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2019-01-28 17:23:19







I ended up taking a break from updates💦



Hongdae memories continue〜!




After I bought clothes and accessories, to a cafe♡



South Korea, it has lots of these so-called “Instabae [tl approx: Insta-shine/show-off]” like cute cafes〜!


Even in Japan there’s lots of cafe’s bursting with South Korea you know ☺️



But I thought since I made the effort I should go to a cafe that hasn’t come to Japan yet, so I ended up at,


















There, all of the menu includes mint〜!!











It’s amazing isn’t it?
This color!


It’s mint oreo cheesecake♡











I ordered it with a mint chocolate latte as a set ☺️




The impact of its appearance is amazing but, all the menu items in South Korean cafes are really yummy😮❣️


Before that I ate a rainbow mille-feuille and that was yummy too!












This you know! lol




It’s overflowing with everything so yummy that I wanted to repeat it〜(*´◒`*)





And so at MINT HEIM I ended up buying mint chocolate as a souvenir for myself♡













I’m eating it bit by bit 🍃💕






And I bought skincare goods at Hongdae too.











Dr.Geo Series♡




It’s products sold at South Korea’s Daisoー and, it’s popularity was good so I ended up getting it ☺️💓



In total there’s 8 kings but, I just bought 5 kinds!


THe 5th kind is Shika-cream(Revitalizing Cream), just that one I bought 2



The feeling using it, I felt like it makes me skin condition better so I should’ve bought more you know 😮💦


Next time I gotta buy more〜〜♪





The South Korea Trip Day 2 still continues…














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