GRADATION Hachioji☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-03-15 23:12:06
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


『Morning Musume。’15 Concert Tour Spring ~GRADATION~』


58th Triple A side single
「Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru/Yuugure wa Ameagari/IMA KOKO KARA』
we got to show these 3 songsEmoji


「Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru」’s starting ♪Saigo wa kimi no ude shidai♪ [tl: The end depends on your skill] we got to shout sing the lyrics(o´罒`o)


By all means, let’s get fired up together at the LIVEsEmojiEmoji



And 「Yuugure wa Ameagari」
It’s a painful beautiful song with the feelings of meeting and separating.


hearing ’14 and ’15 bridging songs too…


The lyrics are really amazing, “My Morning Musume。 life has just started, and there’s things I’m still not accustomed too but, everyone doing their best is the same. And so I have to do my bestEmoji” the 12th gen yelling that out, I feel it too.



And released on the 14
EmojiMovie PreCure All Stars Spring Carnival♪Emoji
at last it’s been released huh~EmojiEmojiEmoji


The first generation~to Princess PreCure, all 40 of them too!!!
feeling like each of the beloved PreCure is there
(n‘∀‘)η they all show upー♪


That movies theme song 「IMA KOKO KARA」 is being sung by Mornign Musume。’15EmojiEmojiEmoji
I’m really happy about it~♪♪♪



The 58th triple A side single is being released 4/15Emoji


Exact 1 month from now huhEmoji
The first single since becoming the 13 member groupEmojiEmoji
Please treat it favorablyEmoji



Earlier I didn’t get to announce it, my apologiesEmoji
The director Shibue, winner on 「THE BIG CHANCE」
shot the 「Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru」 MV!
A sample of that was broadcasted on FujiTV’s 『Ongaku no Jikan』 [tl: Music Time]Emoji


Merging in this song, Japanese tastes, and wearing uniforms, the different feeling from usual when we’re all doing shoots was WakuWaku excitingEmojiEmoji







Yah that’s rightEmoji
The opening day had a Sakura call huh~EmojiEmoji
「Sakura, why?!」 even she was surprised and delightedEmoji


Her birthday celebration ( ´ ▽ ` )ノSakku-ra!!
The lavender color cyalumes were prettyEmoji




And the 2nd day!
For today we got to show the pattern different songs tooEmoji
Oh my~ the fun is DokiDoki heart-poundingー!


I look forward to the performances from here tooーEmoji


I look forward to this going to Kooriyama and Ooita prefecture for the first time tooEmoji


Today was fun tooEmoji
Thank you so much  (*´Д`*)ノ))







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Start☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-03-15 01:16:23
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


The spring tour has started


reallーy looking forward to it, looking forward to it but it not coming forward…
honestly there was real anxiety tooEmojiEmoji


But we were safely able to welcome the opening day.



The first solo tour for the 12th gen membersー!
And the first tour for our group of 13ーEmoji


Starting, the feelings of anxiety flow away too, there was so much support from everyone


These songs tooーEmoji and that song tooーEmoji
it’s been a while~Emoji type songs tooEmoji
I ended up nervous about it too but…(o´罒`o)


For each and every song all the fans cheers and support were really joyfully reassuring!


Cheer & support power
(*´Д`*)ノ)) Truly thank you so muchEmoji




Tomorrow we’re doing 2 shows in Olympus Hall in Hachioji too.



During this tour, no matter where the venue is, I hope to be able to see lots of you at the venuesEmoji
Please do me the favor( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞
Today was a fun delight tooEmoji


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Tomorrow isー☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-03-13 23:58:22
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Did you watch the goods introduction vid for usー?


The 4 12th gen member colors are!


Ogata Haruna-chan→Sea Blue
Nonaka Miki-chan→Purple
Makino Maria-chan→Light Pink
Haga Akane-chan→Light Orange


it’s a grand decisioーn( ´ ▽ ` )ノEmoji



How was it when the colors were announced for the 9th genー? thinking back on it…


At rehearsals it just was like 『Fukumura, since you’re dark pinkー』
it felt like that, I rememberEmoji


I had thought, “I might be black or something,ー” so, hearing dark pink made me really happy.
I liked the color originally but, it’s a color I’ve come to love more and more


The color I love most in the world EmojiLove PinkEmoji


I had thought about how it might end up with the 13 of us too~ but


It seems the 4 12th gen each like their colors, I’m gladーEmojiEmoji


From here come covered in those colors steadily kayEmoji


Please treat the color pencil like Morning Musume。’15 wellEmojiEmoji



Tomorrow is ’15 spring tour opening dayーEmojiEmojiEmoji



I’m looking forward to it,
I’m nervous about it, It’s HaraHara pit-a-pat DokiDoki heart-pounding WaーWaーKyaーKyaーEmoji


In any case!


Everyone please support us!




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Oda-chan☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-03-12 20:37:21
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today 3/12 is 11ki member Oda Sakura-chan’s birthdayEmojiEmojiEmoji


Oda-chan Happy BirthdaーーyEmoji


Oda-chan is steadily getting cuter, her singing needless to say, and her dancing has gotten more enchanting~Emoji


Lately I’ve felt that!
Oda-chan’s actions are cute huh




Usually I don’t say these kind of things to ODA so I was franticcccEmojiEmojiEmoji


Well, Mizuki’s actions being weird is a problem though huh…Emoji


At stores aren’t there Sakura series of goods?
Totally in my head it was like Oda-chan isn’t going to show up?Emoji


So much Sakura appearingーーEmojiEmoji


Until yesterday I was wrong~
She’s still 16 years old huhEmoji


So adult-like huh!
Oh no, adult!







And, Angerme’s Fukuda Kanon-san
Happy Birthday~EmojiI
You’re 20ーEmoji




the people around when Marosan’s talkign, basically they always have the image of laughing out loudEmoji
Funny cheery personality, Marosan~Emoji


…But this year it’s been a hard spring huhEmoji


But but lately we’ve had a lot of chances to talk, that makes me happy!


To the 2 of you have a fantastic year~EmojiEmojiEmoji





Today Iikubo Haruna-chan, Ishida Ayumi-chan, Fukumura Mizuki, the 3 of us


this month opening on the 28.29th
SATOYAMA & SATOUMI he Ikou 2015」 we had shoots for itEmoji
[tl: Play. Life. Grow. Let’s Go to SATOYAMA & SATOUMI 2015]


Making goods to be sold at booths, made from the trees grown in actual conditions somehow, we went to the places it happened and heard talks.


Today all day, to naturally amazing places, I came to know the kindness of people a lot too~


I’ll crash asleep on the bullet train!
With my mask and muffler and hood up, I’ll crash asleep!!Emoji






Kudou Haruka-chan and the 4 12th gen members are introducing goods for the spring tour starting the day after tomorrow!
it seems there’s an announcement so please watch it absolutely







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From That…☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-03-11 23:01:46
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


The other day ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-san and I, the two of us did an interview, we’re talking about the connection between everyone overseas and Hello!Project and HelloStEmojiEmojiEmoji


LOOKING EAST / Idol groups want to unite the world via the Internet



I heard that Idol culture expanded to lots of people overseas from around 2006.


Mizuki heard that The video site she totally loved watching from long time ago, 「Dohhh up!」 started in 2006 tooEmoji


Thinking about it, Hello!St is the go-between for fans who can’t come to Japan huh!Emoji


Hello!St updated 21:00 every week on Wednesday.
Lately, Hello!St version of MVs are going up too.


Steadily evolving Hello!St
everyone from here on please continue to treat it wellEmoji


That said, by all means please read the article kay~EmojiEmoji





[tl note: she means 108]
This time the MC’s are Morning Musume。’15’s Kudou Haruka-chanEmoji
Kobushi Factory’s Hamamura Ayano-chanEmoji


・℃-ute「The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku~」[tl: “~Girl Middle Management~”] Hello!St Version
・Berryz Koubou’s last concert clips
・Yajima Maimi hair arrangement


Today we did the GenPro, the dress rehearsal for the spring tourEmojiEmojiEmoji



Today is 3/11.
From this day it’s been 4 years huh.
This day was also spring tour rehearsal day
So that our revival can advance…
So that lots of smiles can flow out
Next week, the 21st, 22nd, we’ll get to go to Kooriyama and Sendai for the start of our spring tour ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞Emoji







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High School Student☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-03-10 23:18:41
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today, 4月23日, we had shotos for the release of 「Ray」!




Pastel color cute outfitsEmojiEmojiEmoji


The shop showed off a full set of spring clothes so, it became instantly brilliant~Emoji


When I did my first shoot, and got to read Ray, I felt like the clothes and topics and stuff might be worlds above my own but, lately it’s been just clothes to my tastes, like that! and this too!


I was fi~iirmly fixated on the bookEmoji


I realized that before that before I realize it, my tastes are changing bit by bit!


And that’s cause I’m already graduating from high school~EmojiEmoji


Today’s release
「Graduationー High School Graduationー2015」
For high school graduation Fukumura Mizuki is appearing in itEmoji
In the way of middle school graduation, Kudou Haruka-chan is appearing in it~Emoji



[tl pic: AoHaru!! Ah, a bird]




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IMA KOKO KARA☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-03-09 23:23:19
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today at Shinjuku Wald 9 we got to participate in EmojiMovie PreCure All Stars Spring CarnivalEmoji‘s Preview event~♪♪♪


In front of all the little kids looking forward to the movie
We got to show for the first time, the theme song 「IMA KOKO KARA」Emoji


There’s another different kind of nervousness than showing it at a concert like normal but
Oriental Radio-san, CureFlora, and CureLovely danced together with us
and more than anything the little kids in front of us dancing and singing in front of us made me reallーーーy happyEmojiEmoji


It was really cuteEmoji




The song and dance is in the Morning Musume。’15 version so by all means, please watch the MV released today and memorize the choreography kayEmoji☆IMA KOKO KARA☆
With HarunanーEmoji


We got to watch the movie ahead of time, the fairies diesnged by the three were cuteEmoji


I could tell it was the 3 of their voices tooーEmoji


For Mizuki, she like’s the fairy that comes from Princess PreCure Pafu-chan, of course she’s like my Kurara~Emoji
I kind of thought soEmoji


The move opens on the 14th so, please wait for a little bit kay~Emoji


And today well!!!
After work finished I went to eat with the 9th gen!



First off, ordering drinks…
oolong tea, green tea, Jasmine tea, Calpis [tl aka: Calpico Water]!
…well from the beginning we were spread balanced~EmojiEmoji







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( >д<)、.3hekushi☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-03-08 23:00:42
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


It’s fighting hayfever every day FukumuraEmojiEmoji


I feel like every year it gets brutal (T_T)


It gets hard to breath, my eyes swell, I end up sneezingEmoji


I learned it from the make-up artists but, they said while pressing on the area below my clavicle if I GuruGuru turn my arm slowly, it’s make the lymph flow better and can help control my symptomsEmoji


Trying it in practice it got more comfortable so by all means those of you with hayfever please try it kayEmoji



For today’s rehearsal we sang a looootEmojiEmoji
With each song we sing with all kinds of facial expressions, while singing feeling it’s fun, for each song that’s normal though huh.
But I feel like if I forget this it’ll be no good!


Being scared I won’t be able to sing, if you fail you have to fail make mistakes giving it your all! I tell myself thatEmoji


Ah!! Don’t dive in this here, it’s fineEmoji


And so, it’s I need to check so I don’t make mistakes!Emoji




The other day, I went to an amazing amazing place with these 4 people!!!!!


An amazing, amazing place.


Seriousl amazing!


It was amazing!


Just that~EmojiEmojiEmoji





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Akane-chin☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-03-07 23:25:27
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today 3/7 is
12th gen member Haga Akane-chan’s birthday~Emoji


When she joined the trainees she was in elementary school but, soon she’ll be in her second year of middle schoolEmoji




When the 12th gen members are playing around together, Haga-chan’s the pampered one.


She’s the youngest like that but, she looks like an adult and the core of her singing voice is noticable tooEmoji


I hope you have a fantastic year…Emoji



Today’s rehearsal was full of singing and dancing, new things to memorize, things from before to remember… that’s how it felt


\(•°□°•)/ I used my head a lotー


Yesterday I was frantic about the days until the tour opening dayーEmoji but


This is something to look forward to too
EmojiMovie PreCure All Stars Spring CarnivalEmoji


It’s the movie’s opening day~Emoji


The ending is Morning Musume。’15’s version of 『IMA KOKO KARA』 tooEmoji
During it Harunan, Ayumi-chan, and Oda-chan’s characters appear too


For the members too, now it’s a DokiDokiWakuWaku heart-pounding, exciting 3/14
TanoーshiーMiーzuーkiー₍₍( ´ ᵕ ` *)⁾⁾Emoji




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3/6☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-03-06 23:06:43
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today, 3/6, is
EmojiEmojiEmojiTsugunaga Momoko-san’s BirthdayEmojiEmojiEmoji


Tsugunaga-san, Happy Birthday
Mizuki’s beloved pictureEmoji


When Mizuki had influenza, Tsugunaga-san said Do your best!(My own random explanation(〃▽〃)) Manager-san sent me the picture.


When I’m lonely or whatever I often look at it.


Mizuki, with Tsugunaga-san’s laughing face, her puffy Puku face, her serious face, her sing faceEmoji


I love them allEmojiEmojiEmoji


Her loving little kids, working hard representative, and suddenly coming out rough feeling character, her kindness tooEmoji


Tsugunaga-san who I liked when I was small too, even now it hasn’t changed…oro perhaps I adore her more, I love her.


Today unfortunately I couldn’t visit her birthday event but…


Of course It’s just Tsugunaga-san! goodsEmoji
I wonder whata she sang~


Please have a fantastic year…Emoji




And an announcement for today☆
「Morning Musume。’15×BANBAN Collabo campaign even is scheduled!」
Campaign period (2015/3/16~5/6) in the designated Karaoke BANBAN’s DAM room, please fully singing Morning Musume。 songs and get wonderful presents!


Details are hereEmoji




Σ(°□° ノ )ノ Uoーi!!!
Today, the 6th…… 8 days until the spring tour!!!








٩( ๑╹ ꇴ╹)۶ I’ll doー my bestーーー!!






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