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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


The lives in Osaka are finished


Already it’s no good~ヾ(⌒(_×ω×)_
I’m HeroHero completely exhaustedアセアセアセアセアセアセ



Today when we were stirring everyone up maybe I put too much power into it


Now, my right hand hurts… lol lol


Writing this blog my hand is FuruFuru… lol



Today’s Oryx theater
felt really fired upキラキラ照れ音譜


And even the venue’s 3rd floor was packed!


From every angle you could hear lots of cheers照れ it very much gave me powerルンルン


I said it at the MC too but
from coming out at the opening feeling the heat, 「This is no doubt getting fired up isn’t it?!キラキラ」 I felt thatニコニコドキドキ


Sure enough, it was really exciting爆笑


Everyone who came
thank you so muchラブラブ



Coming back to Osaka for the first time in 3 weeks
I wonder how it went乙女のトキメキ


For sure I want to do lives, I can’t get enough


Yesterday and today, the 2 days were really fun♪


Today I couldn’t take pictures either〜
Sorry yahアセアセ



星Sanrio-san sponsored
【2019 Sanrio Character Grand Prize】
voting is now in session!



Current Morning Musume。’19 collabo characters


Entry No.75
Carbonix (Gaokkiー)



It’s still going, pleasevoteウインクラブラブ













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