Because It’s Spring?

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Good Morning✨
Is everyone energeticー!?





For me you know












Sleeping and sleeping and I’m still sleepy











sleeping and sleeping, and i’m still sleepy 😭






Because it’s spring????🌸



Since I’m pulling on power i don’t even have I get tired right away but…





Just doing one bit of anything,





Eh, sleepy.
I wonder if I can sleep for 10 minutes…







Yesterday too you know,


On Instagram at exactly 21:00
『I’ll make the deadline for questions here ✨』
before I put that up, I wrote it out before hand too…



and from around 20:30, till 20:40 I slept lol lol






I sleep riiight away!!




So baーd! Straight and away!!!!













Changing topics but 😌





Michishige Sayumi’s 2nd Personal Book’s
Wanibooks 🐊 special pre-order has
(Lottery signed book for 100 people + 1 raw picture)*The raw picture is for everybody








Look forward to itチューリップチューリップチューリップ





Other places too, for each of the net bookstores, anytime preorder is starting!! We’re making raw pictures for each of the net bookstores!!!
I’ll make announcements for them again kay〜コアラ









Well well
Continuing from the last blog
Off shots from the shoot for my last personal bookピンク薔薇赤薔薇o0720108014387852179.jpg









Me sleeping a lot from this time yah









The sleepiness isn’t something that started now huh?ーーーーー!!!!!!!!!!










Think that, I looked back at pictures from my time in Morning Musume。
I have quite a bit of pictures where I’m sleepingーーーー😴







I want to see! If lots of you voice that I’ll put them up kay 😎























(That said, if I don’t get any comments that say, “I want to see!” then it’ll be embarrassing yah)










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