Happy Present

2017-12-21 11:55:50




Seems Shiratama-san
Went to
Xmas Disneyland…

I got thisお願いドキドキ




A Minnie-chan burger strap照れ







It looks like Totoro is eating itもぐもぐ





From the fans





A cute knitーーー

Thank youーーーお願い



It’s Xmassssラブ



I ended up wearing it right away照れドキドキ





Happy presents!!



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Thank You For Waiting!!!!! Opening Day✩✩✩

2017-12-18 09:13:51









At last it’s opening dayyy!!!!!

Everyone who was waiting for it with anticipation.

We’re sorry that we needed up keeping you waitingあせる





With everyone we made


I think we want to deliver it at it’s highest form!!!

First off, firmly
doing checks and dress rehearsals

I feel we wanted to welcome our opening dayお願い




Even so it’s cold huh真顔




Everyone please warm up and come kayyy!!!!!




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Family Food

2017-12-17 22:07:23






A story from the other day when I went to eat with my family






This Pizza was yummyーーー!

they had things that feel kinda gentle on the body too
that made me happyyy






These sunny-side eggs
with an assortment of cheese!!





At the point where I was engrossed in it with Papa
Mama took a snapshotカメラ






One by one explaining it while arranging it
it was funnn!!!!










It was very yummy!!



We got the shops business cardドキドキ

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I Bought A Lucky Bag?!!

2017-12-17 10:38:58





For me who still hasn’t bought a lucky bag…

Cosmetic style
CANMAKE’s lucky bag and
ETUDE HOUSE’s lucky bag are what I wantーyahーお願い



For clothes
is what I wantーーラブ



Lucky bags, well it’s WakuWaku exciting isn’t itお願い




Well, that feeling when you don’t know what’s inside


Every year I look forward to itーー

Everyone what do you plan to GET?




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Recently GOT Good Things✩

2017-12-16 13:28:51





(※Konnichi wa, good afternoon)

Recently I bought
ドキドキgood thingsドキドキ



I’ll introduce it to you kay照れ



First off is〜





Moisturizing Cream
✩Additive Free Gentle MILK✩

This, trying it out
I got really mochimochi springy

Sensitive skin・dry skin too
It’s kind or I should say
It makes me happy!!!






ドキドキCream highlighterドキドキ


Putting this on the bridge of the nose and under eyes
it gives my skin a gloss feel that
makes me happyyyお願い





at the Disney store







Dumbo Mechanical Pencil




The thinness and the size
It’s just right!!

With this my schedule
will be firmly written downーー!📝

If you use this as a reference it’ll make me happyyyドキドキ

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Announcement For Everyone.

2017-12-15 13:26:12






URASUJI2017 『Chinmoku』
12/16(Sat) 19:00
12/17(Sun) 14:00 performances have been cancelled and with it the opening day has been postponed, this is an announcement


From 12/16 at Shimokitazawa Za・Suzunari opening was scheduled
And regarding URASUJI2017 『Chinmoku』, due to poor health of show producer ・director Anzu
12/16 (Sat) 19:00
12/17 (Sun) 14:00
These 2 performances will need to be cancelled.
For the customers who were looking forward to those mentioned shows, it was a difficult trouble and we caused you worry, from our hearts we deeply apologize for causing that.


Currently, within the scheduled shows up until 12/29, customer’s influenced by the 2 cancelled performances, for working out reimbursement with replacement performances, please coordinate with the related areas.
In all, in regards to being reimbursed for the ticket payment, it is scheduled to be announced again on the official HP today after 17:00.


TON-ANZU Produce
Anzu・Fukazawa Atsushi
URASUJI Works Division



Everyone looking forward to it
we’re sorryあせる



We’ve had to cancel performances but,
reaching the opening day
we’re firmly preparing
so that we can make a play everyone can enjoy
we’ll do it!!!




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Chinmoku Final Practice!!!!!

2017-12-13 19:04:54





With today it’s the last practice!!





So fastttt

Already it’s the real showーーーー

This time too, all of my really fantastic co-stars
I got the chance to meet them!

My first person with him was in Kiben Hashire Melos
I got to star with him






He can do anything
fantastic Naoto-san



Always giving me advice
I’m really grateful.





His character is especially amazing!!!!!

Really!!!!! lol

Just appearing is powerful!!


At last
From the 16th!!!

At Shimokitazawa Suzunari!!!

I’ll be waiting for you!!

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