Good Evening!


Today, in Makuhari!


My Personal Book 『Sayu』’s Talk Show AND Pass-through event♪



It was fun ヾ(▽≦*)…ヾ(*≧▽)ノ



Everyone who came, really thank you so much



Today’s outfit you know.


Princess Sayu


Everyone who came went,




the lots of screams made me happy(*≧▽≦)



I wanted to hear everyone’s voices calling Sayumi even more


When Sayumi put her hands up to her ears,


Moreover there were loud voices



shouting “SAYUuuーーーーーーーー,” for me huh!



Super happy Thank you!!!!!



The pass-through event was fun too♪♪♪♪



Princess Sayu is satisfied



Today, I got a cake as a refreshment snack too!
It was yummyy(*・▽・*)
Thank you so much!


From the Wanibooks staff who is always helping me,
I got a Steiff bear as a birthday present!(●´ー`●)



I am so happy!!!


Thank you so much!



Please look through every corn of my Personal Book 『Sayu』 kay


2014/7/22 23:29 (GREE)

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