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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnふんわり風船星


Hello!Pro・All Stars Single Release Commemoration Event’s 2 Days are finished〜ハート
Everyone who participated
did you have fun?〜照れ


It was lots of fun, I’m worn outー lol
Even as performers we participated as entraints too that’s why~音譜 lol


Handshake event
mini games
escape game


We got to participate in it all爆笑キラキラ


In that, we took video for Insta too♪


Throughout the 2 days we really got to have a fun time, it made me happy♪



The mini live we did at the day’s end too


With 「YEAH YEAH YEAH」, we thought we should sing lots of YEAHs! so
The plan the members brought up came trueルンルン


To start with 「YEAH YEAH YEAH」
「Say Yeah!〜Motto Miracle Night〜」
「HAPPY Daisakusen」 sing those


Yesterday was a total 29 times
and today for a total of 21 times
we got to say YEAH〜チョキチョキチョキ



Getting to say more YEAH! than usual was the best〜ラブラブ


For the end everyone sang with arms on each other shoulders too
it was the supremely fun!


It wasn’t our concert but
after we finished
I could hear the 『Musume。 Saikou!』 call


Everyone is the bestキラキラ That’s how I feltチュー



The 2 days really
thank you so muchドキドキ




For these 2 days
Morning Musume。 ’19
Juice= Juice were together in the dressing room and


Directly to Sayuki whose birthday it was today
I got to say, congrats〜ゲラゲララブラブ



Akari-chan said she wanted Gaokkiー! so
I got her the pouch as a presentドキドキ
We’re matchingさくらんぼ


Her using it right away made me happy〜グラサンハート
This is her perfectly making it her favorite right?!


The deep pink Gaokkiー too
I hope lots of you love it (*´罒`*)♡


→Voting for Gaokkiー is hereハート




Speakiーng of you know!!
The character bomb I bought at the Sanrio Shop…



Kudetama came out!!!!!!



It wasn’t the prediction I wrote on the blog at the time
it wasn’t MyMelo butひらめき電球


I like Kudetama so it made me happy!!ラブラブ


yesterday I had forgotten to write about it sorry yah lol
Thanks for waiting lol












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