Lap Pillow

2017-07-07 11:18:47









Not drunk at all.


My husband went,
「Ikuta-chan I’ll take picture for you sleeping on Risa’s lap like a pillowーー」



Ikuta 「Ehーー that’s great! And embarrassingーー」




While saying that





She just did it. (lol)



Congratulations (lol)


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I Want To Play Jenga.

2017-07-07 11:06:17




1 time 3 person Jenga playing…



Ikuta ended up wanting to play again




Ikuta 「Let’s play Jengaー」
Me 「I have to do a little washing so play with Kazukun」








That said,
My husband went along playing Jenga (lol)





It was like a picture of a parent and child (lol)


How charming ☺️😝


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2017-07-07 10:50:46




Today is
my kouhai, Ikuta Erina’s 💓20th💓 Birthday!!!



That said, last night,
we had a eve party at my house✩


From before she said, when I turn 20, and I get to have my first alcoholic drink
let’s drink together!
She decided on it so, if she were to get drunk,
she’d be fine at our house with at the eve party✩(*ˊᵕˋ*)




I like OmuRice!!
and so with that, it’s a big-sized OmuRice✩






This time still,
it’s apple juice in a wine glass
she’s drinking🍷







at lasttt














happy Birthday!!!!!






This time, I ordered a Donald
3d cake for herrr ☺️💓




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2017-07-05 18:34:22





I went ot lunch with Mamaー♡




Chopi was with us too yah♡




Wearing the clothes my parents bought for him, we went to meet herー



He got to play around a lot, it’s WakuWaku excited Chopitan♡




I got to get all kinds of talks heard, I’m gladdd✩(*ˊᵕˋ*)✩





Thank you✩






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Going Out For A Bit

2017-07-05 13:31:52





My husband went to work,
Chopi and I have the day off so
(※Chopi always has the day off 🐶 lol)


We went out for a bit♡





The good boy goes into the bag♡




A long time back he’d go No noooーーあせるDASH!DASH!DASH!
like that but lately
going in like this means he can go out, he seems to get that









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