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2016-03-06 20:00:59
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It’s Nonaka-shi who slept wrong and whose neck is hurting


Today is Sunday but there’s no concertEmoji It’s a strange feelingEmoji


Hello!Con are finished, and the tour is after this so now we’re in the prep phase




Sunday means concertsEmoji eventsEmoji, that kind of image is strong in me but when I was small I’d go to the park to playEmoji




Papa took me to a Biiiiiiig park in the carEmoji There was bigger playground equipment than everyone could probably imagineEmoji


I’ve forgotten what park but in any case there was a gigantic slideEmoji


It was so tall, I have memories of never having slide down it even once, it was really tallEmoji



I wonder how it’d be if I went now… I really think about it
I was a little kid so if it just seemed tall or was really tallEmoji Mmーhmm… probably the latterEmojiEmoji






America has that kind of amazing playground equipmentEmoji



We went to a Houston park tooEmoji








The appearance is totally America!


When we looked at it from a building window
I thought, “What’s this? EmojiEmoji





I want to go, I want to goEmoji I requested and we got to goEmoji







GuruGuruGuruGuruGuruGuru round and roundEmoji


My eyes were like spinning!
But I didn’t end up feeling bad so, I love that thingEmoji


My leg was injured so I couldn’t run around butEmoji Next time I come I have to runEmojiEmoji




Well then!
Have a good Sunday~Emoji


This was Nonaka Miki~






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