1 Day Off

2017-08-24 20:11:44



Today there was no practice so



I was at home restfully (*^^*)




I got to majorly clean my room
and I got to rearrange things too.






while going for a walk with Chopi


I went to the super market



doing the preliminary prep for food




while watching the Sanma Goten we had recorded










he’s really amazing.



As a married couple together we love it so much



watching it I get in a good mood, even on days with bad things
laughter erases it.



An amazing person.





Just thinking about it


it’s meal time




For today’s meal




I went with mapodoofu and gyoza




Otsukaresama for the day〜










Let’s do our best tomorrow too (*^^*)





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2017-08-23 23:29:52





Saying is easy




Doing is hard






But, from difficult is deep



From difficult is interesting




This time



The most entangled constaーーーntly




I love Asupi’s play
when we’re entwined together


It’s really fun
it gives an honest feeling of that



Age wise, a one above me older-sister (*^^*)



A really kind person I’ve come to love.




There’s lots of scenes with the two of us



It’s a very pleasant atmosphere.




For sure




we’ll do a good play.




I felt that.









Together with Asupiー-san





I walk.

















It’s fine,
because Nakajima-san, the best director, is there.













Yup. For this second picture


If you see the original story you’ll understand. (lol)( ̄▽ ̄)






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The Crew Gathered Photos!!!

2017-08-22 19:45:15


Today all the crew were gatheredーー!!



And so…



With everyone we took a group photooo






Ryoー-san, he came in late so…




And so after…




A picture of him eating alone






Cleanly added Ryoー-san in ✩( ⸝⸝⸝¯ ¯⸝⸝⸝)







Amazing (lol)



Properly there. lol







It’s a pizza partyyy✩



It was fun you know








Very cute and earnest, her play acting is fantastic too (*^^*)



And the youngest Nanamin




She bought cola for us✩ Thank youuuu✩





When I asked to get a two shot with Nanamin




Kamoi, with the front-camera randly took self-shots so


got in on it (`-ω-´) Funnu‼




This Yuki-san is cute✩




I love everyone ya.




Today we went through it too.


I have the feeling that you can see the flow of it



From 8/31





Ao Kyouki Ao no Bouryoku Te to Te Kono Saki.





I’ll be waiting.






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2017-08-22 13:08:11




The shows are approaching you know.




Yesterday, we finished putting on all the scenes…


At last,



Today is the first run-through.




With everyone,





It’s the sense that we’re making it together.




It’s great you know.




There’s no reason it shouldn’t be a fantastic play




that’s just how much everyone is in the same direction.



This amazing thing,






For sure I want you to see it.


Already the tickets are running out too so
for those of you who wanted to comeー but couldn’t from the startー






tough so




Now just getting tickets makes me happy.




9/1’s after is the target.










Doing it for just 4 days.





A reshowing




isn’t happening so







I want you to see it.






I’ll be waiting

























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Maintenance day

2017-08-20 19:00:27


At Omotesandou


I got lash ext. and facial✩




All the always warm staff
thank you so much✩




Really natural
I got my eyes
done perfectly so
really this morning’s make-up was done in 10 minutes (。・о・。)Wao



A girl’s ally huh.





after getting a facial,
my eyes open! lol


my heavy eyes opened refresh,
it took the swelling and refreshed my face















A dark style,
I got matte nails.



Chieko-san, for always enjooyable fantastic nails
thank you so much!!!




And hair color too!



At Garland-san!






Maki-san thank you so much always!






For my role this time
I got it done in a calm color!




Well, after this is just practice.




I gotta do my best




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2017-08-19 17:37:05



Practice finished…



Going outside!



There’s huge rain!



What’s this?




It’s bad…I got all wet.




Everyone please be careful.



Today was practice with a small number of people.





A deep practice.



Going though it quickly, I want to confirm the feelings with how we go through it you know




I look forward to it.









Since I’m joing in mid show this time


For the first half of practices I couldn’t go



She was playing my role for me,
and been with me since I joined in, she taught me all kinds of things




Really thank youuu✩
With today it was the last from the practice hall.
Really I’m indebted to you m(*_ _)m




And Nana-chan.







I noticed she’s eating candy.


A cute girl.



This time it’s connected to the play too
fresh and delicate…




And behind Ken-chan



what a great smile huh.


Blurry though (lol)







Well, tomorrow practice is on a break so I think
I want to do a restful maintenance day.




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The Scene This Time

2017-08-19 13:17:19



Now, for me


the play starting 8/31.


【Ao no Kyouki Ao no Boryoku Te to Te Kono Saki.】


we’re in practice.




Well the scene this time, it really feels like a gathering of people who love plays.




People doing scenes,


Everyone trying to be firmly focused


What can we do helping and supporting each other.




Seeing a play of people and stuff


of course that’s a thing but


There’s scenes I can’t really do this time too.




And so, with these people who like plays
making this production, I can’t help but enjoy it.




While reflecting on these times




every day




going forward



going forward



























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Already Somehow Or Another The Shows Are Close!

2017-08-19 05:25:29




From 8/31!!


【Ao no Kyouki Ao no Bouryoku Te to Te Kono Saki.】


Already to the second half,


with just a bit more we’ll have all the scenes


Nakajima-san’s created world view.
I very much
like it.
it’s fun.




This is, a sense I haven’t had up to now.




I want lots of you to see it.




I’ll be waiting for you.






Ao no Kyouki



I’ll be waiting for you!







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2017-08-19 05:10:00



Good Morning



Well I’ve woken up so…



Blog up(*^^*)



Yesterday’s meal✩




✩Hamburger steak
※The sauce I made with ketchup, worchestershire sauce, and sugar✩








I plated it







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2017-08-18 22:16:00




Today was amazing smile


Suda-san’s Birthday✩



We did a surprise ( ̄▽ ̄)


with everyone


on standby




On standby in the curtains





This time a present for Suda-san


An original Tshirt…
We collected everyone’s autographs.







For some reason I had to wear it on standby







Thanks to Mai-san and Nana-chan who prepared all kinds of things…







The surprised succeeded





With everyone












Today’s lead role



worn by Suda-san. (lol)








really congratulations🎉



Have a good birthday… (*^^*)/




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