☆If you could have an older sibling, which would you want a brother or sister?



A big bro-chan!





☆When it comes to shabushabu, are you in the ponzu group? or the sesame sauce group?



In the mixed group!d( ̄  ̄)
It’s yummy!





☆Gakisan do you read manga?
If you were to read manga, what kind of manga would you read?





Sazaesan 4panel manga!!(Long time ago!)



I love them so I want to collect them but I haven’t reallyー(´・_・`)





☆Are there any attractions
that you haven’t rode yet that you dream about,
if so please tell us!





Huhuhu. there aren’t any d( ̄  ̄)





☆When times are tough for Gakisan, what do you do to get through it?





I listen to what the people who support me have to say to me.
My family and friends (*^^*)





☆At a handshake event, you said you I liked K-POP, T-ara specifically but, what male artist do you like? I wanted to talk but I couldn’t ^^;



2PM☆Super Junior






☆ What is food do you like?



Chicken breasts ( ´ ▽ ` )ノLOVE





☆ I’m “Watanabe Miku”.
Please make me a nickname (//ω//)



Tamikku ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ







☆Do you fight with your younger sister?



We don’t♪ My sister is a good girl that’s why ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ





☆In the morning do you wake up with an alarm clock? Or do you use your mobile phone’s alarm?



My mobile phone alarm♪ I set 5 of them!





☆At night, when you can’t sleep well, what do you do? Do you listen to music? Watch TV? Do nothing? Drink alcohol? lol




YaiYai ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Just how much of an image of me drinking do you have! lol
When I can sleep, there’s lots of blogs to look at kinda.





☆At handshake events, what do you think of those people who loop countless times, so much that gets tiresome?(^_^;)




I’m grateful. Really (*^^*)
Tired of it?! Unthinkable





☆Do you like mochi?



I like it♪





☆Even now are you part of the soft group when it comes to convenience store onigiri?
Please have a good relationship with your father.








Mmhmm. I’m in the soft group♪
Get along with my papa? Roger~d( ̄  ̄)





☆Are you the type that’s okay with bugs and monsters?





I’m the no good type.
Just thinking about it…UUuuu…









Are there people who listened to the radio show~?


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☆Are there any plans to gather everyone from Sanada Juuyushi again and making a commotion waiwai?


The BBQ the other day looked fun, seeing it made me happy that’s why(^o^)



I want to have another gathering waiwaiーーー!
Ah! Today’s Inaba Yu-kun’s Birthdayー!
It’s the same as Mitsui (*^^*)





☆Other than Aichan are there (Former) members who you are close with?



Makochii and Konkon (*^^*)





☆Starting next year I’ll be a junior college student but, I’m shy so I’m worried about if I can make friends (>_<)
Well if you have any advice, can you please tell it to me!






I’m also….a shy person… (>人<;)



I want to know tooooー(´・_・`) sorry…





☆Gakisan of the members in Momusu。 you’re associated with please answer these!! ①The person you want as your mother is?
② Who is in a group of 4 sisters? In order too!!
③ Who would be your daughter?


There isn’t much time till you graduate but please do your best as Morning Musume。’s leader (^^ゞ






1→Yoshigawa-san (*^^*)



2→Aichan, Makochi, Konkon, Me



3→Sayashi (lol)





☆ If not 5th gen what gen would you have liked to join with? lol



5th gen is fine! lol





☆Gakisan (o´艸`)
My name is Risa, so I feel like we have an affinity to each other!
I’ve thought so for 10 years★


At the end of the month I’m going to Korea but, I feel like I’d like to know if you could tell me any cosmetics and stores and stuff you’d recommend♪
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (´▽`*)


THe same nameー♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪ Runrun happy


Korean cosmetics. I recommend SKIN FOODー!




you have an image that
you make good use of your time but
(if that’s wrong I’m sorry)


I’m really bad at essentials,
I want to be able
to get good at using my time (><)!


Even though you’re busy with work,
relating it to how you use your time
or anything you’ve realized,
please give me some advice!!



I, well you know, I’m just impatientーd( ̄  ̄)


So when there’s breaks in work, Ah! I can go to the beauty parlor here huーh, that kind of stuff I just end up popping it in
Have you tried writing your plans in a schedule book?
I might make it easy to line up your plans_φ( ̄ー ̄ )





☆Have you gone to Disney with Aichan? Which does Gakisan like, Land or Sea?




Aichan and I went to Tokyo Disney Sea!(*^^*)



Which I like…that’s a hard question. lol





☆Gakisan do you watch anime and stuff?



I like Sazaesan, Chibimaruko-chan (*^^*)









It’s cold today tooー!! I hope no one catches cold!


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☆Gakisan what do you think, clearly which PV do you yourself think is cutest lookin?!!
If “Cutest looking” doesn’t work then you can read that as “One of your favorite”…lol



One of my favorite PVs (*^^*) I like Nanchatte Renaiー



☆What Disney Attraction do you like?


Pooh’s Hunny hunt(*^^*)


☆What am I gonna do, I’m the one who during handshake events before going to Gakisan I quickly transform into a chicken, can I graduate from being the handshake event chicken? By all means please let me know.
The answer is probably, “How should I know?!” huh. I get it. (´。`) I’m sorry



Chicken? Sounds yummy. lol



☆And, Risa-chan, what alcohol do you like?



Lately the alcohol that I’ve been liking is a Ginger Highball (*^^*)







☆Myself, my name is Ryou but, will you think of a nickname for me? I’m a 1st year high schooler!




Oryoryo!! lol



Is that no good?_φ( ̄ー ̄ )





☆Have you gone out to eat or anything with the 5th gen members?





I haven’t…(´・_・`)
I want to…





☆GakisaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAn! If you could have one item from Doraemon what would it be?






the DokodemoDoor (tl: The-[Go]-Anywhere-Door)!!





☆Well you do another Mayuge Beam?



( ̄^ ̄)ゞ I’ll send one out



☆ Question Question
of the Morning Musume。 coupling songs,
what is your most favorite?




Popcorn Love (*^^*)







☆Gakisan of all the one’s you’ve seen thus far, what movie would you recommend?(*・ω・*)





Monsters, Inc. (*^^*)





☆If, you have a week vacation, what would you want to do???



What would I doー I wonderー! I’d go to a Disney Resort (*^^*)
I’d stay over there♪


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☆A Question for Gakisan!
What do you think of older women fans?
Always when I go to lives it’s just guys…
Please give me the courage to go to more lives (lol)





That’s not good at allーー!
Women are WELCOMEーーー!! I’m really happy ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I’m waiting kay?!





☆Did you return Aichan’s Dark Angel DVD~?(*^_^*)



I returned itーー( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
On the Budokan day!!lol





☆I like Gakisan and Zukki but, Zukki doesn’t appear much on Gakisan’s blog (*_*) Do you talk with Zukki any??



Ehーー!I talk to her!
Surely she hasn’t been around recently huh?!
I’ll take pictures soonー(*^^*)





☆ My name is “Miyuu” but
I want you to give a nickname♪













☆I, when there’s a MoMusu。 audition,
for sure I want to do it but
if I pass, will I get to meet you!?


I’ll be waiting ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ




☆Gakisan I really lo~ve you!//
What do you think
of girl fans like me……(>_<)??
I’ve always wanted to ask.
It’s just…
do you not like us…???







That’s not it at all!! There’s no reason not to like youーーー!



☆Gakisan, for live and other important days, when your not confident with yourself, what do you do to resolve it?



I have no choice but to believe in myself!
Well for performances, there’s lots and lots to do so(*^^*)
It’s okay! I gotta do it! that’s how I am(*^^*)





☆What’s your favorite thing on the McD menu?



Chicken Filet(*^^*)





☆Gakisan what is your favorite restaurant or food in Disneyland~?






Churros and, glove shapped chicken buns, life preserver donuts…)All kinds(*^^*)





☆Is it okay to be your fan after you graduate? Is it okay to love Gakisan?




Rather, you like me so you’re here!!!lol







I’m at home casually replying


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Today was the day I promised to hang out with Ikuta!


We went out! To Pasela






There Fukuchan joined us too!





In norinori high spirites we sang Musume。 songs!







When school finished, there isn’t much time so,
I feel like I want to go again at a more restful time (-‘_’‐)







And, today is Mitsui’s birthday!


Happy birthday (-‘_’‐)



She’s doing an event huh!


Do your best( ´ー`)


I hope you have a wonderful year…







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☆I’m always enjoying Gakisan’s Risafa but, where do you buy all the clothes you’re always wearing??



From here and there! I’m not always sureー(*^^*)
But, lots of it might be Yokohama (*^^*)



☆I love Gakisan so much it’s bad(*^^*)


Should I do anything about it?



Ahaha! Aren’t you shyーー(@ ̄ρ ̄@)




☆Do you have any foundation you’d recommend?(*^.^*)




When I do my own make up I only use BB creamー



My concealer is this 24H stuff.←If I got the name wrong sorry (>人<;)
They’ve got cover too it’s good (*^^*)





☆Once and for all, please tell us your current MY FIVE STARS.



Pocket warmers! Really! They’ve helped out so muchー
Right now I’m using them for my feed and stuff too! They’re the best.
Sooner or later I’ll be wanting them for my nose and stuff too!





☆Gaki you’re theme color is light green but, what is your favorite color?



Since it’s become my theme color, I’ve gotten to like my yellow-green (*^^*)
Well yellow-green catches your eyeー(*^^*)





☆In the Mushroom Garden what’s your favorite mushroom?



The penguin mushroom!!



☆I’m anxious about what cosmetics you use~. If talking about them one at a time is a bother, I want you to tell us about pocket pouchs and picsヽ(´∇`)ノ






Mmhmmー! Next time I’ll introduce them kay!



Wait for ‘um!



☆Do you like Ikuta Erina-chan? Do you usually call her Pon?




I like herー!!
Usually I call her Ikutaaa a lot ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ





☆The area based Jagarico, which flavors of them have you eaten~??And, which is your favorite flavor??




I’ve eaten a good amount of them I think!!
Ehーwhich would it beーthe Hokkaido ones are yummyー!





☆I felt like writing you a fan letter but would you read it for me (^o^)/? And where do I send it to?



I’ll read it! Thanks!
If you look at the fan club official homepage you’ll find the forwarding address I thinkーー!


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BanBan Full!



☆Are you happy with elementary school fans?
Did you do your piercings yourself?


Elementary school fans?!(*^^*)
Of course I’m happy about it!!





For my piercings, my dermatologist did it for me!





☆Are there any plans for the next time you come to Hokkaido?(Events and what not



Hokkaido! I want to go… I love it
It’s a great place(^人^)





☆If you had 3 days off in a row, what would you do?



What should Iーdoー!!
Maybe I’d go to Korea d( ̄  ̄)





☆What kind of hand cream do you use?



I’m using JILL (*^^*)




☆Do you properly read all your fanletters?



I read themー(*^^*)
Thank you know.



☆Please tell us your favorite Disney character TOP3.



Hmmmーーー!I dunnoーーー



1→ Donald and Mickey









☆Right now my biggest worry is what happens to Risa’s nighthouse after Gakisan graduates?
Honestly, Gakisan’s blog and radio show
was the only thing I enjoyed during my exams so
I’m so worried I haven’t slept (lol)







That muchーー??? lol
Ahaha! I’m grateful ya knowーー
I don’t really know what will happen to the radio showー(T ^ T)
I want to keep doing it~





☆Lately, when I feel like I should study, I can’t get to doing what I feel. How can I keep focused!?
I’m just impatient, I’m being very forward…




Focusing huh… that’s hard…
Thinking you gotta keep on focusing, doesn’t it get tough?
“From this time to this time I’ll focus!!” Have you tried something like that?
Then change for a little bit maybe…
Does that count as advice?σ(^_^;) sorry







☆Is there anything you want to tell yourself from back when you first joined Musume。?


Even 10 years later, you’re in Musume。 (*^^*)


And, Is there anything you want to ask yourself from 10 years in the future?



How are you? You having fun? Are you smilingー?




☆I am, in fifth grade girl, are you happy to be cheered on from elementary schoolers??






I’m happy! Thanks (*^^*)




☆Gakisan what watch are you using now?


I’ve been in love with this BARNEYS NEWYORK one(*^^*)




For students working on exams it’s at the final stages huhー!!
Do your bestーーー!


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Responding in the Morningー!2



It’s a sudden question but, please tell us what was the most troublesome time or incident since joining Musume。.
I feel like even with Gakisan having the hard working pro spirit, there’s got to be a time that was so tough she felt like she didn’t want to smile…



When I wonder…I don’t remember (*^^*)
It’s cause I can smile about it now, it’s fine!




☆Of the stage shows (including musicals) you’ve been in up till now, what left the biggest impression on you?


Sanada Juuyushi…
It was a piece packs with all kinds of feelings.



☆Gakisan, even though you’re graduating, are you going to continue with your blog and radio shows? Evenas ain individual, updating occasionally is fine so I want you to keep doing it



I intend to continue my blogー
I’d be nice if I could keep doing the radio shows too (*^^*)





☆Gakisan, when you’re singing at a concert, what song has the best feeling,・what song is fun?











☆Is there anything you want to do before your graduation, like “I want to do that!”?





Eating with 9.10th gen (^-^)/





☆If you could go with like 4 people on an adventure, who would you want to go adventuring with?



Suzuki(She seems like she’d be fine with bugs that’s why), Koharu(Seems like she could dive and catch fish)
Satou(Seems she talks to animals), Aichan (To support our spirits)





☆At Hello!Con there’s 2nd floor seating but… Gakisan can you see even into the 2nd floor seating??






I can seeーー!d( ̄  ̄)







☆Gakisan how many kids of Nameko mushrooms have ya got?
I’m still at 73%…(lol)


I’m at 96% ( ´ ▽ ` )


☆Gakisan’s a Yokohama native,
born in Kanagawa prefecture but,


Is it true you were born in Kagoshimaーー?


Ka, Kagoshima?!?!Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ
I was born and raised in Kanagawa, Yokohama d( ̄  ̄)


☆If Gakisan were to go along on a date, where would you like to be taken that would make you happy?


To a Yakitori placeー( ´ ▽ ` )




☆From here are there any places for you to do Mayuge Beam, Niigaki Wave, or Robot Dance?


Ahaha! It might come out suddenlyー might come out d( ̄  ̄)


☆What is your favorite Michael・Jackson song?






Everyoneー? For questions, please write them in the [Question] entryー!!
Please (^人^)


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Responding in the Morningー!




☆Of the underage Musume。 right now, which member do you want to go drinking with when she grows up? Also when you’re under the influence of alcohol what would you want to try talking about?


Suzuki( ^ ^ )/□
I want to do a immitation meet! I’ll be the spectator. lol





☆When you graduate do you want t odo a bus tour or something with the 5th gen members?
If you do, where would you want to go?


I want to! I want to do an everyone’s hometown tourー!




☆At the concert halls, with all the fans in the back
they’re waving around signs and wearing their favorite members Tshirts
Do all the members notice this?


I see itー well my eyesight is 2.0 that’s whyー!lol




☆What is the Morning Musume song with the most difficult dance?


Mr.Moonlight~Ai no Big Band~




☆If you could take the 9th/10th gen members somewhere to hang out where would you go?


Disney Resorts d( ̄  ̄)



☆I really love
Aigaki (*^^*)
With that! What was
your first impressions
when you first met Aichan?


Wahー! She’s got an accent! So cute…



☆Gakisan’s color is green but, if you could be another color what would it be? By the way, My smart phone cover is green (lol)


Well you know~ anything other than green is surprisingly unimaginable. lol
Your smart phone cover is green huhー?
Somehow I’m glad you knowー




☆How many times a year do you go to Disney Resorts?


Which do you like Land or Sea?



How many times huhーー? I dooon’t know


Land or seaー…dunno…
I’d want to go to each alternating. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ




☆I really like Gakisan!
I want copy Gakisan’s make up so,
Please tell me points of what make up you use and how you do itー(><)???


Thanks! Here on I’ll be introducing my make up stuff!




☆I’ll be giving Gakisan Disney related questions(。・∀・。)ノ
What food do you reccoment at Disneyland?



Glove shaped chicken bread.





☆After you graduate you want to mainly focus on being an actress but, what kind of roles?


That’s right…I want to do lots but, there’s lots of roles for women who are always strong with heart so,
I want to try a nonsense rule. lol





☆Gakisan, what’s the most important thing for you?\(^o^)/


All the people who support me


☆Gakisan was originally thin but,
recently I think you’re even more thin!
What kind of diet and stuff have you started??
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu♪


I’m not dietingー!
That’s how careful I am (*^^*)




☆I have a question! It looks like Gakisan uses color contacts but, are you? If you did how much color would you be using?? And, I want to do if you use eyelashes too☆


I don’t use color contactsー! I use all kinds of false eyelashes, which! not any specific kind but, I might have a lot that just go at the corner of the eyes (*^^*)



☆Do you drink often?
I want to see drunk Gakisan!


I drink alcoholー(*^^*)
I not really gonna show that though.


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