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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


【Hello!Pro・All Stars Single Release Commemoration Event】 1st Day!!


Everyone who attended
did you have fun〜!?


I looked forward to it like, how will this turn out?! but, it became a fun event beyond expectationsピンクハート


Thank you so muchラブラブ


Entering into Makuhari messe it’s at first about 100m
In a ro〜w split left and right are the Hello!Member handshake boothsおいで


With just that it was different than usual, it’s DokiDoki heart-pounding but
Fukumura’s both was even amongst them is the edgemost so
please do you bestグラサングラサン


Going even further… is the minigame corner!
Ring toss and roulette, putting and such… In total 10 kinds of games are prepared!
I hear all of BEYOOOOONDS went〜ラブラブ


Tomorrow if the times match up Mizuki wants to go tooチューハート



This time, our first 【Escape Game】
Everyone, did you participate〜?


We haven’t had this kind of precious opportunity before yah!!!
I think you gotta do it for sure for sure.


Why you ask huh,


Becuase it’s really fun that’s why!!!!!!lol
It’s just fun that’s why yah, do itー lol


With escape game loverハートKaga Kaede-chanニヤリ
perhaps it’ll be Fukumura’s first time challenging one!!



I know Kaedi is skilled at it but
I’ll do my best not to fall behindー! Thinking that


I felt like I got wiser〜ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


For this escape game
[Before the curtain rises for our concert
mic trouble happens, if you can’t get the mic in time the concert can’t start!] it starts with that.


For sure the members have to do the concert! Thinking that(Here acting like new staff member) we did our best 音譜







Without problem, with Kaedi I escaped
at another attraction on the way back
I took a purikura with members?♪



I got to take it with the members I likeラブラブ
Mizuki wants to take it, this, again tomorrow tooラブラブ



It’s just 2 days don’t let it go to waste!


Really the games are up until tomorrow so
everyone let’s do it for sureチュー!!




Today was handshake event→Live→escape game
it was lots of moving, I’m HetoHeto exhausted lol lol


Tomorrow too I’ll be doing my best all day so
everyone participating
please have fun with all your power kayーーー照れもぐもぐ







There’s a limited time sale for Live concert video production with commentary おねがいチョキ


The 2019 Winter done Hello!Con
【Hello!Project 20th Anniversary!!
Hello Project 2019WINTER~YOU&I~/NEW AGE~】’s YOU&I Version!


With Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-san
→WIZY’s site is here左差し

By all means please purchase it from WIZY kayピンク音符



Just DVDs purchased from WIZY have the special featuer so please be careful yon





For everyone who came to the event tomorrow and the day after
Please look hereウインク左下矢印左下矢印左下矢印左下矢印


It has things written for how to purchase and the sales of CD on the day so, please check it out!


星星星4/20&21 Being Held HaroPro・All Stars Single Release Commemoration Event (Makuhari messe) Announcement星星星星


Let’s have a fun 2 days kay爆笑クラッカー






星Hello!Project 20th Anniversary!! Morning Musume。’19 Diner Show 『Happy Night』 DVD Pre-order Start Announcement!!


Pre-order period is…2019/4/19 (Fri) 18:00 ~ 2019/5/13 (Mon) 23:59!!










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