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Metro Rakuda “Hall & Live House” TOUR 2019〜 Standing and Sitting, Rakuda all you like〜


I went to Nakano Sunplaza.











Making my way to their live venue for the 2nd time, since 2015.


Up to now I’ve totally wanted to go but, I wanted to go to the Budokan one but, my whole schedule was covered and I couldn’t go so, really it’s been a while!



But the impressions I felt 4 years ago and the impressions I felt today, in a good way they haven’t changed.


It was a live with heat I could taste that felt so fresh it was like is this my first time seeing it?!




Already it’s really the best!!
Of coures all the songs were really very good too but, going through the setlist and stuff, while they were playing too each and every song has meaning.


For the tour this time, they did live houses and halls too but, I wonder why they chose the hall for the lives too.


Not just the songs but the way they were spinning words was all fantastic you know.


And during vocalist Shibuya-san’s talk the BGM playing from Yanagisawa-san, well, I wanted to say it sounded sly. lol




Countless times over and over, talking about all kinds of bits but


My view of life changed thanks to SUPER BEAVER-san’s song.




Today too, once again, I learned a new motivation and way of thinking, I felt like here on it’ll have an effect yah.



Haa… I like it.




By all means please try listening to them ☺️





Ah, by the way, it’s been a whilesince we met and I have pink hari so they were surprised, but, really, I’m not going delinquent 🙋🏻‍♀️ lol lol









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