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2019-02-12 12:25:02








The other day, I got to go see the play Niigaki Risa-san is performing in, 「Tsuki no Tani Akai Ishi」 Part Akai Ishi [tl approx: Moon Valley, Red Stone Part Red Stone]!








It’s been a while Niigaki-san ♡




Niigaki-san’s intensity is amazing.
No, it’s not just Niigaki-san the fire from all of the cast was constantly overwhelming!!!!


The story was very interesting…
I cried so much for reasons I don’t know!



Really, it was cool…!!!


My goosebumps wouldn’t stop from that coollness, I was nothing but impressed!!




The play continues until this weekend!
Everyone, by all means please try go to see it.
You should totally go see it!



And Niigaki-san, please take care until the finale 🥺








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