[MM’16Houston] Nantonaku Debriefing

57 Entries (and 1 just linking)… over a week, but most of that happened over 3-4 days. This might get wordy :P

And for those days 1 (uncertified) translator took it upon himself in great stupidity and risk of mental health to try to do it.

Since everyone besides Nonaka and Oda are currently off the Houston bandwagon as of this post I felt it was about time to make the conclusion while the time was high, since they (Especially Nonaka) could keep on going forever.

I wanted to take the time personally as Invis to thank everyone who had dropped by to read the journey as chronicled by Morning Musume。’16 themselves. A lot of you came just for one person and have probably stopped coming here by now but it was fun for a moment to see people flocking here like a bunch of people wondering if they won a lottery drawing (lol).

As much as a part of me wanted to go, and to this moment regrets it, at the same time I needed to make the adult decision to save my money in the time that I’m in. And I respect those of you who don’t have to do that, and those of you who felt sympathy for people like me who were stuck watching them through a screen just like we always do otherwise.

And yes I did get my own special experience from NOT going, but for as great as it was, it’s still a different experience. I’ve heard the stories, the camaraderie that those of us weren’t there just don’t get. And yes I’m sure you’re saying, “well come next time,” but in a way it’s like an RPG, those of us who didn’t go are still a dungeon run behind the rest.

But for a moment, maybe even just half of a moment, a part of me felt like I made a difference, that I could help in some way. I hope that feeling isn’t just me.

So for the most part things will go back. I’m gonna continue Nonaka and Oda blog translations until Houston passes for them. Otherwise, I’m gonna go back to the way that keeps me mentally sane. So, if you’re here for Sayu (IF SHE EVER COMES BACK), Gakisan, Aika, Fukuchan, or Harunan then we’re good, that continues. If you were here for the others, sometimes I do the other people for fun. Either way thank you for your time.

A sad but sane thank you and bow,

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