That’s Right, If It’s an iPhone Huh Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-05 18:33:40
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Because of rehearsals it’s very hard!



Kyaaaa it’s so hardddddびっくりびっくりびっくり



But when it’s locked in it’ll be really cool probably right?ー(*^^*)!!





…that’s the feelings I have (lol)





But you knowー, I’m sleepy you knowー,


I want to sleep soーーーーundly you know













Feeling like thiーーーーs照れアップ




I want to sleep feeling good





That’s right,













Feeling like thisニヤリニヤリニヤリ





Of course, it seems like around me you can sleep feeling good←





And I’ll get of this kind of look in picture.






I can get this any kind of sleeping face and it’ll be a fantastic picture







That’s right, if it’s an iPhone huh?





(I just wanted to say it)




Continuing with rehearsals I’ll go do my bestニヤリ




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Starting Starting〜♪ Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-04 19:38:02
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Entering September, at last it’s the fall tour rehearsals!



Oh my~! The setlist is the best!



Ora WakuWakusuzzo Gettin’ excited!!








But before reheas, studying with Yantanーーー!!





Lilium off shots口笛









Ah! Yesterday in real time I watched 『Otona eh Novel』~ラブ



Oh myーーー, Duー was so cuteee!




Getting in touch with Kuduー, from the amazing writing too I sent it her being SowaSowa fidgety!!



Really you know, so much it’s insistent you know, with picture of hte TV screen and stuff, I sent her “So Cuteeeee,”


Eventually I didn’t get replies back (lol)



I ended up so excited, sorry huh Kuduー. lol lol






For the first time in a while I got to buy manga!


1 of the 3!









Mikimoto Rin-sensei’s work~!!




Gyaaaaa Oudou, it made me KyunKyunーーーー!!



When I first saw it, this thing seems to be popular technique in manga again!



WIth more power than Kabedon, this has it!



A hint: mask!



Those of you interested by all means please try reading it~アップ





With that!ニコ



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Haikyuー‼︎ Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-03 16:37:23
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From the moment I woke up this morning, I was immersed in yesterday and the day before yesterday, this is Iikubo Haruna.



Even first thing in the morning, I thought about Licorice, and I think I solved one of the mysteries


That? Then that? From when? Why?


At this time it was Sylvetica? Licorice?


and, one by one, the mysteries end up increasing…



And it ends up being endless真顔




Aa, this is what everyone says is Miyuki? Not getting away, forever in Miyuki as they say. lol



I got to share in this passion (lol)








Taking pictures with other people with Licorice’s appearance, I kinda ended up making contradictions huh( ^ω^ )あせる



I had taken lots of pictures but, so much I can’t put them all upーーー




I took some with Cheery too, I’m a Cherry fan that’s why!



I’ll put some of that up on another day!










I got one taken with Kiri-sama too!


Hyuーga jr. form.
This also end up creating contradictions!!



Kiri-sama too, I’m a fan (lol)



During the play Kiri-sama was cool and made me KyunKyun, my heart skip a beat,


When we took the picture together she was cool like this, it made me KyunKyun! lol




Behind the scenes this kind of core to me comes out but, on stage I was aware that I needed ot be as much a boy as I could!


And so, probably, like the first time in it,


I did a manly way of sittingーーー!!



In the game corner, I was sitting on the stage in the pipe chair, and there was all the visitors in front of my eyes so I felt like I need to be Hyuーga jr.!



With a GA! I spread my legs and sat downニヤリ



Those of you who came, I feel like what you saw a rare sight isn’t it (lol)







Yah that’s right, the read aloud play was like this huh,


in my entrance scene I came out while playing Volgaball (Volleyball)!



Oh my, this is, Haikyuー‼︎おねがいおねがいおねがい



Thinking that, I completely felt like I was Oikawa Paisen, and I had decided to attack it!




…I’m hopeless with exercise so in actually it might not have been like that though (lol)



But, in my head with that image, with the volleyball knowledge I acquired from regularly reading Haikyuー‼︎ I dealt with it.


By the way for Marian, her pose when she was receiving I also taught her with my Haikyuー‼︎ knowledge!


With Noya-san sense!



Yesterday the script’s Shioda-san was there so, somewhat excitedly when I was asked, “It’s Haikyuー‼︎ huh!?” seems like it was because it just girl volleyball season照れ lol




Busy all the time, I haven’t written my thoughts on Haikyuー‼︎ vol.17 but,



I want both sides to win too so, really reading it it made my heart hurt.



The final battle was so hot, these feelings also get hot too…


It was like I would cry, or I should say I already cried huh!




Originally the teams were enemies but, yet wanting to cheer for them, it’s because to that extent these characters are that charming you know (´・_・`)



…saying this I love Oikawa-senpai so extra AoJo←



AAAA Haikyuー‼︎ is so funny!



It makes me happy!!


Finally!! From October the anime second season starts!!!





I’ve been waiting this whole timeeeee!!!



Fukuroudani is cominggggggg!!!





I’m looking forward to 10/3 \(//∇//)\





Kinda for the first time in a while I feel angry, control myself, control myself…




Well then after this too I’m off to do my best with workてへぺろドキドキ



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jr. Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-02 21:39:48
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Today at Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater


was the 『TRIANGLE-トライアングル-』 Thanks Festival Event!




At the event we did a read aloud drama and a team competition battle game~!!



With this play, I appeared in the role of Hyuーga just in a clip! lol



But at today’s event, in the read aloud drama I got to properly appear on stageー!ニヤリ


In the role of Hyuーga jr.!



Together with Suzuki-san acting as Tosuka jr. we appeared照れ










Ikuta acting as Prince Phi appeared tooー!


The 3 who appeared in clips笑い泣き






And a full member shot too!!










To change suddenly from yesterday, it was a really kid, mischievous role!


Moreover a guy!


I acted as a reckless acting like an adult boy(lol)





From today the 「TRIANGLE-トライアングル-」 DVDs are on sale and,


at the event they played the digest clip…




It was so sad I was super super teared upえーん



I want the DVD tooーー









At the game corner, we had to dance nonsensically in pairs…!!



That pair was me with Ogata Haruna-chan!



This was an unbelievable W Haruna!!


I feel like it ended up being a very strange dance but, our breathing was probably aligned! Tehe




For BS-TBS Open Broadcast 15th Anniversary Commemorative Special Project  Cool Japan ~(DOU)~ Morning Musume。’15 appearances, today is the last but,


every day we very much got to have fun!!




From this it’s the days of fall tour rehearsalsびっくり!!


Kyaー! Before I knew it, it’s Septemberーー!!




From here it’s the blog pre-order application 2nd round announcementドキドキ



Pre-order application period is
8/28(Fri) 12:00~9/6(Sun) 23:59


※Application is possible through PC, Smartphone, mobile
※Application is possible for 4 for one person.
※Results will not be in order of arrival but will be decided by lottery.
By all means, please come see us at the fall tour爆笑爆笑爆笑


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Licorice Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-01 21:51:32
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LILIUM Thanks Festival 2nd day is finished!



At last I can reveal the contents!




I didn’t perform in last years performance 『LILIUM-リリウム Shoujo Junketsu kageki-』 but


For the thanks festival this time I heard I get to appear!!



At first I thought, “Whatーーー!?” (lol)


For this thanks festival, the first part was a short drama 『Nirin Saki』[tl: Two Flowers Bloom], the second part was a talk corner, and the third part was a Lilium music live, it was composed of those three parts,


For me in 『Nirin Saki』 I got the role of a girl named Licorice.




Licorice was, a very very important character!!



In this short drama, the lines start with me and end with me…!



In addition to that, in these 2 years I haven’t been in a play so (O_O) lol


Already from practice my heart was BakkuBaku tremblingーーーー!!





Yesterday, today, those of you who came to see us, I think for sure it finished with MoyaMoya gloomy feelings!





With that, I feel like I want to talk about Licorice as much as I can(*^^*)



Licorice and Sylvatica, are two in one.


For Sylvatica, Licorice is a friend but, that’s because she’s an imaginary friend.


Sylvatica is a person with multiple personalities, and Licorice is a person inside of Sylvatica.


And so no one other than Sylvatica can see Licorice…




I got to perform that kind of girl, Licorice!


Even acting it, I thought Licorice is very mysterious


A nice side with friends and, feeling attachment, madness towards Camellia
I feel it’s just like Licorice herself with her dual personalities.





Up to this point I’ve been writing about the role but, really really thinking about it Odashi and I are two in one!








Thought this 『Nirin Saki』, the distance between Odashi and I feels like it’s gotten much closer!



That feeing is for sure not just me!



Right! Odashi!!!?













Getting to act as Licorice, it made me very happy(*^^*)!!









Kuduー’s story




This short drama’s rehearsal was just one day but,


for that rehearsal due to Angerme’s schedule they couldn’t come…




For me, there a scene at the last part where I hug with Camellia but



For that scene, as stand-in Kuduー got to do it!




Really, it was holding hands and hugging but,



This, how do I put it, liking Camellia, it wasn’t a hug, I went at it with the nuances of an embrace and so…



Well it was oh my (lol)



Aーーーー, this is the False that Aya-chan adores huh. lol




No way! Now it’s already totally fine though you know! Me!!←what?




That was the inside storyー.にひひ






The outfit made for Licorice, it was very cute, the staff and other members, said that it matched me a lot!\(//∇//)\



It’s unfortunate I don’t get to wear it anymoreショック!ダウン



For a full body picture of the outfit, I’ll put it up through WEAR kay!





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Lilium Thanks Festival Iikubo Haruna

2015-08-31 21:15:05
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Today at Ikebukuro Sunshine Teheater, was the first day of the Lilium Thanks Festival!






I was nervousーーーーー





I was so nervous, after it was over I was relieved and at the same time I got a headache! lol










With the one who played Camellia, Nakanishi Kana-chan~ドキドキ




Today was the first day, tomorrow is the second day!


And so, I can’t give out any spoilers~あせる






Today I got to see cute Aya-chan a lot too(°∀°)b ドキドキ








This is me being looked at though! lol



But you know, False is cool!!



The reason I ended up thinking that too, I think I should write about after tomorrowアップ




Those of you coming tomorrow, by all means please look at my gallant visage(?)にひひ tehe




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So Much Chatting〜 Iikubo Haruna

2015-08-30 20:39:42
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Today in Nagoya for the first time in a while we had all kinds of meetings~!



At the handshake, from lots of you


you told me your impressions of Music Station,


and that you’ll watch the September’s 10hour special too!


You all told me things like that!!



Other things too, Hello!Con things and new song things,


manga and anime, game talk, and talk about my favorite actors, all kinds of things音譜





Chatting is fun you know~!!



The happy thing was… I got told, “Lately Harunan’s gotten prettier you knowー!”にひひ恋の矢



It’s embarrassing but makes me very very happy (*^^*)!





Today the dressing room was really bustling, it was fun音譜



Everyone in singing together, physically playing?, we laughed a lotにひひひらめき電球ひらめき電球




The dressing rooms are always bustling but,


I have a good picture to show thatーーービックリマーク









It’s the dressing room from the other day during the Ikebukuro Eventアップ



Can you tell?
Everyone’s feeling NoriNori high-spirited (lol)



Sayashi-san said, 『We haven’t been popping lately』 and so the popping startedにひひにひひにひひ



Today’s dressingroom unbelievably was like this tooひらめき電球





From tomorrow the Ikebukuro event will once again be like this dressing roomにひひ



Tomorrow, and the day afteris the Lilium Thanks Festival~!


I’ll do my bestリボン








Yesterday, I took a picture with Country・Girls’ Morito Chisaki-chanラブラブ



Morito-chan is cute huh (*^^*)!


Secretly, behind her back, I’m calling her Chiーchan得意げ


But in person I haven’t said it thoughにひひ!!





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#I Want To Share These Emotions Iikubo Haruna

2015-08-29 20:43:01
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Yesterday’s Music Station 2Hour Special, have you seen it??ニコニコ



Among the lots of performers appearing together, we Morning Musume。’15 were top batter’s so I was very nervousビックリマーク



But not just a song and dance performance, even though it was taken from above it wasn’t embarrassing, we got to make a clean formation!!



At the ending, V6’s Inohara-san,


using the words from the song we showed 『Oh my wish!』


『Kono Dandou wo Kyouyuushitai』 [tl: I want to share these emotions]


He said that part of the lines, it was really shocking!!
I…felt like it really showed on my faceえっ lol



I felt all our co-performer’s kindness too, it made me very happyベル



And uh, KyariPamyuPamyu-san
smelled very very good!!!



I want to be the kind of girl that can bring out that kind of nice scent目恋の矢




Moriyama Naotarou-san’s 『Ikiru(tteIikiru)』[tl: Live (Declare It)], was really really moving, seeing him singing it, naturally tears came out.


After yesterday’s broadcast, we got our co-performer’s CD so while we’re on the move I’m listening to it~DASH!






And for yesterday’s ending it was announced but,



On 9/23 too, we’ll get to appear on Music Stationビックリマークビックリマーク






It’s a 10hour specialーーーー!!!!



For what song we might show, please look forward to itラブラブ



For 2 months in a row getting to appear on it, well I’m very happyクラッカークラッカー



By all means please watch it kayラブラブ







Today was Hello!Con in Fukuoka prefecture!


The summer Hello!Project concerts, grand finaleビックリマークビックリマーク


At the DISCOVERY performance, we’re showing our new songs 『Oh my wish!』『SUKAtto My heart』 and,


Today coming out on stage with Oh my wish!, we could hear the clapping from the guest’s seats!!



Maybe you say yesterday’s Music Station!


and like,


Maybe it’s because we got Oricon Number 2!


and stuff like that,


thinking about all kinds of things I was happy,


Perhaps while performing, I might have ended up being NiyaNiya grinningにひひDASH!DASH!



At the Hello!Con, at the location where calls happen frorm the cheer seats on stage, where we take turns watching other groups performances,
we get fired up with all the fans but,


For me, I got to watch Kobushi Factory’s 『Raーmen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta』 and


Country・Girls’ 『Wakatteiru noni Gomen ne』 from the cheer seats!



I love these 2 songs so, I got to really have fun in the cheer seats ( ^ω^ )



For 『Wakatteiru noni Gomen ne』, the members say their lines but, Kuduー who’s always with me there and I would mess aorund with the words音譜



The cheer seats are fun too~ビックリマーク




Today was the grand finale, the Hello!Con that started a little earlier this year more than usual but,


it really went by in a flashビックリマークビックリマーク



I feel like I won’t get to see the other Hello members for a bit too, that makes me sad you knowあせる






I got this taken with Kobushi Factory’s Inoue Rei-chan~ニコニコドキドキドキドキ








ReiRei! Adorable ReiRei!



And ReiRei, I feel like through the Summer Hello got to get a little bit closer to her!


A real little bit though!!


For shy me, that’s a big development!!



(Getting the picture taken I was shy about and Kuduー saved me)









Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chanドキドキ







Aya-chan Aya-chanしょぼん恋の矢



I wanted to talk with her lots but our times never really matched up, we haven’t been able to go outあせる



It’d be great if we could go out to eat and stuff this year huh(*_*)リボン





I’ll put up other shots later kay~ビックリマーク




Feeling that Hello!Con is finished,


This year’s summer is finished tooーーーー!




I need to switch my feelings over the Ikebukuro event and the fall solo tour!




There’s lots to remember it’s hardーーーーショック!ショック!ショック!





Tomorrow at Nagoya we have all kinds of meetings for the first time in a whileドキドキ




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It’s Tonight! Iikubo Haruna

2015-08-28 17:48:40
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Tonight’s Music Station 2Hour Special, by all means please keep your eyes open from the beginning!









Before going to the Yantan recording, I took it together with Sayashi-san音譜



I wonder if Sanma-san and Shoーji-san are watching too~ドキドキ?てへっ









So that in the performance formation Morning Musume。’15 can be charming, we’ll do our best!!



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Fuuーーー!!! Iikubo Haruna

2015-08-27 20:52:36
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Today was the Ikebukuro event!!



In the afternoon, the Long Breath Course!


At night, sword fighting!!



Both of which had us sweatingーー!



We moved our bodie sin ways we’re not use to so,


Tomorrow we might end up with muscular painsDASH!DASH! lol



At the long breath course, there was a little drama? we did and


For me, somehow, I had the guy partえっえっえっ



Why do guy roles come to me…!!



After doing something I’m not use to, it was very embarrassing ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ





For the sword fighting too, all of the 30-DELUX were teaching us politely, we got to have fun!


I sword fought with a western sword like the kind out of DraQue so I was UkiUki excited音譜音譜





Yesterday, it’s the picture I took with Hayashi Maya-san!








Asking for a picture, the pose turned into thisにひひチョキ



Maya-san, getting to talk with you very frankly was funドキドキ






Ayumin during the break~♡








This shot of Ayumin, isn’t it really cute!?


With her hair like that, it has that girlドキドキ feelingーーーー(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))






Tomorrow is TVAsahi’s


Music Station 2Hour Special, we get to appear in it!!!





Please watch it kayビックリマークビックリマークビックリマーク



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