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2016-03-04 17:30:35
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It’s Nonaka MikiEmoji




A recent questionEmoji
My senpai were talking, and a conversation incidentally came to my ears



When reading a book, do you hear something like a mysterious voice? or not?Emoji


I tried looking into it more paricularly more than 80% seem to hear itEmoji Mama said she could hear itEmoji


can’t hear itEmojiEmoji


I’ve never heard itEmoji
Has everyone heard it? Is it somethign you can hear?EmojiEmoji



People are mysterious…EmojiEmoji


Everyone which are youEmoji


Speaking of thatEmoji




Space, just how far does it continue on to, it’s something I was constaーntly thinking about every day when I was in my middle school 1st,2nd yearEmoji



Now… in the end it’s something I can’t find the answer for myself so I don’t think about itEmojiEmoji


Talking with the 4 12ki for some reason space talk gets us the most excitedEmojiEveryone’s a science type…?








At America’s, Houston Space CenterEmoji


This here, is something that’s actually been in spaceEmoji
A, amazing


Something that’s touched space is here you sayEmoji?!


And Oda-san is cute EmojiEmojiEmoji






This was Nonaka MikiEmoji






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