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What I thought about the responses to yesterday’s blog and tweets that I saw.
First off for this talk, I didn’t have anyone in particular I was writing about, I feel like I’m fine with those that get it. It’s fine for those who haven’t experienced this kind of thing before so, it’s okay if you can’t understand or you can’t sympathize.
And so for those who can’t sympathize, you won’t have to have such troublesome talks like this you know! lol lol
But, I feel like it’d be good to bring it across for whose who “understand” even a little, and with those feelings I’m writing this.




The comments from thoes who are worried and sympathize, I feel like they’re very kind.
The people who are there looking at this from here on too, that becomes power for me!
Of course the opinions from those who don’t sympathize, that’s true too, those thoughts, and considerations that exist too, I plan to learn from them!




Here and there, “I’m sorry I be helped when I’m crushed,” and, ‘I’m sorry I’m powerless,” I get those kind of things but, please don’t think of it that way. That kind of stuff isn’t even 1 milli of it!
For me, constantly, it’s the fans that support me!
I said it when I graduated too but, for me, I love my fans!




More than everyone feels too, from my perspective, I don’t see my fans are a big lump sum, they are each individual people.
I don’t know if I can get across the bit I want to say though lol
You aren’t a bundle! Is it.
Each and every person is important!





And you know, when it’s tough, what I immerse myself into is make-up but, with that, the make-up techniques I’ve obtained up to now, even now it’s been useful, I like doing make-up, and I like doing deep make-up myself!
And for me, I don’t particularly like looking at my own videos and pictures from the past but, since I’ve begun to do research in make-up, I’ve seen the things I like from those times myself!
And so the result is that this stuff becomes a plus for me〜☺️


My fixation with make-up too, I feel like that’s something I want to write a blog about at some point later!






Regarding 「Are you okay?」 and 「Do your best」, you might be thinking well what other thing should you say instead?
But, for me at those times, the thing that saved me the most are the positive words, 「I love you」 and 「I’m supporting you」.
The words I take in myself, the positive things made me very happy. It’s because it felt like you’re watching me like this.
The other comments I felt like, ah I see were, those saying 「Is this bad?」「Does it seem impossible?」 stuff like that.
If you realized you were close to someone who seemed like they were gonna get crushed, in what way would you try to take care of them, I think about that. That they say is something easy to say regardless of how good or bad your relationship is.



But the number one thing, the thing that up to now we haven’t fallen into.
This is, I think that it’s not the people around you noticing you that’s important.
You have to be careful that you yourself don’t get to that point.
Badly depending on others, badly relying on others, I think there’s lots of people like that. For those that realize it, I think there are people who think about it happily while people act like they’re okay.
And so venting gas is important.
For me who was weak, I feel like I couldn’t do that well but, gaining experience, I want to convey it.


And so, if the people around me are worried, I myself probably get the saddest?
So up to now I’ve acted in a way so that wouldn’t happen. you know ☆





That’s what I’ve thought about since I woke up this morning!





A, that thing I thought was important talking with Sanma-san earlier on Yantan was



Things that aren’t interesting, if you can’t take them in interestingly, it’s no good. With life or with anything.
There’s lots of uninteresting things, that’s living.
How will you live with that uninteresting stuff?
Cause leaving aside the interesting parts is interesting.



We talked about that kind of stuff.




And so, building up your strength changing in yourself, living I feel that can make it a little fun.
It’s a wise saying〜〜




That’s all!

















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