W Punchーーー!

2016-03-06 22:27:53
[tl title note: W->(japanese pronounciation)->double]






My health crumbled a little bit *cry*
Now I feel I’ve been restored♪♪♪ Thank goodness♡
But a cold and pollen allergies doing a double attack was harsh lol
Is everyone okay??(。・_・。)
I’ve neglected writing (´・_・`)











It’s my favorite pictures I’ve taken in Houston♡


We went to play around the amusement park and BBQ World Rally that was happening next to a rodeo being held near by♪♪♪


Really there were plans to watch the rodeo but, it wasn’t oepn yet so we couldn’t see it
So in exchange we played we played at the amusement park a lotーー!♡
It was scary for me so, in the end ew just rode the ferris wheel together♪ lol




This big one!!
It spun really fast it surprised me!! lol
The scenery was really pretty, it was the best♡♪♪
Eripon in the light view took this good picture together (ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑)♡












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Speaking of Sunday, The American Park! @NonakaMiki

2016-03-06 20:00:59
Theme:Nonaka Miki




It’s Nonaka-shi who slept wrong and whose neck is hurting


Today is Sunday but there’s no concertEmoji It’s a strange feelingEmoji


Hello!Con are finished, and the tour is after this so now we’re in the prep phase




Sunday means concertsEmoji eventsEmoji, that kind of image is strong in me but when I was small I’d go to the park to playEmoji




Papa took me to a Biiiiiiig park in the carEmoji There was bigger playground equipment than everyone could probably imagineEmoji


I’ve forgotten what park but in any case there was a gigantic slideEmoji


It was so tall, I have memories of never having slide down it even once, it was really tallEmoji



I wonder how it’d be if I went now… I really think about it
I was a little kid so if it just seemed tall or was really tallEmoji Mmーhmm… probably the latterEmojiEmoji






America has that kind of amazing playground equipmentEmoji



We went to a Houston park tooEmoji








The appearance is totally America!


When we looked at it from a building window
I thought, “What’s this? EmojiEmoji





I want to go, I want to goEmoji I requested and we got to goEmoji







GuruGuruGuruGuruGuruGuru round and roundEmoji


My eyes were like spinning!
But I didn’t end up feeling bad so, I love that thingEmoji


My leg was injured so I couldn’t run around butEmoji Next time I come I have to runEmojiEmoji




Well then!
Have a good Sunday~Emoji


This was Nonaka Miki~






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Spring〜. Oda Sakura

2016-03-05 21:27:58
Theme:Oda Sakura



Good Evening!
It’s Oda SakuraEmoji




After coming back from Houston,
every day we’re doing spring tour rehearsals but you know!



Today was our first, going through 1 performance worthEmoji



There were small misses but
there weren’t any big mistakes points


Well I’ll say it or, little by little
we could see the shape of itEmoji that how it feels!




I feel like with today’s stage acting as 0, from here I want to do my best again Emoji


Showing everyone will happen in 1 week right? Emoji



I’ll do my bestEmoji






Oda’s legs are looongーーーー
Where is she walking?Emoji


in HoustonEmoji




Suzuki-san and I
in Houston were indebted greatly to Mitsui Aika-sanEmoji


Reaaally, I’m glad Mitsui-san was there for usー(>人<;)



For English things of course there’s that, and,
more than anything for having a fun time in HoustonEmoji



Really I have lots of gratitudeEmoji





Well well(=゚ω゚)ノ
See you again☆★☆



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American Tale/Sudden Thought @NonakaMiki

2016-03-05 18:36:08



It’s Nonaka Miki


A sudden though





As the train shaked this character floated into my head so I tried drawing it.Emoji


It’s name is MofuEmoji
Somehow this image is…Emoji Shocking!


Mmーhmm, Mumumu
It’s Nonaka who doesn’t have enough surrealism so she can’t really hit the mark with it (O_O)


Maybe it’s a bit far off for surrealismEmojiEmoji



America TaーーーーーーーlkEmoji


This is, the Space Center tourEmoji
We moved in this tour bus like thing and
this is a picture of that timeEmojiEmojiEmoji






We passed beside a farm-tic placeEmojiEmoji


Thinking, “Why is there a cow in a space center?”EmojiEmoji


But then with that this scenery…
it’s reaーlly very nostalgicEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Every day we passed back and forth by these kind of places soEmoji
I occasionally say things about cows and stuff on the blog,
this Emoji it felt like this tooEmoji



Next to my house there was a farmEmoji



For little while I was soaked in nostalgia,
It’s hard to be believe it’d be found in this kind of placeEmoji





Everyone, where are your
memorable places Emoji



Well then!










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Spring Tour Mode! Ogata Haruna

2016-03-04 17:55:27
Theme:Ogata Haruna







Konban Haーchin!Emoji





today, before rehearsals I did a recording with regular Ishida-san for All Night Nippon Mobile~Emoji
My first recording in half a year, I was nervous but it was fun (*´▽`)ノノ



With Houston memory talk and spring tour talk, all kinds of things!


By all means, please listenEmoji




Before I knew it, it’s already been 1 week since HoustonEmoji


Around this time last week, I wondered what I did in Houston~
I had jetlag so I didn’t really know (lol)





This is Haruna who cleaning isn’t her strong point but,
appearing like this, I’ve already put away all the luggage from HoustonEmoji



To change over to spring tour mode that day I put everything away too!! remarkable!! lol
But the blog pictures are still in Houston modeEmoji



That’s all!!




☆Today’s Thing I Should Share☆


I’m into Starbucks granola yogurt!!!!



The way the granola is crumbly is one of my favorite thingsEmoji lol









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Question and Mystery @NonakaMiki

2016-03-04 17:30:35
Theme:Nonaka Miki



It’s Nonaka MikiEmoji




A recent questionEmoji
My senpai were talking, and a conversation incidentally came to my ears



When reading a book, do you hear something like a mysterious voice? or not?Emoji


I tried looking into it more paricularly more than 80% seem to hear itEmoji Mama said she could hear itEmoji


can’t hear itEmojiEmoji


I’ve never heard itEmoji
Has everyone heard it? Is it somethign you can hear?EmojiEmoji



People are mysterious…EmojiEmoji


Everyone which are youEmoji


Speaking of thatEmoji




Space, just how far does it continue on to, it’s something I was constaーntly thinking about every day when I was in my middle school 1st,2nd yearEmoji



Now… in the end it’s something I can’t find the answer for myself so I don’t think about itEmojiEmoji


Talking with the 4 12ki for some reason space talk gets us the most excitedEmojiEveryone’s a science type…?








At America’s, Houston Space CenterEmoji


This here, is something that’s actually been in spaceEmoji
A, amazing


Something that’s touched space is here you sayEmoji?!


And Oda-san is cute EmojiEmojiEmoji






This was Nonaka MikiEmoji






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Without Hina Machuri I Couldn’t Keep Living☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2016-03-03 22:57:44
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Berryz Koubou-san 12th Anniversary CongratulationsEmoji


On that kind of day, I got to meet with Shimizu Saki-san~EmojiEmoji


I’m strongly wishing to see a Berryz Koubou-san performance Emoji


♪Hishimochi mochi mochi mochi mochi
Arare wa are are are are♪


Toay is Hina Matsuri [tl aka: Girl’s Day]桜
Decorating with the Hina dolls, making chirashizushi, for Mother’s it’s a harder day than usual huh Emoji


Coming back to Japan it felt cold but, today a little of the cold has warmed up, it was the ideal weather for walking so, to get around I walkedEmoji


With everyone we had a fun Hina Machu-Rehearsal ( ›◡ु‹ )tehe
At the Houston parkラブラブ





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