Autumn Appetite. Iikubo Haruna

2015-10-05 21:49:17
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It’s Iikubo Haruna who yesterday, sat in front of the TV in the seat of honor waiting for Haikyuー‼︎.





today during the break time for work, Ikuta-san invited me and we went to lunch~( ^ω^ )ルンルン



Cascade Harajuku, we went to the place that just opened the other day



Ikuta-san said, “I wanted to eat pizza!” but, unfortunately the pizza place wasn’t open yet…笑い泣き



We went to Saisabou!




After finishing eating, we were FuraFura staggering FuraFura unsteady around,








We ate melon bread~*(^o^)/*ハート




Even though we were so full, melon bread! lol





And in the evening after work finished



this time Ayumin and my Mama, the 3 of us went to eat爆笑ルンルン



The bigness of Ayumin’s reactions, my Mama just loves it(*^^*)! lol


They kept saying Cute cute星





Speaking of, I forgot to write about it but, after Disneyland just like that we stayed over at Kuduー’s house!



While waiting for everyone to finish bathing…











This girl when she was sleeping. lol lol lol





Sleeping Face Hunter, getting work done reliablyグラサンラブラブ Tehe





Somehow looking at this picture induces sleepiness~…





Ah, it’s because right now my stomach is full (lol)





Today I ate well all day ( ^ω^ )ラブラブ






An announcementちょうちょ



Tomorrow night 23:59~ Broadcast


I get to appear on NipponTV’s 「Majide☆MAJIKA」 照れ


Taka and Toshi MC,


Jinnai Tomonori-san, Haraichi Sawabe-san. I did my best surrounded by such splendid people so


By means please watch流れ星





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Ogi Bioreー♡ Iikubo Haruna

2015-10-04 21:11:02
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Today was all kinds of meets in Shibuyaラブラブラブ



The day finished in a flash!!



I talked with the fans about all kinds of things,


10ki happy 4th anniversary!


Impressions of my concert solo song


Haikyuー‼︎ talk


Uniform Disney uniform impressions


There were especially a lot about the birthday event爆笑キラキラ




The anime, Haikyuー‼ broadcasts in Tokyo at night so I’m looking forward to watch it in real time!



Getting concert impressions directly makes me very happy, and gives me the energy to do my best even more!!





That’s right! In about 1 week, I’ll be 21 but,


I’ll be doing a birthday event on 11/9ラブラブ!!!!



2 Shows~~~おねがいキラキラ



From now, my head is full of goods things and song shings but, I think it should be a fun event照れラブラブ



Applications areハートhereハート


The deadline is the 6th at 18:00!



By all means for sure I’m waiting for you (´・_・`)ハート








At Yantan, all the time Sanma-san brings lots of refreshments and,



those, Sayashi-san and I get lotsおねがい



With those refreshments, there are those I love very muchラブラブ




Ogi Bioreー [tl: Violette Sollies] figs (*^^*)!



Before becoming a regular for Yantan, when I came on as guest, there were ogi bioreー, and I got some and brought them home and,


Up to that point I hadn’t eaten figs before!



the first time I ate ogi bioreー figs照れ


I got the impression they were really good!



It’s bee 2 years since those ogi bioreーハート




how I eat figs, has grown!



Yesterday and today, I ate fig toastキラキラ









put cream cheese on a slice of plain bread


put a little salt and toast!


place cut figs on top, and put honey and it’s complete照れ



It came out very yummy爆笑ラブラブ


Figs, seems I’m into it(*^^*)!!




Everyone by all means pleast try out fig toast~星






Today I’ll put up a Disney picture again kay爆笑
























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I Felt It Would Never Come True Iikubo Haruna

2015-10-03 21:08:15
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Today was the Toyohashi concerts爆笑!



On myyyyy, the sweating wouldn’t stop, it wouldn’t stop!アセアセ



Everyone in Toyohashi’s response? or reaction was very wonderful, thinking we couldn’t lose to that power! with synergy to it, it became a hot concertおねがいピンクハート


It was really fun!




For the afternoon performance MC, Suzuki-san and I talked and,


the other day, one of my dreams came trueキラキラ



A dream that made me feel like it would never come true in my lifeおねがいキラキラ


That is…











Uniform Disneyラブラブラブラブラブラブ











Suzuki-san, Ayumin, Kuduー, Odashi, the 5 of us went爆笑



These 5, since last year we’ve gotten suddenly closer!


Not like we weren’t close or anything, more it felt like we drew closer together! lol




Last year, when Kuduー and I did Pocky games, these 5 people took video and pictures, being all WaiWai excitedルンルン


Since then, these 5 of us… as it were, we are the Messing Around 5! lol lol



When we’re playing around, these members totally mess aroundウインク



All the time, when we’re on vacation, we talked about how the 5 of us want try going to hang out right~!!! but, about 1 year has passed and finally we got to go hang out爆笑ラブラブラブラブ




That is this time’s uniform Disney!!




I… really, I had given up, uniform Disney.



Why? Cause this year I’m 21 that’s why! lol




But, just as you’ll get by the picture…





There’s no feeling out of place right???ハート





lol lol lol





I can still go, I canニヤリ










The pictures, with just this day, I took about 100 shots so, I’ll be putting up a little bit口笛雷





Getting to do uniform Disney,


getting to enjoy the Toyohashi concerts,



This week was a delightttttttttt照れラブラブ





Tomorrow is various meets at Shibuya星



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To My Uncle (*^^*) Iikubo Haruna

2015-10-02 22:39:51
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Today, my uncle’s baby was born おねがいラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ



It’s a small, energetic, adorable girl (*^^*)!




For my uncle, he has a niece like me but, he’s very cool!


He has a face just like Mama~おねがい!



Since I was small he hung out with me a lot, he’s a person I love (*^^*)!!!




Uncle’s face is arranged well so, for sure his baby would be cute too huh~ラブ



I got a picture sent to me and, already she’s a cutie!




I want to meet and hold her soonピンクハートキラキラ




Because his adorable nice has grown greatly like this!ニヤリ










For the baby was just born today too, I hope you grow up into a great child quicklyラブラブ




Uncle, congratulations(*^^*)!!








Tomorrow us concerts in Toyohashi爆笑ルンルン



It’s been 1 week since concerts, I’m looking forward to it爆笑爆笑爆笑





And, from tomorrow, the Haikyuー‼ anime’s second season is startingキラキラ







I have to remember to record it~!




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No Way!? Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-30 21:06:25
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Those of you from the blog and from WEAR, everyone for your celebratory messages, thank you so muchラブラブ


One by one I’ll treasuringly read them kayおねがい





I the other day, changed from an iPhone5s to an iPhone6s PLUS!!


Moreover it’s a pink colored~ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート




I changed model from a 5s so it feels really bigキョロキョロ



But, my hands are big so I can hit the characters anywayキラキラ




Yesterday Suzuki Kanon-san changed to an iPhone6s PLUS too, the same pink color so




when we showed each other…




something was different.




Obviously different.





My iPhone6s PLUS was a size smaller than Suzuki-san’s.








What seems like, what I felt that I bought, an iPhone6s PLUS was


an iPhone6s.




( ゚-゚)( ゚ロ゚)(( ロ゚)゚((( ロ)~゚ ゚





Until I met with Suzuki-san, I thought what I was holding myself was an iPhone6s PLUS so



It was really a shock \(゜□゜)/





But, even in my reservation check mail it says iPhone6s PLUS so


It seems somehow something went wrong with the shop people as a mistake (°∀°)b lol





But no, it’s still shocking!!!!



I can hit that with one hand!!! lol




But from 5s to 6s there’s a difference in size so,


In the end it’s all right, and with that I decided to use the iPhone6s!




I can take picture pictures too!


And the videos look really pretty too!



More than anything it’s pink coloredラブラブラブラブラブラブ




From here on once again, the data folder will fill with pictures with the other members爆笑







Today is the 1st anniversary commemoration day for the 12ki members joining us おねがいキラキラ









Fast huhーーーーびっくりキラキラキラキラ


It’s already been a year since this time huh!!








A cute off shotラブラブラブ





the 12ki members,
your really serious side and, your innocent side,
show me all kinds of faces!


But you’re all full of parts that you haven’t shown all the fans yet either that’s why!!ニヤリ


From here on, let your fantastic personalities come out more and more kayおねがいラブラブ!



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4th Anniversary Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-29 22:41:36
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today is, 9/29 right?おねがい




10ki members 4th anniversary since joining!!!!




Well, whether it feels like it’s gone by in a flash, or conversely it’s just been 4 years,


it’s a mysterious feeling




Every year, I feel 9/29 is a precious day but


This year feels like an even more precious day.



This year more than last year too, and for sure more than this year, next year…



As the years accumulate, with it, the preciousness increases right?






What…what happened, while writing this blog just now the screen dimmed and it got hard to see though (lol)



Now, it’s really joyful



The days are joyful huh, feeling that,


But that is, I feel more than as a 10ki member, it’s joy as Morning Musume。’15.




That is a fantastic thing isn’t it??



During the 1st, 2nd years, it was always just genmate genmates huddled together



Then Odashi joined, and the 12ki joined



The circumstances spinning around GuruGuru changing so I think I changed too.




And well that said, there might be those who feel lonely too though(*^^*)アセアセ



The root though, that never changes.




We talk about how we want 10ki to be the center of the group.



I, and the 10ki feel that the atmosphere of the sitaution being able to change is splendid you know!



But there’s good meaning and bad meaning to that though (lol)




And so, I feel like I want to be the group’s mood maker, and now I should be that.












『10ki』 is, from here on and beyond 10ki,



Even being an adult, being a grandma-chan, it doesn’t change…



thinking that is reassuring (*^^*)




Good for nothing me is always supported by my 10ki that’s why!






That and, all the fans.



Everyone always telling us how they really, really love us.




Am I transmitting my feelings of love?




Up until a little while ago, opening up and expressing what I’m feeling in
my heart was a bit embarrassing.




But, I need to have confidence in myself! I started thinking that so, getting to feel more like all the fans are properly listening to my story,


now at the concert MC, I’ve come to the point of being able to say things I couldn’t have been able to say myself before now!




Always, and truly, thank you so much(*^^*)!!!!



I can’t say my feelings of gratitude enough so, I feel the limit of the Japanese language爆笑アセアセ



Amd so, to show my feelings of gratitude in a way, from here on I’ll keep doing my best!!!











From here on too, please stay here my reassuring allies (*^◯^*)ラブラブラブラブラブラブ




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Tonights Vital Check! Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-28 18:49:43
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Tonight, from 21:00


NipponTV’s 『Matsuko to Matsuko』


For the final episode 2 hour special, Morning Musume。’15 gets to appear!!




Amazing! We ended up meeting Matsukoroid!!



The broadcoast, or what it’ll be like are things I’m really looking forward to too爆笑ラブラブ



By all means please watch it kay流れ星







Today, Maーchan and I have work together!



For the program in Indonesia that reports the ranking system for Japanese music
「Music Japan TV」, we get to appearおねがいラブラブ
Silent Siren’s Hinanchu-san serving as MCキラキラ


For a look of those recording please check 「J-MELO」!


NHK-WORLD 10/26 (Sun) 15:10~ Scheduled Broadcast
BS Premium 11/1 (Sat) 26:40~ Scheduled Broadcast
With host Hinanchu-sanラブラブ





Getting to talk a lot, with a good humored, cute personラブラブラブラブ



Silent Siren, on the other day’s Anohana


They sang



secret base~Kimi ga Kuretamono~[tl: What you gave me]照れ!




On 10/8, at Toyosu PIT,

Live to the World 2015 ~J-MELO 10th Anniversary~


But we get to do it together!



I’m looking forward to getting to meet again(*^^*)!




They’re still selling ticketsキラキラ



Those of you with time, by all menas place come and hang out kayラブラブ





Yesterday, we tlook this at the airport coming home from Kumamoto prefecture~星
















It’s a picture filled with penetrating points including the off feel to itニヤリ





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It’s a Moonlight Night Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-27 19:37:07
Theme:Iikubo Haruna





Kumamoto prefecture concerts are finished~!!




Getting to do concerts in Kumamoto prefecture made me very very happy (*^^*)!!!



For Kumamoto prefecture, I had come here before alone for a campaign, and came here this summer too for campaign, I have lots of memoriesおねがい


A place like this with emotional attachments,






I sang a soloーーーー爆笑ルンルンルンルン





I was reallly, realllーーーーy nervous but,



The honey color penlights were pretty, my head cool, I got to perform while looking at everyone really weーーーll星



The outfit, it was a pretty honey color dress, as a point I got black put on it!


Bee-san awareness~ハチハチハチハート




In Kumamoto prefecutre, I’ve gotten another fantastic memory!




An off shoot from Kumamoto prefecutre from the campaign before口笛










lol lol lol



Really, crashed out asleep ( ̄▽ ̄)


I, ended having my legs openedーーーキョロキョロアセアセ



Moreover this, is when we stopped at Kumamoto Castle’s parking lot, in the short time we were waiting to come out I crashed asleep爆笑



The weather was great so it PokaPoka warmed me up you knowラブラブ




Tonight too it seems like I’ll sleep soundly!










Tonight is!!



it’s a moonlight night~!!




It’s the harvest moon huhチューラブラブ



For my pajamas too, I changed into an usagi~うさぎラブラブ









MokoMokoFuwaFuwa fluffiness~照れピンクハート



Moreover tomorrow is a super moon月見



Shall have a moon viewing together~おねがい




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Kyuushuu Landing! Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-26 22:41:43
Theme:Iikubo Haruna





Today was concerts in Fukuoka!


This week, we’re absorbed into concerts but, since the fall tour started, tdoay was the first time we left Kantou!



Getting to see fresh reactions again, it was very fun爆笑ラブラブ









And speaking of Fukuoka prefecture it’s Ikuta-san’s home area!














What should I write…












Ikuta-san’s cheeks are FuniFuni springy huh!














Tomorrow is concerts in the Kumamoto prefecture!


Kumamoto prefecture where I have some kind of affinity! (My own arbitrary affinity)


Getting to do concerts is something I very much look forward toおねがいルンルン




Today I’m going to sleep early and preparing for tomorroーw星




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I Can’t Sleep Tonight (I’m Awake) Iikubo Haruna

2015-09-24 23:08:44
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Today, I really slept.



Really, I slepted.




Last night, at 22:30 my body spontaneously headed towards the futon,



I plopped, and when I woke up



It was 15:30.





Oh my just how long am I sleeping!?!?



It was a shockガーン




But well this week, everyday was an early morning, and I slept about an average of 3~4 hours a day so


Today sleep was to compensate and recover!




Just… waking up and looking in the mirror, I had slept a bit too much and my face was swollen,


It was a person I didn’t know (lol)




Everyone, please take heed of sleeping too much too!←





Today was just dance lessons, there wasn’t any particular shoots so thank goodness~ニヤリラブラブ lol









Being called by Kuduー I rushed out JaJaJaJaーn星



Saying that but you know, this dress, it doesn’t have should straps so!






I got vain so it’s just this area! lol






Today’s release of the magazine Number, have you checked it out??ラブラブ



I introduced the sports manga I love…




It was Haikyuー‼︎ーーー照れハートハート



Really, lots of you had predicted it correctly huh (lol)



My favorites are Oikawa-san and Kenma-kun but, I like Noyassan too you know, Tsukkiー too
Kageyama’s lack of vocabulary is precious too
I like Kurou-kun too and Niro-kun is great too you know



The one in Number doesn’t get gross like this, I spoke clearly so please do me the favor and check it outラブキラキラてへっ









The manga I read the other dayピンクハート


The pictures are very cute!
You’ll be smiling NiyaNiya照れ照れ照れ


I haven’t read Hirunaka no Ryuusei [tl: Daytime Shooting Star] so I’m interested~(*^^*)キラキラ



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