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2018-05-21 21:53:54
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A picture from the other day in Osaka when we went to eat with everyone〜(*´◒`*)








It weas WaiWai exciting and GayaGaya noisy, it was very fun〜!



The same as always we were playing shiritori.


This time, we played 「Uzai」 rule shiritori ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ ) lol lol



Nonaka Miki-chan is strong you know〜 lol lol
In shiritori you say your sound arguments to sound clever but, how you talk when you say it and your face, showing the showing it in a strict fashion, she’s good at it! lol











Suddenly braids〜〜



I’m ddoing play practice with these braids, director Oota-san gave me praise so I got into it I put it up (*´◒`*) Tehe



Nella has tomboy points so braids might be just right for that (´-`).。oO






That said I finished reading some of the manga I bought the other day and, 「Junjou Shounen Boku ga Otoko to Yatta Riyuu」 and Mystery to iu Nakare」 were interesting.


The title is astounding but, they made it a work that was easy to read so I enjoyed it.


I’m totally a fan of Tamura Yumi-sensei. I’m enjoying talking about 「BASARA」 with Ougi Kei-san too!
I’m being drawn in by 「Mystery to iu Nakare」〜!!






For today, we did practice wearing our outfits, with lots of adults watching how we do doing a run-through.
Even in my short turn there’s lots I can do so, the fun Nella in me, I want to show Nella with compassion a lot☆




Tomorrow too, I’ll do my bestー!




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#female #manga #cake Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-18 21:57:56
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Today at Akihabara’s Shosen Book Tower-san was the release commemoration handshake event for my visual photobook 「female」 (*´꒳`*)!
Everyone who came, thank you so much♡
My first handshake event in a while, it was all excitement!
Getting to talk lots, it was very fun (*´◒`*)
There were lots of girls, and lots of people with cute color make-up too
Those of you in suits, after work, lots of you who came from a far distance too
I’m full of feelings of gratitude for everyone’s kindness \(//∇//)\!!
Getting to tell my favorite cut and stuff made me happy you know〜(*´꒳`*)
Today before the handshake event there was Yantan recording but,
At the handshake event venue the Yantan staff brought snacks to support me〜!!
Red kitsune and green tanuki!!!!!
Or so I thought, actually this is, a cakeーーー!!
Mont Blanc (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡
It was very yummy!
Such interesting snacks〜!
The Yantan staff-san is always kind +.\(( °ω° ))/.:+
This time’s visual photobook, actually, the under-theme was, to make something cute that wouldn’t be beaten by Michishige Sayumi-san!
I love Michishige Sayumi-san so, to highlight my points, I wore various outfits and make-up, I felt like if I’m gonna bring out a visual photobook then I have to face that challenge to that level with my spirit! and did the shoot with that in mind.
For the outfit 10 poses, being told that I could pick an outfit I liked and want to wear of the outfits I’ve worn until now, I picked it
so there’s the Morning Musume。’14 time’s single, the 「Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe」 outfit too!
There’s all kinds of feelings with it too, this book has become a special one〜(*´◒`*)
And so, everyone who gets their hands on it, by all means please treasure it♡ Tehe
Today at the bookstore there was a handshake event so, before the handshake event I went shopping♡
From top-left
Sayonarar Daisy 
From the maker of my beloved manga 「Koi wa Ameagari no Youni」, Mayudzuki Jun-san’s first collection of short stories!
Tatoe Todokanu Ito da to Shitemo [tl aka: My Unrequited Love] Vol. 1
It seemed Shosen Book Tower-san made a Yuri club, I got the recommended one from that corner that came with a Yuri club pin. It’s my first yuri〜
[tl note: Yuri, girl-girl love style]
Chi no Wadachi vol.3
The new book came outttttt I look forward to reading itttt
Junjou Shounen
Comic essays and stuff, I like them quite a bit yah〜
I’m reading the recently published on the WEB 「Jitsuroku Naku made Bokorarete Hajimete Koi ni Ochimashita。」[tl approx: A real account, beaten until I cried, the first time I fell in love]. It was released last week, I’m glad〜
My beloved manga. I haven’t been able to properly buy the SUPREME ones! I finally got them (*´◒`*)
Shiori wo Sagasu Page-tachi [tl approx: The Pages Searching for Bookmarks]
This is a Yuri club things too so, I wasn’t sure about this or the wrote I wrote about before and so the result is I got another one.
Misuteri to iu Nakare [tl approx: Mustn’t Speak Of Mystery] vol.1
I’ve already completely become a fan of Tamura Yumi-sensei, I bought her new work. 「7SEEDS」 is the best, now, I’m borrowing 「BASARA」 from Oougi Kei-san who is in the play with us!!The!Best! I’m still in the middle of reading it but, it’s so interesting I can’t stop!!! Shuriiiii, Tataraaaaa! It’s painful.
Right now I’m in the middle of reading the paperback vol.7! The part where they’re going east!
It’s been a while ssince I’ve gotten to buy manga like this, it’s like HokuHoku fresh feeling!
Broadly, I’ll read everything ya know〜(*´◒`*)
Shosen Book Tower’s staff are kind too,
today coming in contact with lots of kind people, it was a very happy day.
From tomorrow for 2 days, it’s concerts in Osaka!
Let’s have fun with all we gotーーーー!!!
For my clothes today, it’s an organdy one piece.
I bought it after being told by Ikuta Erina-san that this looks like it’d suit you Harunan! Look at it KAYーーー

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#PlayPractice #PharaohNoHaka #EventAnnouncement Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-16 21:35:26
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Today too was all day play practice!


We did practice once through from beginning to endー!



I realized it’s just 2 weeks until the show…!



There’s still a ways to go so I want to pack in what I can to the time limit!





This time the Ankensen-hime I’m supporting is Makino Maria-chan!









With all I got, this Nella is already thinking of her adoringly (*´꒳`*)




Rue played by Yokoyama Reina-chan too, she shows good style, it’s cute!









Oh my, everyone each has their fill of good points so, for sure those who come to watch I think they’ll feel like they don’t have enough eyes☆


But I want to do that kind of play yah…!





Well you know, talk shows commemorating the shows has been scheduled☆




5/25 and 30 at the Hello!Shop Tokyo Akihabara Shop, 2 a day, doing 4 in total



I, Iikubo, Fukumura Mizuki-san, Makino Maria-chan, and Morito Chisaki-chan, we’re appearing on the the 1st show on the 25thー!


MC is Kitabayashi Asuka-san ( ^ω^ )!



New and old Ankensen and Ari!
I’m looking forward to itー!



By all means we’ll be waiting!





Speaking of Akihabara, I can’t forget it, my visual photobook release commemoration handshake event☆



At last it’s the day after tomorrow!



For details go here





Getting to hear everyone’s voices directly makes me happy (*´꒳`*)


And I’m thinking I get to talk about this visual photobook’s shoot stories and under-themes so by all means please come and meet with me kayーっ(*´◒`*)!!







I updated WEAR, look at it KAYーーー!




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#MemberMeal Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-14 20:11:42
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Today after play practice and outfitting and stuff, with Ogata Haruna-chan we got to answer an interview for the 5/24 release of 「B.L.T.」-san!



Cheery talk and serious talk, we talked about all kind of things so, by all means please check it out ( ^ω^ )!




A meal picture after the other day’s shoot〜☆










We went to a yummy oyster place!



shell fired oysters, raw oysters, sea urchin risotto, potato salad, rolled omelette, shishamo spring rolls…


We at our fill of yummy things〜!!



It was a joy (*´꒳`*)



While eating Ogata went and said, 「I’m really happy」.


I didn’t really get it but it was warm I felt like I was gonna cry! lol lol



Such a good girl 〜Ogata〜〜






And today, between work I had tea with Makino Maria-chan (*´꒳`*)



Putting as much marshmallows in sweets, it was exciting〜!









On the pink cute strawberry sweets, she picked heart marshmallows, that Maria was cute.



Maria, she’s really using the mmts backpack she got from Nakagawa Shouko-san’s Mama, that is also her being a good girl (*´꒳`*)




We talked a lot about memories when we were small, it was fun and comforting〜!





Tonight I’m having a meal with Ikuta Erina-san and my Mama☆


Let’s eat lots of yummy things〜!




For my clothes today, with my new asymmetric skirt, AMERI shoes.
Look at it KAYー!



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#female #Release☆ #Hyokkorihan Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-12 20:58:05
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At last, my visual photobook 「female」 is releasing todayーーーー(*´◒`*)



There are those of you who have already seen it right??













Hyokkorihan! [tl: A variety performer]






This time I did 10 poses wearing outfits! More over I matched up, make-up, hairstyle, and nails changed for it too


My first time that I got color stickers and extensions♡









By the way like this (*´꒳`*)



Offshots and obsessions, I have lot sof them so I’ll put them up now and again kay




By the way it’ll be sold at the concert venue too and, today’s Ehime prefecture concert venue… sold itーーーー\(//∇//)\



I, I’m so happy.
Thank you so much ( ;  ; )


I’ve got hope for tomorrow’s Kagawa prefecture too ( ;  ; )♡←




Really you know, it’s a happy book so I hope all kinds of people get their hands on it (*´꒳`*)



Offshot, I’ll put it up on WEAR too with the brands for the outfit yah☆
Look at it KAYーーー!



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#WHaruna #CakeCutting Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-11 21:16:15
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Today after radio, I had shoots together with Ogata Haruna-chan the 2 of us (*´◒`*)


It’s 5/24’s release of 「B.L.T.」-san!



Wearing fantastic one pieces, clinging together, lying together, we took various shots〜!



I can’t show offshots yet so…


Pictures from yesterday!




Yesterday was 「The Girls Live」 recording but, it was Ogata’s last recording before her graduation.


After it was finished, from the staff-san she got a Job Well Done and a fantastic cake!!



It was long awaited but she did a cake cutting (*´꒳`*)←












「Iikubo-san why are you that NoriNori high spirited?ー!」


Perplexed Ogata. lol




After this with everyone we got yummy cake!♡







Tomorrow is my visual photobook 「female」’s release dayー☆














Behind Ogata getting flowers I got to advertise by chance. Tehe




At last tomorrow is the release!



Waーーー, I’m nervous yahhーー!




By all means I want to deliver it to lots of you(*´◒`*)



You can get it at the concert venue too so, those of you coming to the Ehime prefecture concert tomorrow by all means♡






Tonight, with shoots finished, I at yummy food with Ogata and got lots of energy so, with that power I’ll have fun at the concert too☆




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#PixarExhibit #KoiWaAmeAgariYouni Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-09 21:44:43
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Today play practice finished early so, I went out with Ikuta Erina-san and Ougi Kei-san who we get to work together with for the play (*´◒`*)



To the Pixar Exhibit they’re doing now in La Forest Harajuku!













It was cute!!!!



There’s lots of picture spots, we went around going, 「Does this look good?〜」 ( ^ω^ )




After the Pixar exhibit we ate dinner and talked,


And after that, we went shopping too♪



While Ikuta-san was looking for piercings, I also ran into a cute smartphone case that I ended up buying♡



Up to now I’ve had a hedgehog plushie shaped smartphone case but, I went with a new alpaca plushie shaped smartphone case〜(*´◒`*)♡♡♡



The hedgehog is in the wash…! lol



I always generally go with plushie shapped smartphone cases and, it’s gone panda → leopard → hedgehod → alpaca, it’ll be my 4th one☆



When using my phone the alpaca peeks this way, it’s cute (*´꒳`*)





It was a fun outting!


It was really exciting talking with Kei-san about manga, we plan to loan each other our recommended manga ( ^ω^ )♡








Speaking of Manga, my beloved beloved 「Koi wa Ameagari Youni」










The final volume (´;ω;`)



The end sheesh, the tears came out.



There’s the loneliness of it finishing is of course,
dazzling for the story.


It’s just pure pure, just that.


It’s KirakKira sparkling, very much so.



I like it so much, my chest hurts…!(´;ω;`)





4 years time, a Job Well Done!





I’m looking forward to Mayudzuki Jun-Sensei’s next work too☆






For today’s WEAR, an other shot of the Pixar exhibit.
Look at it KAYーーー(*´꒳`*)




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#Kamakura #Shokotan #MemberMeal Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-06 14:48:23
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The other day, on my day off, I went on a date with Nakagawa Shouko-san to Kamakura・Enoshima(*´◒`*)♡



Long ao I went there once for a SATOYAMA on location but, not knowing about Kamakura, I went! lol


And so it’s my first time properly going to Kamakura♡













I’ll write about the journey of our Kamakura date kay!



First off after arriving at Kamakura station, the 2 of us since the morning hadn’t eaten anything so we had lunch as a french shop(*´◒`*)




And then going through Komachidoori we went to Tsurugaohachimanguu, went to Shinguu jinja, and went to the botan park that’s in Tsurugaohachimanguu.


Now’s one of the best time to see the botan, the big botan flowers were very cute!


The shoubu flowers were blooming too〜!!



From there we went to the Joujukuin, meeting the figure of Fudoumyouou I’ve heard is great if you wait for it, so while buying some bread from the bread specialty shop on the way, we walked the Koutokuin and met the Daibutsu-sama statue!


I love bread so getting to buy yummy bread made me happy ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )
With concerts the next day I took it with me! lol




After the Daibutsu-sama we rode the Eno-Den to Enoshima!


As expected we didn’t feel like we could see it all with our stamina either so, we just ate fresh shirasudon and went home (*´꒳`*)


On the way home, I crashed asleep and I ended up leaning on Nakagawa-san…!_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):




Lots of walking, lots of talking, it was a fun day☆


Next time, I feel like I want to go to the center of Enoshima




It ended up being very fun exercise too so by all means try walking the same course?(*´꒳`*)huhu


There’s lots of othe rpictures, they’re put up on Nakagawa Shouko-san’s twitter so please try looking at them kay〜




By the way, for Nakagawa Shouko-san, yesterday was her birthday!!


My always kind and beloved big sis-chan。♡


From here on too please continue to support me (*´꒳`*)♡








Yesterday, and the day before were concerts in Hokkaido!


It was fun〜〜!!!!


The distance from the fans were close, it was a little embarrassing but (*´꒳`*) it was very exciting, it was fun!










In Hokkaido we went for a meal〜〜



Our first meal of the tour!



We have lots of people so we were split into tables but each table ordered and shared so it was lively☆



Popular with our table was Nonaemon (Nonaka Miki-chan’s Doraemon impression), it’s appearance was fun! lol lol


A meal with everyone, it’s bustling but I very much like it yah〜


Meals, having fun doubles the yumminess that’s why ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )



I feel like it’d be great if we could go a lot huh!





From today it’s once again play practice days!


I’ll do my best.






Everyone!! Until tonight 23:59, when you purchase my visual photobook 「female」 from the Odyssey publication official shop, you’re entered in a lotter for the signed photobook (*´꒳`*)



For purchasingit’s here☆



At last it’s until tonightー!


By all means please give me your support (*´◒`*)





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#Cute #ReiRei #Haikyuー #Haisute Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-02 21:58:47
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Today there was recording for Hello!Project DVDs and,



Arriving at the studio this cute thing came into view.










Kobushi Factory’s Inoue Rei-chan did a picture of me!!!!



Reirei already finished shoots and went home but,


she left this kind of cute thing for me who was coming after…



Doing that is so cute, it has me frazzled _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):



Thank you, Reirei.


Today you’re cute too yah, Reirei.








Yesterday after radio finished, together with Kaga Kaede-chan and my family’s third daughter (the Otaku)


we went to see the Hyper Projection Theater 「Haikyuー‼︎ “Hajimari no Kyojin”」〜!!



This current production was awesome too _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


I cried my fill _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):



The quality of heat each time isn’t holding back but, it surpassed the last one!!


The director’s ideas are interesting too, the musice was the best too!!


Wada Shunsuke-san who we’re always indebted to for plays is in charge of the music! Genius!!!!




This production too, there were all kinds of epicodes I like from the original work, my tear ducts were breaking down.


There were lots of match scenes but, volleyball matches aren’t just playing volleyball, there’s freshness and interest that isn’t normally presented so I never get tired of it.


Seeing Haikyuー‼︎ on stage every time gives me energy…!



Even so, it’ll end this fall so, the final production being decided makes me very sad_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


When I can go see it I want to go see it a lot.



Those of you who don’t know Haikyuー‼︎ and those who haven’t seen the previous works, there’s a review so it’s fineー!


It’s not just a volleyball play, you’ll end up seeing something incredible, those who want motivation I recommend it.









Yesterday, the weather was good so I went for a walk♪












Well you know, my glasses you know, they got crooked.



My left and right ears might be at different heights. lol




This seaons ia pretty good for walking huhー!



I earnestly have to be careful for sunburn lol
I feel like I want to enjoy the city streets naturally.






A, I saw even more movies, after I saw 「Hebi ni Pierce」 [tl aka: Snakes and Earrings], it’s been 「Morse」 [tl aka: Let Me In], 「If I Stay」, and 「Nishi no Majo ga Shinda」 [tl approx: The West Witch is Dead].



I like Chloe・Grace・Moretz-chan that’s why…♡





Well then! Let’s enjoy tomorrow tooー!


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#HeartCheek #Nightscape Iikubo Haruna

2018-04-29 22:31:26
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Today was concerts in the Mie Prefecture!!!


First time there since January when I went to Mie on a private trip (*´◒`*)



It was an increeeeedly hot fun concert!!!!











Today with the pink shadow I put just under the outer corner of my eye,


I did heart cheeks and pink lipstick (*´꒳`*)



Nonaka praised it and that made me happy (*´◒`*)








The other day, I went to a place with pretty nightscapes!










Pretty nightscapes, I hadn’t seen much from high elevation so


Aa, this one of those date spots huh〜〜 I looked it while thinking that! lol



The stars were pretty too, seeing a fantastic nightscape made me happy!






Tomorrow is Maria’s home area Aichi concerts!


Let’s have fun☆



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