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Pictures (-^艸^-)


Tanakacchi and S/mileage’s gorilla lover Nakanishi-chan, Katsuta-chan






S/mileage’s Katsuta-chan was…
at Nakano Sunplaza, in front of the dressing room,



“Oh!!…I look at your blog”


she called out,
adorable huh?



Tomorrow’s got LIVEs too


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From the LIVE, 9th.10th gen are in a different dressing room but, they came to our dressing room asking, “Please take a picture with meeeee,”








I took one with Sayumin too★


Really, the 9.10th gen coming to the dressing room it got really bustling. lol




Being like that it got really cheery




Yesterday I had this conversation with Satou on the bus…



Sa:”Ah!Niigaki-san! Maーchan wants to take a picture with Niigaki-san and the 10th gen!”



Ri:”Eh?When?Now?(Like in this bus kind)”


Sa:”Whenever’s fine♪”



Ri:”Well then, how bout we take it next LIVE!?”



Sa:”Is that right?”









The 9th gen and 10th other than Satou riding the bus were all,
“????(・0・。) jaw-dropped”














It was tough we couldn’t really converse but somehow it was a night of laughter. lol




Ahー fun.





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Today was the exchange handshake for the Yomiuri Land Event!



Thanks for withstanding the cold (-‘_’-)



Being able to talk with everyone, I was so happy…


Thank you.




In the dressing room
We took this shot with everyone








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Thank you for all the warm comments…



I read through each and every comment you all gave…



The time until my graduation is short but until the Morning Musume。 spring tour,
For the 9th and 10th gen, I’ll do everything I can, teaching them all that I can tell them.



Even at the lives, one by one, little by little, suprisingly seeing everyone growing up, I was really happy.


These girls are going to be okay!



I feel like for sure it’ll go by in the blink of an eye so, I feel like I need to treasure all the time I have with everyone, so that I don’t have regrets!!




Today’s live too, it was really funnnn!! Of course lives are the best you knowwww♪



Kudou health went a little bad so today she’s resting but, she’s resting peacefully now so she’s doing her best to get better so she can stand in front of everyone cheerfully soon!!



Wait for her kay!!




Well, let’s get some sleep



The pictures are Sayumin and Ikutaa




Ikuta… she said, Pleeeease take a picture with me, she came to the dressing room,
Such a cutie



Let’s do our best tomorrow too


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and (duplicate)

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Once Again




Today It was announced at the Hello!Project live but…


I, Niigaki Risa, am graduating from Morning Musume。 and Hello!Project with this year’s spring tour.




Up until the announcement I was really dokidoki excited…


I decided it for myself so, I wanted to be able to let everyone know with complete cheer… or so I thought…


Well when I stood on stage and told everyone, the “Ehー!” came out fast…






With the months I have left in Morning Musume。… I want to give it my all so I won’t have any regrets


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