Shaba Daba Du〜



The other day’s release of Morning Musume。’14’s 57th, Triple A side, single♪♪♪



『TIKI BUN/Shaba Daba Du〜/Mikaeri Bijin』



Shaba Daba Du〜 is, Sayumi’s solo song( *´艸`)



For my last single, I’m fortunate to get a solo song I’m grateful



The first picture!
From Shaba Daba’s jacket photoshoot!


The staff was blowing the soap bubbles for me,
and we did shoots!!!!



This picture, feels like there’s just a bit too many soap bubbles though (lol)



My debut song was 『Shabondama』[tl: soap bubbles] so,



From my debut song to my last single,


it seeming like they’re kinda connected makes me happy♪



The second shot is, from the Shaba Daba MV shoot!
Wearing sunglasses, playing around!?



The third shot too, at the MV shoot set☆


The MV it’s up on YouTube too so,
by all means please watch ii〜t(●´ー`●)


2014/10/20 14:01 (GREE)

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