getting bigger now SmileHeart



☻ What could I do to get a slim figure like Gakisan (>_<)?



Eat the things you want without stress, then exerciseee person



☻ I want to go to a Gakisan live soon but you know…
for sure, please do one!



I want to do one you knowww



☻ Gakisan how do you get rid of the usual resentments and stresses and what not?


Just what I can, I do what I can so that it doesn’t build up but, when it can’t be helped
and I get like, “UuーYaaaaIii!,” I have someone who will listen to me talk about it Iface
I’m grateful for all those around me that listen to me talk all the time.




☻ Gakisan some time ago you wore this Uniqlo Tshirt, a Shocking pink BIGBANG one, did you get it from Aichan? They’ve said that Aichan has one too but I haven’t seen Aichan wearing it that’s why I ask. Or was it coincidence that you’re matching?(´∀`)



I got it from Aichannn
That Tshirt is adorable huhー


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2012-09-17 13:43:47


? In Toy Story
which characters do yo ulike?


Uhーhmm wellーheart Uhーhmm wellーheart AhーI’m not sure
Of course, Woody right?
I like the little・green・men toonote



? What is your things you like about Osaka



No.1 Places are full of laughs


No.2 Yummy food


No.3 It’s bright!



? Of the roles you’ve played up till now,
what role do you like most
what role was the hardest?



Liked role→Yukino
Hard role→Minori



? Gakisan what is your specialty dish?


Mmー^^; I don’t really have one but, I can make omelet rice



? I can’t take my kid along to plays so,
I haven’t seen Gakisan in awhile…
Even though I can’t go to see you can you not forget about me (。・・)?


I won’t forgetー But but you know when your child gets big you can come see me again? blackspark



? What clothes brand do you like?





? Have you ever put natto in curry, had natto curry?



Waha!I haven’t done that before?
Is it yummyー?
I’ll try that next timeー♪



? Have the amount of drinking parties and stuff gone up for you? Heh


Lately what kind of alcohol do you like?



The kind of alcohol I like. Hmmーwell you knowー
I often drink Oolong Hai or plum sake I think



? Gakisan have you ever drawn pictures of Disney characters?


I haveー♪ I’m pretty goーod. lol



? I’m in a long distance relationship
Gakisan if you were in a long distance relationship, what would have to happen to make you happy?



I seeー If it were me.
I’d be happy if I just felt they would consider me and make the effort to contact me everyday ^^







Posted by Nyuhuhu


2012-09-16 17:09:20


It’s still pretty hot huh.



Hey Fall…come onー



Well then.



? Wearing a Gakisan Tshirt or wearing my regular clothes which should I do?


Gakisan Tshirt!!
If asked where are you, you’d know soon after sparkly



? Gakisan, right now what popcorn flavor do you like
at Disney?



Apple Cinnamon!



? Lately you’ve had lots of movie shooting but
what actors do you want to co-star with?



The actors would be, Tamaki Hiroshi-san, Sakai Masato-san.


? A Morning Musume。 Happy Graduation Present…It’s late but, is it okay to send it I wonderー( >_<)?


Of course



? Gakisan how do you always decide
what you’re gonna wear?



I’ts how I feel (。-∀-) nihi



? Are you one who wants to love?
Are you one who wants to be loved?



I want to be loved. Aha
I want to be together with someone with a heart
big enough that I can be enveloped by it.



? Happinesssss!!!!


What moments make you feel like that?!(*´ω`*)★!!!



When I’m really laughing so hard it twists up my stomach.



? Uhーh, Gakisan, do you have any recommended octopus dishes?



Uhーh. Uhーh.
I like octopus sashimi. (。-∀-)



? If you met with Ikuta,
what would you want to say to her first?



“At night go to sleep without watching my DVD!” lol



? Gakisan what kind of situation would you want to be proposed to in?



Ehー! You’ve got my dreams growing
I think maybe I’d be attーractーed to the idea of being surprised Iface



? “Dance Ren’ai Hunter right now!” If someone said that, would you still be able to dance it perfectly?lol



My body still remembers it!!! Well it should. lol



? Are you using perfume?!(*´ω`*)★!!!
If you are using some please tell us~\(^o^)/



GUCCI’s me


I’ve been using it for 5-6 years already I think♪








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2012-09-15 20:30:39


9/23(Sun) Middle of the Night from 1:30, the broadcast of Nippon Broadcast, MobaRajiKenkyuukai(tl: Mobile Radio Seminar)” I, Niigaki Risa, will be appearingーーー


On the show they’ll be taking in mail from everyone Smile


☆Questions for Niigaki Risa!
 I’ll be seriously answering questions from everyoneee


☆Talk Topics!
 This one is what would you want Niigaki Risa to talk about? You can requestsparkly


The mail address is  Iface


Please send them in until 9/18(Tues)! I’ll be waiting sparkly







Posted by Uhun


2012-09-15 08:18:32


Thanks for all the questions






Well then, let’s get right to it.



? Risa-chan when you eat watermelon, do you eat to the very edge of the white part? Or do you just eat the red part and throw away the rest?



I’ve never really eaten the white parts (●”)



? I’ve been spending days seemingly crushed by the terrible parts of studying nursing so,
I want encouragement from the one I love, Gakisan!(/ _ ; )



There are times when it seems like you’re being crushed huh!
But, it’ll feel great when you get through it!! Do your bestー!
Ah, but don’t over do it kay person



?What’s something that’s been on your mind really recently…???





? Ikuta’s member color has become pea-green but, were you happy that Ikuta is taking over the pea-green color?



For her, I was happーy to hear it,
cause there’s no other girl who loves me and pea-green that much *:) lol



? At night, before you sleep, what’s something you have to do?


I listen to my favorite songs♪



? When you get to do a live with Aichan, what songs do you want to do?



We wouldn’t have the luxury but… if the two of us could make a new song I’d want to do it, if we got to it’d be great sparkly


? I am the same age as Gakisan, a mama with a 1 year old boy (^O^) Gakisan do you want a boy or a girl? A boy being a crybaby is bad but it’s adorableー(゚-゚) Am I just a doting parent?(lol)



Waa! Amazing, a Mama the same age as me!
You have my respect!
If I could I’d want both but, of course first I would want a girl


? Have you already planned this years birthday event?(lol)



EhーI’m not sure, I want to though.
Ikuta randomly something in it too huh?
But I haven’t planned anything so I can’t say. I wonder if I’ll get to do things myself. lol



? What is something you did recently Gakisan that made you smile your best??(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Now that you mention it, recently dunno if I haven’t laughed so much that I’d cry…
Ehーthat’s not good huh.
Can anyone make me laugh?lol



? Right now, what do you want do most?


I want to meet the fans!
Lately I feel like I haven’t seen them? Pu.



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