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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星




For myself you know, when sleeping
I end up wanting to face on my side!!


When it’s cold I’ll sleep scrunched up but


when I’ve used up my strenght and I’m worn out
I want to sleep in a the shape of the 大 character〜(-ω-)/キラキラ


But on the other side!
Healthy people, seems they sleep in the 大 formビックリマーク



Is everyone like thatー? Thinking about it
it’s surprisingly differentびっくり



☆The type sleeping in 大 shape
☆The type holding your knees leaning againsts the wall
☆The type sleeping scrunched up
☆The type holding your knees in a ball



At rehearsals during breaks and in the car in transport and stuff too
Relatively all of Morning can sleep right away so, in that way we can rest our body〜 lol






Today was lessons with everyoneグラサンキラキラ


Today it was from the afternoon so I could sleep a lot but, walking to the station I was faster than usual, I had gotten late… lol


I wonder if I’ll make it to the train I want to ride!? worried about it I ran! lol


In the end I ranー lol lol



A, of course the LIVE is the next day〜 thinking about it
that topic came out from the members too! lol


Everyone when you came to the LIVE do you end up feeling the same way I wonder?キラキラ




I bought tapioca with Eripon and went homeチュー照れ


The first time going to the shop!



Today I tried an Uji maccha milkteaてへぺろ
It was yummyーラブ



Next to this store was a karaoke place and
when we went by 「YEAH YEAH YEAH」 and
one the way home Kobushi Factory’s 「Kitto Watashi wa」
were playing


It was like that’s HaroPro!!! lol


Unintentionally it made me want to go??
Tomorrow is early too so we went home though yah!! lol lol







This weekend there is a HaroPro・All Stars Event


It’ll be like a school festival I think?!ラブラブ
I predict it’ll be a pretty amazing一 mature eventキラキラ


Somehow even though it’s just handshake booths, it seems like from one end to the other it’ll be about 100mアセアセ


And it seems there’s a scheduled time to use tickets so
please watch your time kay


Look forward to the escape game too!


It seems Yamaki Risa-chan already did it!


Mizuki wants to do it too〜ラブラブ
Look forward to itー💕💕💕





星Sanrio-san sponsored
【2019 Sanrio Character Grand Prize】
voting is now in session!



Current Morning Musume。’19 collabo characters


Entry No.75
Carbonix (Gaokkiー)



It’s still going, pleasevoteウインクラブラブ












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