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Today let’s one again go through the day in high spirits??








This is, Suzuki, using shoes to Usachan Peace, a figure from when she came into our dressing room. lol







■ What Disney character do you like?



Donald dnote



■ Please put up your current favorite picture(*^-‘)b









■ Gakisan are you (Disney)land person or a sea person?




Either (-‘_’‐)
I want to go to both dnote



■ Please tell us about your Mama-san’s special cooking.



At times when you want to eat something, somehow she can make itbulb



■ Gakisan are you a long bath person? Or else are you more like a crow, a quick dipper?



Long bath dnote I take half body soaks



■ I in 9 days will graduate high school.
“But I’ll separated and won’t have any friends,”
I’ve been worried about that happening. I haven’t talked with anyone about it,
I’ve been thinking
I seriously can’t convey how sad it is, what should I do?
Please give me advice!




I feel like if there’s separation then there’s also new encounters dmheart


Besides, even if you graduate, and can’t really met up, shouldn’t you still be friendsdnote


With me too, graduating from Morning Musume。 and the other members, now we’re really good friends, and from here on we will be too…dnote
That’s how I feel dmheart



It’ll be okay dmheart




■ Gakisan’s treasure is?



All the people I’ve met up till now that are supporting me.





■ Hearing about Gakisan’s graduation, I’m determined to go to my first concert!
To be forward about it, just how many girls are there?lol
Even though I’m a 20 year old girl, going isn’t weird right!?




Weird?! Not weird at all dmheart


Lately, there’s lots of girls too, really it makes me happy dnote



I’ll be waiting blackspark



■ What is it that you feel you want to do no matter what before you graduate from Musume。? Please tell us~(>_<)



I want to enjoy my Morning Musume。 life without regrets!!


I’m going to make lots of memories with the other members!



■ What thing needs to be in your fridge no matter what?



Black Oolong tea( ̄^ ̄)ゞ






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2012-02-26 22:10:49





Yokosuka LIVEs are finished.



For me, a Kanagawa prefecture native, it’s my last concert in Kanagawa…



Oh my…Everyone…




So warm…



So warm…




You cheers…











After the Gakisan call, coming out on stage, the whole hall was green?










I was just so toucheeeeed dheart




I really really felt everyone’s love… dheart





Until 5/18, as Morning Musume。, I’ll be walking with everyone.




Truly, truly thank you very much









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4 Panel Comic

2012-02-26 09:04:30








Yesterday Manager-san took these,



【Music Video, until the surprise cake come…】 Series dmheart



“Eh? What, what?”







“Is this, no way?(Lots of people smiling)”







“Niigaki-san, Otsukaresama Deshitaー”








“Everyone, thank youー”








It was really like this? In four panel comic form, they send the mail…


Manager doing these kinds of things for me



Thanks… dmheart





And, today is the Yokosuka LIVE?




We’ll do our best?










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It’s Over…

2012-02-25 23:40:54








it’s over (-‘_’‐)






Renai Hunter’s MV filming.









It being my last, I got cake and flowers



With this, one by one my work as Morning Musume。 is coming to an end huh.










My real feelings are welling up.



My last single…



Renai Hunter


I think it’s become
a cool music video.




Look forward to it okay??




I also took a snapshot with the one who we’re indebted to this filming, director Hasegawablackspark







He’s playful, kind directory









Thank you very muchtwinkle






We’ll have fun with tomorrow’s LIVE too dnote














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2012-02-25 16:22:44




Going WaiWai dmheart
















■ When it comes to acting in a drama, do you want to act in a suspense or a comedy one?




I want to try a comedy one dnote



■ Takahashi Aichan made a Momusu。 outfit for a pigg outfit, Gakisan do you have a favorite outfit?



Ee? I have lots dnote









↑ I like this one dnote
The Rival Survival LIVE outfit dmheart



And you know…








↑ My Yukino outfit dmheart



■ For Gakisan, what kind of presence does Mitsui Aika-chan have?


My cute junior dnote



■ Of all the parts that’s Risa-chan has done what part left you with the deepest impression?




Might be Futomayuge Mameko?


But Makochii’s characters were really deep…lol



By the way, Ikuta like Niigaki, cram school principal.


Even though you didn’t ask I answered. lol



■ Gakisan who is your favorite Disney princess??



Belle dokidoki


I like Alice toodnote




■ Nacchi or Aichan, which do you like?





I like them both?



■ Please tell us what artists you’re into lately!(lol)



Super Juniors dnote



■ WorryingWorryingWorrying over something, and not getting to an answer, what would Risa-chan do?



First I’d sleep. (-‘_’‐)




■ In order to set a good example, Gakisan always supports other members, that’s the impression I get but, has the opposite, “This time the members gave me support,” if there has been any episodes like that please tell us.


I want to run over to your gradcon.





The other members… always are supportive dokidoki


Really… I feel I’m thankful for everyone.




■ Gakisa~n! If someone went on a trip overseas


Of the members who would be good with it?o(^-^)o



Sayumin dokidoki







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2012-02-25 12:05:21




Today, releasing 4/11, our NEW Single dnote



It’s the Renai Hunter MV filming !




My last MV filming blackspark




I’m gonna do my bestest dokidoki











■ What is your most favorite fruit?


Pears dnote



■ If you had the time where else besides Korea would you want to go to?



I want to go to Florida!


Disney World



■ I thought about this looking back at picture of when you first joined, other than when other members graduated, Gakisan you hardly cry huh? I feel like it’s amazing that you don’t show your tears on camera even when the teachers were telling you so much right after you entered. How did you get so emotionally strong?



I can do my best because I have people to support me (-‘_’‐) I’m grateful for the many people I have around me.




■ Gakisan……
I’ll be blunt
Don’t you want to do radio again with Kame-chan!?


I want to hear it again ∀!!!!



I want to do it♪



■ It’s become a serious discussion but…
Have you ever had a relationship that had broken down by chance that returned to normal?…(/д;)
I can think of maybe one person myself…
Keeping your distance is best huh?



“I’d want to bring us back!” If I felt like that
I think it’d go back.
It’s a bit hard though.


It’d be great for things to get back to normal dnote




■ I really like Risa-chan!



For me my dream is to be a model or something, something public,
so in order to make my dreams come true,
I’ve become a reader model
for Tamago Club (^o^)


Just now, it’s Matamama (´ω`)


Risa-chan, do you has aspirations to get married?




Waaa dokidoki Congratulations up
Do your best kay?dnote



Marriage dmheart
I have the aspirations for it blackspark



I’m a girl after all dmheart



■ For the up coming day, what flavor of Jagarico should I eat??


Risa-chan pick for me ( ̄▽ ̄ )b




Ahaha, it’s okay for me to pick? lol
Okayー wellー dnote


Korean Nori up




■ I haven’t really seen any pictures of the 10th gen and Gakisan, I want to see someー!







Satou and my funny faces. lol



■ If you dropped your bread on the road,
would you eat it?
or would you take it to the police box?
(tl note: trashcan’s are rare in Japan)


Which would I…… take it to a police box no? lol



■ With Gakisan supporing with all her power
members like Ikuta-chan
I’m worried about after Gakisan graduates.


There’s a lot of young’uns that Gakisan treats fondly too so
I’m woried but how do you think of it?



Even when I graduate, I’m always gonna worry, I want to watch over them so whenever something happens I want them to contact me soon after (-‘_’‐)











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2012-02-24 22:13:29




Today I’ve been together with Suzuki all day dnote



I ate a bentou for dinner













MoguMogu gobbling it up up









Looking at the comments, for the public radio in Gifu, it seems a lot of people couldn’t make it in time…








■ I get nervous at the hand shake events
I can’t talk well…
I’m not the standout type but…
my feelings of love for Gakisan
can’t be beaten by anyone(^_-)!!


From here on I’ll keep loving you
is that okay( ´艸`)?



Of course up
Thanks dnote



■ Please put up a picture you’d recommend






A picture of Suzuki with her excitement on MAX



■ Gakisan right now, what time do you feel most happy?



When I laugh goofy at something so much I cry.
Well you know, I laugh a lot but, so much I cry, it doesn’t happen much right? so those moments, I feel like ah I’m happy. V



■ Gakisan said she started thinking about graduation about one year ago but,
but during last year’s Hawaii tour,
“This might be the last for Musume。” did you have that feeling somewhere then too?



Mmhmm… Actually I did (-‘_’‐)
So I thought, let’s really have fun dokidoki



■ Gakisan, how do you feel when you’re told somethings, “Showa like”?



I welcome it warmly



■ Good Morning from America.
I did this with my Korean friend. Saying I like Morning Musume。, “I like them tooー, They are really famous in Korea,” my friend said^^★


Ultrasmart, won’t you add a Korea performance?



Wah… I’m happy to hear that.


Kamsamnida dmheart


I want to do that hearttears



■ Can you please teach us your trick to your beautiful skin and figure perservation (>_<)


Eat reasonably, exercise♪
That’s the number one thing I noticed recently (-‘_’‐)




■ When you were in elementary school student and was a number 1 fan of Morning Musume。, how did you refer to the members at the time? Were you always calling Abe-san “Nacchi”?



Y…Yah (-‘_’‐)
Now I really wouldn’t though…*blush*



■ Gakisan do you know about the sport, “Rugby”?
If you do, what do you think of people who play Rubgy?



I know of Rugby!


Not limited to Rugby, I think all people who play sports are cool dnote



■ For Gakisan, before a concert,
is there something you have to do?
If you don’t do this or that,
you get all sowasowa fidgety (*◇*)! Or something!!
If so please tell us (゚∀゚*)



What would it beー?
Hanging around standing by from about 20 minutes before maybe?
I can’t just stay still in the dressing room…






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For everyone who game to Gifu for the public show, thanks!(-‘_’‐)




Even though it’s not a LIVE, you wore your pea green Tshirts, and brought your fans…



I was so happy to see that !





Ah, when I went to the Nagoya radio station today…








↑Tada! On this large poster…! Omotenashi Bushotai (tl: the Entertaining Military Troop)dnote




From the Sanada Juyuushi, he appeared in the theaters after talkshow, the Bushotaiup



Well, without thinking I snapped a shot blackspark






■ Other than Disney ones,
what characters do you like(゚o゚)?






■ Actually, recently my friend and I haven’t been getting along, everyday’s trouble (´;ω;`) what can I do to have fun and get along?



Having some bad times huh…
But, in the end, if you don’t talk about it you can’t resolve it.
In my situation though,
when things aren’t going well, “Even then I want to get get along with them!” with that in mind, I’d talk with them I think?
If it’s someone I don’t think that about, I’d lead them alone maybe?


Maybe I can’t give you a definite answer huH?





■ Gakisan’s favorite MV is?



Nanchatte Renai♪




■ I always end up copying Gakisan.
The nails that Gakisan got recently I too quickly
copied( *`ω´)
I like those nails so from here on I want you to
post them tooo o(^▽^)o
Is it okay if I keep copying you from here??



This thisーMimicky-chーn♪← What kind of character are you? lol


It’s totally fineー dnote
Thanks up



■ What memory remains in your mind the most with lives?



Hmm what do I want!
Whatever it is, there are amazing memories but
of course, the first LIVEs maybe
And then, outdoor lives! Those were fun♪




■ What sond do you recommend lately?



4/11 released NEW Single♪



dnote Renai Hunter dnote


It’s my suggestion. lol




■ Gakisan do you like Gocchin?



I love her!
She’s cool and nice…dmheart




■ During tough times, what do you do?(゜゜*)



I get support from the friends and family around me.



■ I love the works of Mitani Kouki-san,
I think Gakisan would like it too
Do you think you every want to appear in a Mitani Kouki-san work?
Please do!!



I like them?
Appearing in Mitani Kouki-san’s works, it was my dream for awhile??


I’ll do my best so I can appear in them (-‘_’‐)




■ Gakisan did you make today’s blog design?


I picked the pictures and the designs, this feels great ! I discussed it and had itmade L_L






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2012-02-24 11:07:09




It’s clearing updnote







Clearing up, I’m feeling more ukiuki cheery




Straight to it





■ Risa-chan, for a question, what will you do after you graduate? No matter what you do do your best please♪ See you later adorable Risa-chan☆☆☆



After I graduate I think I’ll be in the midst of making my living acting dnote



■ Gakisan, liking
Disney, you go
to Disney but have you
gone with the other members(^-^)?
And, of the current members
who do you want to go with most(・o・)?



I’ve gone with the other membesr before dnote


I’d like to show the 9th and 10th gen around thereup




■ Is your favorite pepper red or, maybe yellow? Or is green as I’d expect?


Of course! It’s that one!!





Red. ← It beat out green.



■ Even though your graduating, I want Gakisan to have events we can enjoy together with her O(≧▽≦)O


Lives and dinner shows and stuff, fan gatherings…


If you could what kind of thing would you want to try doing!?



A LIVE with Aichan♪



■ What ingredients do you like in your miso soup(^O^)?





■ I’m doing a swimming race in university! For Gakisan, what is your impression of guys who play sports? And what sport does Gakisan have an interest in trying?



I think it’s coolies♪



■ If you were reborn what would you like to become? Except for human, well it’d be fine if you said what kind of person you’d want to be(ω)!



So that I can be a human again, I’ll give living right now my allllldnote



■ In concerts at what point does Gakisan get excited?



When we and all the fans, the point when everyone comes together!



■ Gakisan what is your favorite words, and what is your favorite motto?


What is open will close dnote



■ Gakisan!!!
Do you like Okinawa??


I love it up
I haven’t gotten to go lately so I want to go sparkly






Let’s have a good day dokidoki



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2012-02-23 20:40:29




Today I was on location all day since this morning!


What location you say…dokidoki


Look forward to it! I’ll do a report laterdnote



And, from all the fans, fan letters and presents









Thanks dokidoki
I’m happy to get it







■ Gakisan, with your active social image,
you don’t have the image of playing videogames or anything but
do you play them? If you do lately,
what game have you been into, please tell us




Videogames…I don’t play them muchat all.
When I do, it’d be something like Tetris, or PuyoPuyo…I thinkblackspark



■ I’m always cheering for you (^^)!
After Gakisan graduates
what kind of expectations are there for
all your Morning Musume juniors?




The two 6th gen and Mittsi taking the lead,
And, 9th and 10th gen in a couple of ways, growing up, I want them to deadily pull ahead, I’m looking forward to that up




■ If you got to sing together with Aichan, what song would you want to sing?



Kono Ai wo Kasanete




■ If you have kids, would you want them to get into the entertainment business?



If my child said they’d want to then I’d want them to I would think dnote




■ I adore Musume。 5th gen!
Gakisan, after everyday life, is there anything you’re cautious about?( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



Not catching a cold! I’m cautious about that


From Gakisan’s view,
what do you think are the strong points of the current Morning Musume。?



Generally energetic! Smiling lots!up



■ Risa-chan what do you do during your days off,
is there anything you do a lot to pass the time?


I go to Disney resorts
(((o* ̄  ̄)o



■ When you go to Disney,
is there anything that you
have to ride everytime
or like it’s be no good if I didn’t eat this?
Even like souveniors (^o^)/



Ahh yah, without fail I want to eat glove shaped chicken buns.




For rides, it’s Pooh’s Honey Hunt dnote



■ Today, for my birthday, can you please say something (^O^)



Happy Birthday!!
Please have a wonderful year (-´∀`-)



■First off, good work on the Spring tour Hachiouji (^〇^)
I went to see it, leader Gakisan’s first tour, it’s amazingly funー♪ I love the setlist too(^ー^)
And so, a question for Gakisan!! I’m older than Gakisan, 32 years old (lol), and I cheer for Gakisan, even though I like girls, I look at you like an older sister would (((^_^;)
From here, I want to do what I can and participate in the tour (*^^*) For a 32 year old, what do you think?



That’s the best (o ̄∇ ̄)/ upup







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