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2018-10-22 21:54:02
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Morning Musume。’18


was selected for this year’s Japan Glasses Dresser Special Award〜〜!!!



Thank you so much (*´꒳`*)



Today was the award ceremony for taht and, we got to participate as selected members of Morning Musume。’18!









Fukumura Mizuki-san


Oda Sakura-chan


Makino Maria-chan


Yokoyama Reina-chan


Morito Chisaki-chan


And me, the 6 of us!





This time it was an award tiven to people they want to see doing activities with glasses and that said, I used show glasses comparatively more than usually and so I want to use them much more from now too I think (*´-`)



Immediately I took to it with my clothes today too〜♡









Yellow colored lens glasses ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡




Today, I got to look over the booths that had lots of glasses in front of the award ceremony and, there were aーーーll kinds, I felt like I want to try using lots more glasses now☆



Sunglasses too!



And so, please pay attention to my clothes I’m putting up on WEAR from here on too kay!♡


I’ll put up a different pattern picture of today too〜! Look at it KAY!




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#HelloFes2018 Iikubo Haruna


2018-10-21 22:14:17
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Everyone who came to the Satoyama Satoumi event, and Hello!Fes, thank you so much!!



It was an intense〜2 days but, now I’m heading home with a very fun mood☆



WIth the Team Opposition Singing Contest live, these 2 days came to a close but, Wada Ayaka-chan’s team and my unit


Morning Musume。’18’s Morito Chisaki-chan
Kobushi Factory’s Inoue Rei-chan
Tsubaki Factory’s Ozeki Risa-chan
Akiyama Mao-chan


and I, the 5 of us did our best as the unit named “Dear HONEY”!









Each person contributed to the team name, and it was chosen by anonymous pll but, unbelievably and unexpectedly HONEY got in there it made me very happy (´;ω;`)♡



What we showed was 「Gobaku〜We Can’t Go Back〜」 ー(*´◒`*)



I was n, nervouss〜〜〜〜!!!!



Wtih everyone we practiced countless times but, even then the real show I was nervous yah!


This time the unit decided, unit names, songs, staging, outfits, all was thought up by the members!



For our outfits, we had a genderless theme so everyone went with a pantstyle, cool, but, for our feet we added to feminity with pumps, it had that kind of feel (^^)!



And so with outfit types I don’t usually wear, we were fresh members weren’t we!?♡







And, Wada Ayaka-chan Team go the winーーー(*´◒`*)!




But really, with everyone who participlate, it was a fun event!


Watching how very fantastic all the teams were was really fun!!



For me it was my last event spending time with all the Hello!Project members but, getting a chance to connect with everyone like this in the end is something I’m glad for (*´-`)!♡♡♡♡










Twin tail Ayacho is so cute ( ;∀;)
Extreme oshi!!!! Cute!!! Love!!!!




Tomorrow there’s work that I’ve been nervous about again so I’ll do my best



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#FujikoAExhibit #HenKore #KamisamaDarake #Manga #NACK5 Iikubo Haruna


2018-10-18 21:34:43
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With Nakagawa Shouko-san, I got to go to the starting tomorrow Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ Exhibit -Ⓐ’s Strange Collection-‘s reception party (*´◒`*)









Moguro Fukuzou!!!!



The bar, the demon’s nest!!!!




There were lots of photospots, or rather the broad-mindedness to have all the good spots to take!!!



It’s incredible fun


For me when it coems to Fujiko Fujio A-sensei’s works, I’ve only read 「WaraUseErusuman」 so, at the goods corner I ended up buying manga♡


YukuYuku is 「Manga Road」, I’m reading it too!!











With Fujiko Fujio A-sensei!



His speech is very interesting too, really a playful person (*´-`)!!


Unbelievably this person drew works with this kind of power somehow…!
Amazing, so amazing…!!!





Moreover you know… it’s oh my… getting to meet with him…!!





And Araki Hirohiku-sensei!!!!!!!!





And Urasawa Naoki-sensei!!!!!!!





And Nagai Go-sensei!!!!!!!





Suddenly in front of me… I was panicked…





Simply, all I could say was 「I like you」…



Even though I fantasized the lots of things I’d want to say if I got to meet them… in actuality the best I could do was say that one thing…



But getting to meet them was a joy…!




Living I get to meet you…!



I should live a long life…!!






After that, NACK5「Nutty Radio Show THE Tamashii」 with Nonaka Miki-chan we get to appear lifeー!



By all means please watch kay♡





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#KarePhone #ShounenJump #GekkanEntame Iikubo Haruna


2018-10-16 15:33:00
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The other day, I went to see Suzuki Osamu-san’s play 「KarePhone」!
A play starting Kawaei Rina-san, Hirose Tomoki-san.




It was supremely funny!!!!



There’s lots of scenes that make you laught too but, more than that I tried. I bawled out!


I tried I was drawn in myself, while thinking I’m so sorry to the people next to me, I was all Zuーzuー. lol



Uwaーーー, if I had the schedule, I’d want to go see it one more time!!!!
But I can’t go so, instead, I handed over allowance to our family’s second daugther and recommended she go see it lol lol






In this week’s Weekly Shounen Jump!
I, Iikubo, make an appearanceーーー(*゚∀゚*)


I get to appear in that Shounen Jump, well! It makes me happy


Moreover, I’m in it before my beloved 「Haikyuー‼︎」♡



By all means please check it out kay(*´◒`*)






Lately it’s gotten cold huh _(:3」z)_



Already at home I’m sleeping in MokoMoko fluffy pajamas!











Lately it seems like a cold coming from the throat has been going around so, let’s take care of our health kay!




Today, I did shoots for bus tour goods but…



Huhuhuhu, I feel like we took lots of cute shots (*´꒳`*)


Morito Chiichan and Inoue Reirei are coming as guest but, I want to make a time for jus the fans and me too you knowー(*´-`)



I’m talking about it with all kinds of stuff so please look forward to it☆



The applications are until the 25th of this monthー!







Yesterday, I had a conversation with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan!









On the 10/30 release of 「Gekkan Entame」☆



We don’t get to have conversations sessions often so it’s refreshing, we have a la〜x talk like we always do so I’m looking forward to it releasing (*´◒`*)



The birthday event with Aya-chan too, we’re thinking about the songs and stuff




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#GraduationMemorial #LIVEDAPUMP2018THANX Iikubo Haruna


2018-10-11 18:23:24
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Yesterday, my graduation memorial CM was released.





[tl note: This is a thumbnail for a youtube video, please go to her blog page to view]





It’ll be selling from this weekend’s Fukuoka prefecture concert venue (*´꒳`*)


By all means, please give me your support!






And last night, together with Nakagawa Shouko-san we got to go see a DA PUMP-san concert together!



From beginning to end it was really exciting, it was a supremely fun live!!!







The production and MC were fun too!


Including the filler between songs, there wasn’t any bordeom time at all, it was a dream stage the whoーーーーle time.



The ability of everyoen just dancing and just singing like that, the overwhelming heat, there’s lots of songs I learned that give a chance for that too,
I want DA PUMP-san’s best album releasing 12/12! I’ll buy it!!











A picture with everyone after the show (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))




Even after moving like that, everyone was refreshing and kind!


YORI-san knew about my graduation that made me happy (*´-`)


If they could come hang out at our Morning Musume。’18 concert that’d totally make me happy!










An amazing cake!



Once again, getting to do a collabo was a great asset yah!




I’ll do our best in our concerts this weekend too



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#BusTour #SpreadingHope #Conjecture Iikubo Haruna


2018-10-09 18:54:31
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˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚

Details for the On 11/26, 27 held fanclub bus tour has been announced♡



『Morning Days Happy Holiday Iikubo Haruna Fanclub Tour in Kinugawa』










Morito Chisaki


Inoue Rei


I know what everyone wants to say.





Abuse of Authority.



Selfish Desires.



Corporate Conjecture.





That’s right, it’s a bus toru for Harunan!←





Unbelievably it’s reality!





When I got to talk about a bus tour I said I wanted to do it with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan but becauseo f our schedules we couldn’t make that happen… Aya-chan gets to appear at my birthday event though


They asked is there anyone else you want to go together with?


「Mmー. I won’t happen you know, It’d be both Chiichan and Reirei…(*´-`)」









It came true.












By the way the 1st day’s guest is Chiichan


The 2nd day is guest Reirei



That’s it!



Details are here!




















But mainly it’s my last Morning Musume。 bus tour!


I’m thinking up all kinds of things including outfit included goods too (*´꒳`*)



The deadline is 10/25!
That’s relatively soon!




Please come hang out♡



And please stop my rampage…←




I’m thinking about fun plans so, by all means wait for us(*´꒳`*)





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#ThatDayMusume。 #In1Week! Iikubo Haruna


2018-10-08 21:57:17
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The Ehime Prefecture concerts are finished!
Everyone who came, thank you so much〜(*´◒`*)♡


It was incredibly fun!


In the morning, with everyone we went to the hotel’s breakfast buffet, from the morning we were WaiWai cheerily having fun drinking POM juice, we got even more energetic★









A one panel from the day.




At the shoots they said, please line upー, and during that time, for wahtever reason, everyone line up fasing backwards yah. Why’d we do that I wonder.



It’s that kind of one panel. lol















In about 1 hour it’s the deadline for applications for my brithday event!


Those of you who haven’t by all means (*≧∀≦*)



Details are here!






Tonight 24:11〜, TBS’s DramaNavi, by all means please watch it kayー!


Yesterday’s broadcasted part too, you can watch it on the free portal app TVer (*´◒`*)!




Tonight, sleeping early, I’m gonna rest my body that’s moved 3 days worth★



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#NonakaHapiBir #GreatLove #DramaNavi Iikubo Haruna


2018-10-08 00:06:37
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Today is Nonaka Miki-chan’s birthdayー(*´◒`*)!



Nonaka Happy Birthday!








Between performances we celebrated〜!!



Nonaka, today she was nervous like never before, her being flustered was adorable (=´∀`)


One of Nonaka’s goals for 19 is, to be a person holding even more, something like htat so
I think I want to look forward to Nonaka showing extra expressions♡




The concerts at today’s Hiroshima and, yesterday’s Kagawa were fired up and funーーーーーー!!!!


Tomorrow is Ehime!
I want to have fun here too っ(*゚∀゚*)







I’m sorry!
I missed the chance to announce it but, the other day’s recording
was for TBS「Friday Drama『Dairen’ai〜Boku wo Wasureru Kimi to』」[tl: Great Love ~ With you who’s forgotten me]’s Dramanavi show that was on air today (>人<;)




Tomorrow it’s one air tooー!
Tomorrow night 24:11〜(^^)


Details are here!




I don’t know where during the broadcast it’ll play so, by all means please check there ♡








And tomorrow at last!(The day changed so today)
It’s my birthday event application’s deadline dayーーーーーW(`0`)W








A birthday event I get to spend with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan☆



By all means I feel like I should get fired up with everyone so, please come hang out kay (*´꒳`*)♡



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#HappyAnnouncement #GreatLove Iikubo Haruna


2018-10-05 11:12:25
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Yesterday, I got to see a sneakpeek at TBS「Friday Drama 『Dairen’ai〜 Boku wo Wasureru Kimi to』」 [tl: Great Love~ With You Who have Forgotten Me] (*´◒`*)♡


This situation was broadcasted on TBS’s DramaNavi program!
The drama, it’s very very…interestingーーー(*≧∀≦*)!!


When the on air day is scheduled I’ll announce it again kay.












My WEAR followers just passed 500,000!


Thank you so much ^ ^!


From here on too I’ll be updating it steadily kayー☆







For everyone, I have a happy announcement!!






On 11/26(Mon)27(Tue)









A Bus Tour

Is scheduledーーーーー!!

It makes me very happy (*´◒`*)!




Moreover you know…


Those fellow members are coming along!!



Who could it beーーー?( ^ω^ )


Including the fellow members, details will be announced on 10/9 on the Fanclub WEB site♡



At the same time applications are starting tooー!





November has my birthday event,
Mexico appearance,
New York’s Anisong World Festival,
Even more now a bus tour!


It’ll be a month will all kinds of things☆


I’m very much looking forward to ittt




By the way, birthday event applications are until the 8th!


Those of you who haven’t yet here!
Iikubo wondering how she’d live if people didn’t gather up for it (*゚∀゚*)





Lastly I’ll deliver some soothing kay♡













_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


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#Hakone #HoshiNoOuji-sama #HoshiNoOuji-SamaMuseum Iikubo Haruna


2018-10-03 19:23:36
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Yesterday, with a bullet I went on a trip to Hakone ( ^ω^ )♡










Hoshi no Ouji-sama Museum♡




Recently, I tried reading books, and to start I read 「Hoshi no Ouji-sama」.


I read it once when I was an elementary schooler, but I only read to the first sheep picture drawing part. Really the beginning of the beginning. lol



But trying to read it now having become an adult, the word hit right in the chest, just the episodes
I was like, Why haven’t I haven’t I read this work up to now…!.



As a children’s blook it’s often in school libraries but, for me I felt like it’s a book which has a lot it wants to deliver to adults as well. Really it’s a precious thing in many ways.
Seeing the innocent prince learn lots of things, at first with a blunt cool image(San=degujuperi)[tl note: Saint-Exupery] seeing him warmly change, it really warmed the heart. I cried〜




With that, reading this 「Hoshi no Ouji-sama」 quickly in the 2 weeks, Not able to sit still I worked my way to Hakone’s Hoshi no Ouji-sama Museum right away. lol












It’s a work that I want people who haven’t read it yet to read by all means (*´◒`*)


I know it now but, I’m glad I learned!




The Hoshi no Ouji-sama Museum, primarily introduces the author San=degujuperi so, there were less 「Hoshi no Ouji-sama」 things than I had thought but even with that it was sufficiently soothing♡


I ended up buying all kinds of notebooks and stuff for myself (*´꒳`*)



I’m thinking I should buy the book again but, I couldn’t find the japanese translation of the book I read so I’ve gotta look again and I’ll get it I think!




It ended up being a good break〜!




I’m updating on WEAR too so look at it KAY♡


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