Responding in the Morningー!




☆Of the underage Musume。 right now, which member do you want to go drinking with when she grows up? Also when you’re under the influence of alcohol what would you want to try talking about?


Suzuki( ^ ^ )/□
I want to do a immitation meet! I’ll be the spectator. lol





☆When you graduate do you want t odo a bus tour or something with the 5th gen members?
If you do, where would you want to go?


I want to! I want to do an everyone’s hometown tourー!




☆At the concert halls, with all the fans in the back
they’re waving around signs and wearing their favorite members Tshirts
Do all the members notice this?


I see itー well my eyesight is 2.0 that’s whyー!lol




☆What is the Morning Musume song with the most difficult dance?


Mr.Moonlight~Ai no Big Band~




☆If you could take the 9th/10th gen members somewhere to hang out where would you go?


Disney Resorts d( ̄  ̄)



☆I really love
Aigaki (*^^*)
With that! What was
your first impressions
when you first met Aichan?


Wahー! She’s got an accent! So cute…



☆Gakisan’s color is green but, if you could be another color what would it be? By the way, My smart phone cover is green (lol)


Well you know~ anything other than green is surprisingly unimaginable. lol
Your smart phone cover is green huhー?
Somehow I’m glad you knowー




☆How many times a year do you go to Disney Resorts?


Which do you like Land or Sea?



How many times huhーー? I dooon’t know


Land or seaー…dunno…
I’d want to go to each alternating. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




☆I really like Gakisan!
I want copy Gakisan’s make up so,
Please tell me points of what make up you use and how you do itー(><)???


Thanks! Here on I’ll be introducing my make up stuff!




☆I’ll be giving Gakisan Disney related questions(。・∀・。)ノ
What food do you reccoment at Disneyland?



Glove shaped chicken bread.





☆After you graduate you want to mainly focus on being an actress but, what kind of roles?


That’s right…I want to do lots but, there’s lots of roles for women who are always strong with heart so,
I want to try a nonsense rule. lol





☆Gakisan, what’s the most important thing for you?\(^o^)/


All the people who support me


☆Gakisan was originally thin but,
recently I think you’re even more thin!
What kind of diet and stuff have you started??
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu♪


I’m not dietingー!
That’s how careful I am (*^^*)




☆I have a question! It looks like Gakisan uses color contacts but, are you? If you did how much color would you be using?? And, I want to do if you use eyelashes too☆


I don’t use color contactsー! I use all kinds of false eyelashes, which! not any specific kind but, I might have a lot that just go at the corner of the eyes (*^^*)



☆Do you drink often?
I want to see drunk Gakisan!


I drink alcoholー(*^^*)
I not really gonna show that though.


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( ̄▽ ̄)




☆Of the Musume。 songs which is your number 1 favorite?


Wah, that’s hard! There’s lots but…
I like Aki Urara and one’s like that




☆ Which show that they’ve done up till now at the Disney Resorts do you think is the best? & Which show would you want to come back?


POWER OF MUSIC! I loved itーーー
I saw it countless times that’s why!



☆ Gakisan, thank you for your wonderful smile all the time.
Seeing Gakisan’s smile, my toubles are all blown away.
Please tell us the secret to your smile.



No matter how many times I hear stuff like this it makes me smileーd( ̄  ̄) lol
The secret to my smile…I wonder what it could be.
I only smile when I want to smile.
It’s impossible, when I’m smiling, it’ll almost certainly leak out. lol
But, even when things are tough for me, there are lotso f people around me who support me so, I feel like smiling. Aha




☆ Since joining Morning Musume。 what’s the happiest thing that’s happened?
With your time left in Morning Musume。 please enjoy yourself!



The most fun thingーーーー!?
I can’t pick that!! Yup!
I’ll use all my power to have fun! Thanks (^ ^)



☆If Ikuta-san changed her favorite what would you do? lol



Cry (。-_-。)I’d cryyyy!! lol



☆Gakisan, of the current Morning Musume。 who do you hang out with often in private?



Lately I haven’t been able to hang out but soon, I’m gonna go out to eat with Ikuta, we decided the day too!
Again when we go I’ll write about it on the blog d( ̄  ̄)



☆I want a figure like Gakisan’s but how would I do it?
Is there anything you pay attention to to maintain your figure?


If I eat too much, the next day I try to make up for it a bit…kinda
But usually I eat when I want to eat (^ ^)



☆What Musume。 outfits are your favorites?
I like the Kare to Issho ni~ Gakisan!



Thanksー! Outfits, I dunnoーー!
But, I like the [Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai] outfit toooo (^^)



☆When Gakisan graduates all of the 5th gen members will have graduated.
Do you want to do a tour or something then?


I want to!


☆Is there anything you’re careful about for meal time?


Just when I can, I start eating from the vegetables.
Like from vegetables→carbohydrates♪



☆After you graduate, do you want to co-star with Aichan?
Right now who is the number 1 cutest junior?


I want to co-star with Aichan!


The junior members are all cute in some way or another. For real



☆Gakisan after you graduate, is it okay if Ikuta becomes my favorite?
Of course I’ll be supporting Gakisan too!


(*^^*) Please give her support




☆What eyeliner and eyeshadow do you use?


My eyeliner is REVLON, and eyeshadow is JILL, that’s what I’m using~(*^^*)



☆At what point do you want to get married?


When I feel like itー ( ^ ^ )/□



☆ Which current Morning Musume。 would be a good girlfriend?







My look at the time!




Gooood Niiightー


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Well off to answering2012-01-10T19-11-30-1


*Gakisan what kind of perfume are you using?


GUCCI’s me↓




I’m using this all the time




*What’s the secret to that beautiful body line Risa-san keeps? Is there something that you do habitually every day?


(。ノω<。)ノ))Oh thanks~
With eating and havingfunand stuff, I guess I have fun while controlling myself!
And you knowーI move around for no reason. lol
Dancing and what not.



*If a chance to sing solo came up, what kind of genre would you want to try? Please do a LIVE with Aichanー



I want to do a LIVE with Aichan!
Dancable songs would be good cool songs♪



*Amongst the members, which member contacts you the most?






*Gakisan, what kind of male body type is your type?



Thin fit



*I think there’s lots of times you’re dancing with heeled shoes but, how do you take care of your legs and posture and so forth? What’s hard while taking the time to get use heels after starting to wear them?


The LIVE shoes have high heels but, it’s easy to dance in, it doesn’t hurt at all



Still the fatigue builds up so
at times like that I GO to KARADA FACTORY



Lookieー I ate thisss


With Mama and Little sis, the three of us2012-01-10T19-11-30-4



















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Today’s Coming of Age Day huh








Becoming an adult



I wonder if you’re having a good time?




When I turned 20 too…
I don’t really know how it was but I was excited



Actually, even after being 20, it hasn’t changed from then huh (。・3・)。



Have as much fun as you want nowーkay


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Nakano Sunplaza’s Hello!LIVE♪




All finished without problem



Well it really went by in a flash huh.



It was fun. I mean it from my heart (。-艸-。)



From here, we’ll be having fun in Nagoya, and Kobe too,
taking in all the Hello!!





Let’s do itー


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There’s more



Pictures (-^艸^-)


Tanakacchi and S/mileage’s gorilla lover Nakanishi-chan, Katsuta-chan






S/mileage’s Katsuta-chan was…
at Nakano Sunplaza, in front of the dressing room,



“Oh!!…I look at your blog”


she called out,
adorable huh?



Tomorrow’s got LIVEs too


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From the LIVE, 9th.10th gen are in a different dressing room but, they came to our dressing room asking, “Please take a picture with meeeee,”








I took one with Sayumin too★


Really, the 9.10th gen coming to the dressing room it got really bustling. lol




Being like that it got really cheery




Yesterday I had this conversation with Satou on the bus…



Sa:”Ah!Niigaki-san! Maーchan wants to take a picture with Niigaki-san and the 10th gen!”



Ri:”Eh?When?Now?(Like in this bus kind)”


Sa:”Whenever’s fine♪”



Ri:”Well then, how bout we take it next LIVE!?”



Sa:”Is that right?”









The 9th gen and 10th other than Satou riding the bus were all,
“????(・0・。) jaw-dropped”














It was tough we couldn’t really converse but somehow it was a night of laughter. lol




Ahー fun.





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