Tonight! Iikubo Haruna

2015-06-02 19:46:45
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An announcementEmoji







Nippon Broadcast’s 「MuーComi Plus」
on there
Fukumura and I, the two of us get to make a live appearanceEmojiEmojiEmoji
And well!


For MuーComi Plus and NHK World’s 「J-MELO」 collabo project
we’ll be appearing as Team J-MELO membersEmoji


By all means please listen to it kayEmojiEmojiEmoji






Everyone’s comments for yesterday’s blog,


Lots of you hit the mark but,


Lots of you missed tooEmojiEmoji


The answer was~…














A big number of you thought it was KuduーEmojiEmoji



Moreover, here and there were those of you saying it was Miyamoto Karin-chan tooEmoji



Saying that kind of stuff, I’ll end up wanting to go won’t I?Emoji


It’d be great if I went with Karin-chan tooーEmoji






By the way, the heart picture, we took 2 but,











This was warped too ( ^ω^ )



The two of us doing it, then looking at the picture, we said, “Our compatibility is bad huh~” ( ^ω^ )




That’s right, Ikuta and I, the two of us,



The Two of us,



went to DisneyseaEmojiEmojiEmoji



I got invited by Ikuta-sanEmojiEmoji



The 2nd time in my life going to SeaEmojiEmojiEmoji





And I think they’re people who noticed it but…



that’s right, we’re wearing matching Tshirts( ^ω^ )




Of course, just going to Disney raises your mood right?Emoji






Us at Disney, it felt like we went at our own pace, it was funEmoji



I took lots of pictures so


From here on, a little at a time I’ll put them up kayEmoji




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After listening to MuーComi Plus








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This is Great! Iikubo Haruna

2015-06-01 22:38:52
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Yesterday a certain someone took on the opportunity from my blog huh( ^ω^ )



Everyone, I was thinking as retribution shall we put up more sleeping face pictures of that certain someone??











I’ll do magnificently hereー( ^ω^ )EmojiEmoji lol







Today, I went to Ikebukuro together with my little sisterEmoji



We went to see a movie~Emoji






It was really funny!!


There’s laughs of course but,


I went to see it without knowing anything so, the story was unexpected!!



I didn’t think it was a movie that was moving like it wasEmojiEmojiEmoji




Gachi’s passion made me cryEmojiEmoji



After watching it I said, “Ahー, I would’ve wanted to see this when I was a high schoolerー”Emoji



Then I’d get that switch to be motivated and would story harder too maybe



Then maybe I couldn’t have gotten a 0 and stuff like that in math




…It isn’t really a good story ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ







Being driven by the need to want to studyEmojiEmoji




That thing about want to be studying I




Those going to watch it from this, a hankerchief is necessaryEmoji





After the movie, we went to AnimateEmoji




Being like let’s go to the comic corner










I got to meet Mikaze Ai-sanEmojiEmoji



I, don’t know all the details about UtaPri but,



just watching the one they’re broadcasting this season,


I’m into Mikaze Ai-san ( ^ω^ )


I’m into his voice and appearance ( ^ω^ )




And so influenced by the CM between the anime


I’m playing UtaPri Island ( ^ω^ )



Of course with Mikaze Ai-san ( ^ω^ )




But I don’t have all the details ( ^ω^ ) lol








Okay, quesーtion!












Who could be my partner in this warped heartEmoji



I thought we were doing a pretty heart but…


It’s warpedー(lol)









Today, I got the honor of writing a commentEmoji


I’ll announce what it’s for laterEmoji




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Sleeping Face Hunter( ^ω^ ) Iikubo Haruna

2015-05-31 21:24:55
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Sleeping Face Hunter


Where and who??





It’s me!!








Yesterday’s Maria, doーーーーnEmojiEmoji



Yesterday, due to the earthquake, coming home ended up being rather lateEmoji


Everyone was KutaKuta exhausted and sleptEmojiEmoji



But we were able to sleep properly without problemsEmojiEmoji






Ah, relating to sleeping faces,



I’ll put up a picture I took earlier tooーEmoji









Fukumura-saーーーn( ´艸`Emoji)





I still have sleeping face pictures I haven’t put up on the blog yet,





That’s for some time later



Look forward to the next appearance of Sleeping Face Hunter IikuboEmojiEmoji



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Wota Life( ^ω^ ) Iikubo Haruna

2015-05-30 14:31:54
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The Wota Life I wrote in yesterday’s blog…




With Nakazawa Shouko-san I went to Shinjuku’s ARTNIAEmojiEmoji








The DraQue Cafe~




The slime pancakes were cute cute but


They came to the table and I took a picture


Relentlessly covered with butter and maple


we relentlessly attacked ( ^ω^ )



It was yummyEmoji lol






After that,


Tensai Bakavon~Yomigaeru Furandaーsu no Inu~
[tl approx: Genius Bakavon ~Rebirth of Flander’s Dog~]


I went to see thatEmoji



The movie that’s been totally on my mindEmoji



In the movie theater, the laughs were echoing (lol)


Like this, there were all kinds of people watching too


Bakabon liking people and


FROGMAN-san liking people,


And so the laughing points being different too was interestingEmoji



Well during it, there were moving scenes tooEmojiEmoji


In the atmosphere what’s going on! That’s how it felt too thoughEmojilol




While the two of us were eating one popcorn we watched it, it was a delight~Emoji







An announcementEmoji


Well, we got to do an interview for Nippon Budokan dayEmoji



BS Asahi 「J-POP Ranking」
6/6 25:00~25:25 is the scheduled broadcastEmoji








With Nelson-san who always helps us outEmoji



By all means, please check it out kay~EmojiEmojiEmoji






Today is all kinds of events in OsakaEmoji


From here it’s the individual handshake event~EmojiEmoji


Unfortunately Satou Masaki-chan due to poor health is absentEmoji


But! Let’s talk a lot to fill Maーchan’s portion kayEmojiEmoji



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Seventeen! Iikubo Haruna

2015-05-29 18:31:11
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Today there waws a Yantan recordingEmojiEmoji



I got to see just turned 17 Sayashi-san~Emoji



Sayashi-san, Happy BirthdayEmoji



Flowery beautiful seventeenEmojiEmojiEmoji



Sayashi-san always has a strong sense of responsibility, and seens to carry her feelings of nervousness,


I very much trust in herEmojiEmoji




From the Yantan staff, she got soothing goods as a present,


Right away while being in high spirits, Sayashi-san putting it on was so cuteEmoji








A head spaEmoji



Adjusting it,



an “Ahh, that feels good,”



slipped outEmoji









The Yantan guest was Niigaki Risa-san tooEmoji



I’m glad she enjoyed the present I gave her tooEmojiEmoji



For details, please listen to tomorrow’s broadcast of YantanEmoji




And, the same, born on the 28th


Murakami Shoーji-sanEmojiEmoji


always helping us out with YantanEmoji



I’m being saved a lot!!


I love Shoーji-san’s kind smile(*^.^*)Emoji







I, from here I’ll be living a wota lifeEmoji





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Immersion Iikubo Haruna

2015-05-28 21:34:09
Theme:Iikubo Haruna






Since waking up this morning



I’ve been doing nothin’



I’m immersed in the lingering memories of yesterday(*^.^*)




Immersed a lot,




reading the blog and WEAR comments,



again immersed,




over and over I




Looking at the blogs from the Hello!Project members who came to see it too,



Okai-san and Nakanishi-san praised my MC,


that made me happy againEmoji




The other members have the play so


they have that feeling like, “i’ve gotta switch over!” but


Those of us without a play were totally immersed(*^◯^*)




Reading comments,


those of you who couldn’t come to Budokan supporting us too,


Support from those overseas too



Really i’m a fortunate personEmoji



Everyone’s here so, there’s meaning to being in Morning Musume。’15Emoji



Me meeting everyone(*^.^*)












A picture from Joshi Kashimashi MonogatariEmoji



I’m really making a face~~EmojiEmojiEmoji lol




Tsunku♂san, you’re really watching us closely, once again I feel thatEmoji


That said, I didn’t think that I spit poison myself reallyー! lol



I’ll do my best to meet your expectationsEmoji







A Budokan performance where there wasn’t a member set to graduate,


I want to do my best so I can stand on that stage I’ve come to love even more next time with everyone too,


Us being like that, to all the fans of course, and to our beloved seniors, I want to show them that again soonEmojiEmoji










LeaderEmojiSubleaderEmoji with these twoEmojiEmoji





All right!


Switching over my feelings a little,


For my next job I have about 20 volumes of manga I need to read!


A delightful eventEmoji


I’m increasing my knowledgeeeEmoji





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GRADATION!! Iikubo Haruna

2015-05-27 22:45:24
Theme:Iikubo Haruna






Today was



Morning Musume。’15 Concert Tour Spring~GRADATION~ Nippon Budokan performance






Reallーーーーーy, lots of you came


It was really a delightEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji





Becoming the 13 member formation, and this quickly getting to stand on the Nippon Budokan stage, really, it’s thanks to everyone’s support. Thank you so much.




For the tour this time, there were lots of parts I was responsible for during the MC, honestly, each performance I was filled with nervousness and pressure.


But at the same time it was a chance I’ve taken on myself, I thought about it and took it on like that so, I feel like I got to grow with these MCs too didn’t I?










For the performance’s advancement, of course, this time the 13 colors individually came out more,



moreoever I wished to show Morning Musume。’15 powered up!


Please watch over usEmoji


Today truly thank you so muchEmojiEmoji








The 12th gen members also developed greatly I thinkEmoji








Look forward to next time tooEmojiEmoji





Tonight I’ll batankyuー plopthudEmojiEmoji


Seems I could get really good dreamsEmojiEmojiEmoji



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Angerme-san Iikubo Haruna

2015-05-26 21:45:52
Theme:Iikubo Haruna






Today I went to see Angerme-san’s Budokan performance with everyone~Emoji



Angerme-san… they were really coolEmoji



The opening video was so cool


I got goosebumps all overEmoji



I got to hear lots of the songs I love too,


and the MC was very funny,



It very much got me motivatedEmoji!!





At last tomorrow, we Morning Musume。’15 are also doing our Budokan performanceEmoji



Watching today, it’ll totally be fun huh?ーっ My anticipation towards tomorrow grewEmojiEmojiEmoji




Everyone coming,


I’ll do my best to get to show you a fantastic stageEmojiEmoji



Please look forward to it kayEmojiEmoji










A twenty year old’s mature expression


I wanted to be able to show it too(*゚ー゚)ゞ









Yesterday I did deeper make up than usual~EmojiEmoji



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Hurts(;_;) Iikubo Haruna

2015-05-25 22:19:14
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Today was a nervous dayEmoji



Since this morning, (Probably) my first time! I got to talk solo on the radio,



In the afternoon, I had magazine shoots・interviews by myself,



At night I got a secret shoot…Emoji




In any case all day I was nervousEmojiEmoji



And the work that makes me nervous that I wrote about on the blog the other day, it was today’s onesEmojiEmoji



Well my condition is fine too←


I feel I’m getting there v(^-^)v




All of it, I still can’t make the announcement yet so


please wait for itEmojiEmoji








In the afternoon, I went with Manager-san to Toranomon HillsEmoji



my first time・Toranomon HillsEmoji


I ate yummy udon~Emoji



At Toranomon Hills, there this really big monument(?)~Emoji









Where could I be?



..It’s a bit horror(lol)





At the place for the magazine work, I got lots of fantastic foodEmojiEmoji









Beloved fruitsEmojiEmoji



I had it for tonight’s dinner~EmojiEmoji





Today was very happy but,



One, really shocking thing happened…





On the roadside, I fell down in an extremely flashy way (;_;)










I’m bleeding form my knee (;_;)





I have a Scar Power Pad on it but,



When it comes to self-healing power, I’m many times weaker than other people…




I hope it feels properly (;_;)





AAA Budokan…(;_;)




Even though I felt like I could do the long awaited Budokan in good condition…!!



The injury does’t hurt but my heart hurts _| ̄|○



But at times like this I definitely cheer upEmoji



So that I don’t lose to young knees, I’m gonna show my youthful sideEmoji




I’ll do my bestーーーーー!!




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Miru Hito ga Mita‼ Did You See It? Iikubo Haruna

2015-05-24 21:39:43
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Today was all kinds of events at Aichi prefectureEmoji



It’s been a while for a lot of you huh~EmojiEmoji



The new songs have been on sale for about half a year or so right??



Let’s meet againEmojiEmoji










Miru Hito ga Mita‼︎




Did you watch it??



Already, there are those of you commented on yesterday’s blog too,


very kind words, I ended up crying again ( p_q)Emoji




It was my first time as a reporter too,


I was reaーーーーlly nervousEmojiEmoji



Unfortunately a typhoon ended up coming in but,


thinking about it positively in this kind of circumstances, reporting,


All at once I got all kinds of precious experiences, it was two birds with one stoneEmojiEmojiEmoji



I was saved by Suzuki-san a lot, and I got to have funEmoji





With Akiyama Ryouko-san who we covered this timeEmoji








A very very warm kind person…



After filming finished, that got me very lonelyEmojiEmoji



Akiyama-san’s way of thinking, and the way she touches people, it was very fantastic, I studied a lotEmojiEmoji



So that I can do work with her again, I’ll do my best(>_<)EmojiEmoji



Thank you so muchEmoji







I don’t have too many pictures from it so forgive me for the sudden self-shot _| ̄|○









Tomorrow is busy~!


From here I have lots to doEmoji


I’ll do my bestEmojiEmojiEmoji




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