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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


I went to the Kingdom Hearts 3 Cafe!!


Thanks to the Cafe getting it’s time extended I got to go爆笑ラブラブ


My partner was the also KingHea lover
Country・Girls’ Yamaki Risa-chan♪



Early Morning♪ lol


To be frank waking up was toughー lol lol
The time the two of us met up was morning


But you know, Risapyon said
「I’m meeting with Fukumura-san so I dressed up♪」…ドキドキ




Mizuki you know…
was far from dressed up with no make-upガーン笑い泣き


But but!!
Fukumura-san, totally without make-up is OK
I get that soグッにひひ it’s allーright in the end?? lol


In any case
I’m glad I got to go to the 3rd partニヤリ恋の矢



I wanted to drink the Pooh-san drink ❣️ HoneyLemonPot〜🍯
It was yummy爆笑


And you know, the darkness onigiri was the best tooキラキラ
Saying darkness, the contents was noritama, and kombu, it’s cuteラブラブ
Which was which I don’t know
Eating at random Mizuki’s was kombu〜ゲラゲラ


This kind of joyful breakfast is the best yah風船音符









Yesterday’s strawberries 🍓


Manager-san you know
isn’t good at picking!!


And so, with Akanechin
we taught them, you take it like this〜キラキラ


Sheesh you know, even if we had time
It’d want to go strawberry picking


That’s how much I’m coming to like strawberry picking流れ星





星Sanrio-san sponsored
【2019 Sanrio Character Grand Prize】
voting is now in session!



Current Morning Musume。’19 collabo characters


Entry No.75
Carbonix (Gaokkiー)



It’s still going, pleasevoteウインクラブラブ




星Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Tsubaki Factory’s Niinuma Kisora guest episode is now distributing!
By all means listen kay〜キラキラ











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