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Yesterday’s release


『steady. April issue』


I get to be published inside itピンクハート




鏡Mature girl’s spring commute EYE make-up♡ハイヒール付けまつげ


it’s the page for that project!!










From Igari Shinobu-san


I got my hair and make-up done!!!!!!





I was nervous but…
During the make-up we talked about all kind sof things, it was really funハート




The make-up, it was really funーハートハートハート






I event got a book ハートアイシャドウ
Thank you so muchリボン
Getting it I looked at it a lot ✨
Reading through it even more I’ll get better at make-up, I want to be even cuter❣️ブラシポーチ




By all means!
steady. April Issue
please look at it kayラブラブラブラブ











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