2017-10-24 18:34:07





This book I got for my birthday…










From all the fans
messages in lots of pictures like this…


Even from this year
there’s details about plays I was inぐすんドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキ





I got messages from all my co-stars…




It was probably toughぐすんドキドキ




Thank you…




I was so happy, I look through it over and over countlessly…



lots of other


present letters.






I’m reading it restfullyドキドキ




Really truly thank you…









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2017-10-23 20:19:37




All the staff


had lots of people come too!





Starring with me in Ao no Kyouki





Yuuko Oneechan










Kamoi (lol)










Team Risako










Team Ao no Kyouki




TottsiーRina-san couple♡


Everyone came while they were busy
it becomes my power


Really thank you so much




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Unbelievable Surprise!!!!!!


2017-10-23 19:46:08





On the night of the 19th



having a meal…






Unbelievably my beloved people…





at 0:00 on the dot surprised meeえーん



The kindness surprised me, I teared upぐすんドキドキドキドキドキドキビックリマークビックリマーク


[tl note: video on her blog here. Please go there to see and support her]


My good friends Tottsi Rina-san Couple and
the Ao no Kyouki Teamえーんドキドキドキドキドキドキ





I’m a fortunate one…




Everyone everyone thank youuuuえーんドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキ


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Thank You

2017-10-23 03:24:36





Tengoku no Kyakuhonka



The rain continued but
every day lots of you customers were there


You gave me lots of POWER!



From the applause before the performance, to the last
standing ovation…



The atmosphere overflowed with love.




It was a joy.




So I can again get to meet with everyone


I’ll put my focus into every day.





Thank you so much!!!





Yotsuba 🍀*゜ Niigaki Risa 🍀*゜ Super Venus 🌙









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Siblings Mori Family✩

2017-10-23 02:58:23





This time I acted as the Mori family’s Yotsuba🍀*゜ and



My older brothers



I’m really glad they were these members.



I’m glad I’ve come across them.




That is already, they really do feel like we’re siblings



The feeling of the atmosphere, I love it.



Ichihara Nii-chan, I never had a conversation
looking at his eyes but


The hot feelings that Ichihara Nii-chan has about the family
every performance strikes me in the chest (*^^*)



Jiro Nii-chan,
he’s DaraDara sluggish but
with the robbery, wedding ceremony scenes doing nonsense,
frantically dancing,
frantically talking about his feelings for Ichihara Niichan
every time I’m in tears.



For Sanji Niichan,
In any case he’s kind
his smile and the tolerance packed into his warmth
He’s the older brother that in desperation will be a crybaby but
it’s cute
a really fantastic beloved big brother.







The Mori family



At the end, with smiles (*^^*)✩




Taking this picture everyone did it too



we were saying 「Jiro Niichan has the longest arms so he should take itー」



And so we took it 照れ





Thank you
big brothers (*^^*)



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2017-10-22 09:20:45





Today my family came to see me!




It’s been a while since we got to be together



Of course it’s relief you know照れ


Even Shiratama came笑い泣き
I was happy!




they told me the production was very interesting(*^^*)



This production, taking part in it, once again


getting to see people


I have to see my family a lot!


That! My wish happened照れ













My little sis sleeping




Embracing a halloween pumpkin, it’s cute♡








To a life without regret.







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2017-10-22 09:10:00






This time,




For sure!


There were people I wanted to appear together with all the time.












how he projects his voice
his fine expressions



All are lovely
and cool


but not just cool



But it’s not just showing with those words.




Wanting to costar all the time



This time that dream came true.








If I were to be selfish…



In the play
I wanted to look in his eyes and converseえーんあせる




This time


In heaven and reality
there were no parts in the play we were connected but
but instead
During practice with the scenes I wasn’t in
I got to see
Hagi-san’s acting
a luxury time!





This fantastic people, we didn’t really get to be together so
I’m reflecting on it thoroughly!



I want to challenge myself with the finale too I think!


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2017-10-22 09:05:00







Tengoku no Kyakuhonka


Grand Finale!




It’s raining huh



Those of you coming with the cold at your feet,


please be careful coming in.












With my beloved comrades.






As Yotsuba🍀*゜



2 left



With all I got


I feel I want to live that way.






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