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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Organizing my room these things came out. lol




1 page of a comic Mizuki had drawn when she was in elementary school〜.
The main character’s name is Mizuki lol lol



(Mid-story) In the letter code, my mom wrote
「What is this?」.


I don’t really have a memory of the drawing but
I could read the code right away
of course it’s probably cause it was me yah. lol


Just now I showed Mom,
she told me looking at it was weird. lol lol


Really, that. lol


Despite that I wanted to be a manga artist
my drawings were so bad lol lol


Everyone can you read Mizuki’s code?? lol lol




I think there are few who know it but


Mizuki, while aiming for Hello!Pro
had been aiming to be a manga artist. lol


Even now I love manga but
producing stories, that’s really amazing
reading them I feel that way all the timeキラキラ




When doing my best myself and stuff


Do your best kay
thank you
it’ sfun, hearing those words


they hit straight to the heart〜
really it makes me happy〜爆笑ラブラブ



Aー I couldn’t get the statement together reallyー lol





This weekend is the Hiroshima Osaka lives~ラブラブブルーハーツ



2 Weeks ago was Osaka too but
2 days 4 performances done…


Here’s me exhausted
Can you tell what’s going on??




It’s situps. lol


Are you okーーー
the members around asked me but
I was putting on a cheery front ヽ(゚∀。)ノ星


It was funnnnー!
with that energy I’m doing sit ups笑い泣き!!


TanoshiMizuki for the weekendラブラブ





ハート【B.L.T.web】 Morning Musume。’19 FUkumura mIzuki 「MIZUKI HOUR」










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