Good Evening!



Yesterday and today,


was Hello!Pro concerts in Nagoya♪♪♪



Yesterday and today,
Satou Masaki was in bad health and so she took a break from concerts.


We are truly sorry for causing you worry.


I hop you get well soon



When you speak of Nagoya?
It’s CBC Radio♪ Konya mo Usachan Peace!


that saidーーー!


Today, I ended up going with Usachan hair ( *´艸`)




My hair, was already MakiMaki curly when it wasn’t tied,
And after that I tied it!


When I tied them, The curls came a little undone so,
after that I curled them more!



In that way, I got them done!


Usachan hair \(^o^)/



The second shot is,


with Harunanーーー!


With Harunan, today, our clothes were matchinggg!


Ah, but, this picture,
Sayumi is in her regular clothes but,
Harunan is already wearing her jersey Tshirt you know♪♪




The third shot is, with Kudou!☆




Day by day is becoming an ikemen, a pretty boy huh!


Usually she’s consistently HakiHaki clean cut but,
occasionally shy Kudou is cute as well〜〓


2014/8/10 19:51 (GREE)

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