Radio work, I did some with Iikubo Harunanーーっ(*´∀`)♪


NACK5 “Ongakujin~ONGAKU-BEAT”!!!


【On air day】 is 2013/1/12 21:30~22:00!!


Please do us the favor of watching


And after, I went to eat with IikuboーPasta♪


It was yummyーーーーー(*≧▽≦) I was so full(*・▽・*)☆



And now, we’re doing shoots right nowーーー♪


Take cute shotsー(*≧▽≦)



2012/12/18 14:58 (GREE)






Still without make-up


Today, it’s a not good mood day kind of no make-up (lol)


From here, I’ll get cute make-upー\(^o^)/



Last night, I mailed Big sis-chan, as always I complained though(lol)


Sayumi’s thoughts somehow got small


Sis-chan’s thoughts somehow got generous huh,
I got thatー!



Big sis-chan, bravo


2012/12/18 10:22 (GREE)

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