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2018-09-15 10:48:50
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At yesterday’s fan club event, we announced a new song release (*´꒳`*)



10/24! The total 66th one, a Double A-side single
「Furari Ginza/Jiyuu na Koku dakara」!



In addition as an Additional Track 「Yji Michi no Tochuu」 is being published too





Already on the homepage profile pictures and stuff it’s changing to the single outfits but…



It’s deja vu… isn’t it…??






That’s right! The outfits this time are retro one pieces, it’s the kind I got to wear for my visual photobook 「female」, a starblinc-san one piece (*´꒳`*)




Like! Retro! Like!


It’s a 60’s outfit〜!





By the way the 「female」 outfits are these^ ^










Oh my… they’re all cute…!


Even looking at them again they’re great (*´꒳`*)♡ lol




All the members wearing the pop retro I like〜!



The MV too you know… it’s cute so you know… I want you to see it soon (*゚∀゚*)Hahaha




Look forward to the announcement at any time☆







Yesterday before the event I got to have an interview with magazine 「BOMB」-san!


Well Iikubo, it seems she gets to appear in about 8 pages? (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾


Gotta buy this!(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾


Moreover for the outfit I’m weiaring this retro outfit for the new song!(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾



It’s releasing 10/9, by all means please check it out〜!









Yesterday morning… the Nintendo Direct 2018.9.14 release yah… it fired up my heart…



I, I don’t have a Nintendo Switch.



Finally! I’ll buy one!



I ended up pre-ordering Nintendo Switch 『Dairantou Sumashu Burazaーzu SPECIAL』 [tl aka: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate]〜〜(*´◒`*)!




Well it’s releasing in November!
It’s my own! Birthday present!♡



A… but when it get’s here I’ll be in New York huh…



The Switch will be waiting at home, It’s so much anticipation you know!?♡


Finally… I can play Zelda…!



Waaaa I look forward to it arriving!












Today is all day rehearsals too!
I’m ofーf☆






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2018-09-14 09:43:24
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Today, 9/14 is Morning Musume。’s Commemorative Birthday〜〜!


Thank you so much always (*´꒳`*)



The 20th Year, today it’s done… thinking about it it’s got loneliness to it too but, we got to have a very very deep year.



Once again the group’s history, the link with my senpai, and more than anything I felt the greatness of the existance of all the fans.




The 21st year, it’s a very very long history but, in that, in this 1 year all kinds of things happened. Because 2 members graduated this year too yah!


In that way this deep 1 year thinking about it repeating 21 times, history is amazing isn’t it, to all the fans who are alーーーーways giving your support, I want to give you a big round of applause!
Well! It’s mental too! I need to become strong to match! lol




But you know, for the fans who recently came to like us, I don’t want you to feel that vulnerability.
I don’t give much details so, I don’t want you to think about it.


For sure this 21st year, I feel like at those times here and there the members are all always frantic, giving their all.


And so from here I said you should feel our full power, and come to like us even more yah.
I think there’s lots of songs you haven’t heard yet but, there’s these kind of fantastic songs too, I feel like I want to deliver that kind of feeling.



This kind of things usually I don’t say myself but, we, every day, we’re doing our best! We’er super super doing our best! lol


Doing our best, all the fans are always there for us that’s why.
Even with days in the studio, days of rehearsals, the rehearsals aren’t directly fun but, thinking about the days standing on stage delivering for all the fans, I can do my best.











Now, with the current us, please watch!








And today you know, for the person essential to us now, Oda Sakura-chan, it’s her 6th anniversary since she joined too〜!


Odashi Ome〜〜!!


Essential, I say that kind of stuff cooly but, for sure, Odashi heard it and went like, 「MmMm, is that so?」 lol lol


For Odashi, she’s a person who can listen to anything ^ ^
My super〜〜 boring gags and stuff, she has fun listening and watching. lol


Well I should say, until now, the person I talked with most was Kudou haruka-chan, now that Kuduー isn’t around the person who is here now that listens the most is Odashi, for me her existance is grand!


Well, that said, there’s things she just can’t understand too though you know!o(`ω´ )o lol lol



From here on keep supporting me kay!










Please look, yesterday’s Teto and Miーko.











Is, isn’t it so cute…!?




The one below me is Teto(♂),
up me is Miーko(♀)(*´꒳`*)



Moving around I can’t catch them but it’s a joy♡








Well! Today is the 21st Anniversary Commemorative Fan Club Event☆
Those of you coming, let’s have fun together kay〜〜!




My WEAR followers broke through 480,000 people, thank you so muc!


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2018-09-10 22:14:16
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This Tenkigumi blog started 6 years ago〜!!



On the same day the Qki Blo started too☆











9ki 10ki☆



Amazing huh, already the active duty are just 5 of us!



From here on too please continue to support us (*´꒳`*)







Yesterday after the event, ate plenty of meat with Ikuta Erina-san (*´◒`*)


With the 2 of us, we had 300 gram steak. lol










This here is Ikuta-san eating dessert〜〜!



Just what did we talk about… I don’t remember much but, we got yummy steak (^з^)-☆


When you’re worn out it’s meat!!! You know(*´◒`*)!







Today too, for today it was rehearsals!
Tomorrow too I’ll do my besーt!




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#D-99 #TetoAndMiーko. Iikubo Haruna

2018-09-09 09:12:52
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Yesterday, the Shibuya various meet-ups, thank you so much ^ ^


With this recent song event, it was my last various meet-up event!



The fans told me and I knew it but, yesterday, was exactly 100 days until my graduation.
Oo〜〜, you’re doing a countdown for me〜 that’s how I felt (*´◒`*)
And there’s 100 days too! At today’s point in time, it’s 99 days!



That said, for me as Morning Musume。 have 99 days left but, how many days of those can I meet with everyone as Morning Musume。 yah (´;ω;`)


And so, the days we can meet, I feel like I have to make them an even more precious time!









Look, This KiraKira sparkling smile that can be seen with everyone in the future (*´◒`*)



(Actually I was hoping, won’t a dragonfly stop on my finger)









Speaking of which, 1 month ago, at my house we got 2 kitties (*´꒳`*)!!











Small older brother, little sisters!



They’re from Nanba Shiho-san’s house we inherited the kids as foster parents〜♡





Sheesh you know… really… they’re so cute, it’s tiring.



The 2 of them are both super spoiled… at first they were the same size as my alpaca phone case but, now they’re steadily getting bigger… it’s still just 1 month since then… cute… lovely…
I want to go home soon! lol





The name of the boy is Teto.(From Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)
The girl is Miーko.(Inspiration)


That’s it! Teto and Miーko!



In blogs after this too they might appear now and then too yah (*´◒`*) From here it’s pleased to make your acquaintance〜!





Today you know! It’s serial events!


There’s 3 performances so look forward to all of them (*´꒳`*)!


We’ll be waiting♡






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2018-09-05 21:53:24
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In today’s release of the magazine 「anan」 Morning Musume。’18 got to appear(*´꒳`*)


The Places People Are Crazy About。 Feature!


I, get to be read in anan-san often but, getting to read a special feature wellー!
That made me very happy (*≧∀≦*)!








I haven’t gotten to check the magazine yet so, I think I’ll buy one on the way home!



Iーkubo-san on this day was in pretty good condition so by all means please try checking it out kay〜!!♡tehe






The day following when I finished watching the drama 「Uchuu wo Kakeru Yodaka」, because I want to see Tomita Miu-san


I went to see the movie 「SUNNY Tsuyoi Kimochi・Tsuyoi Ai」 (*´◒`*)



It’s a very, very fantastic movie!
Nostalgia on parade! I’ve been playing the song a lot, kogyaru have been coming out a lot, you can see the good and bad parts of Japan at the time!


Hirose Suzu-san was the best, I was really really laughing.
The sadness and the warmed had my crying.


And Tomita Miu-san right on point Yodaka had such amazing amplitude, I was impressed!



It’s great yah, when I was small I wanted to be a kogyaru in the future!
They’re cute yah, kogyaru.
I’d be great if young people got all WachaWacha chatty like they were back then again yah! lol


Ah, I like the protagonist’s older brother but, when the topics came out it made me very happy! lol lol
The movie, for those interested, please try watching it☆






THe other day, I went to a clothes exhibition and lunch with Nakajima Saki-san〜!!









I ordered ANDERSSON BELL and whideout clothes so, I look forward to it arriving♡


With Nakajima-san we don’t stop talking, it makes me very happy (*´꒳`*)!



Well, it makes me happy so being prideful of it is fine right??


At the Hello!Con Hiroshima performance as OG guest when Nakajima was there, right before Nakajima came out on stage, she went 「I’m nervous〜!」, and right after she went, 「I was nervous〜!」 and she gave me a hug〜(*´◒`*)♡


Reaaaally, she was cute, it made me happy! hi hi



By all means please hang out with me again〜〜(*´꒳`*)!





For my clothes today red katakana converse with a green Tshirt!
Look at it KAYーーーーーー☆



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#UchuuWoKakeruYoDaka #NagoyaCastle #VariousMeetUps Iikubo Haruna

2018-09-02 21:19:50
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With Fukumura-san I’m often talking about recently into drama and manga but, last night, I started watching Fukumura-san’s recommended drama 「Uchuu wo Kakeru yo da ka」 [tl approx: Run The Universe], it’s pretty interesting, I’m into it!


Right now I watched until episode 5 so I have 1 episode left(*´꒳`*)!
After I finish writing my blog I’m gonna watch it! lol









This picture taken recently, It’s just that lol
Already who are they!



Being next to Fukumura-san, it’s relieving yah〜!
Getting to talk about all kinds of trival things is fun (*´◒`*)!







Today was various meet-ups in Gifu prefecture!
Everyone who came, thank you so much ^ ^


This might be my the last Gifu prefecture of the year so, it might be my last day today seeing me as an idol, with 4 months left already it felt like that you know.


And so getting to convey my feelings with all I have in words made me happy, it was lovely!


I’ll cheer for you in these 4 months yah! Those words made me happy too but, for sure after the 4 months, after I graduate I’d lke you to cheer for me then too I think (*´꒳`*)








This morning, with thoes interested, I went to Nagoya castle!







Right after entering was this Shachihoko. lol




They just opened the center court, entering int and going around the smell of wood and tatami was very comforting.


The added ornaments in there were pretty, I liked the area of lined wood build up too ^ ^!
The part that had patches, they were beautiful I had my eye on them the whole time! Nothing was wasted!



It was a short time, and we could only see things at a fast pace so, I want to go again and look at it at a slower pace yah.



Going out from the morning on a day with good weather, it felt very good ya know!
And so today was a day of energy☆






For my clothes today, it’s mmts’s sweats!
I want to take the survey for those on WEAR too so, look at it KAYーーーー!


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2018-09-01 20:26:20
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Today it was Hello!Con Final in Hiroshima prefecture!


Everyone who came, thank you so much ^ ^



For me, it was my last Hello!Con.
With Hello!Con finishing, summer also finished yahーーー( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )



Heisei’s final summer. My final summer spent as an idol.



Well it’s moving.!





My last Hello!Con but, for me, it didn’t really bring up any real feelings for it. Until before the real show.


With everyone, before the show doing our yell, there dance instructor Nacchan-sensei who I’ve een indebted to since I joined Morning Musume。 said to me, 「Iikubo, do your best on your last」.


These words from my sensei who was watching over me since joining from my first Hello!Con to my last Hello!Con, it hit right in my chest.




After that, when I was on standby too, the staff from the theater wings said, 「Iikubo, it’s your last huh〜」, expressly so! lol
Those staff too, everyonehasn’t changed the hwole time since I joined, and so, it made me kinda uneasy.
I intended not to cry but, everyone said I looked like I was gonna cry! lol




In that way since before the show I stood on stage warmed, seeing all the fans i nfront of my eyes, it burned my chest.


More than anything it’s a precious experience.
Really, it became my power!





Lastly, after the performance had finished, everyone in the venue did a 「Harunan call」 for me…!


Really, it made me really really happy!


Until the end, I listened to it.



The other Hello!Pro members too, everyone, listened from the wings for the Harunan calls to stop.
After that, they made an arch for me!
It was embarrassing but this too made me really happy (*´꒳`*)







A! One more really happy thing!



After it finished, well! Reirei, Kobushi Factory’s Inoue Rei-chan even came to my dressing room to take pictures♡!


A, A first…!♡



My oshi coming to me, so emotional…!
















Well you know!
Every performance, I got fan service from Reirei!


During Kobushi Factory’s 「Ashita Tenki ni Naare」 performance, watching from the wings, every time she’d give me eye contact…!
And so I always with that timing send a heart with my hands too (*´꒳`*)♡


It’s godly interaction〜〜



My oshi, today too it’s cute and a joy.




And you know, after coming to the dressing room you know, I ended up getting a selfish request!









With Reirei and Chiichan, a 3shotーーー(*´∀`*)!



Two blessings at once.



Morito Chiisaki-chan is my dear kouhai, Reirei is my oshi.


I got such a luxurious picture taken♡




Sheehs I have no regrets this summer! lol



From tomorrow it’s Heisei’s final autumn, here too let’s make lots of memories!




And speaking of autumn, my graduation performance has been scheduled!




12/16 SUNDAY.


FROM 17:00


We’re doing it at Nippon Budokan.




This autumn tour, the 15、16 Saturday/Sunday, Nippon Budokan performances!



Everyone from now please make an opening in your schedules kay




Aa〜, today was a good day yah (*´◒`*)





Tomorrow is various meet ups in Gifu☆
We’ll be waiting for you!



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#yando #USJ #GirlTrip #Kyoto Iikubo Haruna

2018-08-29 21:57:07
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Yesterday, commemorating Yantan’s 50th Anniversary 「Akashiya Sanma’s MBS Youngtown」 Public recording was heldーーーー(*´◒`*)



Well! The location was Osaka’s





Akashiya Sanma0san, Murakami Shoーji-san, Yokoyama Reina-chan, Morito Chisaki-chan, and myself, the 5 delivered it!
Everyone who came, thank you so much☆


And everyone who applied for it too, thank you so muchs!


This time, it seems like there were really lot who applied, if it were a conceert venue we’d probably do it! That’s how many people (゚ω゚)!



Just that for loving Youngtown Saturday, and with the timing that I could be present at a regular welcoming the 50th Anniversary, really I take pride in it.



With the 4 months left, I’ll do my best to make each and every thing precious!





The public recording yesterday will be broadcasting 9/1 so, by all means for sure, pleast listen to it kay (*´꒳`*)!






Yesterday evening was Yantan so, for the long awaited USJ! Yokoyama, Chiichan and I, went around there hanging out from the early morning〜〜♡!













H, happiness!!!!



For me, it’s my first time coming here adn getting to do Harry Potter, I wanted to come this whole time…


I love Harry Potter that’s why!!!!




WHen I was in middle school, after school I’d be set on reading Harry Potter in the library…!
(I’d be hanging out in the library the most… really, every day…)


I asked Mama, and she bought all the volumes of Happy Potter for home too〜




ANd so it’s summer but, we wore robes, and carried wands, it made me very happy!
Moving around the attractions, I cried ( ;∀;)
I’ve entered Hogwart’s School of Magic! Happiness!!!!
Seeing Siriusit frazzle frazzled me…Aa, remembering is painful.



Other things too, I went to Minions, Evangelion, and the Flying Dinosaur too〜〜!!



Wherever we went was just the height of technology, it was supremely fun…!



Minions, Gru is so cool I cried. lol
I oshi Gru!!


Eva, it was the most interesting!!
Yesterday I wrote a one piece with colors like Unit One! lol
I rode it with Chiichan but, being VR you can see in the space alone so it was scary, the whole time we were grasping hands (*´꒳`*) Banzai!


The Flying Dinosaur, it’s fun and went in a flash〜!
For me, really it was like I overcame these thrill rides lol lol



I didn’t play enough, I want to go again!









And yesterday you know…









Just like that I didn’t go home we stayed over in Kyoto (゚ω゚)






Well! Today is! Summer Vacation that’s why!



Yokoyama, Chiichan, and I, the 3 of us did a Girl’s trip in Kyoto〜〜!!














A perfectly private Kyoto trip♡




We went to Kiyomizudera, Eiga village, Arashiyama no Tenryuuji, Takebayashi〜〜!



It was fun… (*´꒳`*)


Oh my oh my, it was all kinds of comforting!
Thank you to the 2 of them too!



Including USJ I have ltos of pictures so for details I’ll write on the blog later kay!




On WEAR I’ll put up another shot too kay〜!
Breaking 470,000 followers, thank you so much!
I’m aiming for 500,000 (゚ω゚)
Look at it KAYーーーー☆



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2018-08-26 22:29:41
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Yesterday, today, was concerts in Nakano Sunplaza〜〜!




This morning, we got to appear on NipponTV 「24 Hour TV Ai wa Chikyuu wo Sukuu」 [tl: Love will save the world], and then to Hello!Con!











From the morning we’ve been filled with energy〜〜(*´◒`*)







Today for me, it’s my last Nakano Sunplaza.




Today’s Hello!Con, for the OG guest corner, Yasuda Kei-san, Yoshizawa Hitomi-san, Kago Ai-san, Tanaka Reina-san, and Suzuki Airi-san appeared and,



For Yasuda-san, Yoshizawa-san, Kago-san’s 「I WISH」 I got to do back dancing too
and for Tanaka-san’s 「Seishun Say A-HA」 I got to do back dancing too, that made me very happy.





Getting to be there for the three’s precious moments and,
getting to stand on stage with Tanaka-san for the first time in a while,
I felt just all kinds of feelings.



In the morning, at rehearsal when I got to see Yoshizawa-san, the moment my eyes met with Yoshizawa-san she came to me, and she gave me a hug Gyu.


While getting hugged she gave me words of encouragement… it really made me happy.( ; ; )




I can’t really say it well but well you know, we’re totally totally tied together yah. she said.


Keepーーon Keepーーon doing your best.


I felt that.



The past and the future, it’s KiraKira shining yah!









Today the 24 Hour TV and concert recording but, from this there isn’t shoots for a bit!


And so, the snack ban is lifted!


Thinking that, yesterday by myself, I bought some adult candy (*´◒`*)















This, with this small box there’s all kinds of enjoyable mini assortments.




Well you know, my family, when I was a child, i’d go shopping with Mama, and when she’d buy candy for me it’d always be


「For candy you’re limited to 100yen」


she’d tell me that.



And so, this puchi assortment, it’s over 100 yen, with the individual items, Ijust bought apollo and chocobabies!



Going shopping for snacks, each time I buy things but, I only occasionally get this type of assortment, I kinda missed it for a bit you know〜〜!



But! Now! Doing my best myself, I bought some!



that said it’s adult snacks〜(*´꒳`*) huhu


Which one should I eat, I’m eating them WakuWaku excited♡



I well, every day I want to intake chocolate, and so, holding back before shoots is tough!


Buying snacks, it’s always chocolate!



But well, for diets? there isn’t anything like chocolate right? Like some percent sugar-free like stuff!
I haven’t gotten my hands on anything like that you know〜〜


When on a diet, my motto is to not eat snacks at all so, it’d feel like a contradiction so I don’t touch it…
And even with less sugar chocolate is chocolate, it’s snacks you know!? That’s how I feel (`・ω・´)


At those times when I feel like I want to eat sweets, I go with snacks like fruits that I can take in vitamins from, or cookies that are microbiotics, and other things I can take in!



I hold back a lot for that, and so finally when I can eat snacks and I switch, it’s the best〜〜(*´◒`*)♡



That said!
Please permit me to eat them in the coming days♡ lol





Today for whatever reason I’m gonna sleep early!
I won’t be reading the pamphlet for 「Kimi no Namae de Boku wo Yonde」 over and over!
I won’t be reading 「Yakusoku no Neverland」 vol. 10!
All right!










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#KimiNoNamaeDeBokuWoYonde #CallMeByYourName Iikubo Haruna

2018-08-25 09:30:37
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Last night, Mogami Moga-san’s little sister and I together had our revenge on movies.


「Kimi no Namae de Boku wo Yonde」





…it was very very wonderful, it was a movie with a lingering effect.
Already, I can’t shake it from my head, for sure it’s it’s a movie of the year for me.



After it was finished too, my tears wouldn’t stop…



Call me by your name, call you by my name.
one thing I won’t forget…
















I got a pamphlet, and pre-ordered the Blu-ray too!



It’ll arrive on 9/20… it’s long ways away yah!!



Armie・Hammer was so cool



The world view , everything was beautiful, the music was wonderful too.



And the friends and family are wonderful…
Everything is wonderful…





I want to go to North Italy in summer! I got a new dream too lol lol



Getting a chance to see it, it was a delightful work!







Today I’ll be coming across even more delightful moments!
Hello!Con! I’m looking forward to it! I’ll do my best!



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