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2019-02-13 17:03:43













Morning Musume。’19, they’re recruiting new members!


The application deadline is soon 😮💨



For me too 2 months ago, I was acting as a current member but, I think our strengths are our individuality and our earnestness!


Not a single person is concealed!
Everyone is everyone, finding what is different from each other, looking for solutions while doing our best, but to make it in our performances, we tightly bring it together (*´꒳`*)


Having the same goals, the power we come together means we won’t be defeated anywhere!





You might feel uneasy but, the members will save you!



By all means please try and challenge yourself ☺️💓









A picture being saved from falling down stairs 🙋🏻‍♀️ lol










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2019-02-12 12:25:02








The other day, I got to go see the play Niigaki Risa-san is performing in, 「Tsuki no Tani Akai Ishi」 Part Akai Ishi [tl approx: Moon Valley, Red Stone Part Red Stone]!








It’s been a while Niigaki-san ♡




Niigaki-san’s intensity is amazing.
No, it’s not just Niigaki-san the fire from all of the cast was constantly overwhelming!!!!


The story was very interesting…
I cried so much for reasons I don’t know!



Really, it was cool…!!!


My goosebumps wouldn’t stop from that coollness, I was nothing but impressed!!




The play continues until this weekend!
Everyone, by all means please try go to see it.
You should totally go see it!



And Niigaki-san, please take care until the finale 🥺








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2019-01-28 17:23:19







I ended up taking a break from updates💦



Hongdae memories continue〜!




After I bought clothes and accessories, to a cafe♡



South Korea, it has lots of these so-called “Instabae [tl approx: Insta-shine/show-off]” like cute cafes〜!


Even in Japan there’s lots of cafe’s bursting with South Korea you know ☺️



But I thought since I made the effort I should go to a cafe that hasn’t come to Japan yet, so I ended up at,


















There, all of the menu includes mint〜!!











It’s amazing isn’t it?
This color!


It’s mint oreo cheesecake♡











I ordered it with a mint chocolate latte as a set ☺️




The impact of its appearance is amazing but, all the menu items in South Korean cafes are really yummy😮❣️


Before that I ate a rainbow mille-feuille and that was yummy too!












This you know! lol




It’s overflowing with everything so yummy that I wanted to repeat it〜(*´◒`*)





And so at MINT HEIM I ended up buying mint chocolate as a souvenir for myself♡













I’m eating it bit by bit 🍃💕






And I bought skincare goods at Hongdae too.











Dr.Geo Series♡




It’s products sold at South Korea’s Daisoー and, it’s popularity was good so I ended up getting it ☺️💓



In total there’s 8 kings but, I just bought 5 kinds!


THe 5th kind is Shika-cream(Revitalizing Cream), just that one I bought 2



The feeling using it, I felt like it makes me skin condition better so I should’ve bought more you know 😮💦


Next time I gotta buy more〜〜♪





The South Korea Trip Day 2 still continues…














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2019-01-22 17:18:11







Today with shoots finished earliy,
I was spending time in the hotel the whole time but,
I brought the fan letters I haven’t finished reading yet from home with me so I was reading them.
They’re always being gathered for me so, in them, there are those written from before I announced my graduation,
those feelings too,
like water soaking into the ground bit by bit, Pota, Pota, it penetrated into me.


Slowly penetrating my heart,
This kinda tenderness, warmth, and kindness,
more than the grandly shocking happiness too, the tears won’t stop you know
The tears flowed but, in the flowing, Pota, Pota, it penetrates so, I didn’t know what to do if I should stop.



Getting written fan letters, it’s not just the feelings of the person who wrote it, it’s the fine details written about the concerts and events from the times they came so
I recall those KiraKira sparkling moments




I don’t have regrets graduating


But these feelings, what kind of sentiment they have, I don’t know, it’s perplexing.



It’s different from loneliness, different from painful, different from wanting to go back too.


I want to go back, it’s not that but, Aa, I want to see it again you know, I want to experience it you know, my body wants to feel it you know, that.


The brilliance of time you know.



I’m writing with all the time right now so, it’s not settling down….


No matter when, forever, I feel like I’m being supported by the fans







This mornign I saw it, the morning star.


For the fans, when it comes to me, the morning star will be the evening star too you know (^^)




Oyapuminasai ★彡









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2019-01-22 07:55:57






For my South Korea trip’s 2nd day, around the afternoon I left the hotel and headed to 弘大(Hongdae)!


A place with the energy of overflowing youth!




First off, let’s eat brunch, so I headed to the place called 「OU」☺️










Even by myself it was easy to go to too, even thoguh you can’t really communicate with Japanese, the menu had the plates in them so ordering was easy!


All of the sides were supremely yummy, a delight〜☺️🌸🌸






From there I moved to the “street I want to walk”, and to this landmark shop!










The shop called LIZE AND MILKCOCOA!


Last year, when I went on my trip to South Korea with Wada Ayaka-chan we found it, all of the clothes there was very cute so I wanted to come here again〜💓


It wasn’t just the front I was determined to see on the street I want to walk, it’s in a side road just a liーーーーttle bit but, well if you’re looking around restlessly, I think you’ll find it ☺️👏🏻 lol





The spoils from there☆









A flower pattern one piece dress and, a simple〜 shirt!



The one piece dress, it was very cute one of my favorites♡


The other day, when I went on a date with Nanba Shiho-san I went wearing it and got praised〜☺️💓
I put it up on Instagram and WEAR so by all means!








Another recommended shop!



It’s shop named Time and Space but, inside the shop it’s very frank〜!










Both sides, have items of matching colors and genre on display,
but the material feel is different so, even though they seem like the same item, it’s not the same thing lined up 😮



Those who want to pick their clothes carefully obsessing over each and every thing might like it!



I just bought this accessory there ☺️








Piercing and ring set.



Simple but cute it’s one of my favorites✨
But I still haven’t worn it yet so, when the time with shoots finishes I’ll put it on〜♪




I still have memories from Hongdae so look forward to it




To be continued…




Oyapuminasai ★彡













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2019-01-19 21:02:51







For the first day of my South Korea trip, after finishing my sthopping and meal in Garosu-gil, I went to 明洞(Myeong-dong) to the spa ☺️💨💨





My first spa!😮🌸🌸




































Fliging out what I had on me, I put on a gown and went in





First off a footbath with tea, for a relaxing breather.







After that, I lied on a bed, and there, I too koff that gown as they do you know.







Sheesh, I laid bare.




















It was embarrassing!!!!!!!







The staff was women but, even that of course was embarrassing you know〜!


But right away they had gaven me a towel 💨





For me, for 60 minutes they did just my face!



It was deep cleansing so, it had facial treatment, and even a scalp massage 👏🏻



It felt great suyaa(´-`).。oO
I slept! lol











It was at the Royal Hotel Seoul’s basement 1st floor, I got it done at ELEMENT SPA!



My friends from South Korea had told me that it this place was kinda popular〜!😮✨



It had a very courteous good feel so, when I go to South Korea again I want to go there, that’s how I felt ☺️🌸🌸











Myeong-dong sell looks like Christmas〜






To be continued…



















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2019-01-17 19:00:05







The other day, I went on a two night, three day South Korea trip〜☺️



Wewewelll by myself!!!


My first solo time overseas, it was HaraHaraDokiDoki heart-racing💓 but, I totally felt like I wanted to try going somewhere alone so


I should go to South Korea the most frequently visited place overseas!
And, I have some South Korean friends I haven’t seen in a while so with that too, I decided on South Korea〜🐝



But, South Korea right now, the air is bad! They said 😰
With information I got from Instagram and Twitter I bought masks!















The world is pure white!





I heard it’s really cold so I went properly with cold prevention measures!






The 1st Day,



I arrived at Incheon Airport at 14:00!



I stayed at the hotel near the Seoul train station but, confused by the various procedures, by the time I arrived at the hotel it was 16:30〜🤣🤣🤣


I rested for about 1 hour then,to Garosu-gil!










Garosu-gil, there’s lots of cute clothing stores thereー!


There aren’t cheap stores though,
Well it’s about the same as Japan!
But South Korean clothes all of the designs are cute, the focus on fabric and stuff is great too…!














I bought 3 outfits from Garosu-gil♡




From a store called Kim’s Boutique ☺️!


A shirt and skirt that can be setup, and a high waist good looking style one piece♡



This store, they have lots of retro cute clothes, it was overflowing with colors and patterns that seem feminine 💓





And entering the right store, it was dinner!








I didn’t know what to order but, somehow it looks like I got this cheese kimchi thing!


In any case it was big…!
I ordered small but even then it’s 2 people’s worth…! lol


But it was really yummy ☺️☺️☺️









To be continued…













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2019-01-13 21:52:00








Today was a day off! And so I hung out with membership diner 「84」’s shop manager・Choーkan〜!!


We’re good friends (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))








First off, to eat ramen at DaiIchiAsahi-san🌸











I order a large ramen, with boiled eggs♡


I ate my fill〜☺️☺️☺️



It was really yummy (*´∇`*)!!












I said it earlier yah, lots of pictures! lol





Then going to 84 I got coffee〜











After that, we joined up with all the 84 shop people and went to see Rainbow-san’s solo live〜!












Not me!



…pretty ☺️




The picture, from the left, Choーkan, Sanekata-san, Me, Tomo-chan, Ikeda-san, Maki-san.


Choーkan and Rainbow Ikeda-san are like parent and child, they’re close friends, it was suprising 😮










The live, I had the best laughs!
It was really funny!!


It’s been a while since I laughed loudly yah 〜😆😆!
Ikeda-san’s Instagram’s people picture book, it’s very funny but, appearing as a character there, I was WakuTeka exciting〜🥳
And Sunekata-san’s Ee voice! lol lol




After the live, dinner with Choーkan, Tomo-chan, and Choーkan’s friend Moritty-san!









The store specialty・fresh mackerel!


SakuSaku Crispy! FuwaFuwa fluffy!










Chicken salt nabe!

















Not filling up taking pictures but… in any case I ate.



Just for a bit, I’ll be starting a diet←











Moritty-san, is from Game Freak, the company that makes Pokemon games〜!


Choーkan’s face widening was so amazing…!


As someone who likes history, the stories were very interesting!
Food, repaying debts, talking about I’ll do my best so that one day we can do work together 💨💨💨



It was a very rich, fun day ☺️
Choーkan, thank you for inviting me (*´∇`*)!




Well then!


Oyapuminasai ★彡









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2019-01-11 21:46:11









Yesterday’s date was with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan 💓









On Twitter I put up other pictures too but, speaking of that, “I didn’t take any pictures today you know,” and so in a rushI took these 🤣



Next time, I’ll put up properly taken pictures you know ☺️!



Meeting we alwasy don’t stop talking, it’s very fun, and comforting (*´◒`*)
Just meeting my heart gets energized!



I want to spent time all the time, constantly yah(*´꒳`*)






And yesterday’s 3 kinds of pictures, I can’t describe what I saw in the comments. the ratio and the popularity 😮


Even though no one could tell yah! lol






That said(?)



With the same nuance, I’ll put up a picture I took today kay Tehe














And, this blog, it was chosen for Decembers Rookie Awards…!



Details are here



I’m happy, thank you so much✨




I feel like the update frequency was low though…



Up to 1 year ago, I was writing blogs roughly every day.
But, my heart didn’t have the energy for it a bit, I wanted to write when I could but, I didn’t know what I should write. Not knowing what to write, writing, writing, it continued to get nonsensical. I didn’t have pictures I could take too, I didn’t have pictures I could put on the blog, and that said I couldn’t write any sentences…
Just starting to work on them I got frazzled.


Now once again, when writing this blog, I feel like I should put my spirit into it but,


This time being chosen for the Rookie Award like this, I was happy, I felt like I want to do my best.


In my own way, I want to deliver 💨


Again, from here on, please give me your support (*´-`)






Well then!


Oyapuminasai ★彡











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2019-01-10 16:38:19








Tonight I met with that beloved girl and, having so much time I took pics 😮


Proper, serious, just whatever ones.

































A whatever one.




Which do you like 😈?


By the way the eye shadow and eyesack I’m using today is innisfree-san. It’s got big lame〜




For other cosmetics I’m usually using, I’ll put them up again later kay♡



Oyapuminasai ★彡








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