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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Today for the first time in a while~
the spring tour in Hiroshima〜てへぺろ乙女のトキメキ



Everyone who attended
thank you so much流れ星
Ayumin asked during the MC, guys~?? girls~?? The ratio of girls for that was a lot, it was surprising


I feel like I met eyes with lots of you too〜ラブラブラブ
Today in the same Hiroshima


I hear Kudou Haruka-chan’s LupaPato tour was here tooニコ音譜


In the same place, comrades are both doing their best happens you know〜口笛 lol lol


Mizuki during the performance did a 「Arigachuー😘」 lol




Noticing with the spring live tours too, it’s been 3 weeks


Sheehs it felt like it was really waiting!!!!!!


Countless times in my heart, (I want to do a live〜) I felt that!!!


Getting excited a lot with everyone made me happy照れドキドキ



Mizuki for today’s evening performance
said she’d do a half up weave
I tried to challenge myself to a hairstyle she doesn’t usually do


Before the performance it was so floaty
I couldn’t take pictures with everyone〜笑い泣き


I’ll do my best with concerts tomorrow too!!!




The answer to yesterday’s ingredient I’m into is…


It’s not broccoliー( ᐙ )/
Broccoli isn’t 「now」
year around it’s broccoli that’s whyグラサングラサングラサン



Scallops is wrong tooー.
But I love themハート
TekaTeka gleaming in that picture you really notice the scallops huh〜 lol
Everyone’s amaziーng!



For sure how many (pieces) could I eat though…
Corn is wrong too…アセアセ



The answer is… shrimp 🦐


Lately I’ve been constantly into shrimp
If a menu has shrimp I’ll end up ordering it 😆お願い
Odan is about the same she’s come to love shrimp


I’m not eating crab but, I can eat shrimp lol lol



By the way, among the food, the fish was quite yummy.


Everyone gave comments, answers, thank you so muchラブラブ


By the way though…
piece, parts, animal bits, please think about it without worrying too much 🙏💦



Tomorrow is concerts in Osaka音譜
We came to do it again for the first time in like 2 weeks!


the seats━━━━=͟͟͞͞➳☆ surroundinggg~ lol





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