Deja Vu Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-14 22:57:53
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12/6 releasing 「⑮Thank you,too」’s jacket pictures were released today〜〜(*^^*)
















The 1 picture, it makes you feel a bit of deja vu doesn’t it??



It’s the first press jacket and,


This here is an homage to the 1st album 「First Time」!



Hearing that, it makes you want to line up First Time and ⑮Thank you,too huh(*´◒`*)
….that’s a way to look forward to it☆



The first original album in about three years, we’re recording lots of fantastic songs so, please look forward to it in another month with anticipation kay〜〜!








I got something I was really looking forward to in my hands!









Koi no Amaagari no Youni vol.9!!!!



It was so wonderful… my prayers… (*´ー`*)



Vol. 9, thinking there really was a sense of deja vu, Akira in it was really like myself (゚ω゚)
Saying that it’s absurd huh (゚ω゚)




By the way the volumes I’m holding in my hand are 「Getsuyou kara Kinyou no Danshikoukousei」 [tl approx: High School Boy From Monday To Friday]☆



Vol. 1, 2 I bought at the same time.
And then the vol. 2 obi, has the recommendateion of worshipped 「Watashi no Shounen」 author Takano Hitomi.



It’s very funny!



There are lots of moments where I suddenly end up laughing, I get it, it HURTS but it seems cool you know, the speech from those kinda stupid high school boys hits the mark.



Well, it felt like 紅堂破瑠火 [Kudou Haruka] 工藤遥 [Kudou Haruka] watching… lol








And then one more thing I looked forward to, MSGM magazine(*´◒`*)!!



There’s a 6way bag supplement and, I really wanted it, I looked for it since the 10/30 release at like 5 bookstores but they were out of stock, so I ordered it online!


That arrived at home earlier〜(*^^*)♡




Tomorrow, I’ll put it up on WEAR kay!
I’m wearing the cardigan I got as a birthday present from Morito chiichan today♡


Look at it KAYーーー!




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10ki Bus Tour Day 2 Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-10 06:57:42
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Good Morning (*´◒`*)♡





All of the fans who came to the bus tour, did you get home properly yesterday??



Ishida Ayumi-chan was saying it too but, the bus tour was up until we got home!


And so you know, yesterday after getting home, it felt like it was really over〜〜 ( ; ; )



The 10ki members first bus tour over, with the feeling of it being enough and the loneliness,
while soaking in the echoes of joy as well, I came home in that strange feeling (*´-`)






10ki bus tour’s 2nd day, first off, we were split in two two members a group for an activity☆



Ishida Ayumi・Satou Masaki Team making jam,


Kudou Haruka・Iikubo Haruna Team had a Monkey Spinning Show!



It was my first time seeing a monkey spinning show but, the monkey was cute cute…!


It got to me…(*´-`)



All the fans were MeroMero smitten too yah〜!!



Just as we were MeroMero smitten by the monkey, suddenly getting called on stage, it was the monkey vs us in a one shot gag showdown…!



I don’t have any one shot gags so it was hard〜!! Thinking that, my ally there was♡


Joujou Gundan’s Suzuki Keita-san (*´◒`*)



Getting one shot gag instructions, I could show something☆




Eーーーーー, and the results of that showdown,




It was total defeat yah (*´◒`*) lol





Keita-san, I’m sorry, thank you so much… lol




It was a very fun monkey spinning show (*^^*)!
Everyone of the Kawaguchiko Monkey Spinning Theater, thank you so much!








After that at last was the bus tour’s main event!
The Special LIVE〜〜!!




For the venue, Kawaguchiko Stella Theater!



Well, we stood there for the first time since Morning Musume。’14.


A venue filled with memories, the 10ki 4 members standing there…




For the LIVE setlist, it was completely thought up by us〜





Seishun Domannaka
Watashi no Dekkai Hana
Kanashiki Koi no Melody


GuruGuru JUMP
Koi no Telephon Call
Watashi no Jidai!


Suki na Senpai
Seishun Collection


Jishin Motte, Yume wo Motte Tobidatsu Kara






It’s 10ki so 10 songs☆



The songs we’ve shown on the day they announcement our success
songs we’ve shown at our first Hello!Con, solo tour,
Songs for each of the 4 of us,
I want the 10ki to be like this, song that feel like that….



Each song is also a song packed with feeling and significance.




And the last 「Jishin Motto Yume wo Motte Tobidatsu Kara」 was our auditions set song.



The song that changed our lives



And so of course we wanted to show it.



When we auditioned, it was a song we sang alone.


This time, with the 4 of us, we sang it.



I feel like we got to show deliver to all the fans a completely differeng singing voice, expression, and confidence… from that time.






This bus tour once again, just this the 10ki that lots of you love, I feel like it’s the best!


The 10ki with these 4, I felt like we’re the best!



From here on too, I feel like I wnat to continue delivering the best lots!(*^^*)!







And those who couldn’t come to the bus tour this time, we’ve gotten your feelings of support ( ; ; )



The situation for the bus tour that we couldn’t deliver through the blog, the sales plans came up earlier but there’ll be a DVD so, by all means please watch it kay (*´ー`*)


Then I think we can feel the fun together!☆





For the very fun 2 days, thank you so very much (*´꒳`*)
A memory of a lifetime!

















Everyone let’s do our best all day today too kay〜〜!!






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10ki Bus Tour Day 1 Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-08 23:07:20
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Today was the first 10ki 4 member Bus Tour in Yamanashi Day 1(*´꒳`*)!!!





24 Buses!
Lots of you came, it made me very very happy!!


When I first asked, everyone went 「Kyaー」 it got me fired up (*´◒`*)



For the bus tour this time there were surprises so, we only knew the details that the 10ki will be going to Yamanashiー! and stuff but… how great it was coming☆ lol


Spending time with 10ki for 2 days, I feel it can be totally fun so, let’s make it tha tway for sure yah♡!














For the 1st day today, after arriving at Yamanashi we had 5shot shoots〜♡


With lottery drawn seating order, we went and changed order one by one in sequence〜!



Everyone was overflowing with love(*´꒳`*)♡


You were all really NikoNiko smiling
and coordinated with the 10ki member colors


Dressing up for today was very lovely (*´◒`*)




And tonight, a special surprise!!!!







Let’s Play At Fujikyuu Highlands〜!


That said!!!!



Tonight’s Fujikyuu Highlands was reserved for all you on the bus tourーーーー☆☆☆




Getting to do something like this(*´꒳`*)!
It’s surprising isn’t it〜??



We were surprised too (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡




Going around the park with all the fans,


We did talk and balloon art project things too♪




Everyone was really smiling having fun, outside was cold but our hearts were PokaPoka warm (*´꒳`*)♡




We got to see evveryone off on their bus back, it was lots of time until the very end with all the 10ki〜〜!






Today from the morning the excitement was high but…




Tomorrow is going to be exciting tooーーーー!ー!!!!!!


Suzuki Keita-san too!!!!













Be prepared☆






For now I’ll rest soundly today〜





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Thank You So Much(*´꒳`*) Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-07 22:48:12
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Reaching 23, for the lots of comments on my blog and WEAR, thank you so much (*´◒`*)♡


Later I’ll take the time to read them thoroughly kay ♡!





Today for my birthday itself, it was the birthday event!


Lots of you who came, thank you so much☆




With host Sawayaka Gorou-san (*´꒳`*)











For the birthday event this time,



【Harunan-King Play-offs!】


Me and the fans pick between the two, 「A」 and 「B」 answering the, 「Iikubo Haruna Maniac questions」 that come out, the fan who puts up the same answers as I do until the very end get a polaroid present☆



【Honey Color Drawing! Harunan’s Choice!】


From the fans they put into a visible lottery box with 「red」「blue」「honey color」 balls, and I pull them.
「Red」 → a memorable present for the fans
「Blue」 → Batsu game!
「Honey color」 → I get a present!




We did these 2 corners (*´◒`*)



Both were very fun, getting to communicate a lot with all the fans made me happy♡




And the LIVE corner!


For the setlist




Tanpopo 「Tanpopo」


Morning Musume。 「Otokotomodachi」


Gotou Maki 「Ai no BAKAyarou」




Matsuura Aya 「Ki ga Tsukeba Anata」



I got to sing those (*´꒳`*)



Having fun getting to sing, once again I felt the warm gazes and cheers from all the fans that become my power (*´ー`*)hihi




Everyone who came, really thank you so muchーーー!






My goal for 23, I want to be a funny person.



For all the fans I want you to always be smiling so, I’d like it if I got a chance to make you smile you know, I think that all the time.



BUt in that way, it’s not just being funny that could make you laugh



In an ItoOkashi way of being funny or rather, I want to be a tasteful person.
[tl: ItoOkashi is a way of saying “a certain elegant charm” using a different from of okashi than the more modern “strange”/”weird”]


Making lots from what I can pull out of me, not getting tired of seeing me ever, that’s the kind of person I want to be!





Because for sure I’m not the make you laugh kind of funny yahー!








Once again for 23 year old me as well, please support me(*^^*)♡












With my bangs, Morning Musume。’s 「M」。







Today for my clothes, it’s flower blouse〜(*´꒳`*)
Look at it KAY!






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23 Years Old (*^^*)! Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-07 00:00:20
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Iikubo Haruna, has turned 23 (*´꒳`*)!!














For always supporting me thank you so much.



The picture is, birthday goods outfit♡






Since reaching 22 1 year has gone in a flash!


22 years old, not getting influenza, not having badd skin, I think I’ve firmly visually controlled my health care(*´◒`*)☆



At 22 years old one thing that changed, with Yantan my favorite motto went from 「One Day One Book」 to 「Choose the Best Of What You Want To Do」.



Really I want to use the time to do what I want to do so, I feel like it’d be a waste of time to worry about what to do with my life every day!



There’s lots I should do s I can do the things I want to do so, I want to use my time for that.




And I want to increase the things I like!


I think it’s good to be thorough with one thing but (for me my specialization is manga),



In life, I think it’s more fun to have lots of things to like




Of the things I like, having knowledge of that, learning a lot, I want to be an interesting person.




For me what it means to be an interesting person, I’ll write about it again later kay!














The last day of me being 22 was a day off☆



What did I do you say?…



I went to the dentist, went to seitai, and the salon (*´◒`*)



Turning 23 it was a day of self-improvement☆









Here, I’ll put up the picture from when I was a baby that I found at my Baba (Grandma-chan)’s house that I wrote on the blog the other day kay.
































( ^∀^)


Of course my look when I was a baby is laughable huh.





That now that I properly became a big sister it’s a relief!! (I say myself)




From here on as well I’ll DonDon steadily change, and become a person overflowing with charm so please watch kay(*´꒳`*)!!




For 23 year old Iikubo Haruna too, please continue to give her your support!





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More Than The Moonlight Too Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-05 22:11:38


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Yesterday was a full moon so, for the first time in a while I looked at O-moon-sama from an astronomical telescope (*^^*)









I did my best and took a picture from the telescope (*´꒳`*)
(I modified the angle so that north is up)




More than pictures, it really was very veーry pretty!



The moon’s light is radiant,


Aa, for me this moon is so radiant.


The story of what I thought about I did as today’s concert’s MC☆ lol





I according to the members am a romanticist so, I love the moon and the stars and stuff (*´-`)




That me, with today’s concert night performance, had a very fantastic surprise!!



It’s 2 day before my birthday and so, from all the fans when the encore happened they gave an 「Harunan Call」, and the venue was filled with honey colored cyalumes!!!



They sang me the birthday song too…( ; ; )



It really really made me happy ( ; ; )



It was the best surprise♡



Everyone shined honey color for me,
It felt more pretty than the moonlight too (*^^*)♡!




Everyone who came to the concert today, really thank you so much (*´◒`*)!!










Recently, my home’s 3rd daughter (The Otaku) has been constantly watching Cardcaptor Sakura but,


I, was at that exact generation so, already it’s nostalgic nostalgic.


The opening and ending was sung too.






Return to the form you should be



Huhu, nostalgic (*´◒`*)♡♡♡




When I was in my first year of elementary school, I was coloring it in you know.


Mama too I gave her 1 page to color in, Mama colored Tomoyo-chan’s hair blonde, 「Coloring is art. It’s fine to color freely so, even blonde is fine。」 She said


But I wanted to colored it to go with the anime coloring, and so I remember I bawled out. lol






And then, last night too, Cardcaptor Sakura was on TV so I watched it,


Once again I was taken by all the cute. I liked Yukito-san.


That is, I like light color themes so, it was since I was young… I realized it just now… Σ੧(❛□❛✿)



And so now, looking at Yukito-san I’m still taken back but,


Sakura-chan, Tomoyo-chan, Syaoran-kun, Meiling-chan, and even her big brother and father are fantastic, I’m taken aback.


I can’t get enough of the cuteness of the costumes that Tomoyo-chan prepares for Sakura! I want to wear them all!



But the one I watched yesterday, it was the fight Clow card episode, Meiling was very cute, her costume and her hairstyle both.




And then, to this point I’ve written something long but, when it comes to something I wanted to do,







I’m went with the flow and did it。


Meiling-chan’s hairstyle。









Really, it’s straight though huh…


Yesterday I curled my hair that’s why!




From next year a new series of Cardcaptor Sakura starts and so, I look forward to getting into it again.



For sure, I’m drawn to it forever…!




With this hairstyle, after seeing Cardcaptor Sakura and using the astronomical telescope and seeing the full moon, I ended up feeling like Sailor Moon too.






In 2 days, it’s my birthday!


And the 10ki bus tour is the 8th, 9th and so, for some people it’s Harunan WEEK(*^^*)



I need to celebrate…






Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshiokiyo!


Huhuhu, for following along for a long time, thank you so much〜╰(*´︶`*)╯♡





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( ^∀^)Huhu Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-04 22:27:55


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Today in Shibuya was various meet-ups〜〜(*´꒳`*)



Everyone who came, thank you so much♡



We talked a lot huh!
Impressions from those who came to the tour, any of them just made me happy…(*´Д`*) *cry*
Tomorrow we’re doing concerts in the Ibaraki prefecture too so I’ll do my best☆



There were also those who came from China and South Korea, I was surprised〜!


Feichan ganxie (*^^*)



Gamsahabnida (*^^*)


[tl note: thank you in Chinese and Korean]




Today, Ogata Haruna-chan gave me an early birthday present!











Ogata doing an A pose. lol




What she gave, was something that Ogata was using since she was small she said☆










Skin lightening cream.

Thank you for your consideration ( ^∀^)



Ogata using it has persuasive powers huh ( ^∀^)



With this, I’ll get lighter too ( ^∀^)




Sorry yah, I’ll end up hiding my character ( ^∀^)











( ^∀^)

Messing around from my beloved members ( ^∀^)







Right away from today I’ll try using it I think (*´꒳`*)
(Actually it’s WakuWaku exciting)








Changing topic I like chocolate Crunky.











At the convenience store when I find new flavors I end up buying them〜!


Now I’ve got this strawberry flavor Crunky in my bag♡





Basically for candy I like chocolate but, lately one of my favorite things is the the bite sized KitKats that say BIG on them too(*^^*)


Those, they’re yummy!!




And every year when it gets cold, I’m happy they sell Bacchus!



Bacchus, I loーーーーve them!







This somehow ended up being a senseless talk about chocolate 〜〜)^o^(





Today’s WEAR has Kuduー appear too♡
She’s wearing the hand-me-down skirt I gave her♡
Look at it KAYーーーー!




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Various Announcements! Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-03 23:22:02


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Today was concerts in Yokohama!


Everyone who came, thank you so much (*´꒳`*)



Once again I felt how Pacifico Yokoyama is spacious huh, those of you side by side and above too, the whole venue I’m giving my power!〜〜! With those feelings I performed☆



Please come hang out again kayー!







Today blog has various annoouncements〜!




First off, currently released Hello!Ste


With Country Girls Ozeki Mai-chan, the 2 of us got to MC♡










Morning Musume。20th 「Ai no Tane」 Teaser video and stuff, we get to see it!





Those of you who thought Morning Musume。20th 「Ai no Tane」??


This time, Morning Musume。 1ki members Nakazawa-san, Ishiguro-san, Iida-san, Abe-san, Fukuda-san, and Morning Musume。’17 get to do a remix of 「Ai no Tane」ーー(*^^*)!!



That 「Ai no Tane」 has distribution starting from each distribution site today☆




20 years ago on 11/3 the indies single released, the song that was the start of Morning Musume。’s major debut.



There’s a little sound arrangement added too so, by all means please check it out kay ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡








And this here too from today,


20th Year’s Morning Coffee 
~Morning Musume。20th ANNIVERSARY CAFE~


in Harajuku AREA-Q-san has openedー!



The members devised special drinks, outfit displays, special videos and the like, it’ll be a full space filled with Morning Musume。 joy♡



It’s open until 12/10 so
by all means please make reservations and go kay (*´꒳`*)



For reservationsyou can go here






And and,
speaking of Morning Musume。, Hello!Project 20th Anniversary,
A regular show on AbemaTV is starting(*^^*)!!



The first episode broadcast is 11/13(Mon) 21:00~22:00


After that, it’s broadcast is every Monday 22:30~23:00☆



The start is, 「Girls determination -Hello!Pro 20th Anniversary Audition Reality Show-」 titled
「Hello!Project 20th Anniversary Audition」 status will be streamed (*´ー`*)



The scenes we can see us in has increased again, happiness♡!!



By all means please look forward to the broadcast〜〜(*´◒`*)






I made lots of announcements kay!


Each of them has valuable information and so, please remember it weーーーーーll (*´꒳`*)♡







Yesterday, with the members we went to a pancake shop♪



Strawberry pancake Maria (*´◒`*)!










It looks like it has a little, insta-procressing in the composition doesn’t it (*´ー`*)hihi




I still have pictures so I’ll put it up again kay〜!




Today’s WEAR too, Look at it KAY♡



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Continuing From Yesterday Iikubo Haruna

2017-11-01 09:48:31


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Good Morning!
An early update〜(*´꒳`*)





Yesterday’s simple Halloween, actually I took other patterns too.




Yesterday, between jobs I went out with Ayumin and, Ayumin collaborated with me〜




「A girl aiming for good instagram just noticing her own bangs」











It’s just MyMelo-chan being takenー(#`・Д・)ノ





which do you prefer?(*´-`)







With Ayumin, I went to the movies!


We saw the movie 「Get・Out」〜.



She ended up accompany to a movie I wanted to see (^.^)
Because seeing it alone would be scary!




It aas full on thrills and very interesting!
Thinking it might be a dark story it has unexpected developments, it’s scary but there’s various sections that make sense.


And totally, until the very last I understood it watching it (*^^*)♪







After the movie sweets♡









Look, this one highlights taking us more than the cake too.



But everyone they tell me I like that way where you can see faces well too you knowー(*´◒`*)♡ hihi






On wear WEAR too I’m putting up another cut so by all means look KAYーーー(*´ー`*)




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Happy Simple Halloween〜! Iikubo Haruna

2017-10-31 20:50:20


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It’s Happy Halloween huh ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡




This year’s halloween is






Simple Halloween.






「A girl catching a cold and worried about the public eye while going to the coin laundry」














Can you tell??




Huhu, my first ☆ simple Halloween (*´꒳`*)





But this year, after coming home I properly wore a costume.






A marionette〜〜(*´-`)























I became a doll.





Trick or Treat (*´◒`*)




Give me candy or I’ll play a trick on you〜〜(*´◒`*) Huhu







Everyone, what did you do for halloween〜??





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