Lovely Pink☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-02-13 23:00:48
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


I did my first attendance for the 2015 yearー!!!


……Not school!Emoji


A 1422 Radio Nippon
「Morning Musume。’15 no Morning Jogakuin~Houkago Meeting~」 [tl: Morning Musume。’15’s Morning Academy~ After School Meeting~] recording!
The OA is 2/21, and 2/28.


For Mizuki it was her first time attending this yearEmojiEmoji
It’s a bit late but with this all 9 have attendedー!
We’re talking about our aspirations and things for this year~♪


The members are Sayashi Riho-chan, Oda Sakura-chan, and Fukumura Mizuki, the 3 of usEmoji



It was super funーEmojiEmojiEmoji
Unintentionally the talk got so long, the announcements were speed talked throughEmojiEmoji


Please look forward to the OA. kay~!


Mike Wazowski chocolatesEmoji
The mouth part opens with a Pakka~♪


Mike, he’s usually yellow-green but, I think it’s cause he’s the Valentine’s version??



He was lovely pinkーEmojiEmojiEmoji
So I ended up buying him


I put him on the livingroom table so, whenever I see him, naturally I want to make him go PakaPaka chompchomp you know~


Today too when I made him PakaPaka, no wayEmoji


the chocolates inside were ZERO……( ̄□ ̄;)!!


I got all Eh!? What what!? but…


the culprit was my candy loving little bro-chan


More over, somehow a bunch of candy was jammed inside…Emoji
Mike’s mouth couldn’t open and closeEmoji




Tomorrow is Hello!Con Osaka!
I’m looking forward to the two daysssヾ(*ΦдΦ)ノ


Everyone please give us your cheers and support powerEmoji



Today…… was superー cold (;*△*;))))BuruBuru





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PakaPoko☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-02-12 23:59:47
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today I felt in a G bread is great~ mood and outfitted warmly I went out but
with the sunlight it was hot(*´Д`*)Emoji


But tomorrow it seems it’ll be cold again you know(,,•﹏•,,)


The other day I did a radio recording with Ayumi-chanEmoji
「All Night Nippon Mobile」
It’s been a while since I’ve done radio so, it was DokiDoki heart-pounding but… it was fun but felt really short!!!


I felt like, didn’t it become like AyuMizuki Radio~Emoji


OA is every Wednesday 25~!
Please support usEmojiEmoji


And so that thing I wrote about on the blog the other dayー!!!
Lining up Ayumi-chan’s and Mizuki’s iPhone case…
it’s like a unicorn riding up stars riiiight?EmojiEmoji





A picture we took at Hello!Con♪
Nakanishi Kana-chan, Kanon-chan, MizukiEmoji


Kananan, she’s always cute~but, when she’s singing she’s really cool-cuteEmoji I love itEmoji
Her hair pulled back, or fluffy, anyway it suits herEmojiEmoji


and Kanon-chan is looking forward to handmade Valentine’s this year tooEmoji
This year the number of members (¯―¯٥) has gotten to be so much
EhEmoji Will Mizuki make some too you ask?Emoji
Mizuki will end up buying themmmmEmojiEmoji




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Riho-chan☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-02-11 23:00:22
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was concerts in Riho-chan’s home area, Hiroshima prefectureEmojiEmojiEmoji


Actually…For Riho-chan, when she comes back to her home area she falls over a lot, she’s famous for it ´Д` )
During the concert too, we’re HaraHara in suspense about her not falling tooーEmojiEmoji
She tripped during rehearsals and backstage though~EmojiEmoji


Typical Riho-chan.Emoji


Usually cool on stage image Riho-chan


Everyon who came to today’s concert
got to see bursting out Riho-chan


Oh my, it’s interesting huh (o´罒`o)♡



For Mizuki, today’s show, I felt I got to do all kinds of challenges?Emoji
And, I feel like lots of people meet gazes with me~♪


I felt like it was lots of girls tooEmoji


And, I got see the other Hiroshima native, Hello!Pro Trainee Danbara Ruru-chan for the first time in a while~Emoji


RunRu~n cheeryEmoji


Thank you for the Momiji manjuu refreshment snacksEmoji





Hello!Con just has Osaka left huh……EmojiEmoji
Now there aren’t stages left to stand together naturally with Berryz Koubou-san,


It really doesn’t feel real….


Or rather!!!


This weekend is the last day of the Hello!ConEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji



Yesterday Dad had time so, with Mom and I, the three of us went out to eat until work♪
My little brother is usually there all the time and it’s bustling so, it was kind of mysterious~✨



Papa took this for meEmoji




Of course Mama……Emoji




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PuriKyua☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-02-10 23:33:52
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


First off a happy announcement for everyone音譜


3/14 release of 『Eiga PuriKyua Oーru Sutaーzu Haru no Kaーnibaru♪』
[tl: Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival]
for their main song, 「IMA KOKO KARA」 [tl: From right now], Morning Msuume。’15 has been given charge of it!!!!
Getting to do work having to do with the anime I watched when I was small, it makes me really happy.
Happy happy so go~odEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


For Mizuki her first generation was the ”Futari wa PuriKyua” generationEmoji
Nagisa-chan, Honoka-chan, Hikari-chanEmojiEmoji
I especially loved CureWhite, Honoka-chan so, this time I got my hairstyle done like hers too~Emojiハート


And, for the movie, Iikubo Haruna-chan, Ishida Ayumi-chan, and Oda Sakura-chan, these 3 get to appear as sprite characters they thought upビックリマーク


So amazing♪ Σ(゚艸゚〃)キャー♪


I feel like I it’d be great if we could go to the theater together with everyone tooEmojiEmojiEmoji





And, today, 2/10, Country・Girls’ Ozeki Mai-chan 13thEmojiEmoji
and chosen for the new unit Nomura Minami-chan’s 15th birthdayEmojiEmoji


Ozeki-chan is Country・Girls’ mood makerEmoji
Really cheerful energyEmoji
MinaMina is always smiling and calling out to meEmojiEmoji
When we first met she was so small though~
now she’s still small thoughEmojiEmoji



Both of you have a fantastic year kay~Emoji



The answers to yesterday’s pictures together~Emoji
The upper picture left was Mizuki, right was Eripon
The lower picture left was Maria-chan, the right was Ogata-chan making the hearts~Emoji


There were a few people who got it rightーEmojiEmoji
Cause it was silhouettes huhーEmoji




And ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi-chan started the HinaFes relay blogEmoji
It was turned this way from Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka-chan♪♪♪


Yuka-chan is part of the members who doing acrobatics in the Hello!Con, her body is reall~y soft and flexible, she’s very prettyEmoji


Well, the relay blog them
this time is 「Is this just me…?」 and so


well you already know I have crabs for pets and stuff huhー!


?(´σ `)M……aa!!
When reading a book, I put bookmarks into the pages with scenes of interest so before I know it I have like 5 bookmarks in itEmoji


……Is this just Mizuki?



When I was small I would chew things as a habit when I was happy, on that day a new sofa arrived I made a hole and got scolded( ̄▽ ̄;)Emoji



The blog rally, next is Angerme’s Fukuda Kanon-san pleaーseEmojiEmoji
With Fukuda Kanon-san I get to talk in fiーne detail as both of us like Berryz Koubou.


This time in the 1/30 release of Gekkan Entertainment too, the two of us are talking about Berryz KoubouEmoji


We talked about how for Hello!Show! events or something the two of us want to one day sing Berryz Koubou songs~Emoji



Tomorrow is Riho-chan’s home area, concerts in HiroshimaEmojiEmojiEmoji
Please support usEmojiEmoji








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WhoーIs It☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-02-09 22:58:56
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Continuing from yesterday’s blog…


We went through time and through space.
To nakano Sun Plazaaaa~


On the Keiyou line v( ´ ▽ ` )v






Well! And! Then!
Momochi-sempai called for me at the Sendai Hello!Con!
「Kanjuku Berryz Koubou The Final completion Box」 Release Commemoration Event


I was so happyyyyEmoji
It was so funnnn~Emoji



The setlist was picked by looking over voting from the fans and…it’s fantastic!


It’s just songs Mizuki loves tooEmoji


The 「Mou, Kodomo Janai Watashi nano ni・・・」 I voted for got in too, that made me happy you knowEmojiEmoji


All the songs, the moment their intros played, I got all 「( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞WaaaEmojiEmoji



Thoughts from when I was small…
Watching concert DVDs when I was small, of course, I didn’t know about actually doing concerts, I didn’t think about doing concerts all over the place!


And so after joining the Hello!Pro Eggs, seeing the members in front of my eyes really singing, dancing, rehearsing, I remember being surprised.


It was a fun day.


(b*’Д’)b It’s super nice! Everyone who voted


The first press limited edition disc A
I was able to get them safely…Emoji


Thank goodnessーーヽ(*’∀’)ノ♪


I found the other versions soon after too…!!




Getting tosee an event on Sunday, it just seems like nothing but a miracleEmoji


I want to do a Morning event soon tooooEmoji


Still have to wait huh~?




Pictures from yesterdayEmoji
we took them with 2 people making a heart~Emoji


Can you tell who and who that is~??




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Sea☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-02-08 23:00:33
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Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today we got a break so…
EmojiIkuta Erina-chan
EmojiOgata Haruna-chan
EmojiMakino Maria-chan
EmojiFukumura Mizuki, the 4 of us went to hang outー!!!


Isn’t it an unexpected combination??



It’s not that often we get a Sunday for a break→I want to do something holiday-like you know→


Go to the===>Disney Sea!!


Oh myyy~!! Sheesh Eripon and Maria-chan serious manner was amazing!!


Going with Eripon, we always think we want to beable to ride lots of attractions you know~ but… Maria-chan is also like that really
・Standby before it starts up!
・The behind the scenes for Indiana Jones and stuff
・「At the same time as it starting up Makino will run and get a fastpass」 Her declaration!


No no you’ll get hurtー(*´Д`*)Emoji


Eripon and Maria-chan together gets difficultEmoji
Thinking about things 3~4 hours ahead guiding us around, it was so amazingEmojiEmoji


Mi, Mizuki…
for Ogata-chan who hasn’t been to Sea since she was small, she explained how the rides feel kinda?


Ah, I found the characters fast!Emoji


In the Toy Story Mania match I got 1st place!


Things like target practice are my specialty ( ̄ー+ ̄*)kiraーnEmoji




Well, for the members going, how we have fun is different huh!Emoji
It was very funEmoji



With the 12th gen girl’s birthdays close to now as a surprise we celebrated their birthdaysEmojiEmoji
At a place I loved when I was taken to it when I was smallEmoji
Going with the members… it’s kinda mysteriousEmoji
It looked like Maria-chan and Ogata-chan were having fun too, I’m gladEmoji


Eripon was the same as everEmoji


Fukumura doesn’t really go if she isn’t invited but, today was a day learning about DisneyEmoji





Ah, I’m doing this tomorrowーー(*´ ³ `)ノ♪




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Contactttts☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-02-07 23:00:18
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today is Ishida Ayumi-chan & Sasaki Rikako-chan’s home area
Miyagi prefecture concertsEmojiEmojiEmoji
Speaking of these two!
For HinaFes the Team Miyagi Combi will be doing a duetEmojiEmoji


Ayumi-chan is often next to me fixing her hair and charging her phone and what not
and currently Mizuki’s iPhone case is Pegasus
Ayumi-chan’s is like the Milky Way
And so lining that yup it’s it’s like you’re pulling out from Pegasus, it was prettyEmoji




I don’t have a picture(>人<;)Emoji



Mizuki…For 3 days in a row or so, she’s had Ayumi-chan appearing in her dreams though!!!


The way it goes is like…


Ayumi from when her hair was all long coming out of a tunnel, being in front of me…


(((∩゚Д゚ Please don’t come out today






Today over and over my contacts seem to keep coming offEmojiEmoji


When it’s not my turn, I’m watching the screens from the stage wings or the back all the time目


Blinking, I’d forget, and my contacts would seem to come out!(◎_◎;)


Dangerous注意 Dangerous注意




For today’s dressing room, we were together with all the Hello!MemsEmojiEmoji
I took lots of pictures with everyone too~Emoji


Turning off the lights, as a surprise we celebrated Nakajima Saki-san, Yajima Maimi-san, and Hagiwara Mai-san’s birthday tooEmoji


Hearing Yajima-san saying, “Birthdays are full of happiness♡” made me feel happyEmoji
I got to take pictures with Nakijima-san and Hagiwara-san tooEmoji




Next to me on the bullet train, doing just as she says on her blog, her nose going Bafiーーーーーn!!! It’s Ogata-chanEmojiEmoji


On the way home I thought about how I want to read 『P to JK』 that Kanon-chan gave praise to!Emoji


Thank you for your support today tooEmoji




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At The Beach☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-02-06 23:00:00
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday’s blog commentsEmoji
Unbelievably the Qki blog comments had the word 「diapers」 lined up like this…Emoji
Might be it already huh(*´σー`)huhu


Well it was funnyEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji



Today was a really early start, we were shooting since morning!!!
『Graduation2015-Middle School Graduation, High School Graduation-』
Perhaps the last shoot in a uniform.


the shoot was a little ways off from Tokyo
A cat path, the peaceful ocean, tetrapots and the likeEmoji
around the ocean, hill roads, houses and gardens too…Emoji
It was like my summer vacationーー!!


I got to be in high spirits a lotーEmojiEmoji


In the afternoon I got sashimi





After the shoot I went!
To Yajima-san’s birthday eventEmojiEmojiEmoji
Yajima-san’s singing voice, direct, and clear, it was gracefulEmoji
During the event too I was enveloped by the soothing atmosphereEmoji


EmojiDressy pretty Yajima-sanEmoji
EmojiSporty Tshirt×Bare throwing balls out into the audience Yajima-sanEmoji


A fantastic event filled with fantastic Yajima-san now I’m filled with FuwaFuwa fluffy feelings tooEmojiEmoji
Thank you so much for todayEmoji


Yesterday 2/5’s Birthday, Nakijima Saki-sanEmoji
Tomorrow 2/7’s Birthday, Yajima Maimi-sanEmoji萩原舞さんEmoji


Happy BirthdayEmoji
Please have a joy filled yearEmoji



I got to see graceful Koron-chan too♪
Yajima-san and Koron-chan have the same birthday♪
Happy Birthday Koron-chanEmoji



Tomorrow is Hello!Con!
It’s DANCE MODE at Sendai Sun Plaza HallEmoji
Please give us your support(*´□`)ゞッ!!





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Wanted〜☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-02-05 23:00:25
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Continuing from yesterday’s blog about strength contests…
In 30 seconds I can do 33 sit-upsEmojiEmojiEmoji
Even though I thought doing more than 1 in 1 second was amazing~… my little brother said he did 43 n(lll´Д`)n
Just what is he doing so he can do that?!あせるあせる


But But! That was for elementary school tests so… Doing it now I might win!!!


・・・Little brothre is in the basketball club though, I had forgotten♪(´ε`; )






Today, in transport going around here and there, I did some shopping on the move so…I had so much baggage & so much walking I was exhausteddd(。ノ>д<)ノ=3



During it all, I dropped by the Anpanman shop
I was hesitant but, still I wanted it no matter what…
I ended up buying itEmoji
Putting it in my bag when I’m staying somewhere or something, size-wise it’s good for anything~♡


Weーll while I was thinking about it the shop attendant came up,
“That’s a diaper holder♪”


…that’s what I was told lol lol


Well that it is huhー(*´Д`*)汗



And so right away I blurted out, “Please can I have from to give as a present!”EmojiEmoji


Nation-wide mothers are using it to hold diapers but!
Mizuki is going to use it in Mizuki waysEmoji!!



And I came home and ate an early dinner with Mama.
Today I know the skill Mama has talking picturesEmojiEmoji





【Hello! Project HinaFes 2015 Special Pre-order Announcement】
Application period:1/31(Sat)12:00~2/6(Fri)23:59
Application URL:
Tomorrow is the deadlineEmoji







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With KikiLala-chan☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2015-02-04 23:05:26
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Good Evenin’po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday I went to Sanrio-san’s exhibition
With Angerme’s Takeuchi Akari-chanEmoji


So cute I was revitalized~Emoji It was filled with things Mizuki lovesEmojiEmoji


This year they’re facing the 40th anniversary of 「My Melody-chan」 and 「Little Twin Star」♪


Even MyMelo-chan and the others were born 10s of years before Mizuki, they exist as ever for little kids now too, it’s amazing you knowEmoji
We watched the Show tooEmojiTogether with everyone~ following alongEmoji
We danced tgoether to Lucky Ikeda-san’s choreography song tooEmoji




I should go to Sanrio Puroland again tooEmoji





Earlier I was talking with my little bro about shuttle runs, about how Mizuki couldn’t do the 100 during her school years too(-ε -。)


Ah! Remembering about the shuttle runs?
Doing the school’s physical measurements, how many times could I do the full 20m to the rhythm of ♪Doremifasolatido♪!Emoji
It got faster steadily so it was hard though… I don’t want to lose so I’ll do my bestEmoji


bro-chan did it 133 times he said…
……I lost(°ㅂ°╬)


But I win at speed card games every time( ̄ー+ ̄*) kiraーnEmojiEmojiEmoji


Today was a break so I did lots of school workーEmojiEmojiEmoji
It was tiringーEmojiEmojiEmoji





Today there was a 21:00 scheduled release of Hello!st #103 but, due to YouTube server malfunction, the release was postponed.
Everyone looking forward to it, our apologies. As soon as release preparations are in order, we’ll announce the release date so please keep with us.



[tl: this part is in english and chinese below so I won’t translate them]
【asian beat】
第18回 モーニング娘。という伝統を背負うということ-モーニング娘。’15新リーダー, 譜久村聖へのロングインタビュー


Everyone please look at itEmoji


《English Version》
#18 What it Means to Shoulder the Tradition that is Morning Musume。- Extended Interview
with New Morning Musume。’15 Leader, Mizuki Fukumura


第18回 背負著早安少女組的傳統??早安少女組‘15新領隊譜久村聖對








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