Strawberry Picking





Good Evening!



Let me show you veーry


cute picturesーーーーlol



And you knowー


it’s pictures from when I went strawberry picking



These are…


from the shoot for my already on sale personal book, 『Sayu』!



Going strawberry picking,



We used tese strawberryes to make cake too〜♪



These cakes lined up on a desk,
it felt like a tea party, a shoot in a reaaaalllly cute atmosphere,
my mood ended up going upー( *´艸`)



Really the 『Sayu』 shoots were funーーー♪♪♪♪



And that,
Sayumi’s personal book 『Sayu』’s commemorative release event talk show & pass through event has been scheduled!!!






The place, Makuhari!



☆AEONMALL Makuhari New City Grand Mall 1F Grand Square☆






Ticket exchange is from 7/15〜
It’s already started selling \(^o^)/



Everyone if you like, pleasa-yu comeーー\(^o^)/








2014/7/19 20:45 (GREE)

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