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2019-03-07 13:24:06








The other day, with Morning Musume。’19’s Fukumura Mizuki-san, Ishida Ayumi-chan, Nonaka Miki-chan, Morito Chisaki-chan


we had a sleepover at my grandma-chan’s house〜〜☺️🌸🌸









(Iikubo from her contact has a cornea injury)




Nonaka and Chiichan, we had just met 1、2 weeks ago, and with Fukumura-san and Ayumin we just had a sleepover in January so
With everyone it hasn’t felt like this in a whileー🤣 lol



UtaCon finished they came, I thought they would be fatigued but they totally didn’t sleep!!


Even though for spring tour rehearsals they were awake at 8 in the morning! lol



They were totally energetic and did nothing but talk 💓



Aーーーーー, I laughed!!!!



It was extremely fun ☺️💕💕💕













Cute Cute ☺️



Directly she asked, 「please pet me」.


Immediately I replied okay.



Of course yahー, we have a bond fostered over many years so this was 🤤🤤🤤 tehe





The futon wasn’t 3 set so, we were huddled with everyone,


2 were on one futon


3 were on two futon, it was like that so


we split it doing rock and paper.




Fukumura-san and Ayumin, AyuMizuki were on one futon,
Nonaka Chiichan and I the 3 of us were on the two futonー🌸




Here Chiichan slept in the middle, and so, resultingly we slept next to each otherー🤤💕 lol










People doing their morning wake up stretches. lol lol







By the way the other night I met with Suzuki Kanon-san 💓










With Nonsan we really laughed 🤣🤣🤣


It’s the best!!!!




Haa, we had such a delightful time〜〜🙋🏻‍♀️❤️❤️










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