2017-05-01 09:38:46



The role Robin (Plump), Ware-san✩




Reallly so amazing.
The atmosphere Ware-san gives off…
In the play
he’s very very fantastic,
always watching from the back,
I think, 「Amazing…」









Poet Suguru-san




For the 2nd act we’re pretty much going together!
That kind of feeling, in a play, being connected a lot like this, it might be a first!
With the aftertalk, and warm up
even when it’s not part of the play he helps me out a lot!





The role of Byuーnei




Moe-chan is, younger than me.
A hard worker, in the play she’s very very
intense, cool Byuーnei-sama but,
leaving the stage, she’s very very
cute (*^^*)♡



The role of Baby, Nabe-chan
Dog role, Joーja
Bird role, Iyo-chan


Really the Santiー kids,
already from me they seem cute like little brothers…
just all lovely members♡



Wild Boar role




The wild boar this time
from the beginning practice, I was always watching but,
really, with each stage piling uphe’s getting better
big sister is impressed.







All the beloved Thirty One members I still haven’t taken pictures of yet
let’s take pictures in Aichiー






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RomaSaGa Dressing Room

2017-05-01 08:04:23



A Picture Taking Grand Rally has started



This is




At first she remembered there was a three second timer, Toーma-san












Occasionally, resting the same way…






From there, we wanted to taking one in a fashionable way











Carefree Girls




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2017-04-29 08:03:54


Yesterday was the first night of Osaka♡



Eating a meal with Paya we should go back and get rid of our fatigueー!! That said…






We did okonomiyakiii!




Really we at magnificently quick and went back.



I slept welllll!!!





Getting power, today I’ll do my best tooーーーお願いビックリマーク









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2017-04-29 00:13:23



Basically when I’m in an area


it’s this style





Chopi seems energetic too, thank goodness照れドキドキドキドキ




It seems like for the two of us the day ended with no problems today either
thank goodness♡




For my husband too, he has play practice
and his shows are approaching soon so
I think it mightbe tough but


we each gotta do our bestーyahーーー♡








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Husband, For A Little Bit

2017-04-27 20:46:44


From tomorrow, with the Osaka performances we can’t meet for a little bit so



we restfully at a meal



that too…




was outside you know.




For today, my husband finished early so



before I prepared food he came homeーーー



And so,


We went to eat
my husband’s recommended motsunabe♡








It’s fun you knowー



We can’t meet up for a little bit but



We’ll each give it our allー!


So full










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