Morning Musume。

2012-10-10 12:31:41


51st NEWSingle Releaseーーーーyotyot


yot WakuTeka Take a chance yot



I still didn’t GET it so I requested from the Musume。 Manager, “please send me a pictures of the CD jacketー”…







I got this picture!!!



?(?’?’? ?)?



I’ll leave the picture on the side here. lol




It’s really cook so everyone by all means!



Check check itーーyot


Everyone GET it kay ^ ^









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2012-10-09 10:02:52










It’s gotten kinda cold…



I hope everyone doesn’t catch cold (>人<;)



Well now, answers.



◆ I easily cry…
I’m the kind that cause trouble for those around me too
because it’s bad, I want to get stronger myself
even though I think that I haven’t really gotten ther(>_<)
In the near future I want to be like Gakisan
a strong girl who doesn’t show her weakness
to those around her (´pq`*)




Enduring it all is difficult so, I think it should be fine if you really just trust in the important people in front of you, and cry when you want to try (^ ^)
For example you family or your close heart-friends dmheart



◆ For Gakisan,
What kind of person is Aichan?
I’m waiting for an Aigaki Live (^^♪



A close heart-friend.
I waaaant to do a LIVE, I’m looking forward to it


◆ What kind of passions do you have? (^o^)



The mouth and chin lineyot




◆ Gakisan what is one of the vegetable you like?


Lotus root



◆ In the morning are you a rice type? A bread type?



Rice! In fact, brown rice!!



◆ Gakisan what do you like with your Sushi?



Octopus! Squid!



◆ Your favorite bowl meal is what bowl?


Seafood bowl yot



◆ Gakisan what emoji do you often use~~~??(^○^) I want to know♪♪



Emoji→^ ^





◆ Do you look at other members blog?(^o^)



I’m looking at themyon



◆ Isthere something you want Eripon to just stop doing right now?




Mailing with no topic. lol



◆ Gakisan if you were to go on a date with a guy, where would you want to go?



An aquarium ^ ^
I love themmm


Today let’s fighting all day




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From Chairman Ikuta

2012-10-08 15:22:16


I got souveniors from Hawaii yot



And a letter











I’m happpy to get somethinggggnote



And! In Shibuya









I took a snapshot you knowーwwdokidoki



Everyone when you go to Shibuya too, take a snappysnapshot










Today is fighting all day





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And And!

2012-10-08 11:06:56


Yesterday! At night!


The play from Okamoto-san, the producer who had helped us so much with the play Sanada Juyushi,



“Rikei Wota ga Senjou de Koisuru Kakuritsu。 (tl: The Possibility of a Science Nerd being on Board to Falling in Love)”



I saw it!!



Yuu, who I was together with in Sanada, was there too, we saw it together note








It Karukawa Kyousuke, who was in Tumbling, is in it too



The play finishes soon too so, if you have seen it yet, by all means!!!


Please go see it yot



In one day, three shows up Play, LIVE, Play
I saw them all…upupup



It was really productive (-^艸^-)dokidoki



It gave me lots of motivation! Again, from today I’ll do my best





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Morning Musume。

2012-10-07 22:49:44





This afternoon note
Iwent to the Morning Musume。 LIVEee yot



Every reaaally did their best



I was happy to see it…


I have been listening to the album too so, I enjoyed it








I got to meet the new member Sakura-chan too yot


Do you best kay?












The same as ever, she’s




fortified the atmosphere at the concert hall…lol




well done dokidoki



I love everyone





The tours still continuing on!



Everyone watch your physical condition and do your best (-^艸^-)








Posted by Musume。 Luv dokidoki


2012-10-07 15:32:03











The play that Ishii Masanori-san is performing in



“Jukai (tl: sea of trees)”








I got to go see it!!




It was amazinggggg!



I learned, it motivated me up




Ishii-san is the same as ever, a very kind, honest person.



Someone I love dokidoki dokidoki




It’s still just started so, everyone by all means!!


please see it yot yot










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2012-10-06 23:06:54


Today, the whole day is finーishーed too









Everyone, Good Workー





Tomorrow let’s spend the day productively as wellーkayyy(-^艸^-)note







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Answers Go

2012-10-06 16:40:06



Go Answeringyon
















◆ Abe-san and Ikuta-san


if they were drowning


which would you save? heh



For sure if I tired to save them I’d drown too I think so, If I do come save me. heh




◆ At 31 Ice Cream what is one of your favorite


Ice creams (-´∀`-)?




Jamoca Almond Fudge




◆ When you get home what’s the first thing you do?(lol)



I go to wash my hands and mouth.




◆ Date, Marriage, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Raising Children, Grand Children・・・


Are you drawn to it?



Mmmhmm ^ ^




◆ I want to write a fanletter but,


What kind of stuff should I write?(〃∇〃)



Just write what you’ve thought about as it is


Thanks eh




◆ I’m a second year high school girl but…


Gakisan thinks there’s really lots of guy fans but, what kind of feelings do you have about girl fans?




Ehー! Having girl fans makes me really very very happy


(-^艸^-) I want to do a girl meeting event I’m trying to plan it out now!






◆ What kind of alcohol do you often drink?




Oolong high^ ^






◆ I, am a housewife the same age as Yasuda Kei-chan.




I’m much older than Gakisan but




From here on




Is it okay if I keep being a Gakisan fan?








I’m counting on you to yot


Thank you ^ ^






◆ Do you have an iPhone app you’d recommend?


And…What can I do to be


cute like Gakisan?ヽ(;▽;)ノ


So cute…I’m moved to tearssss






For the app you know~【pudding camera】


I recommend it




Saying I’m cute like that, it makes me feel shy, WaiWai ^ ^








◆ “Gakisan can you eat Rakkyou, Japanese leek?”






I can ^ ^


I love it




◆ Do you read manga?(*^^*)




If you do


tell us what you likeー♪




I don’t read manga at all.


Do you have one to recommendー?


If so let me know




◆ I hung out with this guy I’m not togethr with the other day but, even though we live in opposite directions, he walked me rather close to my home (>_<)


Could this be a spark of love?///








Wa (-^艸^-)


That kind of love story is funーhuh! Dokidokie heart pumpingー! What are you gonna do huh


If you think that there’s a spark somehow when you talk about it, it might be (-^艸^-)fu~






















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2012-10-06 09:30:46









I crashed out



It’s already October huh




GriーlledーPotatoー season.



Today’s gotten hot!








Today I’ll do my best all today againne




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I Want To Meet Youー

2012-10-05 22:16:54


Today’s practice is finーishedー









I feel like I’m still not grasping it within myself.



I’ll do my best!!!!!







I’m hungry and HeroHero worn out, now.







I kinda want to meet with all my fans ^ ^
I feel like I haven’t gotten to meet you at all
Doesn’t it feel that wayー??


Everyone, what have you eaten for dinner??


Posted by Heroーn

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