Group Viewing & For Tomorrow☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-25 23:00:18
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today is a group viewing!
people interested in the Play 「Pharaoh no Haka」 came to see itEmoji


Oh my, the nerves…


I’m nervous but
song, dance, sword fighting, acting
we got guidance from lots of instructors
We got to find points of reconsideration we haven’t noticedEmoji


Today once again the props, lighting, sounds, outfits, we kept those activities in mind


Things not going well in the first half of practice, each seen sinks in butあせる


At the group viewing I think we were focusedひらめき電球ラブラブ


But there’s really still a ways to go


The feelings heading towards 「Pharaoh no Haka」 are high too but
Tomorrow at last is the Nippon Budokan performanceEmojiEmojiEmoji


Started on 3/18


Tomorrow the 13ki members’
For Kaga Kaede-chan, Yokoyama Reina-chan, I think it’ll be their commemoration dayEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


The debut stage for the 2 of them joining Morning Musume。


For Mizuki it’s DokiDoki heart-pounding tooEmojiEmoji


I wonder how the 2 of them are now?EmojiEmoji



And the 12kiEmoji





Pictures from the 12ki first Budokan performanceEmoji
It’s been 2 years since then, and noticed the 4 of them have become senpaiEmoji


But I don’t think we’re pulling alongEmojiEmojiEmoji


We’re putting spirit into itEmoji


Tomorrow, we’ll be waiting for you at Nippon BudokanEmojiEmojiPlease give us your support, and support powerEmoji




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Arm Wrestling☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-24 23:00:23
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday coming home, once again
my big bro-chan and little bro were awakeEmoji


In the living room GoroGoro in a ruckus, something was going on
an arm wrestling match startedEmojiEmoji


My big bro-chan is severely strong so Mizuki as a handicap got to use both hands but it was a total loss…あせる
For my little bro with both hands I won爆笑Emoji


and, little bro and Mizuki using both hands
in shot speaking of hand numbers 4vs1
overwhelmingly Mizuki and little bro were at the advantage but


we lostEmojiEmoji


Fukumura-big bro’s arm strength isn’t something to underestimate笑い泣き
Cause he could take Mizuki and little bro you knowEmojiEmoji



Some day we’ll win maybe!
It might be totally impossible thoughEmoji



But in terms of dreaming about it
I think it’s a reallーーーy precious thingEmoji



And so for Mizuki
I have lots of small dreams and big dreamsEmoji


Even though I’m thinking I wonder if it’ll come true〜
when those come true the happiness and surprise to itEmoji



And so the moment Mizuki’s various dreams come true
if we’re there together it’ll make me happy you know (*´罒`*)♡



Arm Wrestling talk
I just wanted to talk about it thoughEmoji









At 5/26’s Nippon Budokan
it seems Marukome×Morning Musume。’17 『Morning Misoshiru』 Budokan Ver. Limited Tote Bag included Morning Misoshiru is being soldEmojiEmoji



☆Okayama Make-up Performance Details☆
『「Hello!Pro Special」~Hello!Project × CD Journal All Interviews Gathered!~』 now on sale!






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May’s☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-23 23:09:47
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday was Buono!-san’s Yokohama Arena Performanceキラキラ


With rehearsals and practice I couldn’t go myself but, the dance instructor showed me the setlist
Aa they’re singing this
What kind direction is it gonna have??
I imagined itEmoji


Manager-san sent me pictures and stuff too you knowEmoji


With Buono!-san, long ago, when we stood on the same stage as Shugo Chara Eggs!, it really made me happy, it was a moment that one of my dreams came true.


When together we got to sing 「Arigatou〜Ookiku Kansha!〜」 too
in my heart I was really movedEmoji


I dance while watching the MVEmoji
I was fuーーーll on copying it a lotEmoji


Cute and cool
for sure the same generation girls as Mizuki and
even younger girls too
all kinds of people in the world
I think we love and adore Buono!-sanEmojiEmoji


When the Pizzala CM are playing we were glued to the TV you knowEmoji


Please release the DVD soonEmojiEmoji


Buono!-san, for the lots of fantasticness, thank you so muchEmoji


Aaaa really
Mizuki wanted to be at Yokohama Arena too


By all means everyone please tell me your impressions kay




Before I knew it we’re already half way through May!
May has various things too huh


Weekend and GW concerts, events
play practice, sword fighting and voice training too
really it went by in a flash



But but Morning’s May events!
There’s still someEmojiEmoji


Emoji5/26’s Nippon BudokanEmoji
For the 2 13ki Members it’s their first Budokan since their debutEmoji


We did a rehearsal using Budokan yesterday too♪
Thinking about the 13 of us running around the Budokan stage makes me WakuWaku excited nowEmojiEmoji



And 5/30 has the SeHa Kouryuusen at ZOZO Marine Stadium


【Chiba lotte Marines】 VS 【Hanshin Tigers】


We Morning Musume。’17 as cheer ambassadors will go to give our yells to all the playersEmojiEmoji


For today
with former Yokohama DeNA BayStars supervisor
Nakahata Kiyoshi-san, we got to discuss thingsEmoji


Ishida Ayumi-chan, Oda Sakura-chan, and Fukumura Mizuki, the 3 of us got to ask lots of questionsEmoji


Nakahata-san’s way of life and thoughts
I felt they were really coolEmojiEmoji


With support style too I learned various things
SeHa Kouryuusen,
Again once I felt that I want us to firmly fulfill our dutiesEmoji


Like Morning Musume。’17
Cheery and energetically
I feel I want us to send our yells to all the players!




At 5/26’s Nippon Budokan
It seems Marukome × Morning Musume。’17 『Morning Omisoshiru』 Budokan Ver. Limited tote bags included with Morning Misoshiru are being soldニコニコEmoji



☆Okayama Make-up Performance Details☆



『「Hello!Pro Special」~Hello!Project × CD Journal’s All Interviews Assembled!~』 is now on sale!





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Ayumin☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-21 22:59:17
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was Ishida Ayumi-chan’s home area
concerts in SendaiEmojiEmoji


It was really funーEmojiEmoji


Everyone who came
Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


It was funEmoji


Everyone at the venue
really really got fired upEmojiEmoji


For sure today’s concertEmoji


everyone was really energeticEmoji
the reactions are big huh〜Emoji


that’s what I thought about it you know〜♡EmojiEmoji



Today’s Ayumi-chan
was shining KiraKira more than usual, she was cool-cuteEmojiEmoji


The refreshment snack we got, her grandma-chan’s handmade cucumber stukemono was really really yummy tooEmojiEmoji


When the concert finished
with everyone we talked about we’ll do our best tomorrow too you knowー but


This 1 week has been constant play practice so
getting to see all the fans for the first time in a while is something that made me happy too


Everyone getting excited together, really it was a joy you know〜 I confirmed it once againEmoji


Everyone having the same feelings would be great huh〜Emoji


From tomorrow too, let’s GanbatteikimasshoiEmoji





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13 People☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-20 23:00:23
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Concert ラブラブTHE INSPIRATION!キラキラ
It was a concert at SagamiharaEmoji


Duー also came back
the 13 of us are gatheredEmojiEmoji



Aa, Mizuki singingーEmoji that’s how it wasEmojiEmoji


Being here, getting to sing with the members, it makes me happy, I really felt thatEmojiEmoji


With all the fans excited
and the members…
you could say it’s a relief (´∀`*)


In any case it felt like thatEmoji


I can’t really get the words together
I’m sorry I ended up doing this in a hurryEmoji


Well having the voices of Morning Musume。 for the first time in a while made me happyEmojiEmoji


For Mizuki it’s a part that she greatly missed out on 🙊😅




Tomorrow is Ishida Ayumi-chan’s home areaEmoji
concerts in MiyagiEmoji


Let’s have fun tomorrow too!
We’ll be waiting for youEmoji




☆Okayama Make-up Performance Details☆




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For Tomorrow〜〜〜☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-19 22:55:37
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today’s Friday Road SHOW! is
「Beauty and the Beast」


Beauty and hte Beast, among the Disney animations, I super〜 like itEmojiEmoji


For Mizuki, it was my first time with anything other than the Disney version
I recorded it so I feel like I want to watch it until the next practiceEmoji


I feel like there’s a part that’s a bit of a hint for Ankensenー soEmoji


I want to study behavior and stuff more tooEmoji



I’m interested in the drama 「Reverse」 too〜Emoji
My family is watching it, it caught my interest so I’m watching while being thrilledEmoji
The continuation is on my mind, I really am not waiting a weekEmojiEmoji


TV, I’m watching it while not staying up late for it…Emoji



Today too, it’s a 「Pharaoh no Haka」 run-through practiceEmoji


This play’s 「Sword Fighting」








Everyone’s coolEmojiEmojiEmoji
Really catches your eyeEmoji


Sneferu’s ◯◯ feel and
Sariokis’s ◯◯◯ flow feels too
Izai’s ◯◯◯◯◯◯◯◯◯ too
And Eripon is really cool tooEmojiEmoji



Mizuki, for these past days I’ve been totally WakuWaku excitedEmoji


And so, tomorrow’s concertEmojiEmoji
It’s a concertーーEmojiEmoji


For some reason it’s become the first one in 2 weeks soEmoji


From tomorrow Kudou Haruka-chan is back tooEmojiEmoji
I want to see Kuduー soon tooEmoji


Everyone, we’re sorry for the trouble and worry we caused.
It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to see all the fans so, I’m really looking forward to itEmoji


The sprint tour goods outfitsEmoji
It’s an outfit like a princess yaーhEmojiEmoji


We’ll be waiting at Sagame Women’s University Green Hall Grand HallEmoji


Splatoon bathing powder
It had a good smell〜EmojiEmoji




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Outside☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-18 22:59:08
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn


「Pharaoh no Haka」 PracticeEmoji


For yesterday it was a section run throughEmoji
More than going through it all at once, we get to check it more finelyEmoji



For today this time it’s our first run through wearing the outfits
We’ll be able to do it well won’t we… that’s a thing too but
I felt that doing it over and over will get it into our system


I don’t have confidence in it yet
but, I’ll keep on doing my bestEmojiEmoji


I opened up the blog space and
seeing the comments encourages meEmojiEmoji



And! Lunch!
For the first time in a while I went out to eatEmoji


Ayumin, ODA, Chel, and Mizuki, the 4 of us


Ayumin requested, a curry placeEmoji
But for ODA it’s ramenEmojiEmoji



Play talk and stuff
memories from old concerts
we had time so we talked a lotEmoji


It was yummy
it was funEmojiEmoji







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Returned☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-15 23:00:23
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


From today Fukumura, returns to work!
Everyone, for the trouble and making you worry I am sorryEmojiあせる
Thank you so much for the lots of commentsEmoji




Today, the moment I had met with Yokoyama-chan at hte beginning
she said, 「Waa〜 Fukumura-saーn! I missed you〜」♡


Ah, this morning I went to the hospital and with the examination I got from the doctor I got permission to comeEmoji
After that I apologized to everyone, and listened to storiesEmoji


When I met with Eripon, she gave me a 「Yoo」 kinda feel butEmojiEmoji


Getting to see everyone again for the first time in a while made me happy♡


Theater Girl Troupe 「Pharaoh no Haka」
For the first time in a while it was play practice.


It felt like how many days delayed
it really ended up being scary.


From today sets are getting set up just like performances too
Props are being gathered too, all in full preparationsEmoji


Mizuki also needs to follow along soon tooEmojiEmojiEmoji


From tomorrow I’ll focus all the more on practice too and do my bestEmoji






Yesterday 5/14 it was suspended
the 「Morning Musume。’17 Concert Tour Spring 〜THE INSPIRATION!〜」 Okayama Performance


The make-up performance date is scheduled for 8/13 (Sun)Emoji


Metting lots of your circumstances as much as possible makes me happy but…
Please do continue to give us your supportEmoji



クリップThere are refunds too so either way please take care of your tickets.


☆Okayama Performance Make-up Performance Notice☆




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Okayama Performance☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-14 21:00:04
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Morning Musume。’17 Concert Tour Spring


Yesterday’s Osaka performance, due to influenza, Oda, Fukumura, were not able to participate.


With the members, I checked with them before the performance with my phone, and after the performance, I got contacted by everone too.。


「I’ll do my best so please rest well.」
「I’m off to have fun!」


There’s frustration not being able to perform too but
all the fans supporting us, and the members and the staff handling it, I’m very thanksful.


In that
The announcement of the cancellation of the Okayama performance that was suppoes to happen today….


Since it was announced just before the starting time
I feel like there were already gatherings at the venue.
We’re greatly sorry about this.


Everyone who were waiting for us with anticipation
everyone who had worked hard to schedule time for Morning Musume。’17
It was after Kudou Haruka-chan’s graduation announcement so, everyone’s looking forward to Kudou Haruka-chan’s performances too


Really I’m sorry.


Even though everyone was waiting for us
I feel like there were those of you who could only make it today


I couldn’t be there myself either so I couldn’t do anything but


Contacting Oda-chan, we gave our support to the venue



Now, everyone in front of the Okayama venue, they’re hoping to get to see a performance with the 13 of us
Everyone, until that happens please wait for us no matter what.


Everyone please take your health seriously too


Fukumura Mizuki


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This Weekend’s… Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-12 22:30:29
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



From the other day, my health had collapsed, and the results from the examination we got at the hospital, we were diagnosed with influenza type A.


Our fevers won’t go down so, for tomorrow and the day after’s
Morning Musume。’17 Concert Tour Spring
★5/13(Sat) NHK Osaka Hall
★5/14(Sun) Okayama City Meeting Hall
performances, Fukumura Mizuki and Oda Sakkura will not be able to perform.


Everyone always supporting us
everyone waiting for the concerts with anticipation
we are really really sorry.


We’re filled with emotions of apology



2 days of concerts
I think there’s lots of changes for that


we ended up burdening the other members too.


Everyone attending the Osaka, Okayama performances
please continue to give your lots of support to the 11 members.


Fukumura Mizuki





5/13(Sat) NHK Group TV 22:20〜


「Banana Zero Music」
Fukumura Mizuki, Oda Sakura, Ogata Haruna get to appear.
By all means, please watch




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