Good Morning★


Yesterday, Morning Musume。’14’s spring tour started without problems!


Today is the tour’s second day♪♪


Yesterday’s opening day was very fun ヾ(▽≦*)…ヾ(*≧▽)ノ


Thank you so much♪!!



During the live it as so fun I didn’t notice but,


after it was over, I realized how fatigued my body is (lol)



Last night,
I put on 7 compression padsー(;¬_¬)



It was cold〜(lol)




Well, I’m looking forward to today’s concerts too *(^o^)/*


Please continue to support us


In the morning we opened a raw picture rally(*≧▽≦)
And from now it’s rehearsals♪ I’m off




2014/3/16 11:31 (GREE)




Yesterday, 3/11, was LinLin’s birthday!


It ended up one day overdue but, Happy Birthdayー



Some time back LinLin and I,
talked about the days we hung out together, now it’s feeling really nostalgic( *´艸`)



And today, 3/12,
it’s Oda Sakura-chan’s birthday!!!



\(。・∀・)<<★Celebration☆Happy Birthday☆Celebration★>>(・∀・。)/



15 years oldーーー!



☆☆☆☆So Youu〜ng☆☆☆☆☆



The relaxing singing skill, Oda-chan!
The unique sensitivity, Oda-chan!
The slender but still a big eater, Oda-chan!
The self-shot genius, Oda-chan!


For Oda-chan, I hope you have a fulfilling year!



Today, even at the Nico Live,
We celebrated a lot, and got to see such a happy looking Oda-chan’s face, I’m glad



The all Morning Musume。’14 member’s Nico Live was fun〜ヾ(▽≦*)…ヾ(*≧▽)ノ



I want to do a project likeーthisー again!☆


2014/3/12 23:38 (GREE)

A Job Well Done With What We Could Do!

Today, was all day rehearsals



At rehearsal time,


at 14:46 we all had a silent prayer.



What we can do…
we deliver energy to everyone with our songs and TV and radio.



I felt that I gotta do my best for our spring tour starting 3/15 too.



With our gratitude for being alive in it…




I’ll continue to do my best doing what I can do myself.


2014/3/11 23:26 (GREE)

CM Recording♪♪



Good Evening!!!


Today, I was really really nervous…


Why you ask?
For for today, in Roppongi,
we did three shows for the Morning Musume。’14 serial event and,


at the third event,
Morning Musume。’14,
in the unit with the two Morisanchuu, Ooshima-san and Kurosawa-san joined in,
appeared together as ☆MoriMusu。☆ (*≧▽≦)


At that third event….


Morning Musume。’14’s 56th single release was decided and,



the single’s release day, 4/16 was decided and I got announce it!


Did I say it right?
Can I say it so everyone can understand it easily… what I said?
I was DokiDoki heart-pounding over it!



The 4/16 released single is,
a double A side single!!!♪


The first song’s title is, 『Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe』 [tl: Over Time, Over Space]♪


The second song’s title is, 『Password is 0』♪


『Password is 0』 is the currently airing au TVCM song’s Morning Musume。’14 version


By the way…
『Password is 0』 MoriMusu。 version will of course also be in a CD too so everyone look forward to that ( *´艸`)♪♪



And today, at the third event,
we were in a au CM recording too☆


we did the first performance for
『Password is 0』 MoriMusu。 version〜(≧∇≦)


That was also DokiDoki heart-pounding!
Ooshima-san and Kurosawa-san’s impact for their song and dance was impressive 。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。



MoriMusu。’s first performance!!


It was a big success♪ wasn’t it.


I think so \(^o^)/



All the fans who came too,
they relly raised the mood!


Truly, thank you so much(*´∀`)♪


Everyone, for the CM set-up, handled the reactions and acting, thanks you so much!
Even more, everyone’s acting was so good, I was surprised!!!



Again, I felt reassured by all the Morning Musume。’14 fans being around!!!



Everyone, really thank you so much



from tomorrow 3/10,
first performance we got to do today,
of the au TVCM song 『Password is 0』 MoriMusu。 Short version
will start distributing on UtaPass! and things like that↑↑



Everyone, from there too by all means, please do us the favor and check it out ( *´艸`)



The pictures, the first ☆ right before the show… nervous…
A self-shot while being DokiDoki heart-pounding!
Listening to music calmed my heart down (lol)



The second shot ☆ the show over, a somewhat relieved Sayumi〜♪♪




Today, I was nervous too but, it was fun,
it was the best day〜!


I’m looking forward to the finished CMー\(^o^)/





2014/3/10 00:01 (GREE)




Today was snapshot and handshake events!!!



They were very fun♪♪♪


Eveーryone who came! Thank you


Getting praised 『You’re cute』,


and being able to express my thanks,


There were lots of you who started playing the app Sayumi’s been into, 『Candy Crush』,
having a Candy Crush talk got me pumped up (lol)



It’s really fun huh〜(*≧▽≦)




Even though the fun has been what I’ve been waiting for,
right now, again, for some reason my head hurts



Lately, I haven’t had headaches but, it’s happening again〜・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・





Today, for sure I want to sleep early〜



For today, I’ll sleep without playing Candy Crush before!(lol)



Everyone too, please take care so that you’ll be plenty healthy!!!!
2014/3/8 23:33 (GREE)




Good Evening〜!


Today, there was rehearsals!!!



Lately, I’ve really come to like juice you know♪


I basically like tea though!



Lately, even with meals, I’ve been drinking juice, that’s how much I like itー



For today’s lunch too, I drank apple juice while I ate,


Grape juice and


100 percent fruit juices, I like stuff like thatー(*≧▽≦)



But, after rehearsal, carbonated drinks are the moーst yumm〜y(*・▽・*)



When it comes to drinking after a rehearsal,
I like the vitaminy carbonated drinks!



Oronamin C, Dekavita, and Soukai Vitamin stuff like that♪♪♪



I love Sprite and ginger ale and stuff tooー!



well…I’m not that obsesseーd(lol)



Anyway, I love juice〜, that was the talk about it〜(*´∀`)♪



The picture is, a shot from after rehearsal finished☆


2014/3/4 23:10 (GREE)




Good Evening!!!!



was a shoot and rehearsal day!








Sayumi recently is liking peppersー!!!



Red peppers, they’re good cold prevention? Somehow seeing that I like it more( *´艸`)


Colds and stuff, now isn’t the time to get them that’s why huh ・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・



Morning Musume。’14’s Fukumura Mizuki-chan,
she ended up getting influenza,


And for today’s rehearsal too, she couldn’t participate…





I want you to come back soon♪


But, I don’t want you to do anything reckless,
I want you to rest your body right.



EVeryone too, with colds and influenza and what not,


it seems it’s going around so be careful kay



Well there’s lots to do, it’s a bit full full! lol


I’ve gotta sort it out bit by bitー!


2014/3/4 00:12 (GREE)

I’m Heading Oーff






Today I’m in Osaka again( *´艸`)♪



It’s a snapshot and handshake event day (*≧▽≦)



The first 3 shot snapshot event and stuff, I’m kinda looking forward to it!!!!



When it comes to days like these,


It’s Mukumin [tl: or Swellimin whatever you prefer to translate it as]ー!!!! lol


Don’t laugh! sob



I wonder if it’s cause yesterday, before I went to bed I drank lots of apple juiceーーーー!!!・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・




The first picture is…
yesterday’s Sayumi♪
the Sayumi designed four consecutive first place towel around her neck (ノ∇〃 )




The second picture is…
today’s Sayumi♪



But, the swelling has gone down since this morning!


With this pattern♪〜(*´∀`*)〜〜(*´∀`*)〜♪



well now, first is the snapshot event so!
I’m off☆


2014/3/2 11:44 (GREE)

First Golf!



In the Sayumi serial in the currently released Up to Boy☆☆☆



I did golf for the first time!〜(^-^)/



I had golf taught to me by the skilled Ikuta Erina-chanー( *´艸`)



It was fun〜♪



The next day, my muscle pain was horrible though (^_-)



What’ll I do if I can’t hit itー… I was nervous but,


I hit it pretty wellーーーー\(^o^)/



Ikuta said too,


“you have a good sense!”


she told me with her expertise〜(lol)



And, I was surprised but, golf wear is reaally cute huh♪♪♪
It’s been awhile since I worse a sunvisor too〜!


2014/3/1 12:10 (GREE)




Once again offshots♪♪♪


The first shot, Fukuchan, Rihoriho, Kudou, and Sayumi!


The second and third shots are, RihoRiho and Sayumi two shots!



Today, for dinner I ate meat!
Lately, I’ve been losing power though (lol)
I felt like eating meat would regain my power♪♪\(^o^)/


It felt super super super great♪
[tl note: “♪chou chou chou, ii kanji♪”]


2014/2/26 19:51 (GREE)

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