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2019-01-22 17:18:11







Today with shoots finished earliy,
I was spending time in the hotel the whole time but,
I brought the fan letters I haven’t finished reading yet from home with me so I was reading them.
They’re always being gathered for me so, in them, there are those written from before I announced my graduation,
those feelings too,
like water soaking into the ground bit by bit, Pota, Pota, it penetrated into me.


Slowly penetrating my heart,
This kinda tenderness, warmth, and kindness,
more than the grandly shocking happiness too, the tears won’t stop you know
The tears flowed but, in the flowing, Pota, Pota, it penetrates so, I didn’t know what to do if I should stop.



Getting written fan letters, it’s not just the feelings of the person who wrote it, it’s the fine details written about the concerts and events from the times they came so
I recall those KiraKira sparkling moments




I don’t have regrets graduating


But these feelings, what kind of sentiment they have, I don’t know, it’s perplexing.



It’s different from loneliness, different from painful, different from wanting to go back too.


I want to go back, it’s not that but, Aa, I want to see it again you know, I want to experience it you know, my body wants to feel it you know, that.


The brilliance of time you know.



I’m writing with all the time right now so, it’s not settling down….


No matter when, forever, I feel like I’m being supported by the fans







This mornign I saw it, the morning star.


For the fans, when it comes to me, the morning star will be the evening star too you know (^^)




Oyapuminasai ★彡









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