Oryaaa Suzuki Kanon

2016-03-03 21:42:47
Theme:Suzuki Kanon


It’s OtsuKanon( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


All of us gathered in spring tour rehearsalsーー!!!





Lookie Lookie at this pretty scenery…!!!おねがい



It’s a picture of the Houston Space Center premises but, the moment she saw this scenery, Miki-chan went…



「Waaーー!!! Waa!! Here here!!!
It’s the area I lived in!!!」



I’ve never heard her so high energy excited照れ lol




Hearing that I somehow ended up getting really excited too…





I took a picture while being hit with a strong wind! lol



For me personally this Maria expression hits the spot. lol






Well, really I don’t have timeー! I’ll do my best with rehearsalsー! My last tour rehearsals, I’ll do my bestttt!!!





This was OtsuKanon( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



For everyone tomorrow too, I hope you have a fantastic day♪(´ε` )



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Festival!! Ogata Haruna

2016-03-03 19:27:28
Theme:Ogata Haruna







Konban Haーchin!Emoji





♪♪~Akari wo tsukemasho Bonbori ni~♪♪
[tl note: the opening to a Hina Matsuri song, approx: “let’s let them up, the paper lanterns”]


Today is, Hina Matsuri [tl aka: Girl’s Day]ー!!✿*❀٭




For the Ogata family, more than being chirashizushi sushi rice boses, we are the temakizushi roll sushi typesEmoji


For the hinaaware, the hina matsuri ric cakes, we often eat HinaChoco, chocolate coated ones (^^)



In Tokyo, I probably won’t be able to find much HinaChoco~Emoji





are you enjoying Hina Matsuriーーー?!!!



For March, another fun Hina Matsuri is…Emoji




Hina Matsuri…








Today, we did shoots and things for HinaFes yoーnEmoji



Look really forward to the 6 person unit song tooEmoji




For details, that’s still a secret but look forward to itEmoji
In front of the Houston amusement park,
riding a cow, it’s NoriNori high spirited Ogata Haruna (age 17)




At this plaza, we were talked to in English by lots of people, Nonaka-shi had done lots of work Emoji




The first overseas for Haruna
Everyone in the comments told me, 『The number 1 thing to bring with you overseas』 is Nonaka-shi, really I’m indebted to her a lot Emoji





I thought for sure that Haruna having Nonaka-shi next to her is a necessity!Emoji




A waist pouch, it’s a small over the shoulder bagEmoji




As first, Mama said, “you don’t need anything like that~,” but bringing it it got a lot of useEmoji



By the way, it’s not for travel, it’s a small cute bag for golf use that I got bought Emoji




When doing a little buying~ or like during meals~ I put my valuables in it, it was convenient!!



For everyone too, when going on trips for spring break or anything, by all means~( ̄▽ ̄)Emoji




You want to know a recommended sightseeing location you need to go to in Houston you say…??



First off
You have to go to NASA~Emoji lol




That’s all!!




☆Today’s Thing I Should Share☆


The spring tour rehearsal file is sea blueEmoji




Motivation up(*´罒`*)









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Super☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2016-03-02 22:57:43
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


In 10 days it’s the spring tour opening day!
Today we’re doing rehearsals tooEmoji


Everyone looking forward to it makes me happy~♪


Not just the Anime Matsuri  LIVE MC during our stay Mitsui-san is someone we’re greatly indebted toEmoji


Having fun taking the members talk and conveying it for everyone at the venues for usEmojiEmoji


At shops and things, Mitsui-san’s tender tone conversations were nostalgic EmojiEmoji



How?( ̄ー+ ̄*)kiraーnEmojiEmoji


I don’t have time… I’m sorrーy




Hello!Ste #158
MCs are
Juice=Juice Kanazawa Tomoko
Country・Girls Yamaki Risa


✨new corner✨
Morning Musume。’16 English Time(1)



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Rocket!! Ogata Haruna

2016-03-02 16:12:41
Theme:Ogata Haruna







Konban Haーchin!Emoji





Coming back to Japan,
we’ve started spring tour rehearsalsEmoji




Even though going was harsh, when we came back I didn’t have any jetlag at allEmoji



In 10 days it’s the spring tour opening day so I don’t have time to messing aroundEmoji






During rehearsal times, I’m always bothered that I don’t have pictures to put on the blogー! but…


This time, I have lots of Houston pictures so it seems I’ll be fine (*´▽`)ノノ







By chance, in the same place with the same pose as Iikubo-san~(^з^)-Emoji





It’s not an A pose, it’s a rocket pose. lol






At Houston Space Center, I bought spacefood as a souvenir~Emoji




When buying souvenirs, it’s America so of course you pay with dollars but…



I don’t know how to use dollars at all, it was hardEmoji




But with a smile, my troubled appeal, the shop clerk sensed it and helped me out (lol)



Just cause I’m an idol you know…Emoji


With my smile you know!!








That’s all!!




☆Today’s Thing I Should Share☆


Haribo (America’s colorful gummies), when you leave them in water overnight, they can expand to about 3 times the size!!!




That’s trivial knowledge~~ lol




When I was in elementary school, just adding water it became 3 times the size! The amount of candy increased! That’s just amazing!! I remember feeling that way (lol)




It’s just holding water~! I wanted to teach thatEmoji












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Cut❤️ Satou Masaki-chan

2016-03-02 23:22:42
Theme:Satou Masaki


IT’S Maーchanニコニコ




All rightルンルン













Huge HugeEmojiEmoji


















[tl pic: Right side from the front Harunan Ma-chan Kudu-/Left side from the front Nonaka-shi, Marian, Ogatan]





It was really yummy IT WASEmoji



After this for sureEmojiEmojiEmoji





was really very yummy, IT WASEmoji



I forgot to take a picture of itEmoji



That’s alーlEmojiEmoji




Maーchann you knowEmoji




When in HouーーーstoーーーnEmojiEmojiEmoji



In the morning she ate a poison appleEmojiEmojiEmoji











It’s a green apple heheEmoji



That’s ittttEmojiEmojiEmoji










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『Maria Ball♪*゚』 Makino Maria

2016-03-02 23:30:37
Theme:Makino Maria



How is everyone doing?




Today, was spring tour rehearsals!


Soon all the spring tour songs placing will be finished!
Soon the tour starts huhEmoji, that makes me really really DokiDoki heart-poundingEmoji


Not losing focus I’ll do my best with rehearsals every day!











「Hello!Ste #158」Emoji



MCs are Kanazawa Tomoko-chan (Juice=Juice)
Yamaki Risa-chan (Country・Girls)


The picture Maria drew in last time’s Hello!Ste, did you get it?
The picture Maria drew was Kanatomo EmojiEmojiEmoji




EmojiMorning Musume。’16’s English TimeEmoji
has started!!!


I learnedEmoji
Watching it will make Maria very happyEmojiEmoji








EmojiEmojiSecret Maria-chanEmojiEmoji


I went to HoustonEmojiEmoji



Player Matsui Kazuo had played thereEmoji


I can sing Matsui Kazuo’s cheer song!
They sang it on WBC you knowEmojiEmoji



Houston is in the American state of Texas!



The player DarvishEmoji for the Texas・Rangers



Some day I want to see a major’s game.
A game with Darvish pitching
, not on TV I want to see it liveEmoji


At the Fighter’s Nago camp.
At the tent like place, where the pitcher throws
I got to see it up close・・・.
Being able to hear the sound of the ball, I was surprised-MariaEmojiEmoji
And then right after that we went to the near by beach to collect shellsEmoji
I was still kindergarten Maria, it was because I was tinyEmojiEmoji


Now, Makino Maria is 15.


I have 2 major league ballsEmoji





    to be continued










Tomorrow will also have happy things and fun things, it should be full of them right?Emoji


音譜Makino Maria音譜







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OーMai Gootto! Haga Akane

2016-03-02 23:01:53
Theme:Haga Akane


Konban OyakiーEmoji







When we went to Houston,


With everyone I went to an amusement parkEmoji





The ferris wheel taken in this picture,
It really spins fast!!





Like 2・3 times the speed from Japan!!!!







ANd it spins around like 3 timesEmojiEmoji



It’s a different levelEmojiEmoji






It’s kinda amazing
it’s not like jet coasters,


I rode attractions too but





the level is high!!(lol)






My stomach went
SuuuuU~~EmojiEmoji in the endEmoji







You get it right!? SuuuuU~EmojiEmoji





It’s short but…


Oyanechin(-_-) zzz


Coming home from rehearsals I saw a UFO.


EmojiHaga AkaneEmoji









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At the Opening Ceremony! Ishida Ayumi

2016-03-02 23:19:08
Theme:Ishida Ayumi




It’s Ishida Ayumin( ̄^ ̄)




Today is cold huh地球汗



Houston’s air


it was really prettyキラキラ



…Leader Fukumura Mizuki-san is cold so


writing 「It’s not cold!」 seems even more so to have no persuasive power though (lol)



The sunlight was strong,


and the outside air felt great太陽



In Houston
there’s lots of green too木キラキラ


「You end up wanting to go walking huh~」
「You want to just doze off on a bench huh~」


I was talking with Suzuki Kanon-san 車 lol





Already a few days have gone by huh……キラキラ



And though I conversed with fans in English, when I felt like, “I’ve got it!” the event was already over so,


And if it would’ve been a little longerあんぐり汗



It would’ve been great if I prepared more, I wouldn’t say it’s a luxury, I just couldn’t do it myself.





I couldn’t prepare for this too,
Something happened I couldn’t imagine!!




During the Opening Ceremonies,


All the fans
had collected autographsハーチョ


A surprise presentキラキラ



Right in this thing we were carrying,


there was English of course笑顔
But they had even written messages in Japanese笑顔



It was surprising, I was moved



I think this is also 「Morning Musume。 Love」, it really really made me happy笑顔ハーチョ


Once again, I’m glad I could go…







From today once again,
we’ve started spring tour rehearsals時計



The things we did before Houston,


honestly remembering it…..


I’ll be reviewing a lotあんぐり!




I still haven’t finished tidying up my Houston’s luggage汗 I’ve unintentionally ended up postponing it 汗


And perhaps, I can’t do it tonight either←




I’ll do it without postponing the tidying up in my head!





Good Night布団z


See you ayuminハーチョ



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Mutou Yuugi Iikubo Haruna

2016-03-02 23:04:20
Theme:Iikubo Haruna







Houston’s ANIME MATSURI went on for 3 days but, I didn’t get to go around to booths!


In that, behind the venue or rather, in the halls there were lots of cosplayers too, it was very funおねがい


And, thiーーーーs kind of nostalgic anime tooピンクハート




















Waaーーーーー when I was small I collected Yugioh cards you know, I had a Black Magician [tl aka: Dark Magician] you knowー!


I asked my mom for it a lot and collected cards but, I was into it in nursery school~elementary school 1st year so I didn’t know the card game rules and just collected cards!



It’s so nostalgic already that I took this picture~(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


By the way it’s pose like I had the Millenium Puzzleニヤリ



Among the lots of cards I collected I had rare cards too but, at the time my little sis was still 1~2 years old and she spilled juice over my cards and ruined them all so I stopped collecting them (T_T) lol


I remember bawling out so horriblyガーン



Before entering elementary school besides videogames I played Yugioh cards, Beyblades, and Biidaman oftenおねがい



Dress up Sailormoon, coloring Cardcaptor Sakura, I constantly treasured them!



With dress up, when I played it was cardboard characters and you’d hang the clothes off the shoulders by bending them, we’d play like that but,


Now a days you put stickers on top of them huh びっくり


Before it was paper so bending it it would steadily wear out and you’d have to frantically fix it with cellophane tape, I remember that ( ^ω^ ) lol



Times have changed huh~!


But even now I want to do dress up with the cardboard things you know~!



And at home we had Rikachan dolls, and Meru-chan!


Barbie dolls, Popo-chan, they were separate you knowー!






…I’ve digressed but, feeling like this, there being nostalgic anime was fun (^O^)





For meals in Houston, I ate together with Maーchan and Ogata-chan a lot!


Some people were separated by table too, nearby were these 2 ウインク









This is from the teppanyaki place, next to me on my left was Ogata-chan, and on my right was Maーchan!



With Suzuki-san the 4 of us were together talking, it was fun爆笑


We were laughing constantly (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))



With Ogata-chan, I feel like we’ve gotten closerニコニコ





With the spring tour too, I think the 2 of us should get closer and singウインクラブラブ







Fashion Coordinate App


キラキラWEAR キラキラ















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Progress! Kudou Haruka

2016-03-02 22:20:24
Theme:Kudou Haruka








The Houston Rockets logo!



…..in front of it drinking Perrier! lol








At the place where there was a big barbeque meet, we took a 5 shot with a cowboy!





With the past 3 times I’ve gone overseas, it feels like I’ve conversed the most this time.



I went full on stranger anxiety so, basically I couldn’t do anything alone but this time I aslked to the supermarket by myself (^_^)





And you know, at the souvenir place there were 2 kinds of tins there and so I pointed and asked 「Chocolate?」 and I got what was inside each one by gestures.






You’d call this a conversation right!?






And and,
I was able to order food myself!


Pointing at the menu I said, 「one、please!」 and they said 「ok!」!







You’d call this a conversation right!?!?!?







I made great progress, with this Houston trip






(Please read the 「do」 as 「du」)







「Kyou no Duー Demo Ii Koto」[tl: Today’s Du- Whatever]
Japan’s cedar pollen, can’t take it lightly



Kudou Haruka



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