[3rd pic top tl: “Michishige Shuuryou | Kyou de Moetsukimashita” – Michishige End | With today I burned myself out]
[3rd pic bottom tl: “Michishige Saisei | Mata, itsu no hi ka….” – Michishige Rebirth | See you again, someday…]






At the Yokohama Arena Concert,


Michishige Sayumi graduated from Morning Musume。.



Annoucing my graduation at 4/29, at that time
“With the half year left, I want to make lots of fun memories with all the fans,”
that’s what I thought.



And now



I’ve made lots and lots and loーーーts
of memories!




This half year from my graduation announcement to my graduation,
I felt more love from all the fans than ever


All of it… was fun you know.



And… it went in a flash….



I love all of you so much



Well, cause you said you love Sayumi! lol



Everyone who loves Sayumi
I loーーーove you!



Thank you





At yesterday’s graduation live
midway through, my leg ended up hurting, so much I thought I couldn’t dance, it was reallllly frustrating, I was inexcusable,
for myself that kind of frustrating thing is so frustrating (lol)




now when I try looking back on it, it was still a joy



The Sayumin Call and pink penlights.


The cheers, encouragement, kindness, and love from everyone came through a lot.
I firmly took it all in!
The power of everyone’s love is amazing. I can’t rival it.




Now that I’ve graduated from Morning Musume。, there’s this mysterious sensation like I’m honestly still kinda in a dream…




No rather, now is reality,


truthfully, doing activities as part of Morning Musume。 for 12 years is a dream like event.



Getting to spend 12 years as a dream like time well
of course Sayumi is a fortunate person.




For me who can’t do anything
me who can’t do anything, much less I end up causing trouble
getting lots of support from you all, thank you.
For loving me, thank you.




Yesterday’s final dress.


“I want to wear a dress done with flowers!
I want it to be like the dress itself is a field of flowers!”


they made my wishes all come true for me



Sitting down it really looks like a field of flowers rightー?(The 1st Picture)


During the time I was singing Akai Freesia in this dress
it was supremely delightful!



Singing, in these 12 years was totally one of my weak points though (lol)



Still I felt it, “I love singing!”



I felt like everyone being here, really all kinds of things have changed huh?
with lots of confidence I’ve gotten stronger!



Truly thank you so much.



After the performance with all of Morning Musume。’14!(The 2nd Picture)


I love them!
Getting to be so close with them like this, it made me happy


I’m glad I was with these members!


thank you for being Sayumi’s juniors.




New leader Fukuchan!
If it’s Fukuchan it’ll be fine!


And the new order Morning Musume。 after my graduation will totally be fine too!


Cause it’s all of them for sure.


Everyone is cool that’s why!


I love them




And my Morning Musume。OG seniors.
they came to watch the concert for me
after the show they gave me warm words like
“Job Well Done,” and, “You gave it your all for these 12 years huh.”



Admiring my seniors, becoming a part of Morning Musume。, getting scolded a lot, learning, in the end being held tightly, really it made me happy.


My seniors were there so the current me is here.
The current Morning Musume。 is here.
Really I’m grateful.
And from here on as well, Morning Musume。 is continuing on.



And, Hello!Pro members!
All of you, thank you!
Standing on stage with everyone, talking, the time we spent together, it was fun.
yesterday you came to see it and enjoyed it too, that made me happy.


Momochi said
“Michishige-san, your singing voice has grown~”
that’s what she told me (lol)



And then,
all the staff.
Thank you so much!
Until the end, I caused trouble but… all the staff did their work with love for Morning Musume。, I feel grateful from the bottom of my heart.



And, all of the lotsof entertainers and officials, and all the fans gave lots of presents and fantastic flowers and stuff.
Really, really, thank you so much!





Everyone, from here on too, please continue to support Morning Musume。.




4329 Days…
Truly, thank you so much.


Morning Musume。’s 8th Leader Michishige Sayumi


2014/11/27 13:43 (GREE)






Good Evening!!!!



Today was my last event



It was reallllly fun( *´艸`)



And then, it was really sad…




And soon after it finished…




I was hungry (lol)






Sayumi is living huhー! lol




At any time you can just get hungry huh (lol)





The pictures are,


2014 Summer Memories〜( *´艸`)



Aren’t the yukata adorable!?





Today everyone!


It’s CBC radio
Konya mo Usachan Peace!


The final episode special!!!!


Please listen kay


2014/11/24 23:29 (GREE)

Shaba Daba Du〜



The other day’s release of Morning Musume。’14’s 57th, Triple A side, single♪♪♪



『TIKI BUN/Shaba Daba Du〜/Mikaeri Bijin』



Shaba Daba Du〜 is, Sayumi’s solo song( *´艸`)



For my last single, I’m fortunate to get a solo song I’m grateful



The first picture!
From Shaba Daba’s jacket photoshoot!


The staff was blowing the soap bubbles for me,
and we did shoots!!!!



This picture, feels like there’s just a bit too many soap bubbles though (lol)



My debut song was 『Shabondama』[tl: soap bubbles] so,



From my debut song to my last single,


it seeming like they’re kinda connected makes me happy♪



The second shot is, from the Shaba Daba MV shoot!
Wearing sunglasses, playing around!?



The third shot too, at the MV shoot set☆


The MV it’s up on YouTube too so,
by all means please watch ii〜t(●´ー`●)


2014/10/20 14:01 (GREE)

Last Single





Good Morning!!!



It’s become quite a while since I’ve done an update…





It was Morning Musume。’14’s 57th single
and for me, my last single


『TIKI BUN/Shaba Daba Du〜/Mikaeri Bijin』


release day



The 3 songs each are different types of songs (*≧▽≦)



I loーーーve all of them



TIKI BUN’s lyrics



『Enjou shita tte nanmo osorenai
sono zenbu ni uso ga nai nara ii』
[tl: Burst in flames, nothing scares me
it’s fine if all of that isn’t a lie]


There’s that part and,


at first reading those lyrics, the first thing I thought of was this blog! lol




For sure when I’ve said to much of whatever on variety shows up to now,
This blog get flooded by comments
[tl note: Enjou “burst in to flames” is also used to talk about “comment floods”]


But you know
even that is one part of me… all of it is, that’s what I thought reading TIKI BUN’s lyrics.




Believing in me with what I’ve done in 12 years as Morning Musume。,I feel that I’ve gotta see it all through to the very end!!!!!!!



Everyone, my last single


By all means, please listen to it lots kay(●´ー`●)


2014/10/16 12:17 (GREE)




Good Evening!



Yesterday and today,


was Hello!Pro concerts in Nagoya♪♪♪



Yesterday and today,
Satou Masaki was in bad health and so she took a break from concerts.


We are truly sorry for causing you worry.


I hop you get well soon



When you speak of Nagoya?
It’s CBC Radio♪ Konya mo Usachan Peace!


that saidーーー!


Today, I ended up going with Usachan hair ( *´艸`)




My hair, was already MakiMaki curly when it wasn’t tied,
And after that I tied it!


When I tied them, The curls came a little undone so,
after that I curled them more!



In that way, I got them done!


Usachan hair \(^o^)/



The second shot is,


with Harunanーーー!


With Harunan, today, our clothes were matchinggg!


Ah, but, this picture,
Sayumi is in her regular clothes but,
Harunan is already wearing her jersey Tshirt you know♪♪




The third shot is, with Kudou!☆




Day by day is becoming an ikemen, a pretty boy huh!


Usually she’s consistently HakiHaki clean cut but,
occasionally shy Kudou is cute as well〜〓


2014/8/10 19:51 (GREE)




Good Afternoon!!!


The pictures are,
from the anan shoot〜!


What’s with the facial expression here…




I doーーn’t remember!(lol)




Well, just recently I look tired? What is it? Summer heat fatigue? or whatever I don’t really know but,
I felt like I didn’t have enough power so



Last night I went to yakiniku with Mom★



It was yummy〜(≧∇≦)



I ate spiicーy noodles too!


It was super spicyy!!!



All right!



For today’s Mezamashi Live♪
I’ll do my best(*・▽・*)


2014/7/30 12:08 (GREE)




Good Evening!


Today, in Makuhari!


My Personal Book 『Sayu』’s Talk Show AND Pass-through event♪



It was fun ヾ(▽≦*)…ヾ(*≧▽)ノ



Everyone who came, really thank you so much



Today’s outfit you know.


Princess Sayu


Everyone who came went,




the lots of screams made me happy(*≧▽≦)



I wanted to hear everyone’s voices calling Sayumi even more


When Sayumi put her hands up to her ears,


Moreover there were loud voices



shouting “SAYUuuーーーーーーーー,” for me huh!



Super happy Thank you!!!!!



The pass-through event was fun too♪♪♪♪



Princess Sayu is satisfied



Today, I got a cake as a refreshment snack too!
It was yummyy(*・▽・*)
Thank you so much!


From the Wanibooks staff who is always helping me,
I got a Steiff bear as a birthday present!(●´ー`●)



I am so happy!!!


Thank you so much!



Please look through every corn of my Personal Book 『Sayu』 kay


2014/7/22 23:29 (GREE)

Thank You



Good Evening!



Tomorrow at last
is the Michishige Sayumi Personal Book 「Sayu」 Release Commemoration Event Talk Show & Passthrough Event Day!


At AEONMALL Makuhari New City Grand Mall 1F Grand Square Starting from 18:30〜ー!



This personal book
when Sayumi first got it from Manager-san,


Unexpected, RihoRiho was there so


I asked RihoRiho at the time “You need one?”
she went “I want one!”
So I gave it to her〜





Today, unbelievably! The other members also


told me, “I looked at itー!”


It made me really very happy



Thank you



I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s eventー!


2014/7/21 21:33 (GREE)

Strawberry Picking





Good Evening!



Let me show you veーry


cute picturesーーーーlol



And you knowー


it’s pictures from when I went strawberry picking



These are…


from the shoot for my already on sale personal book, 『Sayu』!



Going strawberry picking,



We used tese strawberryes to make cake too〜♪



These cakes lined up on a desk,
it felt like a tea party, a shoot in a reaaaalllly cute atmosphere,
my mood ended up going upー( *´艸`)



Really the 『Sayu』 shoots were funーーー♪♪♪♪



And that,
Sayumi’s personal book 『Sayu』’s commemorative release event talk show & pass through event has been scheduled!!!






The place, Makuhari!



☆AEONMALL Makuhari New City Grand Mall 1F Grand Square☆






Ticket exchange is from 7/15〜
It’s already started selling \(^o^)/



Everyone if you like, pleasa-yu comeーー\(^o^)/








2014/7/19 20:45 (GREE)





Good Afternoon!



The first picture is,
a picture from Tokiwa Park!


Tokiwa Park located in Sayumi’s homearea of Yamaguchi prefecture is,
a place she went to play a lot when she was really small〜♪



At Tokiwa Park you know,


Even if it’s called a park,


there’s lots of animals there too,


and there’s an amusement park too,



There’s places to play games and stuff too, all kinds of things〜\(^o^)/


And, Yamaguchi prefecture is like a sculpture city,
Tokiwa Park too has sculptures and things here and there,
There’s these kinda strange? figure things too, it’s funnyー!


It’s full of green too♪



Walking through Tokiwa Park like this,
no matter were I walked


I got all



ahー how nostalgicーーーー



The second shot is,
on the goods floor


Irasshaimase, welcome〜


Sayumi doing it♪


The third shot is, from the fan meeting eventー!!!!


Well then!


2014/7/17 16:15 (GREE)

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