Thank you

2018-01-06 11:53:36




Everyone, for your warm messages
really thank you so much.

I really,
get support from lots of you…

and am surrounded by lots of reassuring comrades…


once again I realized it

thank you so much.

Today too is the play 【Soko no Koto】

This time too I’ve come across a very fantastic production!

And so, this work
So I can deliver with fantastic form

I feel we’ll be putting it together.

This feeling
My gratitude to everyone




will returning it on stage.

I’m off!!!

Niigaki Risa

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2018-01-05 19:00:15






I have great concerns over my own personal affairs but,
I am announcing that I, Niigaki risa, have divorced Kotani Yoshikazu-san.







1 year and 6 months is a short married life but, in discussions between the two of us we came to the conclusion that we’ve both gone down paths towards different goals.







Those who celebrated for us and supported us, we ended up causing you worries, for that I feel we are greatly sorry.





From here on we’ll be walking our own paths but, you warmly watching over me would is a blessing.
Please continue to give me your support.





Heisei 30 1/5 Niigaki Risa


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Soko no Koto

2018-01-05 11:54:04






It was the opening day of practice

My beloved Yukkiーsan♡




It’s the same hairstyle isn’t it? lol

The same as always being late joining into practice
my head is all panpakapan💦

But of course
A production Nakajima-san is directing is
a gathering of just warm people yah.

From here!

With all I got!!

We’ll go forward to a good production smoothly!!!




Today too I look forward to practice!

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Super Super Favorite Items

2018-01-05 11:27:29





Since last year I
am using these regularly


Beauty Blender
Sheesh these… are so good

With this putting on foundation
My make-up really can’t get messed up

My beloved item

This time, it’s a present for Mama!

The pink is Mama’s
The black,
I’ve used my pink one from before quite a bit so

I GOT it to stock upお願いキラキラ



Really this is
really a repeat item!

I used it today too




For foundation I use this all the time too





MISSHA’s cushion foundation

This really makes your skin TsuyaTsuya glossy
With this foundation I showed you it’s one of my beloved

This is also a definite repeat item (*^^*)

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2018-01-04 10:55:32






Yesterday’s Risafa




Yesterday I went with this kind of fashion




From today
【Soko no Koto】

Practice starts!

To make a good production,
I’ll do it! I will do it!!

All right!!!!!!

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Today’s Make-up

2018-01-03 14:11:17






Today’s make-up is





MISSHA’s cushion foundation
finishing that

KiraKira eye shadow





On my eye bags

for shadow















My hair shaken and fluffed






From now
I’m off to a Shinto shrine


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NEW Cosmetics

2018-01-03 00:06:29




The NEW cosmetics I GOT
I’ll introduce you to them

This time

It’s my beloved



Purchasing it!!

I ended up wanting to go to Koreaお願い


First off









Dear My Enamel
Lip Talks WH901
Putting it on my hand it’s like this





Putting on just this color it’s like this




For me
I do ETUDE HOUSE’s Lip tint on top
I pile it on like this a lotキラキラ








Next is






KiraKira eye shadow
#8 BE102


For me I put this on my eye bag area!





I can give myself KiraKira puffy



I always wanted these cosmetics so it makes me happy!

And lastly it’s this






Eye shadow

This has large lame putting it on my hand is like this





It’s very KiraKira
and cuteお願い




Cute cosmetics
I’ll introduce you to them kayキラキラ

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Date with Shiratama-san

2018-01-02 18:05:51


Recently we haven’t
been able to go out together much…

It’s been lonely but

At last the two of us got to go otu






Long ago we’d often start the year
together going to buy lucky bags you know
and while talking about it

we shopped for clothes





Talking about whether this matched or didn’t match
shopping, it’s fun you knowお願い




After walking around



I had beer

went with…




Amazing huh. Shiratama-san.

It was a fun night




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2018-01-01 18:24:47



Satou took this for us,




She came into our dressingroom suddenly

「Let me take a two shot of the two of you pleaseー!」

PashaPashaPashaー SnapSnapSnap

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2018-01-01 02:55:23





Happy New Year’s Yah



The countdown live was
very exciting,
it was fun




With the members too!!






Everyone thank youuuu✩

A live with my cute kouhai
It was the best✩


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