Day Off Make-up Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-14 21:37:25
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Today’s also a day off



And so, it’s day off make-up (*^^*)









For a day off, it’s difficult so I don’t draw the eyeline.
Or saying the difference, my eyeline looks a duller though huh! lol




Iーkubo-san lately, is going for orange make-up♪



What I’m using is NATURE REPUBLIC (ネイチャーリパブリック)’s


Orange color shadow stick (04)
Glossy lip (03)


That’s it (*´꒳`*)




With this shadow stick, I make before my eyebrows orange too, and in addition I’m doing it for my eyebrows too.


for my cheeks you know, I always do an inverted triangle below by meyes but I tried putting it on towards the center of my cheekbones (*´꒳`*)



This summer I intend to go with orange make-up〜☆






The place I headed towards after doing that kind of make-up is…



Animate♡ lol lol



For today, I went with a friend!
The one who told me about Yuri (*´꒳`*) Huhu
I always go alone so, it was time I went to Animate with a friend!



I got that we might each have mange we’re aiming for on the floor so, we went in with a Baーm, bought with a Baーm, and were finished in only 10 minutes. lol lol



With points I GOT a HoriMiya clear file too〜〜(*´◒`*)♡



(But after that because of the manga I bought, I got 4 more points so, I got it wrong and got a B6 notecard …_(:3 」∠)_)←



My friend had work so we were just together for 2 hours but, it was very fun (*´꒳`*)!!






Speaking of friends…


Today is my beloーーーーーved Nanba Shiho-san’s birthday♡!!









Shiho-san, Happy Birthdayーーー!



I see her just about every month so, I have lots of pictures and memories with Shiho-san♡



Shiho-san is just a big sister by 1 but, she knows lots of things, she’s really mature (*´-`)


And so, it’s easily to talk about various things, being together is calming〜〜!



We haven’t been able to see each other for a while so, I’m on a shortage of Shiho-san (´;ω;`)


This summe rI’m going to get busy so, if we could meet before that happens it’d be great huh…!



Shiho-san, I hope you have a fantastic birthdayーーーー








I’m really blessed with the people around me.


The friends of this industry are alーーl easy to talk to and are soothing, all the people are…


And talking, you gain more new knowledge and stuff, and that next time I’ll talk with the other members about it, it’d be great to give it to them I think (*´꒳`*)


Cause if I don’t there won’t be any fresh things when we’re together yah!








Today’s Iikubo (Yakults) VS Ayumin (Rakuten),



It seems Yakults wonーー!!!


We did itーーー!!!(´;ω;`)





My WEAR followers broke through 240,000!
I did itーーー!!!
Thank you so much (´;ω;`)♡



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YOSHIDA NAGI-san Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-13 23:14:43
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Today was a day off so, I hung out with a friend of some 15 years!



The movie 「22nenme no Kokuhaku -Watashi ga Satsujinhan Desu-」
[tl approx: “My 22nd Year Confession – I Am a Murderer”]


We went to see that!



It was really, really amusing!
The best!!!!


The flow of the story was very pretty and fresh, the most too, all of it was great (*≧∀≦*)


And at end of the end, it got really sad feeling too ( ; ; )



It was realllーーーーーy amusingggg!


This year I’m seeing just amusing movies☆



Teiichi no Guni, Otona no Jijou, Bijo to Yajuu… lately I’ve been seeing amusing movies♪









And after the movie, I went to the currently open YOSHIDA NAGI-san picture exhibit!!


It was great! It was open exactly on my day off!!!!



YOSHIDA NAGI-san, she appeared as photographer for a show I loved, 「Crazy Journey」!



Knowing I’ve seen Crazy Journey, I’m very charmed by YOSHIDA NAGI-san taking fantastic pictures.


Well for today, YOSHIDA NAGI-san herself was also around the hall too (*^^*)!!!










I got a signed thing too♡


I was really, nervoussss!!_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
She’s a very beautiful person with a fantastic smile!!!





The pictures YOSHIDA NAGI-san takes, all of them are colorful and cute, but in those each have a good, strong look and appearance of each of the people, being able to see the KirakKira sparkling smiles, I very much like it.


Getting the real feeling that the native dressing is pretty like this, YOSHIDA NAGI-san was the start!
It’s very stylish!!



The pictures and at the same time the features of the people, and they also have behind the scenes episodes from the shoots written too, it’s very deeply interesting!
I really wanted to buy the Suri tribe photobook too but… It wasn’t in stock ( ; ; )
At times like these, I who always ends up cutting really close to the stock, it’s now something I dislike ( ; ; )




For my close friend it was their first time getting to know YOSHIDA NAGI-san but, they were impressed by the picture exhibit and had fun so I’m glad (*^^*)♡




I took lots of pictures so, I’ll put them up later kay!






Ah, did you get to see yesterday’s 「MoMo Girl.」??


Wild delusions are fun, My mouth didn’t stop chatting (*´◒`*)



With all the people I appeared with too at first we were nervous but, after disclosing each of our wild delusions we ended up talking like we were friends who have always been close, it felt like this is the greatness of wildd delusion power☆ lol


Next week is Yaku’s last time too!
Please watch it for sure kayーーーー(*^^*)!






From today it’s Iikubo (Yakults) VS Ayumin (Rakuten).











The results…










Do your best Yakults!!!!








For my clothes today, I’ll put it up with a YOSHIDA NAGI exhibit different shot too kay♡
Look at it KAYーー!




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°C-ute-san Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-12 22:31:29






Today was °C-ute-san’s last concert.


We including Morning Musume。’17 as the Hello!Project Kouhai Group all got to participate as opening acts and for the last 「To Tomorrow」 (*^^*)




°C-ute-san’s concert, I watched it while thinking about nothing but burning it into my vision.



There’s lots of feelings I have for each person!


My beloved senpai.
My great senpai.


Frantically chasing away the feelings of loneliness fro the corners of my heart, I watched taking it in.



But, that cool look, that cute look, the beauty steadily I couldn’t help but be overflowing with tears.



Now with the concert over, I still can’t sort it out in my head but…



It was a fantastic concert!
°C-ute-san’s performance and, all of team °C-ute’s combined power, all of it was wonderful.


I’m sorry it’s all coming out in nothing every day words!
But really, that’s how it felt!




And Yajima Maimi-san said, 「I’m glad we got to bring along the kouhai to Saitama Super Arena」 and, getting to stand on Saitama Super Arena’s stage made me very happy.


When we appeared as an opening act, the venue’s size, the amount of people, ti overwhlemed me.
But.. it was really really fun!!



Even inside, above, from the stage I felt I should memorize the sensation.


For next time when Morning Musume。 does concerts.




I felt °C-ute-san’s greatness so of course, I felt I couldn’t be beaten with what I have.



I’m glad °C-ute-san’s kouhai could be there!


The 5 years we got to do activities together with Hello!Project, it is a treasure of a lifetime!!




Really, I’m filled with feelings but, it’s probably so much memories, it seems I can’t get them together so, I feel like I want to go with this here.


For all my feelings left, I’d be great if I get to talk about it some day on the radio or something you know.
More than writing composition I’m more skilled at talking that’s why (*^^*)



°C-ute-san, a Job Well Done on your 15 years!
And, thank you so much!!
I plan to love you forーーーever!






Lastly, sorry, but it’s something about me,
Please watch tonight’s TV Asahi 「MoMo Girl.」 kay〜〜(*´꒳`*)
Late night, from 1:56!



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A Long Composition Blog! Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-11 22:52:41






Theater Girl Troupe 「Pharaoh no Haka」


We’ve reached the grand finale (*^^*)!!



Everyone who came to see it, everyone who cheered for us, truly thank you so much.



It’ll get long so, today I’ll write specializing in my own role kay.




this time I got to perfrom in the role of Nella,
In story of struggling stadness, being remarkably cheery, occasionally couldn’t read the room, but a girl filled with love and respect without hate!




At the start of practice, I wanted you to just be a cheery person, that’s what director Oota-san said to me,
I really difficultly felt acting like a cheery person.


The lines written in the script, they’re just normal words lined up, talking normally you’ll be a normal person. Just how do you get “cheery” to come out… What do you do to give that impression… I was worried about it.


Compared to the other members roles, mine doesn’t have any tragedy so how to bring liveliness and put the variation in this big play was hard!


I’ve personally got some gloomy parts to me too so, all the more I don’t get cheery people.


But, first off I got told 「overkill!!」 it and to that point I’ll give all I have to move exaggeratedly! That’s what I felt.
And doing it like that I did trial and error and I was able to perform as this personality known as Nella (*^^*)!



This time, it wasn’t just barriers to the play like that, somehow during the play I had a solo song too!


Even among the lots of songs during the play, Nella’s song, is different from other songs, it’s a cheery comical song.
Choreography’s YOSHIKO-sensei, composition’s Wada-san, song coach Shinra-sensei, while being taught a lot from you all, I did my best!
On the topic of no matter what taking it seriously…
I was worrying about rhythm and tone so, going with the feelings there was really hard but
YOSHIKO-sensei told me, 「For this song, it’s Nella’s wild delusion show」, and it felt like my beloved wild delusions, I should show what it looks like flourishing my wild delusions with all I got!



Nella clashes with lots of issues and walls so, there’s a kinda special attachment to it, I felt like it’d be great if lots of you loved her (*´◒`*)!


And of course, for me I love plays!









Pharaoh no Haka, the bestーーーー!


For today, everyone, soundly sleep-Nellaーーー♡



And I, kinda influenced by Nella, felt that love and respect are great (*≧∀≦*)
I feel like next time I want to deliver lots of Iikubo Haruna’s love and respect♪





Today after finishing the finale, I ate with the members that could go♡








It’s the first time the 13ki 2 would participate in a meal party like this!


Play memories and, “actually I thought about it like this back stage,” and “we ended up doing it this way,” we talked about it lots, and time went by in such a flash〜〜(*^^*)!



I want to do, another meal party with the members♪






And today’s Iikubo (Yakults) VS Maーchan (lotte)…!!



for this Se・Pa Kouryuusen…



the Yakults got their first victoryーーー!!!!








I felt this excitement!!!!




And so today’s WEAR Yakult is done in a bit of an extravagant way☆
Look at it KAYーーーー(*´◒`*)!!






And lastly an announcement!


Tomorrow, Monday late night 1:56〜


TV Asahi’s 「MoMo Girl.」 I get to appear!


MoMo Girl Party! It was reallーーーy fun!


Nogizaka46 Takayama Kazumi-san
Togawa Reiko-san
Yanagi Miki-san


With Kazumin Reipon Mikitamu! Girls Talk♡


By all means please watch it kay (*´꒳`*)




Before that…
Tomorrow at last is °C-ute-san’s last concert.
I want to burn it into my vision, that’s how I feel.





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It’s peace huh〜〜 Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-10 21:57:00






Yesterday’s taxi driver story, it became net news, I was surprised☆


120 yen purin buying became news well, that’s peace huh (*´꒳`*)!





A, perhaps〜〜…









Maybe it’s because I wished for peace at Takaosan (*´◒`*) huhu



願叶輪潜 (Negaikanau-wakuguri) [tl note: the name of the stone, approx: Wish granting cycle in silence]



Well, I made loーーーts of wishes though yah! Greedily! lol



Among that, one thing was, that I want to make lots of fantastic memories with the members, I wished for that too.




It was announced yesterday but,
Country・Girls from this summer will be changing into a new organization.


After 6/30 when Tsugunaga Momoko-san will be graduated,
For Morito Chisaki-chan ・ Yanagawa Nanami-chan ・ Funaki Musubu-chan, will be transferring another group for their main activities, and will be concurrently in Country・Girls.


Yamaki Risa-chan・Ozeki Mai-chan will mainly be in Country・Girls, they will be doing activities aiming to do it together with school work.




Details are here





Not just Country・Girls, from this summer all of Hello!Project is changing.


Perhaps the 3 girls will become members of Morning Musume。 maybe…


I don’t know what kind of changes are happening yet but, not knowing whatever there might be, happened all the time up to this point!



Accepting that, I want to treasure the precious activities I have with the current 13 of us too!







Today’s Iikubo (Yakults) VS Maーchan (lotte) was…



once again a loss〜〜( ; ; )









A going wild showdown with Maーchan. lol



The 2 of us were both being wild too.






For my clothes today, my cap and Reebok’s Instapump Fury Sandals are the points〜〜(*´◒`*)
Look at it KAY!



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Warm and Fluffy (*´꒳`*) Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-09 22:51:11






It’s a recent event but,



getting out of the taxy, the driver went


「You did good so use this to buy something kay」


and gave me 120 yen (*´꒳`*)!



It really, surprised me! Happiness〜〜!
He was a kind older man (*´◒`*)


And so I do, gave him a cookie I had by chance in return☆




120 yen, what should I use it on〜 I was unsure about it but,


I bought a purin I’ve recently been into♡











Caramel purin♪



Eating it the first time it was yummy but, its’ been a while since I’ve gotten to eat it again♡



I was really enveloped by joyous feelings so, I should write blog about it〜〜 that’s how I felt♡ huhu







Speaking of joy








When I ate the grated yam zarusoba at the summit of Takaosan, it was a joy yuo know〜〜



After any achievement a yummy meal is the best huh


I love eating (*´꒳`*)!






Today’s Iikubo (Yakults) VS Maーchan (lotte) was a loss too〜〜( T_T)\(^-^ )




For my clothes today it’s black skinny pants♪
Look at it KAY〜〜(*´◒`*)





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It’s Been A While Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-08 22:06:59
Theme:Iikubo Haruna






Today before the play, I got to be DaraDara sluggish at home for the first time in a while.


After waking up, I watched the DVDs I borrowed at TSUTAYA, read 「Nanatsu no Daizai」 vol.26, I had a short nap and then got ready for 30 minutes (*´◒`*)



it was my first time in a while slacking off but, doing things I like 『reading manga』 『watching movies』 『sleeping』 doing those things, time went by in such a flash in the end you know.


Time went by so quickly so, I didn’t get to the manga I bought yesterday! lol









Climbing Takaosan time went so fast it wend by in a flash you know.



Before I knew it, even those we had finally reached the play opening day the other day, already there’s just half the performances gone W(`0`)W



Time is limited that’s why huh, doing lots of things you like, I lived having fun!







Today’s Iikubo (Yakults) VS Ikuta-san (Softbank) was,


0-15… complete defeat…







And so today is this kind of picture. (´;ω;`)






Today too it’s my clothes + holding a Yakult!
Look at it KAYー☆



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How to Enjoy Animate Alone Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-07 22:34:54
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For today, before the play I went to the Animate Ikebukuro main store.



There’s a movie I wanted to see that was only done at Ikebukuro,・Odaiba・Toyosu, so I saw it in Ikebukuro then to Animate ( ^ω^ )




Going to animate I always go alone but, looking around generally there’s lots of people who come with friends and it’s makes me feel a little lonely you know〜〜! lol


But that place, everyone are comrades or rather, I just arbitrarily feel that way but
listening to the conversations of the people around me, in my heart I respond with 「Yup yup, I get it〜〜!」←



The stairs and walls, the elevators and stuff just when there’s the characters you like, you end up smiling (*´꒳`*)


This 1 point is, saying you smile but it’s a smile you won’t get by appearance.


Coming alone, having my NiyaNiya grin seen is embarrassing so, the lower half of my face doesn’t really move.


The temple of my forehead moves and I smile!
And so, perhaps, I feel my eyes completely take on a kindness like the virgin mary (`・ω・´) Kiri sharp



…What am I saying huh. lol




By the way, today’s spoils are these here!


I didn’t have money on me, and I wanted to buy more but I couldn’t buy it!
I gotta go again ( T_T)\(^-^ )



Liar×Liar vol.9
Bokura no Kiseki vol.16
Adekan vol.1
Lychee Hikari Club
SSB Super Seishun Brothers vol.1, vol.2











And yesterday, the author of 「Sono Aidoru Kyuuketsuki ni Tsuki」 which I got to write the recommendation obi for, Natsu Samako-sensei gave me fantastic presents…!!


A Kokorin colored illustration!
A letter too ♡ And even body care goods too(*´-`)




It made me very happy!


Today too, checking Animate, the display being there made me end up grinning with all I had (*´◒`*)♡tehe



Coming home, I’m waiting for the Kokorin colored illustration to be in our living room☆ Joy〜!!


It’s hanging next to the colored illustration of 「Fukigen na Mononokean」’s Moja I got from Wazawa Kiri-sensei♡









Today’s (Yakults) VS Ikuta-san (Softbank)… we ended up losing again…









The member showdown is serious faces.



A sadness oozing serious face. lol




From today on WEAR, it’s my close + holding Yakult. lol
Look at it KAYーーーーー(*´-`)





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I Want To Play NieR Automata! Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-06 21:22:20
Theme:Iikubo Haruna








Yesterday was Takaosan talk but,
climing from the 6th route there were parts we had to climb a river.




In that river rolling about,













This, tree thing was alternating left and right.




This, it’s something I’ve only seen in games!!


In DraQue and stuff when climbing a river, there are woods and stuff that come out in places you have to cross in zigzags!!!


You get ir right??!



It was something I’ve only seen in games so, it got me kind of excited, it was really fun!! lol lol


Speaking of DraQue the special WEB clip for 11 coming out this summer, it’s very fantastic huh〜〜(*´◒`*)




Speaking of, I, for a long time haven’t been playing videogames and, (Biohazard is too scary I’m an expert at watching)


Now I very much want to play 「NieR:Automata (Niーa Aoーtomata)!!!


The visuals for the characters that appear are totally striking, I like it.


The androgyny, and the light colors!!!!


YoRHa Type B’s Thighs are the best.
YoRHa Type S’s shorts are the best.






I’m thinking I need to negotiate having the PS4 with Papa (`・ω・´)! Huhuhu








For today it’s Iikubo (Yakults) VS Ikuta-san (Softbank).









A good female expression showdown.











I won’t say exactly who’s going to win (ㆀ˘・з・˘) lol






It’s going on right as I’m writing the blog 1-1!!!



DokiDoki heart-pounding!!!!





….thinking about it, we lostttttt



That kind of stuff, it’s frustrating!? lol







It’s announcements☆


6/23’s Nippon Budokan Performance, it’s been scheduled to be broadcasted in it’s entirety live on BS Skypaー!-san (*´◒`*)


Details are here




Those of you who say “I can’t come to Nippon Budokanーーー(;_;)” by all menas please check it out from here♡


In movie theaters country-wide there’s live viewings too〜〜!





For my clothes today, I’m using a belt hoop ring♡
Look at it KAYーーーー!



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To Takaosan (*´-`) Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-05 20:22:35
Theme:Iikubo Haruna







Today was a day off so, with my friend the 2 of us went to climb Takaosan〜〜!!


It’s been a while since I’ve been to Takaosanお久しぶりの高尾山!









Being UkiUki cheery, in our bags we had drinks, garbage bags, snacks, onigiri, towels, sanitizing gel, pocket tissues, and wet tissues in it!




For Takaosan itself it’s be about 2 years for me but,


For walking up it without using the cable car, it’s been since high school!



This time is the first time we’re going up from the 6th route!


Through Biwataki and Ooyamabashi, to the summit☆



It felt really great〜〜(*´◒`*)♡


The current season has just hte exact temperature, and the wind felt great! A light coat was necessary!


Being surrounded by nature, enveloped by the fresh atmosphere, it feels like I’m getting to do my own publication! lol



I like mountain climbing, I get to feel lots of nature of course so,
the beauty of the scenery you can see after you do your best to climb and,
greeting people you happen to encounter, I like stuff like that♡


Today I said 「Good Afternoon」 a lot ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
From there breaking into conversation made me happy♪











Her and Mountain Climbing Now


You can use this




I tried going with the fad (´∀`*) huhu




My friend took lots of pictures for me so, now and then I’ll put them up kay!






For today’s WEAR, it’s a different shot too♪
Look at it KAYーーーー╰(*´︶`*)╯♡





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