Good Afternoon!



The first picture is,
a picture from Tokiwa Park!


Tokiwa Park located in Sayumi’s homearea of Yamaguchi prefecture is,
a place she went to play a lot when she was really small〜♪



At Tokiwa Park you know,


Even if it’s called a park,


there’s lots of animals there too,


and there’s an amusement park too,



There’s places to play games and stuff too, all kinds of things〜\(^o^)/


And, Yamaguchi prefecture is like a sculpture city,
Tokiwa Park too has sculptures and things here and there,
There’s these kinda strange? figure things too, it’s funnyー!


It’s full of green too♪



Walking through Tokiwa Park like this,
no matter were I walked


I got all



ahー how nostalgicーーーー



The second shot is,
on the goods floor


Irasshaimase, welcome〜


Sayumi doing it♪


The third shot is, from the fan meeting eventー!!!!


Well then!


2014/7/17 16:15 (GREE)

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