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2018-07-21 21:34:19
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Released yesterday
Akashiya Sanma-san planned・ Produced drama 「Jimmy~ Aho Mitai na Honma no Hanashi~」 [tl approxx: Jimmy, The Stupid Seeming True Story]、


I started watching it right away on Netflix〜!!


For now I saw episode 1 and 2 but…


It’s so funny (*´Д`*)!!


There are smile, and teary content!



And, Sanma-san is so cool, I was charmed by him.



This, Sanma-san’s episode was cool, or rather, Tamayama Tetsuji-san acting is cool or rather, please by all means try watching it and feeling (*´◒`*)★







The other day, for the first time in a reaーーーーーlly long time I got to go eat with my beloved Nanba Shiho-san♡











I at Cheese Dak-galbi♡



It’s been since February when we met, so I finally got to hand over white day and birthday presents all at once (*´◒`*)♡










We hadn’t gotten together for about half a year, our timing didn’t match but, even then meeting for the first time in a while it didn’t feel that way, she’a person that you instantly feel close to (*´꒳`*)


Mature Shiho-san, I admire you★




If we can meet again soon I’ll be happy!




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2018-07-20 18:39:08
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Today’s erlease of the magazine 「non-no」


Ikuta Erina-san
Satou Masaki-chan
Oda Sakura-chan
Makino Maria-chan
Yokoyama Reina-chan
The 6 of us are appearingー!







Araki Yuuko-san produced♡!










Outfits and make-up, even nail color, she thought it up for us (*´◒`*)♡




I haven’t seen the page yet but, it seems like it’ll come otu cute!














Araki-san, she’s a very easy to talk to open hearted person (*´꒳`*)


We’re just one year apart but she seems like a big sister☆



Please come hang out at a concert again kayー!





I have lots of off shots so, I’ll be putting it up bit by bit kay (*´◒`*)



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2018-07-19 20:21:03
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Yesterday I spat out what I felt the moment it happened in a baーーーーーtto!


But reading the comments cheered me up, for always giving me energy, thank you so much♡






Yesterday, was one panel of the shoot.




Nonaka Miki-chan playing the piano, surrounded by her kinda scary(?) big sisters.






































Really, what is being said, it’s pictures that make you want to do voiceover for! lol






Please have fun fantasizing about it (*´◒`*)Huhu




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2018-07-18 22:11:30
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I thought I want to be pretty
While being mindful of sunburn
I’ve bene told, lately have you gotten burned?
But thinking, I gotta erase that already, I was thinking if I want to erase it in any way I could do too much and take in too much reaching my limit to get there
It’s Jiguro me but in that me I want to bring out the top class of lightness,
Looking up all kinds of things I don’t know what’s word of mouth or stealth marketing but for now, I’ll use the lightening cream I got introduced too and
Drinkable sun-protection
Sun screen
Skin lightening packs
vitamin drinks
doing that
Skin care products too, going through them all, buying and arranging htem
I noticed I’m doing that but
With work outside all day it’s easy for my skin to get burnt and my heart to get BokiBoki broken up( ^ω^ )




But still, what I can’t detest is, I’m a good girl, I believe that.
I heard that from the drama 「Takane no Hana」 episode 1 you know.
I can’t detest what I love, they said.
That’s is a good girl, they said.
I really love Nojima Shinji-san’s works, it’s all words that save the heart!



And so I can’t give up.
Thinking that on the way home I visited Shin’Ookubo, and bought popular good skin lightening packs so from here I’ll be givin my skin some care ( ^ω^ )
Tomorrow morning I think I’ll go get an IV ( ^ω^ )



Doing your best for sure you change, I think that so, if there’s the circumstance to make it come true, it’ll come true.


For me it by chance can’t come true right now but if you can make it a circumstance where it’ll happen for you I’ll be rooting for you more than anyone too so please do your best kay





Today I met a cute frog










Really I wonder if it’d transform if I kissed it



I didn’t know if I should’ve tried it, I should have tried it huh,



Well having the spirit of challenge is important so, boys and girls do your best.




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2018-07-17 22:38:07
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Today is my 3D Idol oshimen, Inoue Rei-chan’s 17th Birthday♡



ReiRee Happy Birthday♡



The blooming seventeen!!!








A cutie huh.



The other day’s Osaka performance, our dressing room was with Kobushi Factory☆


The same dressing room as cute ReiRei, just that alone pushed all the negative ions away into a soothing space (*´꒳`*)





Please look, this so cute ReiRei!!










Feels like an SSR!



I wonder if that comes across lol
Fukumura Mizuki-san got it lol lol



We haven’t gotten to go to eat yet so, we promised, let’s go kay (*´◒`*)


When we have time I’ll do my best to invite her〜〜




Once again, ReiRei congratulations!
Have an especially fun 17 years old kay♡




For my clothes today a light color denim one piece.
I matched it with a straw hat〜
Look at it KAY✴︎




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2018-07-14 21:53:47
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This year’s summer Hello!Project Concert has started too〜〜(*´◒`*)!!!!











My dreessing room neighbor is Fukumura Mizuki-san♡



It’s fun, it’s very fun! lol


The topic was AiNana lots of the time! lol lol



For this year’s Hello!Con, Hello!Project OG senpai are appearing as daily specials (*´◒`*)



It’s very extravagant and very fun!!







Before the show intaking chocolate★









Same as always I like color make-up but, basically I like purple (*´꒳`*)



My eyebrows too have purple on it but, when doing color make-up I put eyebrow make-up that’ll go good with the eyeshadow♪





Lately I constantly, want to be prettier, I’ve been doing various trial and error but, I want to be the me I like the most, that’s basically the feeling or rather, it’s becoming my driving force!


But the me I like most, it changes depending on then and that time you know, and so, when talking about this feeling, 「I want to be the me I like most」 after a little bit of time saying that again, the vision I have for it changes.


I’m always doing my best towards that benchmark but in that way the hurdle is rising too… lol



When my own condition isn’t good, I don’t feel like meeting people I get scared of it, when I look in the mirror I feel like, [Is this okay? Am I being a proper person?] there are times I check with myself.


Different from a narcissist, I’m validating to get rid of my anxiety. lol



There are ways like this right, I should try this and try that, I make new discoveries all the time so, those kinds of every days are fun!


And you know, doing make-up to make my face how I want it to be, my face at its roots changes a little too (*´◒`*) or should I say my look.


Changing with awareness, I think it’s like that.
I feel like I’m steadily changing myself so, more than how I was last year, I can say I like my current me many times more (*´꒳`*)
I want to change steadily!


I want to be pretty, that is the eternal theme yah!






Today on WEAR I’ll put up the blue outfit I wore for the spring tour too〜! Look at it KAY!



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2018-07-12 21:52:16
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Today for the first time in a bit I did Twintails with bangs〜〜!










Bangs I had reaーlly reaーlly made curled up! lol





It’s been a while since I woke up really early
and since the morning I’ve had my fill of fun work!




I want to surprise everyone soonnnn(*≧∀≦*)



Please wait just a little while for the announcement★






And this morning was early but work ended early too so,


Together with Morito Chiisaki-chan we went to Animal Room〜!!














Which you ask, both!!!





「Small animals and Morito Chii」


If I did a produced Chiichan photobook my wild fantasy title I thought up is that! lol lol




Momonga and chinchilla, hedgehogs and stuff, touching them,
kinkajou and prairie dogs there being rare animals too was very soothing♡




Then going karaoke, taking her along to Animate, eating dinner too, it was very fulfilling, and fun (*´꒳`*)



At Animate a beautiful girl looking around restlessly unsure was dangerous…←



Today too, because of today I like you!



With the grand soothing power of today’s things, I’ll do my best tomorrow on too (*´◒`*)★





For my clothes today I went with the simplicity of a Tshirt and denim short pants!
Look at it KAYーーーーーー





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2018-07-10 21:07:48
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Today was a day off so, I went out with Nakagawa Shouko-san (*´◒`*)









We went to see the movie 「50kaime no First Kisu」 [tl: The 50th First Kiss AKA 50 First Dates]〜〜♡




It was incredibly funny.


A fully loaded comedy, thanks to that I didn’t get hit with the sad feelings!


Half comedy, have emotional!


The movie theater too, everyone was voicing out, they were laughing!


But a wholehearted love so fatnastic, I was moved by that huge a power of love〜






And then while being all PuraPura we went shopping around testing out all kinds of perfume.


We went to Animate together too! lol lol




Then for the evening, well,








We joined up with Michishige Sayumi-san too〜〜♡♡♡











A Dream Meet-up!!!!


The space my beloved people are gathered.


It was a real joy ( ;∀;)!!!!



We went to a yummy teppanyaki shopー(*´꒳`*)




We talked a lot, laughed a lot, and ate a lot,


In any case it was a joy and was fun♡




I handed Michishige-san her birthday present too, getting to celebrate it this year like this too made me happy ( ;∀;)♡




Let’s go out again kay, we made the promise!


THinking about when that might be makes me UkiUki cheery (*´◒`*)





On WEAR I’ll put up another cut kay♪
Look at it KAYーーー






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2018-07-09 16:37:25
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TenTen Happy Birthday!!!



I’m sorry, it’ll end up being another talk about Idolish Seven but…



Today is my Oshimen Kujou Ten-kun’s birthday!


Rikkun (Twin’s Nanase Riku-kun) too, Happy Birthday!!




Of course at 0 hours and 0 minutes in I shouted congrats yah. lol



Well, speaking of birthday celebration, I did TenTen’s 11 in a row Gasha,


Earlier I bought today’s released solo song 「Up to the nines」!!
On permanent repeat! Enripi!





Yesterday too, while fishing for NanaRai reports, I shared the reports with our family’s third daughter (The Mitsuki-kun Wota) but…


The more we knew the more frazzling it was, the pain of not being able to go was frazzling, the frazzling of being impressed by the things that were done, no way… we ended up feeling like that.


And, Saitou Souma-san being made into TenTen pictures impressed me.


With the The games 1st Live & AiNana Anniversary Special Login Bonus‼︎ screen and, the NanaRai characters (The voice actors) group picture, they have them in pretty much the same outfits and positioning, it was impressive.



I bought the disc for this. I want it to come out soon, If so the the review clips too.




That you now, if I bought it you know, I promised I’d do a appreciation party with Fukumura-san _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):♡






Today was a recording with Fukumura Mizuki-san and Oda Sakura-chan for 1422 Radio Nippon 「Morning Musume。’18 no Morning Jogakuin 〜Houkago Meeting〜」 and, it was an AiNana festival yah…!←









It’s this week and next weeks broadcast but, please join the our class meeting and by all means listen kay♡





For today I went with pink colored clothes (*´◒`*)
(TenTen’s member color)


TenTen’s Cardigan is hot I couldn’t wear it but, I’m wearing it at home←


And it’s really strange or I should say, it’s silly, seeing Re:vale’s 2 person back and forth, I got that feeling I get over and over with myself and Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan.
Chi-san is Aya-chan, Momo-chan is when those “I love itー!” feelings come out of me. lol


Oh my I’m sorry, it was silly! lol lol











Lastly, with my AiNana Comrade Kudou Haruka-chan.



For just a bit recently I’ve really just been writing about AiNana, for those of you who don’t understand it, my apologies, I’ll calm it down kay!


But I recommend starting AiNana!(゚ω゚)




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2018-07-08 11:46:04
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Since this morning I’ve been fishing for Nana Live Reports _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):



Just the reports got me frazzled, I want to see this awesome event you know _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):




Haaaaa I want to goooooooo



Today those of you participating in the second day please enjoy it _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):



And if you can, those of you on pixiv please give your illustrations and reports with it←





For me as well, as an idol, for myself!
I’ll go and do my best with today’s rehearsals too〜〜(*´◒`*)





WIth AiNana comrade Kaga Kaede-chan!










I wrote on WEAR, “what should I do about my bangs,” but, it seems like for Hello!Con I’m gonna go without cutting it! lol




Speaking of bangs


At Music Station, weaving my hair, I hardened it with spray so












I ended up like JoJo Bizarre Adventure’s Kars〜〜 lol lol






I’m offー!




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