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2019-01-22 07:55:57






For my South Korea trip’s 2nd day, around the afternoon I left the hotel and headed to 弘大(Hongdae)!


A place with the energy of overflowing youth!




First off, let’s eat brunch, so I headed to the place called 「OU」☺️










Even by myself it was easy to go to too, even thoguh you can’t really communicate with Japanese, the menu had the plates in them so ordering was easy!


All of the sides were supremely yummy, a delight〜☺️🌸🌸






From there I moved to the “street I want to walk”, and to this landmark shop!










The shop called LIZE AND MILKCOCOA!


Last year, when I went on my trip to South Korea with Wada Ayaka-chan we found it, all of the clothes there was very cute so I wanted to come here again〜💓


It wasn’t just the front I was determined to see on the street I want to walk, it’s in a side road just a liーーーーttle bit but, well if you’re looking around restlessly, I think you’ll find it ☺️👏🏻 lol





The spoils from there☆









A flower pattern one piece dress and, a simple〜 shirt!



The one piece dress, it was very cute one of my favorites♡


The other day, when I went on a date with Nanba Shiho-san I went wearing it and got praised〜☺️💓
I put it up on Instagram and WEAR so by all means!








Another recommended shop!



It’s shop named Time and Space but, inside the shop it’s very frank〜!










Both sides, have items of matching colors and genre on display,
but the material feel is different so, even though they seem like the same item, it’s not the same thing lined up 😮



Those who want to pick their clothes carefully obsessing over each and every thing might like it!



I just bought this accessory there ☺️








Piercing and ring set.



Simple but cute it’s one of my favorites✨
But I still haven’t worn it yet so, when the time with shoots finishes I’ll put it on〜♪




I still have memories from Hongdae so look forward to it




To be continued…




Oyapuminasai ★彡













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