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It’s gotten pretty warm, it’s felt like spings come huh ☺️


Everyone, how is your new lifestyle going?



For me, the end of March was the end of continous days of shoots, entering into April there were closing parties that happened right away 💨
Up to now, when I was in a group there weren’t closing parties so it was refreshing〜🌸



With one shoot finishing, I’ve gotten a pretty comfortable schedule until the next one so this month I have some flexibility!


And so, I went flower viewing and had a picnic ☺️🌸









I spend time with my little sister and my sister’s child constantly you know〜🌈




But from this month I’ll be able to show myself in front of everyone now and then〜!


First of, CBC TV 「Chant!」’s Wednesday Corner “Osharesanpo”, I’ve been scheduled to be the alternating week regular 💓


The other day, I went on location with Kondou Chihiro-san〜〜!!


Look forward to the broadcast ❤️




And on 4/20 a Kumamoto TGC appearance is scheduled〜〜(*´꒳`*)!


Waaーーーー, I’m gonna end up walking the runwayーーー☺️☺️☺️



From my Morning time, It’s like I’m linked to Kumamoto yah🐝👏🏻



I’m nervous but, the feeling of anticipation is strong ✨
Those going to Kumamoto TGC〜, let’s have fun kay 🌸




Even so just recently, I unexpectedly came across happy work things so look forward to when I can announec that laterー✨✨










I’ll finish with this picture of an incomplete picture taken by my little sister kay 🙋🏻‍♀️ tehe












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Metro Rakuda “Hall & Live House” TOUR 2019〜 Standing and Sitting, Rakuda all you like〜


I went to Nakano Sunplaza.











Making my way to their live venue for the 2nd time, since 2015.


Up to now I’ve totally wanted to go but, I wanted to go to the Budokan one but, my whole schedule was covered and I couldn’t go so, really it’s been a while!



But the impressions I felt 4 years ago and the impressions I felt today, in a good way they haven’t changed.


It was a live with heat I could taste that felt so fresh it was like is this my first time seeing it?!




Already it’s really the best!!
Of coures all the songs were really very good too but, going through the setlist and stuff, while they were playing too each and every song has meaning.


For the tour this time, they did live houses and halls too but, I wonder why they chose the hall for the lives too.


Not just the songs but the way they were spinning words was all fantastic you know.


And during vocalist Shibuya-san’s talk the BGM playing from Yanagisawa-san, well, I wanted to say it sounded sly. lol




Countless times over and over, talking about all kinds of bits but


My view of life changed thanks to SUPER BEAVER-san’s song.




Today too, once again, I learned a new motivation and way of thinking, I felt like here on it’ll have an effect yah.



Haa… I like it.




By all means please try listening to them ☺️





Ah, by the way, it’s been a whilesince we met and I have pink hari so they were surprised, but, really, I’m not going delinquent 🙋🏻‍♀️ lol lol









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The other day, with Morning Musume。’19’s Fukumura Mizuki-san, Ishida Ayumi-chan, Nonaka Miki-chan, Morito Chisaki-chan


we had a sleepover at my grandma-chan’s house〜〜☺️🌸🌸









(Iikubo from her contact has a cornea injury)




Nonaka and Chiichan, we had just met 1、2 weeks ago, and with Fukumura-san and Ayumin we just had a sleepover in January so
With everyone it hasn’t felt like this in a whileー🤣 lol



UtaCon finished they came, I thought they would be fatigued but they totally didn’t sleep!!


Even though for spring tour rehearsals they were awake at 8 in the morning! lol



They were totally energetic and did nothing but talk 💓



Aーーーーー, I laughed!!!!



It was extremely fun ☺️💕💕💕













Cute Cute ☺️



Directly she asked, 「please pet me」.


Immediately I replied okay.



Of course yahー, we have a bond fostered over many years so this was 🤤🤤🤤 tehe





The futon wasn’t 3 set so, we were huddled with everyone,


2 were on one futon


3 were on two futon, it was like that so


we split it doing rock and paper.




Fukumura-san and Ayumin, AyuMizuki were on one futon,
Nonaka Chiichan and I the 3 of us were on the two futonー🌸




Here Chiichan slept in the middle, and so, resultingly we slept next to each otherー🤤💕 lol










People doing their morning wake up stretches. lol lol







By the way the other night I met with Suzuki Kanon-san 💓










With Nonsan we really laughed 🤣🤣🤣


It’s the best!!!!




Haa, we had such a delightful time〜〜🙋🏻‍♀️❤️❤️










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2019-02-22 09:18:58







What I thought about the responses to yesterday’s blog and tweets that I saw.
First off for this talk, I didn’t have anyone in particular I was writing about, I feel like I’m fine with those that get it. It’s fine for those who haven’t experienced this kind of thing before so, it’s okay if you can’t understand or you can’t sympathize.
And so for those who can’t sympathize, you won’t have to have such troublesome talks like this you know! lol lol
But, I feel like it’d be good to bring it across for whose who “understand” even a little, and with those feelings I’m writing this.




The comments from thoes who are worried and sympathize, I feel like they’re very kind.
The people who are there looking at this from here on too, that becomes power for me!
Of course the opinions from those who don’t sympathize, that’s true too, those thoughts, and considerations that exist too, I plan to learn from them!




Here and there, “I’m sorry I be helped when I’m crushed,” and, ‘I’m sorry I’m powerless,” I get those kind of things but, please don’t think of it that way. That kind of stuff isn’t even 1 milli of it!
For me, constantly, it’s the fans that support me!
I said it when I graduated too but, for me, I love my fans!




More than everyone feels too, from my perspective, I don’t see my fans are a big lump sum, they are each individual people.
I don’t know if I can get across the bit I want to say though lol
You aren’t a bundle! Is it.
Each and every person is important!





And you know, when it’s tough, what I immerse myself into is make-up but, with that, the make-up techniques I’ve obtained up to now, even now it’s been useful, I like doing make-up, and I like doing deep make-up myself!
And for me, I don’t particularly like looking at my own videos and pictures from the past but, since I’ve begun to do research in make-up, I’ve seen the things I like from those times myself!
And so the result is that this stuff becomes a plus for me〜☺️


My fixation with make-up too, I feel like that’s something I want to write a blog about at some point later!






Regarding 「Are you okay?」 and 「Do your best」, you might be thinking well what other thing should you say instead?
But, for me at those times, the thing that saved me the most are the positive words, 「I love you」 and 「I’m supporting you」.
The words I take in myself, the positive things made me very happy. It’s because it felt like you’re watching me like this.
The other comments I felt like, ah I see were, those saying 「Is this bad?」「Does it seem impossible?」 stuff like that.
If you realized you were close to someone who seemed like they were gonna get crushed, in what way would you try to take care of them, I think about that. That they say is something easy to say regardless of how good or bad your relationship is.



But the number one thing, the thing that up to now we haven’t fallen into.
This is, I think that it’s not the people around you noticing you that’s important.
You have to be careful that you yourself don’t get to that point.
Badly depending on others, badly relying on others, I think there’s lots of people like that. For those that realize it, I think there are people who think about it happily while people act like they’re okay.
And so venting gas is important.
For me who was weak, I feel like I couldn’t do that well but, gaining experience, I want to convey it.


And so, if the people around me are worried, I myself probably get the saddest?
So up to now I’ve acted in a way so that wouldn’t happen. you know ☆





That’s what I’ve thought about since I woke up this morning!





A, that thing I thought was important talking with Sanma-san earlier on Yantan was



Things that aren’t interesting, if you can’t take them in interestingly, it’s no good. With life or with anything.
There’s lots of uninteresting things, that’s living.
How will you live with that uninteresting stuff?
Cause leaving aside the interesting parts is interesting.



We talked about that kind of stuff.




And so, building up your strength changing in yourself, living I feel that can make it a little fun.
It’s a wise saying〜〜




That’s all!

















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I tweeted it earlier but,
Starting to write I end up wanting to supplement it with all kinds of things, but I thought that would lead to even more tweets so, I’ll write a blog kay! lol


This blog, a lot of my fans can see it this way so, it’ll be fine for just people who know about it!







Right now, I’m in a very good mood but
there’s things from when I was an active member that’s gotten to me too.
All kindsof things have gotten me kinda down, I end up thinking about things I shouldn’t think about, and I get in on myself



Ah, that’s the influence of putting on really dark make up that one time! lol
Why did I bring out that make up! lol lol







Someー time ago yah, I was told at handshake events.
From here on I’ll be a 〇〇-oshi kay, they said.
Harunan, you seem like you’ll be okay solo but, 〇〇 is weak so we have to protect her, they said.
But that member has lots of people around them.
I had thoughts that like, even though I need that support from you too.






I’m the type who’s own feelings could crush them. Since I started SNS, I it seems like I might not be like that though. lol
I tend to put emphasis on things that come across well, and that’s not just with work, it’s how I spend time in the dressing room too.
It’d be great if everyone could have fun, that’s number one.
And so I end up going with it in a “that’s okay” style.



But I felt like those kinds of people, there’s probably lots of them in around yah.
Cause I feel like it’d be bad if I let it worry me.


If anything my self-affirmation is low, and for that I feel like I’m sorry for making you worry about it yah.




And so, for the people around me that I want to treasure, I felt like without exception, taking on the things you know is important.





And you know, the 「Are you okay?」 when I’m crushed is troubling,
Really close good people, and people who want to listen, people asking me that isn’t bad though.



For people other than that, and people who usually don’t talk about things that deep, getting asked that, I feel like I end up feeling like they’d be worried about it now. It’s not something that’s okay.
If anything at times like that it become menial so, with those words, “it’s surely enveloped in kindness,” or that they’ve thought so far that it’s hit the bad things.
You end up thinking about it like that too much, so much so there’s no extra room to breath.



It’s that same way with 「do your best」 too.



But, I know, my companions are worried about me too, there’s times you can only say things like, “Are you okay?” and “Do your best” and I get to the point where it’s like, I know.





Work gets hectic and my schedule ends up getting closed off, it steadily crushes me so, if it seems like I’m being crushed, and if I can I’ll make the time and spend it with people I like and friends having fun, please let me vent that gas.
Please let me do the things I like most.




The first thing is not to be driven to that point so, everyone everyone, if you think about the other person’s feelings, and do what you can, it can be a kinder world you know。




That’s all!










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Morning Musume。’19, they’re recruiting new members!


The application deadline is soon 😮💨



For me too 2 months ago, I was acting as a current member but, I think our strengths are our individuality and our earnestness!


Not a single person is concealed!
Everyone is everyone, finding what is different from each other, looking for solutions while doing our best, but to make it in our performances, we tightly bring it together (*´꒳`*)


Having the same goals, the power we come together means we won’t be defeated anywhere!





You might feel uneasy but, the members will save you!



By all means please try and challenge yourself ☺️💓









A picture being saved from falling down stairs 🙋🏻‍♀️ lol










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2019-02-12 12:25:02








The other day, I got to go see the play Niigaki Risa-san is performing in, 「Tsuki no Tani Akai Ishi」 Part Akai Ishi [tl approx: Moon Valley, Red Stone Part Red Stone]!








It’s been a while Niigaki-san ♡




Niigaki-san’s intensity is amazing.
No, it’s not just Niigaki-san the fire from all of the cast was constantly overwhelming!!!!


The story was very interesting…
I cried so much for reasons I don’t know!



Really, it was cool…!!!


My goosebumps wouldn’t stop from that coollness, I was nothing but impressed!!




The play continues until this weekend!
Everyone, by all means please try go to see it.
You should totally go see it!



And Niigaki-san, please take care until the finale 🥺








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2019-01-28 17:23:19







I ended up taking a break from updates💦



Hongdae memories continue〜!




After I bought clothes and accessories, to a cafe♡



South Korea, it has lots of these so-called “Instabae [tl approx: Insta-shine/show-off]” like cute cafes〜!


Even in Japan there’s lots of cafe’s bursting with South Korea you know ☺️



But I thought since I made the effort I should go to a cafe that hasn’t come to Japan yet, so I ended up at,


















There, all of the menu includes mint〜!!











It’s amazing isn’t it?
This color!


It’s mint oreo cheesecake♡











I ordered it with a mint chocolate latte as a set ☺️




The impact of its appearance is amazing but, all the menu items in South Korean cafes are really yummy😮❣️


Before that I ate a rainbow mille-feuille and that was yummy too!












This you know! lol




It’s overflowing with everything so yummy that I wanted to repeat it〜(*´◒`*)





And so at MINT HEIM I ended up buying mint chocolate as a souvenir for myself♡













I’m eating it bit by bit 🍃💕






And I bought skincare goods at Hongdae too.











Dr.Geo Series♡




It’s products sold at South Korea’s Daisoー and, it’s popularity was good so I ended up getting it ☺️💓



In total there’s 8 kings but, I just bought 5 kinds!


THe 5th kind is Shika-cream(Revitalizing Cream), just that one I bought 2



The feeling using it, I felt like it makes me skin condition better so I should’ve bought more you know 😮💦


Next time I gotta buy more〜〜♪





The South Korea Trip Day 2 still continues…














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2019-01-22 17:18:11







Today with shoots finished earliy,
I was spending time in the hotel the whole time but,
I brought the fan letters I haven’t finished reading yet from home with me so I was reading them.
They’re always being gathered for me so, in them, there are those written from before I announced my graduation,
those feelings too,
like water soaking into the ground bit by bit, Pota, Pota, it penetrated into me.


Slowly penetrating my heart,
This kinda tenderness, warmth, and kindness,
more than the grandly shocking happiness too, the tears won’t stop you know
The tears flowed but, in the flowing, Pota, Pota, it penetrates so, I didn’t know what to do if I should stop.



Getting written fan letters, it’s not just the feelings of the person who wrote it, it’s the fine details written about the concerts and events from the times they came so
I recall those KiraKira sparkling moments




I don’t have regrets graduating


But these feelings, what kind of sentiment they have, I don’t know, it’s perplexing.



It’s different from loneliness, different from painful, different from wanting to go back too.


I want to go back, it’s not that but, Aa, I want to see it again you know, I want to experience it you know, my body wants to feel it you know, that.


The brilliance of time you know.



I’m writing with all the time right now so, it’s not settling down….


No matter when, forever, I feel like I’m being supported by the fans







This mornign I saw it, the morning star.


For the fans, when it comes to me, the morning star will be the evening star too you know (^^)




Oyapuminasai ★彡









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2019-01-22 07:55:57






For my South Korea trip’s 2nd day, around the afternoon I left the hotel and headed to 弘大(Hongdae)!


A place with the energy of overflowing youth!




First off, let’s eat brunch, so I headed to the place called 「OU」☺️










Even by myself it was easy to go to too, even thoguh you can’t really communicate with Japanese, the menu had the plates in them so ordering was easy!


All of the sides were supremely yummy, a delight〜☺️🌸🌸






From there I moved to the “street I want to walk”, and to this landmark shop!










The shop called LIZE AND MILKCOCOA!


Last year, when I went on my trip to South Korea with Wada Ayaka-chan we found it, all of the clothes there was very cute so I wanted to come here again〜💓


It wasn’t just the front I was determined to see on the street I want to walk, it’s in a side road just a liーーーーttle bit but, well if you’re looking around restlessly, I think you’ll find it ☺️👏🏻 lol





The spoils from there☆









A flower pattern one piece dress and, a simple〜 shirt!



The one piece dress, it was very cute one of my favorites♡


The other day, when I went on a date with Nanba Shiho-san I went wearing it and got praised〜☺️💓
I put it up on Instagram and WEAR so by all means!








Another recommended shop!



It’s shop named Time and Space but, inside the shop it’s very frank〜!










Both sides, have items of matching colors and genre on display,
but the material feel is different so, even though they seem like the same item, it’s not the same thing lined up 😮



Those who want to pick their clothes carefully obsessing over each and every thing might like it!



I just bought this accessory there ☺️








Piercing and ring set.



Simple but cute it’s one of my favorites✨
But I still haven’t worn it yet so, when the time with shoots finishes I’ll put it on〜♪




I still have memories from Hongdae so look forward to it




To be continued…




Oyapuminasai ★彡













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