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2019-03-28 21:57:59
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


I got contact from a friend that’s come home to Tokyoールンルン


Mizuki and her classmates from here a lot of us are in our 1st year as working adults yah.





For my friend, Mizuki’s been a company worker since about 8 years before so they tease calling me their great senpai✨ and stuff thoguh lol


In my heart I’m thinking, (For sure they’re more adult than Mizuki though yah〜). lol



Very soon theyr’e starting a new life
I want them to rest their body and heart more than ever before


There’s all kinds of ways to remain calm but
The recommended Morning Musume。 numbers are… 「Brainstorming」
and 「The Vision」 these 2 songs!


For brainstorm, i’s a confident feel with energetic lyrics that I like, it can give you proactive feelingパンダラブラブ
For Vision it’s snuggly流れ星


Both are songs recorded in the Best! Album tooニコニコ
I want you to listen to it while reciting the lyrics yah!






Getting near the bookstore on the way home本
「Rolling Stone Japan vol.06」 and 「B.L.T」
I GOT them and went homeー流れ星




I’m writing the blog now so, I’ve only taken a quick read trhough right now but you know


With Rolling Stone Japan-san, there’s an interview with the staff-san that we’re always indebted too insideキラキラ


The stage director-san
and our YOSHIKO-sensei音譜


Everyone who supports our stage with their full power.


Oh my… I’m tearing up… I read it while feeling htat.


I’m thinking about it in this way you know.
I haven’t read all of our own interview yet soあせる


From here on, I want to read it carefully!!



For B.L.T-san, I got to do a Fukumura Mizuki solo interview & shootグリーンハーツ


The theme is more Cool Fukumura than ever before ( ̄ー+ ̄*)キラキラ
I got to take pics for that流れ星



My future
As one of Morning Musume。
and private talk too!


I got pictures taken from the staff-san before thta was coverage for a documentary photobook!
Even now, their consideration makes me very happy


Please give both magazines your supportチューリップ




Thank you always for the commentsラブラブ


In the comments they told me the length of my history of being a leader
I’ve been leader for 1583 days yahビックリマーク


The comments, they’re really encouraging
from here on too thank you so much


From here on too, please continue to give your support to Morning Musume。





イエローハートHappening 3/31
Hello!Project HinaFes 2019 Morning Musume。
’19 Premium
NicoNico Live Broadcast exclusive broadcast has been scheduled!









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