Last Single





Good Morning!!!



It’s become quite a while since I’ve done an update…





It was Morning Musume。’14’s 57th single
and for me, my last single


『TIKI BUN/Shaba Daba Du〜/Mikaeri Bijin』


release day



The 3 songs each are different types of songs (*≧▽≦)



I loーーーve all of them



TIKI BUN’s lyrics



『Enjou shita tte nanmo osorenai
sono zenbu ni uso ga nai nara ii』
[tl: Burst in flames, nothing scares me
it’s fine if all of that isn’t a lie]


There’s that part and,


at first reading those lyrics, the first thing I thought of was this blog! lol




For sure when I’ve said to much of whatever on variety shows up to now,
This blog get flooded by comments
[tl note: Enjou “burst in to flames” is also used to talk about “comment floods”]


But you know
even that is one part of me… all of it is, that’s what I thought reading TIKI BUN’s lyrics.




Believing in me with what I’ve done in 12 years as Morning Musume。,I feel that I’ve gotta see it all through to the very end!!!!!!!



Everyone, my last single


By all means, please listen to it lots kay(●´ー`●)


2014/10/16 12:17 (GREE)

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