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2019-02-22 01:21:45








I tweeted it earlier but,
Starting to write I end up wanting to supplement it with all kinds of things, but I thought that would lead to even more tweets so, I’ll write a blog kay! lol


This blog, a lot of my fans can see it this way so, it’ll be fine for just people who know about it!







Right now, I’m in a very good mood but
there’s things from when I was an active member that’s gotten to me too.
All kindsof things have gotten me kinda down, I end up thinking about things I shouldn’t think about, and I get in on myself



Ah, that’s the influence of putting on really dark make up that one time! lol
Why did I bring out that make up! lol lol







Someー time ago yah, I was told at handshake events.
From here on I’ll be a 〇〇-oshi kay, they said.
Harunan, you seem like you’ll be okay solo but, 〇〇 is weak so we have to protect her, they said.
But that member has lots of people around them.
I had thoughts that like, even though I need that support from you too.






I’m the type who’s own feelings could crush them. Since I started SNS, I it seems like I might not be like that though. lol
I tend to put emphasis on things that come across well, and that’s not just with work, it’s how I spend time in the dressing room too.
It’d be great if everyone could have fun, that’s number one.
And so I end up going with it in a “that’s okay” style.



But I felt like those kinds of people, there’s probably lots of them in around yah.
Cause I feel like it’d be bad if I let it worry me.


If anything my self-affirmation is low, and for that I feel like I’m sorry for making you worry about it yah.




And so, for the people around me that I want to treasure, I felt like without exception, taking on the things you know is important.





And you know, the 「Are you okay?」 when I’m crushed is troubling,
Really close good people, and people who want to listen, people asking me that isn’t bad though.



For people other than that, and people who usually don’t talk about things that deep, getting asked that, I feel like I end up feeling like they’d be worried about it now. It’s not something that’s okay.
If anything at times like that it become menial so, with those words, “it’s surely enveloped in kindness,” or that they’ve thought so far that it’s hit the bad things.
You end up thinking about it like that too much, so much so there’s no extra room to breath.



It’s that same way with 「do your best」 too.



But, I know, my companions are worried about me too, there’s times you can only say things like, “Are you okay?” and “Do your best” and I get to the point where it’s like, I know.





Work gets hectic and my schedule ends up getting closed off, it steadily crushes me so, if it seems like I’m being crushed, and if I can I’ll make the time and spend it with people I like and friends having fun, please let me vent that gas.
Please let me do the things I like most.




The first thing is not to be driven to that point so, everyone everyone, if you think about the other person’s feelings, and do what you can, it can be a kinder world you know。




That’s all!










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