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2019-03-07 22:00:48
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnラブラブ


Today was rehearsals too 🍓
So everyone was in really high excitement〜♪


Why you might ask…


Today is, 12ki member ✨
Haga Akane-chan’s birthday, that’s why〜😆💓


We celebrated with everyone〜💕
Finally she’s 17 yah〜🤣


Mizuki was 17 when it was around TIKI BUN♪!


Akanechin in Morning Musume。 is everyone’s little sister but, at home she’s the Big sis-chan💕


And so usually she moved fast
but for her self moves PakiPaki slower type


I wonder if that’s surprising from the fans?✨



And so, her reliable state and fawned on state
Akanechin having both


is the strongest young lady


Have a fantastic year kay♪♪






Well!Today is〜


I talked about it a little in a previous blog


Buzz by BuzzFeed
「Today is Thursday #ハロプロを推すと人生が豊かになる[tl: My Life is Richer Oshi’ing Hello!Pro]」 release day!


Tonight from 23:00 it starts streaming!


Declaring their like for Hello!pro


Inuyama Kamiko-san
Oomori Seiko-san
Yabai Tshirt Yasan’s Aribobo-san


with Country・Girls’s Yamaki Risa-chan and I, Fukumura Mizuki got to appear as guest 😋


As host, Announcer Ooshima Yukari-san did it for us流れ星



After the recording I talked with Risa-chan but
This is already the project reward you know🤣💓


that is we got to have a fun, deep time ☺️


Everyone’s love is so amazing I want to deliver the whole thing with no cuts 💕


With such acceleration it was the best yah. lol
Even more that made me happy 😋


Today what was upped was
showing with emphasis on Hello!Member feel!
Next time it’s the fans←



It was my first time talking with Inuyama-san and Aribobo-san directly like this, it was DokiDoki heart-pounding but


Aribobo-san’s way of talking from beginning to end was so cute照れリボン


Even though we’ve been on music shows together a lot
we hadn’t had a chance to talk, that’s a regret now!!


Inuyama-san immediately said, 「precious」…
Watching first hand like this, she’s someone who I admire〜 that’s how I felt


unbelievably she bought out goods!!!


I was surprised but it made me happyピンクハート
First, I felt the sense of taste looking at it lol



Those full highlights,
「Tonight is Thursady #ハロプロを推すと人生が豊かになる」
Please look forward to it along with the wonderful hashtag 💕











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