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It’s gotten pretty warm, it’s felt like spings come huh ☺️


Everyone, how is your new lifestyle going?



For me, the end of March was the end of continous days of shoots, entering into April there were closing parties that happened right away 💨
Up to now, when I was in a group there weren’t closing parties so it was refreshing〜🌸



With one shoot finishing, I’ve gotten a pretty comfortable schedule until the next one so this month I have some flexibility!


And so, I went flower viewing and had a picnic ☺️🌸









I spend time with my little sister and my sister’s child constantly you know〜🌈




But from this month I’ll be able to show myself in front of everyone now and then〜!


First of, CBC TV 「Chant!」’s Wednesday Corner “Osharesanpo”, I’ve been scheduled to be the alternating week regular 💓


The other day, I went on location with Kondou Chihiro-san〜〜!!


Look forward to the broadcast ❤️




And on 4/20 a Kumamoto TGC appearance is scheduled〜〜(*´꒳`*)!


Waaーーーー, I’m gonna end up walking the runwayーーー☺️☺️☺️



From my Morning time, It’s like I’m linked to Kumamoto yah🐝👏🏻



I’m nervous but, the feeling of anticipation is strong ✨
Those going to Kumamoto TGC〜, let’s have fun kay 🌸




Even so just recently, I unexpectedly came across happy work things so look forward to when I can announec that laterー✨✨










I’ll finish with this picture of an incomplete picture taken by my little sister kay 🙋🏻‍♀️ tehe












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