2012-03-24 05:33:32




Ikuta gave me this.








It was yummy. It’s a Winnie the Pooh gram-senbei cracker dmheart





◇ On the 10th there was a DreaMusume concert but,
What did you talk to the Musume。OG people about (^-^)??
If you took pictures I want you to show them too~!



I didn’t get talk to freely with them but, I took pictures!






Makocchi dmheart up














Kaorin-sanup←It’s the first time I tried saying “Kaorin-san”.(●≧艸≦)




◇ I love Risa-chan so much what should I do??


I’m a girl the same age as Risa-chan, working as a nursery school teacher★
If you weren’t in Morning Musume。
what kind of work would you have wanted to do??



Oh my. Thanksー(●≧艸≦)


Nursery school teacher dmheart I admire that!




◇ When you’re not willing to do something, what do you do to get the will?




“Hai! Niigaki-san~do itー”
I tell myself that. (-´∀`-)



◇ Graduating from Morning Musume。 is sad but, Gakisan, would it be okay if I like you foreーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーver?


Of courseー(●≧艸≦)
Thanks you know… that makes me happy



◇ Apps
Do you have any recommended iPhone apps?








↑ This one is really funny!



◇  Gakisan is there anything
that you need to carry with you
everyday no matter what (*´・ω゚*)☆?



Black Oolong tea♪



◇ Eripon has Gakisan as her Oshi(tl: Favorite member) but what do you think of Eripon?



She’s my adorable junior♪



◇ Do you think fairies exist?(*^^*)



They probably do……right?☆



◇ This is kinda out there but, are you a soba person or a udon person?
(´・ω・`) Pasta?




Ah with that, there are soba days, udon days, sometimes there are pasta days too…



◇ Gakisan who loves black coffee♪
Where is a store you’d recommend where you can drink delicious black coffee??



I drink my coffee from Starbucks






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2012-03-23 19:24:14


Thanks for the lots of questions!!!



Well thenーLet’s get into it right away!





◆ Does Gakisan have any food she’s into right now? If not what was the last thing you ate that was really really yummy! if you have something like that please tell us.



a. Chicken breast! I really like it dmheart
I wonder if there aren’t any chicken breast specialty restaurants?



◆ Gakisan what did you use to play when you were little(^o^)??



a. Make believe Sailormoon




◆ I just started cooking but, Gakisan what would y ou want to eat?



a. Mash Potatos( ´ー`)



◆ Gakisan what is your favorite type
of guy(´・ω・`)??



a. The big hearted not into idle chatter kind of guy~




◆ I want you to do a girls only con with Aichan・・・♪



a. Ahー! A girls only LIVE! That’s new! Great huhー! If we do by all means come kay?




◆ I’ve heard you like SUPER JUNIOR but, which songs do you like?
And do you have a favorite member?


a. For a song, Superman♪


For a member, I like Donhe!




◆ I saw the MV for the new song “Ren’ai Hunter”! There’s no one who wasn’t moved by that last message from Gakisan right? Thank you for that wonderful message.


That’s not a question though,
Were you worried about the last message? Where there others and that’s the one you chose? Or did you feel like that’s the only one you had to do?



a. It’s the one I had to do I think!!! V



◆ Gakisan, your images are always cute
but, how do you do ittt?



a. For camera apps, I’m using vintage camー!



◆ Gakisan do you have a recommended snack(・・?)



a. Jagarico ( ´ー`)



◆ Gakisan what is your most calming place?\(^O^)/



a. My home, in the living room♪





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Happy Music

2012-03-23 14:25:12



We had a song recording!



It was my last song recording for Happy Music



I got flowers








Thank you so much…




I took a snapshot with Yasushi







It kinda feels like yesterday was the first time I had met up with the other members in awhile (●”)




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TBS Kyundere

2012-03-22 12:13:27


The other day dnote


TBS”Koisuru Game Park Kyundere (tl: Lover Game Park LoveyDovey)”



I did a recording for it dnote



Following the title, KyunKyun heartwarming, DereDere lovestruck, it’s like that, a program where you have waiwai fun playing games and have showdowns!



【Broadcast Day】
2012/3/28(Wed)23:50~24:50(Except for some regions)




By all means please watch it









Cream puffs I got







It was yummy



Thank you so much(●”)



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2012-03-22 07:38:35


Mornin’ (´∀`☆)



Thanks for all the comments about seeing the Renai Hunter Music Videoー!



Releasing 4/11, our 49th NEW Single♪


Renai Hunter.


For me, it’s my last single.



It’s become a cool stylish MV(-‘_’‐)



Those of you who haven’t seen it yet, by all means check it out kayyyyy?↓





















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2012-03-21 18:11:54



With Sayumin we had our Shizuoka campaign dnote



It was fun sparkly








Thanks to all of you who came to the public radio show




Next month on the 15th we’re having our live in Shizuoka!



By all means please come and hang out up






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Like It

2012-03-21 19:35:07



The other day I went out with Mama and Papa










To Umenohana (tl: Plum flowers) dmheart




I love the food there dmheart



The tofu, beancurd, and stuff serve asthe main so it’s healthy,






























Mama took part in the PEACE too V lol




It was yummy. I want to go again





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2012-03-21 13:04:23


With the photobook shoot ahead of me, I got my nails done like this!








SparkleSparkle KiraKiraKiraKirablackspark



My toenails are like this dmheart








It’s cute (-‘_’‐)



As always, I left it to Bunchama dnote



Leaving it to Bunchama, was no mistakes dmheart





Bunchama thanks as always




Just now, we’re heading to Shizuoka!
Today it’s me and Sayumin, the 2 of us






The two of us from some point in time tehe




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2012-03-20 15:11:52


I went to see it (●”)








Maichan, Nakky, Okai-chan
They did their best.
I was impressed



Murakami-chan did her best her dnote














We met for the first time in awhile!


I was happy to see him dnote





Still seeing a play, now I want to act. (●”)



Today’s their closing ceremony!







Please do your best with your remaining show!





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