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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


What are you in card of with your family’s housework~??


If I’m with my family we help each other~ being like that
and I’m living alone so I have to do everything myself


For sure please do your bestてへぺろラブラブ



Whatever it is if you make it a game that’d be great!!
not just with cleaning, work and study too
If I clear this then the next thing will be this〜 like that
clearing things can make it fun tooウインクルンルン


For sure〜口笛音譜


GanbacchaiMizukiーー ドキドキ
[tl: Give it all you got-mizuki]



This outfit is one of my favorites~グラサングラサングラサン




Right now actually, I’m listening to Hello!Radio
「Fukumura no Heya」’s Haga Akane-chan guest episode while writing the blogにひひ音譜


I’m writing while listening so
my hands is stopping countless times tooお願い lol



BGM, songs I haven’t heard in a while playing
my thoughts would end up going that way〜アセアセ lol



I’m talking a bit about my thoughts on the opening day of the spring tour finishing!
Next weekend’s 2 days has the spring tour but


Affected by the rattling of a concert being finished!


we’re talking about that so
please listen to that for tomorrow and the day after too kayコアラ



It’s been such a long time for the spring tour
worried about it I’m gonna check with the member from the opening kay lol


I can’t check all of it so
looking at the video properly so I have to reviewー!! lol


We did voice training and stuff too so, it’d be great if we could show our growth yahキラキラ


Tomorrow we’ll be waiting at Hiroshima prefecture Ueno Academy Hall流れ星流れ星





Dinner on the day I hang out at Sanrio Puroland.




Something during this
which ingredient is Mizuki really really into right now (*´⚰︎`*)??ラブラブ


How many pieces did she end up eating huhー照れナイフとフォーク


By the way, for the after dinner dessert, I split a yogurt parfait with my mom


It was super yummy♪











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