Good Afternoon!!!!


I think those of you already know about it too but,
a bus tour meeting has been scheduled〜


A Birthday Bus Tour!!!


It’ll be a grade up from last year too!


two nights three days \(^o^)/


And, More, Over,


We even get to do a countdown \(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/


No wayーーー
No wayーーーーー
Superーー No wayーーーーー



I’m happy♪♪


The details


are here↓





The first and second pics are the leaflet for this bus tourーーー.



The third shot is, yesterday’s Ishida and Sayumi!!!!



Well, from today, it’s once again a new week(^^)


Hope we have a fantastic week huh〜(ノ∇〃 )


2014/4/14 11:59 (GREE)

Chic Mood



Yesterday we had a 「Kimono Walker」 shoot!!!



The members were,
Fukuchan AND RihoRiho AND Harunan AND Sayumi!!!!


It was us (≧∇≦)



Even up until now, I’ve worn a kimono as an outfit, and for coming of age pictures and things but,
the kimono I wore yesterday, of the ones up to now
it had the most chic mood, it was very calming♪


It ended up being quite a favorite of mine ( *´艸`)



For everyone too, each of them really matched theirs〜(^^)♪♪



For these, the release date hasn’t been scheduled yet so,
when it’s decided I’ll make an announcement again〜ヾ(o´▽`)ノ ☆




Speaking of…




I have lots? of kimono pictures from this past New Year’s that I haven’t put up yet too…



I want put those up now and then later


2014/4/10 20:11 (GREE)

True Feeling



Good Afternoon!


It’s today’s released
「TV Guide PERSON」’s
off shotsー!!!



We had a shoot at a park and,


there were lots


and lots


of kindergarteners all there, it was adorable 。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。



In the first shot, in front of where Sayumi’s running are the kids♪♪
They had bento boxes, just seeing them playing around bustling WaiWai excited, it was soothing!



Children, theyr’e really〜 cute〜e(●’w’●)



The second, third shots,
Sayumi looking back while running! lol



When I don’t usually have a reason to, I don’t run so…


Running a lot for the first time in a while felt great〜(≧∇≦)



But, I got tired soon after! lol



With these shotos, once again I truly felt


I like shootsー.


That said,


I have no physical strength.


That’s what I’ll say (lol)



And you know, during the shoot, the ume were blooming!
It was pretty ((*’д’*) PowaPowaー



Everyone, by all means,



Please check it out kay〜(^_−)−☆


2014/4/9 18:13 (GREE)

Seafood Bowーl!



Good Evening!
Tokyo, today it’s been raining throughout the day huh…



Yesterday, I had a talk AND handshake event in Ishikawa prefecture Kanazawa cityーーー!


Kanazawa city seems like it has lots of rain and snow.
But, yesterday in Kanazawa city!!!!!


It was really very! Nice weather \(^o^)/


I did TV Kanazawa’s


on-location and, live broadcasts too but,


it was warm PokaPoka all over 。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。


It was fuuuunーーー♪
The seafood bowl was superーーーー yummy too (*≧▽≦)
I especially liked the squid and toro (●´ー`●)



Eating yummy food,
I want to get to eat them with Mom and Big sis-chan too…
that’s how I get about itー.


One day, I want to eat a splendid seafood bowl like the one in the pic with Mom and Sis-chan!!!



And then, the main eventttt
the handshake event!!!!!
It was fun!!


Lots of you came for me, happy (*≧▽≦)


Everyone, said,


Cute talking about Sayumi♪♪


No waーーーy!




Truly thank you all so very much!!!!



The second and third shots are, how Sayumi looked during the handshake event♪


Well then, laters〜!!!!


2014/4/3 19:26 (GREE)

Let’s Watchー Kay!



Good Evening!!!!



Yesterday and today, for the past two days!!!!


At Pacifico Yokohama♪




and then, the Satoyama AND Satoumi event!


They concluded without problemssss〜♪



It was really fun!
The concert was burning up,
all the Hello!Pro members were adorable,
it was the best〜\(^o^)/



Everyone who came,
everyone cheering us on,
Really thank you so very much(*´∀`)




The pics are, from HinaFes’
good shoot!
The first shot☆ With Harunan!♪ Behind is a peaking Riho!♪



The second shot☆ and third shot☆ it’s Sayumi〜(* ̄∇ ̄*)


For those days I had a rare outfit color, emerald green(ノ∇〃 )



NHK’s feature show 「Morning Musume。55 Special!」 is broadcasting real soーon!!!



【On NHK-BS Premium 3/30 (Sun)22:50〜(Scheduled for 240 minutes)】



Let’s watch itー kay?









2014/3/30 22:05 (GREE)

♪Pacifico Yokohama♪



Good Evening!!


Today, at Pacifico Yokohamaーーー☆







the Satoyama AND Satoumi event!!



It was fun ( *´艸`)



With the Satoyama AND Satoumi event,
I got to learn about hte importance of nature with everyone (*´∀`)


There are areas learning while gaining personal experience and things too!



With HinaFes!,
it was a concert together with the Hello!Pro members together♪
We were fired up huh〜\(^o^)/



For the time Morning Musume。’14 was main,
I was nervous butー.
Seeing everyone’s faces, I totally felt relieved!
It was superーsuperー fun(ノ∇〃 )



And then and then, for the night one…


A picture with this girl!
Kudou Haruka-chaーn!!\(^o^)/


Her solo song♪


was reaーlly adorableヾ(o´▽`)ノ



Wearing the au’s CM uniform singing, Kudou was really girly


The song feel and the uniform kinda match too,
it was really adorableーーー!



With those feelings, and all kinds of other ones too…
the first day concluded without problems!



There’s tomorrow too!


The Satoyama AND Satoumi event is free〜♪


By all means! Come and hang out kayーーーー(人´∀`*)



And then, lastly…





A Nippon Budokan!!! Scheduled☆




2014/3/29 22:31 (GREE)

Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe




Today, released at 21:00
The released 「Hello!St#60」!!!!





Morning Musume。’14’s on sale 4/16, new song,
『Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe[tl: Crossing Time, Crossing Space]』’s MV has been released!!!



Please watch it



It’s a very wonderful MV.



In the dance scene we’re dancing barefoot.
Dancing barefoot,
it hasn’t happen since 『Onna ni Sachi Are』’s MV I think?






『Toki wo Koe, Sore wo Koe』



both the song and the MV


she really loves themーーーーーー



I hope lots of people love it.



You gotta check it out o(^-‘o)♪☆(o^-^)o〜♪


2014/3/27 00:28 (GREE)




Good Morning!



Pictures from White Day! I kept forgoting to put them up〜(ノД<)ノ




HARBS mille crepe and, strawberry cake
we got these from the managers for White Day!!!!




It was superー×10


HARBS, it’s the bestー


I especially liked the strawberry cakeー


There were big strawberries GoroGoro scattered inside it ヾ(o´▽`)ノ


The first shot, a picture of the cakes!


The second shot, the members all excited by the cakes☆



Maーchan is going,



Fork! Anyone need oneー?



that’s what she was doing (lol)



Well then! Laters〜


2014/3/25 11:24 (GREE)

Casual Outfit



Good Eveninggg!!!




at Shiodome


we had a snapshot and handshake event〜!!!



Today we looked like this (The third pic)


The casual outfits from the 『Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa』 MVー



Well, at both the snapshot and handshake events,
this look was really popular o(^-‘o)♪☆(o^-^)o〜♪



Blue looks good on you〜


and like,


The denim look is cute〜


stuff like that,


lots of people told me that, I was so happyyyy〜


Sayumi, is she cute like that?




lol (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))



The snapshot and handshake events were both funnn♪
Thank you so much!!


Well then!
Good Nightt o(__*)Zzz


2014/3/23 23:35 (GREE)

Wanko Soba〜(ノ∇〃 )




Today, we had concerts in Iwate prefecture・Morioka!!!!



What I’m thankful for…



we had a full house 。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。



Really everyone, thank you so much!!!



I did my best so you could feel like “I want to come to another concert so that the current Morning Musume。’14 power can be unleashed, and can be spread,” (*´∀`)♪





Well, after the concert finished,



We held a wanko soba rallyーーーーーーーー!!!!!!!!



It was together with the Hello!Pro Trainees who are coming along for the tour too♪〜(*´∀`*)〜〜(*´∀`*)〜♪



It was reaallーlly fun



With a wanko soba rally it’s natural!
Everyone with excitement and high tension laughed a lot ヾ(´∀`○人●´∀`)ノ



I got to talk with the trainees I normally don’t get to talk with much too,
today we did a lot!




Evーeryone is very cute!


But, there are still girls I haven’t gotten to talk with much too so…
I want to get closer with everyone tooー( *´艸`)




The first picture★
Wanko soba showdown Sayumi together with her team members!
From the right
Ishida Ayumi-chan!
Niinumaki Sora-chan!
Inaba Manaka-chan!


That’s usーーーーーー!


The second picture★
Sayumi eating wanko soba!
At the time, it was already getting pretty hard on my stomach (lol)


The third picture★ A two shot with Inaba-chan (●´ー`●)


Inaba-chan’s dance, it’s really cooーl o(^-‘o)♪☆(o^-^)o〜♪



2014/3/21 23:40 (GREE)

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